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11-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rail I guess that's about as much as we can play right now all. -- -- just we're gonna pictures of that car that slammed into. In two what eagle but geez yeah. It looked like a big deal to me because it's not like the car entered the restaurant and ended up in the other. That's it from goodfellas. Where the mailman was told in no uncertain terms and they were called mailman them. Was told in no uncertain terms on it -- -- all adds up to that. End up -- well. That. So I don't put the car went quite that far into but she's upset. All right it is an additive for radium in 38 AM so I'll find out you know this is often this year. If my audience is not voting. -- -- -- Because it's one thing to put up a New York safe sign on your lawn it's another thing to actually get out and vote. And you can call me a model maniac on the issue of NY safe. I don't regard myself. As a model maniac on the issue of New York -- a regard myself as a model maniac on constitutional rights of which the Second Amendment is one. And that's why I got out and I voted for Tim Howard for sheriff and I also voted for Tom -- And you know a lot I gave Tom blog Britain. I a threat. All it wasn't a threat IE in big -- him too well vote against governor wall ball with Governor Cuomo in town in in favor of Erie county going on record against NY safe. And Tom Auburn showed courage in casting his vote the way he did and he earned my vote. And I know that'll aggravate the Republicans but I'm I'm sorry but some Republicans aggravate me. Well let's find out what Mary -- -- has up by her sleeves Kryptonite for a WG Jersey channel two news. Well I have no -- on today well I'd ask you go further but it would be highly inappropriate. And you wouldn't -- -- -- -- If you only knew my dreams Mary Alice they probably wanna put my head in the guillotine but anyway I think it is -- you don't talk about and all I think cell. Are -- -- got a comfort Deval today a big day for the families of flight 347. They watch really the final piece of their legacy put in place having to do it changes Q. Pilot training been announced -- the family shared their thoughts today and we're gonna bring -- TO. All I know I you've been talking about it to America around making that's stunning admission finally admitting. What many of -- parity on video that he did indeed smoke. Crack that we've got poked her reaction to that. This is just a bit dark story we're gonna follow -- united eleven with that more today -- Election Day. And you also mentioned we're following an all all the results Q if they come in and we're gonna have updates through the night and let you know who the winners are. And then an interesting story about those sky lanterns. You've seen in time they use them a lot of vigils. The wedding I mean they they can be really. Beautiful but right now they're getting a lot of attention because they're experts who think that there are big fire hazard and they want them dance so well -- more about that. They ought to be monitored at least very very closely you know during the Second World War the Japanese used to send those are offered ships in the Pacific northwest hoping to set our forests on fire. I didn't know that yes well you never know what you're gonna learn listening to the -- show Mary -- Why I tune in every day. Indeed you do and it tells Scott and Kelly and the entire gang at channel two I said -- and I will be watching all is tonight a mandatory red coat night. Well I have -- red dress not because he added it's standard gas station issue. Aren't that's -- -- are very Ellis talked to order somebody tomorrow. That morose -- -- from channel to. It is that thirteen minutes after four. News radio 930 WB -- so if my audience is not going to the polls -- arched -- Have you voted yet. Vote if you happen. Was voted number 179. And about 1 o'clock this afternoon on my drive in to work. It was -- surprise when I first got here. Every voting boot. Was taken actually boot but I mean you know where you sit down on the -- separate Q. I mean -- so in any event. Ladies and gentlemen. I did my part of it to defend the constitution. Of the United States by voting for him. And I don't think that I am oversimplifying. I don't -- that I am exaggerating. Ladies and gentlemen the constitution. And the rights enumerated better. Trump any law made by man. Because those rights. One might actually called them divinely inspired -- violently grant. And the constitution simply put into words. What. That the nature the creator already planned sports including the right to keep and bear arms. And analyzed it. Passed in the dead of night. In a -- emergency message message of necessity from Governor Cuomo. Is one of the most egregious abuses of power in the history of this -- it is respectable what he has done. And it is despicable that this -- still stands and this. It makes me even sicker when they hear about cops who swore to uphold the constitution of the United States actually making NYC rests like these stupid ass cop -- -- Who decided that that. Too many bullets and he was gonna write somebody upland and bring somebody in because of too many bullets in the magazine. It's an arbitrary and to preach is number anyway. Because if you know anything about guns. Once you go through one magazine it's real easy to reach in your spare they'll pull out another magazine loaded in and start shooting some more. It doesn't even make cents. It doesn't even make sense. -- -- watch Saving Private Ryan. Those guys with -- I think there no one's. Ever other shooting shooting shooting the last round goes. And then immediately they reach and they plug in the next magazine and away they go again. And I'm not -- -- sit here and say bad things about block were PD because. Guys like Larry tiger and a couple of the other guys were involved in it shoot out. With that that pop -- ten years ago. Barry maggert was basically on the verge of life and death. And I'm doctors say a thing about the department as a whole. But the officer who decided to make a safe act arrest. I hope the rest you guys that fine police department make that officer's life a little more difficult. You know how to play the game somebody does something stupid. Somebody that's -- with which you disagree. There -- ways to make that person's life a little less comfortable. The last thing we needed budget cops running around breaking the constitution. Under oath. Let's go to what mark in Niagara county on WB yeah I'm mark. That I'm on my question is. Do you have any information on the chair was raised in Niagara -- and I. No because I can't vote and it. I don't follow things we can't vote on. I just thought you might as. -- had a list of a share to a -- against. Why are you asking me. Are you -- I presume you vote in Niagara county. They'll just some way to do -- but you know that you might know it might help me make a decision I'm out. -- instead of our reading that thing at the Pope. You gonna do all the work man. I mean I don't know what the situation is inaccurate -- I don't know much better on the issue -- talk well I have no idea I just been focusing on. Erie county because that's were I vote. Despite that might have a list that's hard. I don't need to sit here and -- yet -- It's a little late at the start asking me questions like. But I love you anyway mark. I do in men leeway in. Well well I don't know NA -- manly manly way. I know it's a cardigan but thanks for noticing okay thank you. 8030930. Guys come -- don't activate. Can you make me feel stupid that I live in Erie county I only know that Tim Howard is against analyze it he's my guy Tom Auburn against New York's if he's -- -- I don't care for Democrat. I don't -- people especially who go against their own party to cast a courageous. Vote deserved my support. Promised to opt out. She's -- started -- the of the stomach stuff puppets. It's. It's a medical playing and hope it goes away soon is just start producing like way too much -- And I'm just I'm sick of eating -- So if it it will run its course but for right now it's is rather obnoxious probably as much for you as it is from me. It's just some blogger picked up along the way. Doctor David and with the hope that the doctors ones. All. Syphilis here is Mike -- blogger on WB Ian -- -- Good afternoon. Both Bushehr power in the constitution and individual rights. Have you done so -- yes yes sir I -- this morning at about 7 o'clock. You're up bright and early. And tell what number were you I was 179. While the first Republican in Cheektowaga it just look at the this morning and hit a -- -- number I would. That's outstanding. And did you vote and if you don't mind it. Did you keep all the other Eric. I'm sure you must -- voted for other people as well and if you don't mind saying did you vote a straight party line -- did you make exceptions. And I you know why would I ma. I've middle of the world that we -- are on a night votes -- issues that don't vote across the board. Are -- in effect that judge my control unfortunately I I. -- vote against him because the -- PDA did not come out and endorsed anyone for the IndyCar to share straits but the key to -- immediately charge. Well I voted I voted for mark -- tour because Carl Paladino endorsed him and Carl Paladino endorses him that's good enough for me. Sure think would like to invite chip to how to share power victory party tonight down if you'd like to lob I can pretty gassed but it would be told that -- twelfth. -- erupted going out there you're more than welcome to. You know what. I can only do that if mark Croce flies in and is helicopter. I appreciate the offer but I don't do honestly I don't do well in big crowds. Sure sure. While they can keep that -- as far as you know these weasels uncertain in the constitution in the midnight hour thank you very much. I will continue to do so until my dying breath. All right -- have you voted yet. Have you voted -- and -- which issues drove you to the polls. And folks again it does make sense to do your own homework because. I'd be lying to you if I told you that that I keep up with every town council raised every judge raised every whatever race I did vote no on all the propositions. Because every everything I've read said that they were all scams. So I voted no across the line in the propositions. Let's go to let her in the back of the ballot by the way make sure you check the back of the ballot. Here is Amy in that Williams bill and stir your W via. Hi I did today. At 8:30 this morning I was number that he at my polling Clayton Williams now. And collector of -- there is the your -- And -- -- I voted pretend power. And can you tell me why Tim Howard earned your vote -- Because he. Doesn't court packed. So I again this is very important to you and you know it and we gave me a week you go ahead. I don't like and they don't own a gun. If you're matching -- amendment rate. On the board. You know in my opinion my thing is it's not a hundred no not elements. So. Why and force them. -- -- -- Well why even have a law that is just blatantly unconstitutional. And I know for a while we might still be running the promo. I I I found it ridiculous that the Buffalo News endorsed Dick Dobson because Tim Howard won't enforce an unconstitutional. Law. The Second Amendment. At the Buffalo News welcomed an attack on the Second Amendment. But called for the resignation of attorney general Eric Holder when he started going after the First Amendment a bunch of phony liberal progressive hypocrites at the editorial board of the Buffalo News in the ought to be ashamed of themselves. Well -- I'm glad you called and that was there any other race that got you to the polls. I voted for. Devoted their mind whether he can count on being home and indoors and I don't I. Yeah. LePera you know being in the -- a friend of -- And people don't upsets before and people do not understand my relationship with Carl Paladino I love Carl like a Big Brother. And when he was running for governor I was tough with him because that's my job. In Carl understood that he never holds a grudge and IA whenever I see him I hug them. And I kissed him on the cheek and I just I love them and I think he's. I think he's still miss understood the delightfully. I mean look obviously -- I can agree on everything Carlin but I'm honored to call a friend. Thanks Amy and I'm glad you called course -- still waiting for me to explain why it was in their treatment. Okay. I ever plays helped that she gave about whether Obama. To this on my Three Dog Night liar. Ladies and gentlemen in the history of American politics there has not -- a bigger locker. Anymore churlish president than Barack Hussein Obama this man is an absolute disgrace. And I want to is something that if Barack Hussein Obama. -- the CEO. Of a pharmaceutical company an insurance company an oil company and he'd lie in the positions to the American people. The way president Barack Obama has lied to the American people the department of justice and Eric Holder would be all over him like white on rice like flies on -- Barack Obama is a disgrace. As president of the United States. He's a disgrace because he lied to you. You suckers -- who voted for him now. Nice to get what it's fun. Email from people and FaceBook nastiness from people saying. You know the only crap on your age you -- Why even gunners sir I mean you know it's like. Win me back even visit Keith Olbermann page alike as I don't like -- -- -- Foreman -- anything about it. So don't bother don't waste my time. So. In dollars two words I could say to you the first one is -- Second one news. So anyway getting back to it folks. This man should resign. He should quit his job. He is an incompetent. He is it over his head. And worse then being incompetent the man is a serial. Lie here. -- -- -- -- -- Deal lie in the first place to tell people if -- like a doctor. Like you know real plan. Then deny it you even -- that. Replacing. I it with weeks. And that's about the web site. -- in comparison. To the reality that your peace loving uncle Bob. That. Change. Hole president is low -- piece of crap. If he or the president of an inch -- the oil company. You'd have no problem. -- calling him a lying piece of crap. -- we have a that oil spill all it was. Largely. Speculative. A little more oil and process. The Department of Justice would buy that. You think the DEC would buy that do you think the EPA would -- that well. The man is a liar he is unfit to hold the office of president of the United States. And I think he should resign. That's how little. Fate he holds with you the American people including suckers who voted for. And that's what you are yours suckers. Because you voted for somebody with no track record of the executive experience whatsoever. You voted for somebody because you have white guilt in some cases you voted for somebody that you thought that. He was going to fundamentally change America and maybe -- what you understood what he meant and that's why you voted for. Fundamentally change America. Well you know what you can take this change and you can shove -- where the sun don't shine. Are as surprised that you lines sector crap. Show us the surviving then got witnesses. About the ongoing criminal investigation after one year. It's not. People -- -- about how badly you and Hillary Clinton screwed up and God's. And why Americans. Right. That's if you buy that excuse. Please don't vote today. You know we. Are witnesses folks who were being shielded from members of congress senators congressman. You the American people. About what really happened that and -- You know it Watergate nobody died. Nobody died. Then godsey. Always sorry. I spent that day said Hillary Clinton. Said Jay Carney. Along well. And you know what really really awful. Is knowing. That in 2016 Hillary Clinton is going to be elected president and she is Barack Obama on steroids. In fact I'm pretty convinced that. She has testicles and mr. Obama does not. Folks this man is a disgrace he is unfit to hold the office. If George Bush lied to the American people. And remember why is eight deliberate misleading. So don't give me the Iraq chemical weapons crap because every country in the world was on the same page. Oh by the way the Democrats were on the same page with the Iraq sell the -- George Bush nonsense and I'm not a big fan of George Bush either he can pound salt true. I'll never vote for another bush for president is more -- -- -- Barack Obama. Is a serial -- here. There's just no nice way to put it he believes an -- the station. Obfuscation. Obfuscation. He believes in in clouding things he believes in hiding things from you and and -- the ball and unpardonable. When he is even denying what he said -- has been captured on audio and video countless times the man as the site program. At least a sociopath. And you suckers voted for this guy told you I hold you everything you needed to know about this guy in 2008. But even listen. Because in buffalo voters are stupid. We have like zero growth. Idol or some nice things happening downtown for years we've had zero growth. 447. That news radio 930 EW BEN. Our folks have you voted what. What was the issue of the polls and I will tell -- that I usually vote in every November election I rarely vote interest in fact I don't. Don't vote in school board elections because it doesn't matter. There -- school budget votes it doesn't matter Mika is. They'll just keep jamming jamming jamming jamming jamming and delegates through slightly. To waste my time frankly because I've learned something along the way and that is the teachers union will always win like last night I was watching channel -- Oddly enough. And they had a reporter talking about the New York State united teachers. And they're gonna side with that teacher who gave the -- the name of a witness against him. Yeah I'll throw. And you know what. I'd bet anything the union wins. I -- anything. Because that's what they're out there a powerful powerful powerful powerful union -- brought a lot of money around politicians. And now what are the reporters mentioned that it will be a neutral panel that decides. Young man there is no such thing as a neutral panel. You should have named it the people on the neutral panel work from whence they -- Because nobody is neutral. Everybody has an agenda. And that agenda let's go to Stephen in the buying that on WB Ian Stephen. They've had just. Thoroughly enjoyed your you're under -- -- their ability it would take -- differences that you mentioned that the president is. Incompetent I think that would even too much credit for the fact that things that. You're not doing everything he's doing are -- I don't think of that problem but it it is truly want to do. Now you may have a point. You you may have a point I cannot respect a man who lies and lies and lies and lies to the American people. And because he is insulated by his media buddies he gets away with it and he's got this hard core base that thinks the man walks on water when he is a phony fraud of a man. I won't disagree you know as scary thing and the view that we don't. Go to the detention unit to change it and anything differently you read that. -- -- -- -- At what I think -- bush and so therefore that caught the president. The -- call vote to come out there and you count. And I just wondered -- the word out their computer donors know you know Brooklyn -- And how they voted where -- -- released its scope web site -- you have a web scope so organization's web site. An example -- arbiter of bald eagle -- count all the prisoners. In those counties and -- -- -- That's applicable and other rating is based on now on the second and right. Sir you should know that I would never give Scopes website on the year effect I would never allow you to mention Scopes web site on the year when when I'll just as soon do it. Scope NY dot org. Payment and yards and yards and it would great tournament. All right affect you know I'm gonna do is and thank you for -- thank you for the idea. I am going to put a link to these scope website. Right now. On my FaceBook on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly. When you're you know basically. When in doubt about which Tom -- hourly to go to it's the Tom -- show web page. I mean I just wanna warn you that when you go to the site. You will be so awed by Mike good looks that it's gonna intimidate to a bit but you just go ahead and go on my page. It. First ball I never had a Mueller chip huge bag I I will confess I did give a rat's tail in 1991 never a mullet that is -- -- And you promotion. For the most. Mullet you have to prove that one okay animal all right thank you very much yes animal -- okay thank you. I expect that. -- there is. Our gang and trying to find. I'm among the scope NY. Dot org website. And I would think that on Election Day. They would have their voter guide right up on top. And I'm not seeing. And that's really unfortunate. I'm seeing a whole bunch of stuff that really is irrelevant or older or try this one. Our full attention turns to November 5 are well let's not even a link. Scopes says not voting is a vote for more gun control it's just look at the not voting one. Sorry guys and I'm trying to help -- here trying to help. You they scope are all due respect you got to do a better job on your website because it's too hard to navigate. You need to have this stuff that people need to know today on top. You got to do a better job on the web sites scope got to try to help me here trying to help as. I'm not seen anything that says Scopes guide to elections. -- interest right now I'm just a Nazi. I'm not seeing it. So I don't know what to tell you. -- -- animated take on air time but. I'm not -- in the candidate list were the candidate endorsements so if you're with scope. Scope has it on the front page where if I can't find it out of somebody else unified. You gotta help bigger scope because I'm I'm just I'm not seeing it. I really am not saying it. Scope NY index. -- -- You shouldn't have to -- anything else on Election Day. -- you let me give you a little website tip folks at scope. The fewer clicks it takes somebody to get to the page you want them to visit. The more likely it is they'll actually go to the page they want you to visit. Not a reasonably intelligent person. And it's not like I don't spend any time in the Internet. But I am not seeing any thing. On the scope and why page that popped up when I typed in scope and -- dot org that tells me for whom. You are working or for whom I should support as a gun. So let's go my idea constructive criticism is. Trying to make your web -- easier to navigate. At all. And try to help you guys gave me in a war. The least I can.

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