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Stefan Mychajliw's Victory Speech

Nov 6, 2013|

re-elected Comptroller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ladies and gentlemen. I want to thank you. I want to thank the people in Erie county. For selecting me as near Erie county comptroller. Okay. There are a lot of people's mandate tonight. There was a people's mandate here in Erie county they want strong checks and balances. Of those politicians. Strong checks and balances. The people of Erie county spoke loud and clear this evening. They do not want to burden future generations of taxpayers. By kicking the can't. And things like pension payments the people's mandate which is huge victory tonight. And that the people of Erie county want. Less spending and government. They want lower taxes in county government in most important. By electing an independent watchdog again grateful for your term. -- wanna make sure there is checks and balances. -- -- -- This is an historic election. Here in Erie county. And the people have spoken. This election transcends party politics. This is about the people at exactly what they want of their leaders in county government. This election this mandate. The people's mandate in this election is -- responsible. County government. The people's mandate shows they want lower taxes in county government. The people's mandate shows they want less spending in county government and you know a lot. This independent watchdog says that if you at home arguing Laura last. So to -- county government. Laughter. I want to -- some important people on stage. First and foremost. -- Erie county Republican chairman. -- -- worthy let's give him a big round. We made history last year by becoming the first Republican countywide candidate to win it. It forty years and now it's about the same timeframe that we have. A majority in the Erie county legislature. Ladies and gentlemen it is that people's mandate they. Is that people mandate this election right now also wanted to acknowledge our C chairman mr. -- talks which are toxic for being here this evening. I also want to -- conservative chairman mr. Ralph Reed -- thank you for your support. He was -- army two years ago we ran. We would've won that big race without that conservative backing last year or this year again as well that you serve very much and I greatly appreciate it. You know are being an independent watchdog I see the campaign trail lot Harry Truman said it best you want a friend of politics get a dog. And that's exactly what we're doing this year I also want to acknowledge even bigger winner in this election. Is eight year old -- -- recent hi Lou -- we're finally getting our dock. I need it right in politics. And media is getting it done. I also want to dedicate this win tonight's shot to someone who's not here very close to meet you and that's my mom. Our family we lost her mom this year and marching it was a tough loss for our family. She was an incredible woman and now we grew up the youngest of seven kids -- war. And I want to acknowledge and dedicate this race I didn't person that's not here this this evening my beloved and your mother. -- So I wanna thank you again for giving me the honor of serving -- your Erie county controller for all our years. Politicians are gonna like it make good because that means I'm doing my job standing up for olive view. So we're going to celebrate this historic election tonight. And we're going to hit back to work tomorrow. Big you know the people and Erie county for this landslide victory for giving us up people's mandate and Erie county government god bless you and thank you walk.

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