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11-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WBE -- Great land should be everything you did this to me a land where a man has paid a wage he can live on. A land where we -- every time. -- -- seventeen miles is not walking distance and I Lam -- meals I'm not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different track. All right all right major points. He's getting a literal sense since. Cowardly and. Not say how many different each person missing July. Listening to me -- You know how old radio studio six locals aren't games on the ballot and I think he made his -- of fun. It doesn't news radio 930000. Now everyone understands that WB EM I don't know if you go to her room. -- -- -- -- -- Apparently it. -- -- and -- a discussion on here at nine right now there's. I'm trying to convince Joseph that now you know I can do that -- it. -- Now never lie because usually straight man. Are right. Every summer -- lighten it up when the fall guy comes Canada. Anyway -- it's our way on the news radio 938 W. Be the end and OK if you smoke crack on vacation does it matter. I'm just wondering if you smoke crack in a drunken stupor doesn't matter. Via revelations. Out of via. Toronto mayor office or Toronto mayor's office are are pretty interesting the this guy is like a train wreck in slow motion. The mayor -- -- mayor Ford guys. And I'd be lying if I told him that -- up debate on every political idiosyncrasies. It's happening in Toronto every detail of every. Everything's going on in the giant city to our north. But you know some people are obviously calling for a this guy's resignation because he has admitted that he smoked crack cocaine. And it was at a protest or that it also that most -- golf paid him for any responsibility. For having smoked crack cocaine. Just because in other areas of the law intoxication. Is not. Eight defects that you can't kill somebody and and say hey I'm really not guilty because that was dropped you can't run down the crowd of people and say. -- a lot of a crime at all I was just I was just in a drunken stupor it is just get there. So anyway. You know it's interesting because I wonder how many of you who voted for a Barack Obama the biggest liar in the history of American politics. And that's and so. I wonder how many -- you voted for Barack Obama are gonna condemn -- mayor of Toronto for saying he -- correct because you're Diet. Coke. Probably. In college. He admitted to doing -- He admitted that don't -- some people say actually salt -- In college. Now I have to tell you separate. My views on drugs and your views on drugs are probably not going to be the same ever. Because I believe the drugs ought to be legal regulated. -- checked for quality and also. Available to consenting adults. Number one that would put an end to the drug cartels because you've taken -- criminal enterprise out of it. Number two you'd be able put out a safer product for those who enjoy indulging in wheat or Coke or whatever. And that number three. -- mention the crime rate would go down because all of the -- just folks just think of prohibition permanent so my view in your view on drugs are probably not going to be the same. My body my choice as long as I don't do a joy and a -- driving. It's really not bigger complaint it's -- -- to me it's not your business. Now if I do let's see we'd work call -- anything else and I become an. Addict and guess what that becomes a medical issue it shouldn't be a criminal issue. To medical issue not a it's just like alcoholism in in my world it's just like that. And I don't are alcoholics are criminals that regard them as people with substance abuse problems. Com just like people can responsibly use alcohol like that people can responsibly use other drugs. That's me. And in others you know there's a lot of concern by the way this is that this is an interest. There was -- Marion Berry got caught. With a hooker at the crack cocaine or this was years ago the mayor Washington DC. And the minute he could he was resoundingly. Reelected. By who is largely black constituency. And and felt exactly like -- -- And this is not gonna go where you think -- -- And here and here -- -- and here's why because there is a sense in the black community. -- The drug laws are unfairly and forced against minorities. Like black people. And basically white people and Clarence and east burst get a pass -- long is their discreet. That is the sense among black people. I'm sure it's the sense among black people African Americans. Folks that were African American. There is no proper word to describe a person of color with African roots. Okay. I don't like negro because it just sounds -- 1960s. Black is hardly accurate because I've never met a black person I've -- people were very dark brown and -- very dear friends actually at the airport. Very dear friends that Hedo Octavia -- be nice guy all right let's. Com yes I go to I go on vacation. To be with my negro friends that hardly sounds nice doesn't. Well it and black. And now that he's. But yet if I say dark brown Mike Brown. Just just -- African American Idol used because Theresa Heinz Kerry is an African American. She's an African I know people in Nairobi who were white. If they came to the United States. Within themselves that applicant America. So I think I think African American is stupid expression to. I'd like human beings. That that's good human beings of some color of distinction that I have no problem with that but there is just like white people. I would be very old partly why I'm like a -- he did. -- -- but anyway -- get back to it. -- people could not understand what Marion Berry kept getting reelected even though he was caught on videotape with a hooker doing okay. And the reason is real simple. It is because a lot of people in the black community and talking about radicals. Talking about you know yeah black power black Panthers you know kill Whitey up. About people like you and and their second tires and their kids busted. While other kids in other neighborhoods. Get away with. Well not murder but get away with doing the same thing because they are not regarded as you know being suspects are being suspicious. And for a while -- forgot there was a disparity. There is -- we have live news here from Toronto. And we have anything to be answered GO. OK well the mayor of Toronto forward is gonna make a statement but anyway just just noticed ladies and gentlemen. I I I side with the -- -- to turn it off. Right. At least the weather and if it's a tense up with a -- All anyway. On this one I agree with. The black community. Because. -- right. Black people are on I think unfairly. Picked on. For drug possession drug sale drug use disproportionate. To white people. And I can understand why as kind of a sign of protest they would vote for Marion Berry. I mean that to me I would say that if if I were if I were white. Well it's a yes if I were largely white -- if or why. And I felt that people in my community. Where being unfairly picked on for drugs. And somebody who looked like I look kind of got busted -- and cracked with a hooker. So. You know we we drugs to me are such an interesting phenomenon. In America. Because. Some of the biggest users of drugs. Are in the inner city. The inner city is where the suburban soccer moms go to get there all. The -- is where some people go to get a week. And then bay generally get off Scot free while the black person ends up in president. So that's why they get pissed off about drug laws and that's why I get pissed off about drug laws. Drug laws to -- -- and they've always been a scam. And there is no answer to people getting hooked on any -- some people are prone to addiction. Some people just have that gene in their body. I'm convinced of mom IE you know what. I'm. I -- -- convinced that there is -- genetic component to drug addiction. If your father was alcoholic. If your grandfather was an alcoholic if your great great grandfather was an alcoholic you have a great degree of being yourself and alcohol. And when I think about my my German lineage who made all drink beer like I drink water. This morning noon night morning noon night beer beer bigger. And I think obviously that's one of the reasons why I'm just not a big drinker without the -- to overdose at -- he doesn't drink at all. Mean if I have ten drinks in a year that's up. There's just nothing with which. I want to you know I've said this before and recently but to me just makes me I don't wanna beat. You know what I mean I wanna be alert awake I don't need the calories and I just -- joy and I'm not condemning anybody who enjoyed the last one or two I'm not condemning anybody who enjoys drinking please don't get me wrong. It's just not my bag baby any more than that Swedish pianist -- ones in Austin Powers that's not my. One receipt for Swedish penis -- signed by Austin Powers. But anyway. It will be interesting to see what happens with that -- -- forward to -- in Toronto today admitted that he smoked crack cocaine. And no interest in two. Is. The differentiate. Between. Crack cocaine. And the sentences. For it vs. Powdered cocaine and the sentences for it. You know not to mention -- Which is you know basically a violation with very small amounts in fact you know a lot of a lot of decent cops. If bases -- just got a little weed and you're not driving it. A lot of times what they'll do it if you're not hide when you're driving the paper bag they'll empty it out and say don't ever let me see what this again in the car -- -- collar. Abacus is don't feel me. So many Americans. Have tried drugs. And there has been ever since the beginning of humanity. A need or -- desire to get messed up. I don't know why is it just is the case. I think sometimes people look for happiness in a bottle I think sometimes people look for happiness in white powder I think sometimes that people look for happiness with green in the they're not gonna find. You will not find happiness with an artificial substance. You only find happiness with anti depressants. Sorry had to work it and that was that was sarcasm. Is that is the mayor speaking at Joseph I see all the reply no you must not be speaking. The mayor of Toronto I was gonna say something about his admitting to smoking crack cocaine now a lot of people are calling for him to resign. The -- you know what if somebody said if somebody who was running for office today said -- You know what. I smoked crack cocaine once I tried it. And I just wanted to be honest with that would not dissuade me from voting for that person. It would it would not if somebody set I tried powder cocaine. It would not dissuade me from voting for that person if somebody said I did we'd I'd probably campaign for them. -- But it's just the way I feel. I see no difference between the criminality. Of drugs in America in 2013. And alcohol in America in 1920 story. I -- zero difference because the same market factors are in effect. And it get. You know this this very well may surprise them. But I happen to agree with most of the black community. When they say that their youth are being unfairly. Picked on and scrupulously gone over well the white kids get a pass a great. Absolutely. And. Well they didn't have a but it wouldn't it just it will probably but. The focus should be. Should be ubiquitous. And not focused on one part of the community. You know -- -- and with heroin. You know what it's kind of interest -- because at one point heroin was thought to be the new wonder drug. I remember seeing something about her when it's at all and the best part is it's non addictive over the reality that's a Thursday. Folks I think. Here's here's the deal. We have a happiness deficit as human being most of us many you have happiness deficit. And some people tried to. Cover. We have drugs illegal or legal some people try to cover with. Alcohol which also was a drug some people try to cover with an increase. Prayer were spirituality. Other people ignore it and hope it goes away. This life can be miserable for a lot of folks. And it is sad when people get hooked on this stuff but again I do not regard them as criminals I regard them as. I regard them as having a disease. Now maybe I'm just ultra liberal about this issue but I don't think -- I try to approach every common every. Every problem we have. Whip for our common cents. Well pumpkins are gonna do -- -- well you know what. Unfortunately there are irresponsible adults. I don't think that means you put everybody busted with crack in prison. There are people who don't locked up their prescription painkillers properly. We put them in prison. They're big problem too with kids. And their legal. As long news there and the right hands of the person to whom their prescribed. So what do you think guys were awakened. If it sounds like I'm kind of waiting for time. You know here's what we'll do. We're gonna wait for the mayor of Toronto to speak maybe he's gonna quipped I don't well. But. Will take a -- now -- but if the mayor's starts to speak will do that breaking news now. OK so if -- stay with us on news radio 930 WBE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is now via a special song of the Toronto mayor's office. White lines Grandmaster Flash. Which if you listen closely it's not a tribute to Coke. It is a parent it is an -- score a nation of crack cocaine I think we're gonna go to Toronto here in just a moment mayor for Barack. Are admitted her. Law those teasing. Com and they've been talking about this announcement coming up Joseph do you have the other piece of audio where the mayor of two says that he -- -- okay now folks this is actually goings. Some. Where it is I don't know. But this is earlier today the mayor of Toronto mayor foreign debt and my about it no -- -- I tried it. -- when my drunken stupor is probably approximately about a year ago. Our -- -- -- once he says in a drunken stupor he says. And I guess what I would say is. From. What I would say is so what. What's good for the president of the United States is good for the mayor of -- to the people -- this country cents. And admitted cocaine user to the White House. Sorrow I think -- is less important than the entire united states of character. It didn't matter to the American voters. Why should it matter to execute in Toronto. I would think about that and it's just. It's just -- -- Because ever all the mockery of George Bush my last minute ad. In the 2004. Campaign. John Kerry vs George Bush and at the last minute Dan rather -- a -- of broke the story about George Bush be arrested for drunk driving. That was a big drunk driving while where's the big deal though we want to be. Driving drunk and the safety issues. But in its own book -- Obama talks about using cocaine and I'm sorry I think Obama -- -- Bill Ayers own book that he wrote for Barack Obama. Talks about using. And nobody here because he's Barack Obama. And you can't say anything about Barack Obama. That is negative because then you assume a certain position in life and it's called that of being a racist. And I think that's horse feathers or stock as somebody wants that. Well really a mechanically my show anymore and again right now if you're like. Me like I'd -- prisoners to the mayor Toronto probably in his office and Coke. You know on the lines do you think you can do before. You think it's cut uncut. -- -- what exactly is the -- are doing in his office many out. Is via making injuries -- this infecting people are out of there what is. Office. Is trying to say. I gotta get -- gotta kinda got to come down is Sammy. In. Oh monitoring his own blood pressure. At 114. That's a good. Our hope is that art and vision. Heart condition that stuff. -- Anyway. It is Election Day. Have I mentioned that. I think I have. Its Election Day have you -- I was number 179. 179. At my polling place in Williams real. And I won't name her by name because at this point she's a private -- personal private citizen. But I did run into a a a former coworker. Who is. Very talented at what she those former broadcaster. I think she's pork -- Which is now that she's working anymore in the field. But I don't follow that channel particularly closely but in any event -- neighbor but the amazing thing. Is she recognized me after I don't know how many years. And I had no idea. That this individual lived basically a stone's throw from me if ought to know that. I mean I would've been stalking her all these years I mean I would have been like -- and -- would -- a guy falling out of a tree in hammers but. Now that I know that's gonna give me your plan for the rest of my evening in the rest of my week. But anyway hey you know you are if you're listening thank you very much is good to see by the way. Good to see here. And that just as well. Just as nice as ever. Usually the pretty ones don't have to be nice because they rely on looks this person is both pretty and nice. Now. Let's see where are easier go in and you know lecture to. Now. Have you voted -- How many people -- what race got you out to the polls. Today which race got you to vote. And I am going to cajole you. Kids all have used word in awhile course without the Spanish words creeping into language maybe it would be. I'm going through cajoling you into getting your ass out and voting today into my children. You a little integrates you get out to a voting polls. And you vote out -- -- -- vote. Now you vote according to your own consciences. Myself as a registered conservative. Like my daughters are registered Republicans like the answer that much. And by the way they did it of their own free will. Told there's a million times. I have always poll like -- That. Day to make up there all political minds. They stand. In what is important to them I didn't wanna be a father. Who is so overbearing. As that tell his kids how they should think about political issues. Because as you know what. Usually what happens is the minute they get out there own they completely -- one -- with that freedom. I've always pull Mike here you do not ever have to believe as I believe. You have a -- And they're good brains -- abuse so you figure out what you wanna do you figure out what is the proper philosophy. Man. Follow your dictates of -- conscience and a host did you turn out to be you know and Allen did make a liberal -- soap. So you're still -- you stole my child. And if you turn out to be Rush Limbaugh. That's -- You know. I'm still waiting for Allen's pizza. Has a really one of the cook came up my chicken breast. He can undermine not to go to his house gallery has come to my house. Nothing says we can't share a snack. -- I apologize for some of the noises and you'll hear from my stomach is for his belting it apparently what I've caught some kind of bug that is long lasting bug. And I don't know exactly when it's going to go away but you know whatever it's not the end of the world is just the inconvenient. Already. As far -- AccuWeather is concerned isn't today a difference. I mean it's in the fifties now. And tonight it's going to be cloudy and breezy 44 tomorrow cloudy breezy and mild shower in the late afternoon 65 and Joseph what do we have right now. It's 57 degrees drove into work with the top down jury at news radio 930 W. UB CN all 11 embarrassing thing about my car. Horton sticks I just found out today. Are right was gonna just give a quick beep -- does somebody I knew that the person leaving the voting poll and it turned into a and I was on burst. Report person and probably probably thought I was. You know what. I assure you it was my -- stock. So that's got to get to hear. Maybe he has -- some Astro glide -- into the port area of the car. And it works and everything it's 344. At -- That is ready at 930. WB. All right AccuWeather. Cloudy breezy tonight 44 tomorrow we're gonna get up to 65 but might see some outrage. All right hey guys thanks for sending me the pictures of the car in -- g.'s course all the pictures came through exactly when I have to talk so. It's going to be difficult for me to ups and the bond. Hey Joey. You wanna -- here. And can you just forward these. Anything -- attachment on it except this one where you can you can it's. We'll send those to news so -- give them up on line. To Georgia's speed kills 8030930. Start time 3180616. WBE NN. I've seen these are you with the attachments just for those that newsroom at WB yen dot com that way. No not the first two -- two cents. All right anyway you know. There is a big election today in Erie county. Am. Involved this year battery count. All of we joke you got to leave the Cologne is -- It's one of serie a will just have to wait pictures too important story got a perfume sensitivity here in Cologne sensitivities are struggling nets. Who that was that was a bad move very badly played by me -- -- on paper. And waved this away. You know what Joseph next time -- call you win. I am gonna rip the world's nasty is far ahead you -- Right down there and you can see a life what feels that debris that something like that you don't Wear Cologne OK well whatever -- few years. Would it would you use. Doubt. Did you -- with the using. -- all for man. Is that like come. Is is that -- Life. I've heard doubles a perfectly fine soap format I don't use any still. I like he might moisture in my game already event of the date of bad decisions for me. All right. And it all started I spoke flat with -- airport in Toronto it's just gone downhill from the so there's a big election today. -- big election today. All these people who have the repeal -- life safe signs on your wall just. That doesn't mean and saying anything at all it means nothing. Unless you're out. And vote. And it lets you get out and vote specifically. For Tim -- Folks I support people. Who support the constitution. Of the United States which is sacrosanct. To an hour. From the earliest days of NY state. Has said that he will not in force. Law. Because he believes it to be unconstitutional. And by the way so many shares in New York State and so many sheriffs across the country were similar unconstitutional. Gun laws have been passed. By the opposition. In an open this up the house and missile aggravate my Republican friends I think probably. But I voted for a pump blog. Because. He showed. Balls of steel. And it just like to reiterate I've never seen Tom Walgreens balls. I mean I've seen his after work parties and I've seen some of the some of the cocktail parties received his balls were people were dancing and having on and were. But he while Governor Cuomo was in -- Tom walked around have the stones. To stand up and vote Erie county opposes. NY state. And I got to -- it's not that I set at the time. He won't earn my vote and I honored my own promise to Tom what I voted for him to. New York safe its sole owner it is so onerous and despicable. It has to be shown. That we will oppose it at every step of the way. -- don't go anywhere because I want to get your calls as well in 030930. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB Ian.

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