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11-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Oh latest -- lay on news parade on 93 the WBE. And met and you know we've we've got to do is the record we we pretty much have talked about a lot -- stuff. A lot -- stuff. Am. I really really don't mind a lot of stuff does anybody care IE. I would like to know who -- much Betty that much. What got you to the polls today I don't mean a car. Hover around I mean what issue got you to the polls. And the and quite -- issue got me to the polls. I am so sick and tired of -- -- opens. Who accuse sheriff Howard well he doesn't get a pick and choose the laws he forces -- -- the constitution and a it's the American constitution of the United States of America. And we have a Second Amendment to the constitution. Which is inviolable. It is sacrosanct. It is and is inviolable. As you'd need air to breathe. And this right was not granted to us by. Government this right was always the entire government through our constitution. And the Second Amendment. Our own constitution and the Second Amendment. Guaranteed that right not a law not a privilege driving is a privilege. Gun ownership is a right. And when you or a police officer or sheriff's deputy you'd take an oath to the constitution. Of the United States. And the constitution of the United States is the foundational. Law of this land. It is the bedrock upon which every other law is. Built. Well I guess -- hung up. It wanted to know couple things number one. If there are only two games running. For position and you vote for two why even have them on the ballot the answer is it's a formality they have to be elected. So that's why. Number two note if you registers as an independent. Will that stop people coming to your door also I -- built into that question will it stop. Robocalls. And the ball is now. Does. Is just the way it works. Politicians and if you're independent in the general election your vote counts just as much. As anybody who's in the park today. Okay. So you're not gonna change anything I'm I'm an independent I have no political party affiliation. Because I think the Democrats are Jewish I think the Republicans are -- Jewish aspects. And you know why I think that right because the Republicans to me in a 2013. Are Democrat -- And they've got no balls that got no testosterone. They will not stand up for you the American people and therefore I've written them out of my life. -- they no longer there dead to me. The Republican Party organization. And what got me to the polls today was by unwavering support of the United States constitution. Specifically. The Second Amendment. Which is inviolable. And folks. Don't give me this crap. That it Sharapova got to better control of what he's go to work force of baloney. Absolute baloney the sheriff has already made that determination by giving his -- To the constitution. Of the United States. And the rights contained therein. So any law passed by a man. That tries to supersede. A right. Is obviously. And fundamentally. Against our constitution. So. You can call it picking and choosing laws -- -- give me another way to look at this folks and I hate to use the same example but. At one well is it different one at one point. You don't know and probably in your lifetime. Negroes. Were forbidden to drink from the same drinking fountain as whites. Negroes. I'm using the term because. Or colored people those were the terms that were -- Were forbidden to eat at the same restaurants. As whites. Forbidden to use the same rest areas were bathrooms. That was the law. So I suppose if that was the law today it would be right for sheer power to enforce a program after the -- call. Well anybody with half a brain knows that it's it's wrong. It's absolutely wrong were all human beings we all live on this planet. You know we all have to try to -- each other's backs. In the real world. And to discriminate against somebody because of their color. They're ethnic background -- that is just you -- battery and -- just what you think of support bat well. I'd be as vicious about that as I am against NYC. I don't care about the on and off when the law is absolutely. -- alive. You're offering and are causing anarchy. Well answer me this if this also great. Why has almost every county in this state gonna record against. Andrew Cuomo is a snake. I read by mail him as much as I read by -- As much as I ever vial Barack Obama except by -- Barack Obama even more. Because he's he is a conscious. Premeditated. Serial liar. Today even changing what he said. How many times during his campaigns. Not taking responsibility where he actually -- churlish excellent two year old. He can never admit. That he's done anything wrong. Transparent administration in American history -- to -- things are and where are the survivors of Ben Ghazi. -- talked about it because of ongoing criminal to Asia that's all that's that's baloney. That is absolute that's what they always say when they try to cover ups up. By the way getting back to our beloved governor. Folks. You know what. This. This is the rambling and the renting of a crazy person. No one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seasons. Okay let's get back to the calls on WB -- I'm sorry to keep Todd in East Aurora so long on hold Todd you're on the radio. OK. It's so that it Archie again touted it's so much talk about the ability. Is an American hero this year we -- being missed. My wife my children I really like to listen to people personal friendly years pleased talent there a lot of people -- crucial because. Well actually I would say that we're like this far from being lovers but at this point is your personal friend. -- it. In addition to that. The Obama saying I mean obviously you. That's actually do I'm in nineteen in the book 1984 by -- -- well there's wonderful passage where they're announcing to the workers. There actually lowering the direction of chocolate. And the -- announced it is that they are reaping that's what these people that that's all week. But he year it while all the post ten with Campbell courier bright and it -- legally with more than I ground that are rightful. Did you not greet New York State law. And who I met with everything but -- the -- -- politically it was about just the election today. -- of course. My wife and I and our oldest. We're able to vote we went up and vote because -- civic duty to vote and to be educated about. When we are voting. A lot of motivation and they'll went towards Tim Howard now the big supporters Second Amendment that I think any. America should let its people like or not should be put that now between the point. The point it'll than that he supports as a kilometers 200 people that support the Second Amendment the point is being vocal. Stood up for it and -- a lot of -- by doing that and that needs to the audit. And we cannot -- hole and people who know. -- it -- with an Albany New York City note that this is a horrible horrible. We have a duty to the Indy earning their look at the rich men and women who have the courage that it up. And articulately. And broke cliche. Two of our founding partners but it shut the chimney broke conventions as. A soldier or officer is morally and legally obligated to -- -- -- a shot or an unjust order this or not. Not complicate it that way and then the other side of -- -- When you look at an equation you need to look at both sides of the right to the other side of the equation that you've got to either. You can go to a little too far I think really helped man court being politicians. There's people political speech that it would not take -- stay well by not taking -- they're screaming they're. I've taken stands I don't know where -- servant. They've taken stands. Our first call -- done wants it both ways and Dick Dobson is a typical liberal Democrat. All I -- sir I would like to argue further about this because you sound like a very nice man. More importantly you agree with everything that's so I'm -- of battery. Are right it is. WB and Chelsea is your call -- Joseph -- behind the scenes master control. I am blessed to have the finest crew in the history of radio working behind the scenes. And folks if I told you all the extras they do for me. You would be. You'd be amazed and I am very happy to Jo and Chelsea Whitney and I just can't wait indexed them. It is. It's 62 beats you at WBE and let me get back to top who held on for well over an hour. I mean Todd you do know. -- -- -- On the one on the one side of his mouth he says he's not a real big fan of and why say it but then on the other side of his mouth says he would enforce it. Dick -- says he would enforce it because the law is the law is the law. Do we -- that we saved in the in the Bauerle folder the saint Joe's debate. We may not have we may have -- new but anyway Todd what were you going Tuesday. And that statement that same I am personally opposed to a but can it make it stand out I think you personally opposed to for example. Slavery or holocaust. Didn't have moral obligation people's spending an -- -- -- people that they realize that -- report but. And in this particular case we're talking about. And so -- in the basic rights. You repeat to defend yourself from attack. Now. To limit the reason I am I remember the show resent it I knew nothing else about to art I agree with you about that I don't know about. What I do know is that he stood up and that no. Okay. You're. It's not. Acceptable. Delight. Upon which we cannot step over now that it's appointment and trying to get to this -- Evil only thrives when good people not -- and he's standing up to do something we need to support we need to show up in numbers in IndyCar in the -- I want him power to. I want to empowered to win in a major landslide. Because it sends a message and by the way anybody who has a repeal NY and by the way sir thanks for your call -- and very very well done call him my dead. And of course the fact that you agree with me makes you all the more pleasant and welcome on measure. All right but does it mean for us and coming up and tickets callers will be safe practice and on the ballot sure there's. That would be like saying it health care wasn't on the ballot when you voted for Obama course one's. If that's that's pretty elementary but I'll find out maybe a little bit more what it means maybe he'll change my mind in the statement coming up on WB. Singers. Have always been wheeled vehicles man. They believe it's. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Hank Williams yeah. Call off. Remember when he got that can from doing the football song because he dared express an opinion against Barack Obama. Well I think he's been justified. Because your president is he lying piece of crap. I told. You about this guy. In 2008. Told years ago -- told just like told just like told just now. Like it. You don't like your doctor you keep doctors. He crossed out. Liar. Liar. Let's there's no other word for what he did it. And not always compounding wise because now he's denying actually saying what's been captured on tape. And he gets away. Unbelievable. OK let's go to -- in -- who says that these safe act. Act is not on the ballot and Jeff within reason I will give you all the time you need to make your argument without interruption. -- -- Blitzer you. You have to dig at Obama impersonate. You go on now I kinda like that pay -- and I loved the town of Brad. I thought I was gonna vote on amendment to the -- act. I see all kinds of political science throughout this area. It's a rural area in again I understand that. Light -- -- brought us he -- just voted before I went down and he said he didn't say it yeah Cain has that. Allentown and around the mall. And aren't there it was now on the bell. Now -- Syria it it isn't. Our goal. People who support the constitution is to keep Andrew Cuomo is in transit in intransigent. Whooping on the constitution. Fresh in people's minds not only about wall ball but also about his adherents. Even at the local level. So you're right there there's nothing about the same effect on today's ballot but we are keeping it alive were keeping -- Press home its well. OK I say you kinda gave me the idea that it was on the ballot. My wife kinda gave me the idea goes on the ballot issue want to a new stage -- local news stations web site impregnable. Everything. So that I didn't see it on the ballot. I was kinda wandering Knight thought you know the it was like your ballot not mine counts a -- out of vault that. But what you can I hope I mean if you oppose this effect I hope you voted for Tim Howard army and their. Excuse me directly in Erie county it is on the ballot because Tim Howard has stated unequivocally that he will not enforce the New York -- cracked. All I understand that I quite supportive down yes no problem. They did that what you could today. And tomorrow. And tomorrow I'm I'm not sure or if governor snake Andrew Cuomo he was supposed to fund raiser. At the Templeton landing witches were the old craw -- used to be. What are in many a many a good time was -- parking lot back in the eighties by your humble host. But in any event so. In in any event. I was gonna say something and -- that would just be just a little bit over the line but. Now he's he claims that he's canceling the boundaries but. He also said they're gonna go to the state fair and ended up there as well so hopefully there will be a crowd. Of freedom lovers there just in case Cuomo lied again and ends up showing up at Templeton landing tomorrow. You what you think about it amendment that were on the ballots are now on the line of our. Is that -- politician. -- voted no on every single one. I did too except the one about -- trends -- -- give them a break. I yup I voted no on every single one of them. But throughout all of my -- -- money is just drawn in to a politician's. Pockets from New York City. And like and vote. Well Jeff what criminal to get back -- -- -- to get back to your your baby and your family and that thanks for voting today and a thanks for your call and then we can clear that up. And why say it is only in directly on the ballot. OK let's go to who's next year's race yet on assault on frank I will give you. As much time as you would like within reason without my interrupting to make your point. Interrupt me and I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that a contribution today which you can look deeply characters and election killed that you got this guy. -- -- The play keep the -- sure there. I can't help but think that bit about back to the future when -- -- -- -- that you can or doubled from I don't think that Michael Vick but his father back in the. I would have to go back and watch the movie I've only seen back to the future once it was never one of my favorite movies. -- look -- the other directly from god I mean I'm really want to try to win because he so desperately want -- Republican some position but. I'd like this illusion you gotta run important. I mean it that it did because it -- royalty almost surely certainly. Election I'll call it. Not what -- -- can do you will. He he he apparently does have some connections to the Kennedy family but I voted for us to bomb high. The other Connecticut -- -- like a melodic and Sergio Rodriguez. I get a guy credit for going out there but they're. In every -- public debate develop -- better than live you know I'm fire engulfed a company regularly you can -- -- I think it was Tripoli and have a look -- Rodriguez need to use Merck are former marine he is still our thick and meet. Well I think you know what I think mr. Rodriguez how would -- would be well advised to go for a pay a lesser down the food chain let -- down the trough public position. Because I do I think you're right I think he does have something to offer. And I would like to see you know -- I'd like to see him able to serve in the economic capacity. Left out of our our friend Barack you know I'd go to montage of him and reclaim your plan. And Obama so that you can update -- army after every every time he says you know he felt OK I'm defending. This guy he. Also we need you know they don't -- our plans are no good that we wide. And you know. Gotta go away you go. You gotta go away at this it was with the -- -- but not stick your right. Well now because now -- because you know you say anything about Barack Obama is automatically racism and it's because remember white people. Were conservatives saying that if you click on George Bush you hate white people all wait a minute. West went and he said that scrutiny. He said that George Bush basically he later apologized for it but that the George Bush hates black people. I mean George Bush -- all peasants. You know he and is that he leaked -- -- new world order family and I'll never vote for bush again so long as it. Magical. Edit. And I think he's. Well I'll take a break now epic he's a very good -- at the end. It's a song called that. It is not a romantic song anybody remember that movie spinal up yet -- does -- lap and he knows exactly what the line is. Anyway stay with us what got -- to the polls today what do you think -- lying crap president Barack Hussein -- call your president because he's not my president. This man is a social -- that. Serial liar not to be taken seriously. He has no executive experience. He acts like he's got the terrible to lose he's actually he is churlish but. Worse he has broken faith with you the American people everything you said. About obamacare he was full of crap. -- know he was -- crap. He lied to you folks that he didn't get that by then what -- -- It's captured on video and audio that is a sign of social. And use soccer's Gulfport and pressures helped him. And the Republican Party don't expect them to save today because. I mean. When a Republican leader in Washington goes in for physical they never have to turn their head to the left and right because they ain't got nothing. Well the influence I have simply amazing. I want to thank the guys its scope shooters committee on political education. They have changed the website. Their web sites scope and why it got word. Thanks guys because -- -- what I criticized or giving constructive. Criticism of scope please understand it is because I agree with shooters committee on political education or -- And I know this about the Internet and the media social media that. You need. To make the most pressing information you want to get out to people is easy to find and -- For example when they were giving out or selling those -- are accepting donations for the long signs. If first it was just hard to find -- And the candidates guide. Where it should I mean folks I was on this page earlier. And I could not find. And I figure most people. Probably. Her. It's not like this battle I don't spend a lot of time on the and activate and modified step on the Internet just fine. Mean usually every -- -- type an XX acts something something jokes. But. That's another story. But in any event. Yeah now it's up on top so you haven't voted yet go to scope. NY dot org and they have -- idiot for which is what I idiot for so. Thank you to the shooters committee political education for following my advice I think it's good advice and you know I again it's I know a little something about how to do the Internet and this should have been done starting this morning but I guess better late than -- and thank you for being so accepting it. -- what I had to say and I say that not because I'm not on your side. I am so passionately on your side that I wanna make sure the information gets out that everybody so our candidates win. OK let's go to John and on grand -- John thank you for holding your WB yet. And they come I say I was the boat as well I'm about to get out the vote today. And they look in 2000 when Hillary Clinton ran. Percent of the first time it was the first I'm able to and from her life. And I just want to vote against her vote today voted Tim Howard -- He's got he's got to get reelected. I most certainly hopes so when Bill White is sensor. Well because -- -- he will. Like he's ready as I will not enforce the unconstitutional. They back and by the way I did vote no against it casino referendum. Attitude. Straight down the line no no no no no no no. Yes and that and that's basically it I don't -- -- not in any polling numbers. Have you seen any polling numbers prior to today on Tim -- chances. I haven't seen any polling numbers up. I assume. That done and Dobson will split the vote. OK it's good to hear I was -- by the way I am taken a sick day tomorrow from work. To go down to the tunnel -- or for that hearing about that guy that was arrested the having ten rounds in the magazine. Oh yeah that is you know again. We need as I mean if you can do that. Congratulations. Because we need people to show up to offer him support. And show the cops were the people who are most likely to be law enforcement supporters stand on analyze say it. See what what the cops are failing to realize with every stupid and -- safe arrest they make. They are losing support and cooperation. Of the folks who are most likely. To be very pro law enforcement and they might say it was so you guys on the job it don't matter baloney we don't matter you guys think you're the biggest street gang in America. Well all the people standing behind you. Are the biggest street gang in America and our millions vs your millions. That's obvious. -- Yeah we'll see how it goes tomorrow bomb what I say you wanted to cult Margaret C ability and I went. You know what you know or send me an email what time it is attending and is -- At 930 picked apart in their -- and everybody. Together across the street as a restaurant across -- com. Well we should. I don't know if we'll ever reporters that are feel you know which -- -- -- million Smartphone. -- a dumb ass -- -- Gina has a dumb as phone too and I'm always writing your mom. Well. He and exactly what -- and anyway. I have what your friends who has a Smartphone that they -- where they consent email. Sending email Tom at WB EN dot com. And who knows maybe we'll talk about it tomorrow I got to talk to let -- extras and a dear friend of mine as well along with his dad Jim. Let me. Read I'm. I'm aware of that and again. You know folks. And you know this goes for you to John if you ever. If you ever are pulled over by the police or if you are ever questioned by the police what do you do. Thank you. I have my right. Okay about this one do you mind if I take a look inside your car. You are now excellent. Hey just for my safety can let -- take a quick look at the backseat. -- but that. The answer is no. Because a look can be construed as many different things you say yes to having a look and you've basically given up your Fourth Amendment right. Absolutely under no circumstances without a search for. Yeah I've had paid the -- -- for won't wanna go in there but. I learned the hard -- from an incident years ago so. All right man hey look up I'm glad to call and thank you for being. Thank you for being an American and supporting our constitution. Groups argued -- I'm flat -- -- time I gotta go I apologize to the people left them hold. I promise you his gun issue is that not gonna go away. -- in fact I think it's gonna heat up in Andrew Cuomo have to go Barack Obama has to go Hillary Clinton must the what do you do with a which anyway. I said which. Thanks to Joseph -- Thanks to Chelsea. It is time hourly saying it. No yourself.

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