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11-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't think there's anybody in New York State media who's done more force scope. -- have IV shooters committee on political education but guys love the respect your website Sox. On Election Day you have to opt to have at the very top of your page flashing lights saying it. Here's always a par here is not about four candidate bear and people are sending me various links the folks. Is it stroke in charge of the web site. Independently I can't climate. And if you wanna have a different you gotta make it easy for people. Your list of candidates you guys support needs to -- -- top of your -- on Election Day. People eagle putt for. The fewer clicks it takes somebody to get there the better off it's going to be scope. All due respect nobody's helped him more than I have and consider this constructive criticism you've got to do a better job with the website. It's Election Day that's the big story you guys need to have your suggested candidates. Right at the top of the main page that people go to when they type in scope NY dot org big mistake that you guys Jamaican. It is nine minutes after five. Now now get all the hate you don't like -- -- it's -- well I got the 2013 media service or so. I'm for writing media service by helping them to improve their web site which are which -- sorry but at -- I could say things about our website but I won't. 8030938. WBE and so what got you to the polls today. I will tell you that my opposition to the safe act with a big part by dragging my butt to the polls before I finished up with work. Because. There were two people I needed to vote for -- portal by news -- Number one Erie county sure Tim our because unlike -- done. Now I'm police officer and I don't get picked and chose to launch in parts. Well I got news revert you took an oath to the constitution. -- act violates the Second Amendment so you lose. Dick Dobson and quote and it was tantamount to -- Levine's. Okay the and that Tim Howard the safe act is unconstitutional. And I will not enforce an unconstitutional law. Amen amen amen that's really gets my vote all and I also voted for Democrat problem. Who showed it. Testes of titanium. To. When he with Andrew Cuomo in -- voted to put Erie county on record against NYC. That took some serious. Courage. It fit so he gets my vote -- Republican -- bottom independent. I hate the Republican Party and I -- the Democrat party. And. Don't like machine politics. So well. Got a couple of things here. A couple of things year. You know this is not a got a share of picking a law. This is sheriff who took an old that the constitution what part of this is so hard to understand. The constitution. Of the United States in our Second Amendment grants us where I'm sorry a hot applies in with words what is a right. The right to keep and bear arms New York State civil rights law. Pretty much imitates the Second Amendment of the constitution. So. The target. This bullet headed cop mentality. We -- A question for. How would you feel. About a sheriff enforcing the fugitive slave act in 1850. You know we're runaway slaves were considered property but the law is all. You gotta -- -- potential flaws. A lot of guys and folks that which is not just is not law might quote originally but it could have been our let's go to what Tom and Lancaster Tom hello. Have I was the number 39 this morning at 9:30 in the morning get between those district and that will Lancaster Lancaster it was very important media have. Cool common -- our council members elected two years ago we elected you know -- only idea Republicans super riser after twelve years of constantly increasing taxes fall straight years in the previous supervisor. But -- democratic members on the border trying to make life miserable and they can produce you know so I wanted to -- and -- -- encouraging all my friends throughout. And elect a couple of Republican counsel people to help you go on and his endeavors on the board also support share power. I do not own a weapon at this time I used to hunt but I do support our constitution and I -- beer or. What the ozone hole is doing to trading our constitution. And really bothers me. And last week a voted for a judge -- classic you know -- -- -- -- -- judgment tour. However. He was involved -- Problems in Lancaster defending the town in some controversial financial dealings that the comptroller of the -- even criticized. So I felt like -- wouldn't vote for just about Torre you know I didn't know just protesters. -- well. You know what we all I certainly respect your choice and I'm sure he respect mine and you know we we agree on a lot we just have to disagree I. A -- I base my vote on back Carl Paladino and his recommendation. I Cairo -- was a friend of mine also. A lot -- they would betrayed the Conservative Party and link -- to residual. Constantly endorsing Liberal Democrats because. One of the council people. Father is the chairman of the Conservative Party in Lancaster and it's a -- Oh all right well I'm sorry to hear that but that's why don't blog and I think all political parties are jokes. You're right thank you very much and glad you left -- called. It all three on 930 let's go to pat in one to pat what a -- a vote. Dutch air freight and I'm in the compound a lot of and the count on board that we have in place right now. Talking about like. Well I work for that don't -- -- -- The people that -- Connection through the democratic on board or getting job killer me that airport today in their life -- -- that ought to. Am. Yeah you know what's interesting is when I was grown up the town board was all Republicans. For years until a guy named Betty was a boxy. Broke that stranglehold on the board and how things have changed. Well edited a lot down. Stroll. The sheriff's race and what -- the sheriff's race target to turn out. I'm -- -- of them are being illicit act. Because they have done it. -- Amen and that any couple wants to confiscate my weapons in your weapons down the line. I will do anything. Any thing. To defend the constitution of the United States and I've gone on record about that before and I'll go on record again on that again. Anything I will use any means necessary to preserve protect and defend the constitution. Of the United States. Well exactly apart immediately thought there's true. Absolutely disagree with that. Well and they got to make their voices they got to make their voices hurt. I know a lot of cops who were absolutely dead against this but unless they make their voices heard publicly. They they're they're doing nothing. You know thank you very much. All right -- of those days when the town was a totally Republican leaders to even the false -- on WB Ian. I was calling about the yacht club bought the obamacare it's not very honest. To lobby mailing out to tell people they can keep thereof all the insurance and be be mailing out archer our cancellation notice. That's because your president is a lying piece of crap. That's why he acts like a two year old it's never his fault and the man is a vile disgusting. Liar. It's it's at least fourteen million. Of these are cancellation notices on fox TV Atlanta last night they said a 129. Million. They would the higher -- officials would get picked through the yacht wording. After the -- wording. They. They are justified to -- Gmail are cancellation notice that we could take it to take the government to court if you want group. All the government blames the insurance companies aren't all original vision insurance companies think they don't wanna go pay pre existing conditions and basically it may want to restore the American people may god until after all. There are feeding people. Into the insurance companies with these cancellation notices and then they're going to be cutting Medicaid and Medicare to feed more people into. Well and what they're really made the ultimate game is to have won -- provider for the entire countries total government control of health care. Our government can control what. But -- -- -- 5000 dollar co pay on some of those some of those no assurances. The cheapest insurance people and why would have a 5000 dollar co pay. And and it would be Reid refuse an operation and they wake of their tool we're. I think bill. You can take a pain built I don't care about a girl other Arab doctors initiatives based maker of -- that makes a lot of sense for a hundred year -- person that -- -- Or sixty year old person but the panel's. Yeah up on -- but adult pharmaceutical. Delegate delegate of people pharmaceutical. Built like you're Nancy. And you understand how much I really despise this president I don't use that term a lot but I despise this man but only the white part of this man. The black part is great but I despise the white part of all right Matt thank you for the call I'm sure you're getting bone but it did did you vote form be honest. I did I did vote for a Obama -- I would defeat. Well Steve I'm sorry to hear that but. I hope that it's a lesson to. It shocked about the guns. Are done right or info we. All of the bill of rights are in -- remain in -- inviolate. -- inviolable. Inviolable yeah okay and if I had it -- early. Available yet. Look I I deal with words for a living so I don't ever feel badly used the wrong word god knows I'd. -- -- -- pay the Steve I agree with you they are inviolable and I'm very glad you called and again don't feel bad about screw in the word of yours of the mistakes -- -- All right meant thank you Steve. I Steve electric for admitting he did you know he was deceived. -- to our people. That some perfect. You know. Don't think some Darcy were a year seven credible master of the universe who knows hockey as well as Darcy has idol like as well there's hockey. -- we got Joseph -- master control and we've got choked sic at them or call screening duties. And we have. A lot of things going. You guys to laugh about the simplest Joker made earlier in -- came off like there's really gonna say what it was in the right just through your curveball -- that's comedy. -- calorie but comedy nonetheless. Let's get back to the calls on WBE. And here's John net on a cell phone John hello. Now why don't the right. It's always great and the answer always. Vote. Question is Mary. Possibility. -- A class action so. -- gets elephant here so Obama should know there. Is not because you cannot sue a public official who is acting within the scope of his or her authority in office you can't do. So yeah it follows -- -- poster. You know. You can't do it. Mean if you catch them accepting a bribe yes. But just four of lying and deceiving no. It. Okay I'm I'm glad you call that mean that that issues come up before your public office and you're acting within the scope of your job within the scope of your authority. And you -- of the people that is not something on which you can be yes shoot. I mean if you knock somebody up and she goes for child support that shield doesn't work. OK but that's not a public situation that the private situation it's not like you've got carte Blanche to do anything you want. Only people in the NFL look at that. It is not coming up on 524. And news radio 930 WB -- are a couple of things here. A couple of things I never want what got to the to the polls today I mean why did you vote I voted because of NYC. Why did I vote I wanted to show my support for those who stood with us against NYC. And also. Our -- president. Who has lied more than any other president in American history. And these lies affect you and your health and your children's health in your husband's health and your wife's help. Especially you Obama voters. Openers in the light now but some of you are so deceived you'll never admit. What a lying piece of crap this menace. Strong words and now. But today if you missed it he actually deny -- saying what was captured a zillion times -- audio and video. You want to help you can help -- game. Like doctor. Yeah well Mr. President on all those people receiving cancellation notices. Of company. To make a profit where they help people. This man and so -- crap. It gets away with -- if George Bush had created this monstrosity. I think this president ought to resign I think you ought to be just thrown out of office. When. -- Man am I. Darius the great Rodriguez. Heard -- -- until the movie came out search for sugar man I think it was all and I actually bought both of his albums as a result of the movie because the music is good. Evan is definitely you know liberal hippies 60s70s. Music but despite my political views. -- like a lot of hippies liberal sixties and seventies music. Which again folks don't try to X don't try to explain me if I can't figure it out myself. I mean Tom Hanks did he say that. He wished -- a third term. I mean really dude. Yet is acting. Is unbelievable. In captain Phillips it was amazing in stating. And plus I'm a big fan honestly of people who have that kind of skill in acting and that Tom Hanks Robert Downey junior. To my favorite actors. Now politically. Yeah that's it's that's where I have a real problem folks it might have music comes from just conservative performers basically there will be looking at Hank Williams junior and easy top. Anyway. And you know Rodriguez is doing with his royalties now that he's actually -- it. He's as his kids up in nice places last letter he still Livan and a little. Blank hole in Detroit where is always -- He's kind of in a weird ways kind of hero to me and I know that sounds really strange that this guy I hadn't heard of it will Y zero. He's. Well I'll tell you what I mean there are heroes in all walks the date the FDA bus driver by the way I haven't even talked about this guy yeah. Who saved the woman from possibly committing suicide he's a hero. Mean he is a hero of the first degree. That. I mean there's a guy. Who could just look the other way driven by he saw the situation where the woman was clearly on the wrong side of the track the wrong side of the year railing. Knew what was going on stopped his boss got out. Gently helped the woman saved her own life. And I can't say enough about that man I know one of the Nortel Wanda. A boy scout and cub scout troops. Has set up. Excuse me one of those fundraising accounts for. And I know we didn't do it for the money but. In fact it is Mary Ellis respectable for the last night who brought up the fact that he is a genuine role model. As opposed to somebody who becomes a role models simply because they play a sports team. Were there very good at putting pucks in the net course we wouldn't know anything about the -- in buffalo because we don't ebony but he liked it but still. That man is a year and I would like to personally express my love and admiration for what he did it. And I just. I don't have the words to describe simulate it in a positive way. Now hole one more thing I wanna say before I get back to the calls we go full board except for one line 8030930. I wanna I -- Remind you guys because -- people tuning in all the time David -- of the is no longer with. WBP end. Did David develop -- is not on the here any longer at WB yet or for that matter anywhere else. And I will explain to you where we stand at WB yet. We did not fighter David Bell levee. In fact let me tell you a little -- Our love for David -- via our respect for David -- Libya. Is bottomless. I went to bat for David because I saw a rising star I saw a guy and I still see again. I think can have a very prosperous. And wealthy radio career. -- -- -- About how much potential David Harris. He's the program director operations manager here Greg read our vice president general manager you know he's the guys will acquire people. Went to bet for David Ogilvy. Our regional vice president -- daughter who made my contract possible by the way. He knows how good I am. -- did not want to lose me. Am. Made a very. Generous contract. Me more than I thought they were gonna do if I was ready to walk. And when they made the offer -- I guess I can -- -- so all. All those people went to. Bet for David ability. The problem -- His daytime employer. After originally saying sure a radio show at night. -- And said no effect not only you have to quit WB yen full time you can't be on the radio anywhere. -- -- part time not even if it. And ladies and gentlemen it is time if there's only one reason why something like that happens it's called politics. That's. Trying to muzzle David -- -- the and -- really hope that what my listeners who has a growing company or corporation. We'll see the value. In having David -- via a route it will let him do radio. Now like I must confess. David would need it. He would need. You know close to. 100000 dollars a year. For -- daytime I got a family. Responsibilities. And I know that's a tall order. I really do. But. If you're that kind of person. In -- patriot. And -- respect a war hero from Fallujah. If you can help well let me know. -- else pass it on the David because I want David out. I mean it's not for me to -- But I think what David's employer and I will not name the employer did was absolutely despicable. And I must tell you that. I hold all the veterans. From Iraq. -- catch win. Of why David was muzzled. And it. I won't tell you but. I won't fully aware. But. I I would like you to make your feelings now. Up by the way David Sylvia may be reached at through FaceBook. And his profile picture he's the guy in the -- year. He he's the guy in the army a year. In 2009. Robert Downey junior conveyed his politically rightward drift to. New York Times reporter David Carr Robert Downey junior. I have a real interest in political point of view and it's not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here but you can't go from a 2000 dollar A night suite at glamorized. 28 penitentiary and really understand it. And come out a liberal you can't. I wouldn't wish that experience and anyone else but it was very very very educational for me. And has informed my proclivities and politics ever cents. So thank you to Richard group I really appreciate that Richard we may issue in the business but you're smarter than. Let's get back to the call for -- our guys. -- stomach get that -- I get a break or folks and then right back to your calls locally where I've got a whole bunch of people on hold and just don't leave me. Don't leave me. And AccuWeather tomorrow it is going to be 65 degrees cloudy breezy and mild might do you shower again or should I say a game. This time tomorrow afternoon 500 WB yen. I think I'm ready to get back to the Coles finally. Let's go to on WB and Dan you are on what's undermines your. I was I was calling on the record you mentioned a blow you're darn important in my contact is raising funds for. Always say why -- in the last night. And you do and who. Spell that. Narrow interest in what is the origin of that -- Dutch. Really. Oh. Yeah. Well I'm sure that originally the gay had the loud over. Yeah I don't trust people with whom outs and their names are sorry. -- anyway anyway. First. I write. I'm just I'm -- Boston and in my name means that little Farber -- little peasant in German obviously a long line of white trash behind me. So anyway -- the bus driver hero. You're raising money forum and what was his reaction when you told him that you send out this that was it fund me accounts. The gulf on me dot com Iowa eulogized in a very humble and we welcome on Halloween or not. You know very clever after -- covered everything everybody's going for him you know it started off as a scenario where there were mentioning what happened to the gulf. And going over good deeds then then you know Montreal argue is you know -- -- you know for what he did I wanted to do something right for America and the opera all but two Apollo drive and let go out to dinner at this family. So many people wanted the picture and I mean it or oral almost 900 box right now. And I'm pretty sure you're gonna put it to good use what we get Foreman trump trump gave him 101000. And -- I think you can recruit from somebody help. Will include Donald Trump gave him 101000 bucks. I'll read it. Let's also. It would -- -- for some problem earlier. -- That's like my weekly child support that this kind of bizarre. Yeah I'm having my we. A dude you you must you must be one of Darcy rigueur for many failed draft papers or aren't. Are you don't have a fund raiser for you -- Darnell Barton. He is the guy who say the woman from jumping off the bridge apparently was intent on suicide and he is a hero and he just seems like such a nice guy. And if you send me the direct link to your fund raiser might he made my email Thomas WB EN dot com I can put it on my FaceBook page. Well you know what you're teaching the kids in your cub scout -- a great lesson and that is heroes do not necessarily Wear the uniform of an NFL or NHL players. Day. Can come from any walk of life bus driver's radio talk show hosts its rhetoric. Fathers indeed so damn I'm I'm glad you called mister clay fender you're cub scout pack is number. -- -- -- -- -- -- All ready well. I I think it's great and I think mr. Barton did was great. And we need more people like mr. Barton in this world and fewer people like me. I don't know he would become popular outdoor air -- just happened to be listening. Are always. Slips. I'm one of those great -- like -- yeah. Now listening to me does a lot too much in the morning anymore I was more -- for it to your -- Well -- we you know we all have our preferences -- love seeing the show and -- will always listen I'm glad you called and I don't forget the -- the -- OK. Send the link. -- Annette thank you a little small world and I was listening to Mary Ellison's got talking about last night Barry is calling my Chicago. Let's -- too -- scares me stories that stomach again I'm not trying to -- on the year just. It just happens usually I throw open my mouth just a little bit later about Obama but this time I'm doing too much here oh wait -- have to break now or 56. 56 okay here's -- in buffalo hello Dina. Hi Karen right to questions -- And I'm politically ignorant. I -- -- don't -- year Parker junior art class. When I go to the ball. And it has both for do. Added only two people on the whole -- Why here and there are. Because they have to go through this because it's a formality they have to go through the election. Just a formality. I would if -- reality yes. Your second question. I want to change my priority. In the patent. But I want to make share -- part become independent. I don't have anybody ever come into my house. That's not gonna happening. That's not gonna happen iMac so I'd say that party independent nobody -- compensate to -- ideology wanna vote that you. It. Know what I just said is that's not going to happen there's nothing that will prevent a candidate from coming to your house even as he registered independent to try to win your vote. All of that you've got more than happy to talk to -- WB Ian.

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