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11-5 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 3

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And of course if you remember of that the video footage of there was days in the its first elections in Iraq he would then get their finger dipped in ink. Apparently while they were outstanding on guard somebody took a shot into the crowd from outside the perimeter. In our mortally wounded a woman who was very clearly in bad shape or she was laying there screaming. And they were trying to get her out and off to a hospital -- she refused to leave. In she made the soldiers carry her to the front line so that she could cast her vote. And staff sergeant or -- later found out that she passed away. I wonder if people are dying to vote in other places. Why you would not get off the couch and go vote today. It doesn't make any sense to me at all Suzanne. In Hamburg. -- they're Susan. Susan you there. Susan you voted today. I'm I'm actually pulling up -- Right now. Of great release from live coverage of someone voting excellent. So are you gonna vote. You don't have to answer you can just you can just tell me why you're voting. I'm voting because. I voted by an eighteen years old and I all older and right now. So she's twenty something now. Has -- and I am -- While -- -- -- Out they have worked very very hard I know that's. That this court -- apart as. Only ten. Council and that is not riding. -- And -- out in the perhaps as being very negative. But I also got art and have worked and I totally believe that they -- the candidates. Well you know I I when I first came home after being on for thirty years I became aware of what's going on in Hamburg. And I wrote something from my blog politics and -- dot net. And I got just buried in comments from people from Hamburg who work who agreed with me who disagree with -- the one thing I took away from that. Is that people in -- watch really closely what's happening in their town government. And know whether they're pleased with a further distance with their engaged over there and Hamburg -- are you gonna have a low turn out they're too. I don't know I'm here now there's quite a few people and coming going -- It's looking pretty good over here at Michael play. Well and our -- -- and we really appreciate your column in Susan. Have you ever miss an Election Day. No matter what even the school elections that common odd times and seasons. Elections. Are -- election I know it's where the rubber meets the road right. Exactly -- people don't get out. You're given right. To do that. All along that acts. Well how did you -- and that legislative and the legislature yet -- Dixon -- shrine after. Track except that I am I. -- -- Did you love meat Michaels craft while while he was campaign this year. -- Atlanta's -- a good friend of mine I have to admit I'm one Republicans are -- you know known for me but. I think she's think she's pretty safe there today. A Susan what do you think when safe today. Ideal I think she say I. You know she had good history I -- We're -- -- -- I think I think and I think that aren't. With the -- might be asking are you register Republican or registered Democrat her independence party anything. So you're pretty loyal to the to the -- your vote -- and comparable races well. Well I'll tell you bet thank you very much for call name's Susan I really appreciate your call I did not say Republicans only can call and I might prefer talking to Republicans but I hang out with Democrats. Republicans likened likened content on the telephone. But this is a really big day today for a lot of candidates -- -- I item. The the local candidates and in Aurora -- I'm from the -- -- they've been working very hard there were some pretty hard. Campaigning going on there between Republicans on the primary -- around -- pretty much everything -- -- In the -- it's very Republican area we have. Joseph over Rico who's running in my town for reelection he's a one term county legislator. And we got some pretty interesting mail. In the last few weeks and last week the last that we got three different piece the all claiming that these are very good Democrat was really a a sleazy and brilliant campaign tactic trying to paint -- a Republican. As a Democrat in Republican area and only the male only went to Republicans so. Whoever did that congratulations. You do have very good -- very unethical job. But that mr. Brothers newsreader at 930 WBN after the break I want you to call him. At 8030930. And tell me if you voted will you vote. And why. This is. Michael could -- I am on a four sandy beach who was off on a vacation. It's tough decision for McCain or radio in buffalo but I'm doing my very best. Missed in the buttons here and there -- in my accused -- so far nobody's throwing me. It's still early. I wanna go over the -- statewide ballot questions but first before do I wanna bring in Abraham from Boston. Abraham did you go vote today. All -- did it did Michael do it did you. Agree that thank you. Excellent com. Yeah well and and so I pretty much cruised the Republican line their. Sheer. -- -- merger or are there were openly. And in what I'm fortunate is as -- The ability law. That here and ignore. A lot. All the media has long been considered to be in the vest pocket of the Democrat party I don't believe that as much as I used to. But let me ask you something -- -- what did you think of the Buffalo News coverage of the campaign season this year. They're extremely one. There are just thirty -- liberal side is showing in -- white with endorsements this year. I'll let see -- don't you. You know which Europe then the or endorsement bars. I'd just -- guilt about what in my opinion but. I did not care for the -- -- but I grew up -- -- you do the -- restaurant like I did -- I've told one newspaper Al Holland and unstoppable. Well I gotta tell you people maybe surprises I've. Hammered on the Buffalo News here. Are many times they're disappointed me over and over and Abraham but. I don't know I can survive without the without subscribing to the Buffalo News and in this town I mean. I subscribe to a few very much -- for the even though I got to -- because I feel like sometimes are trying to pour me one way or the other. I Abraham I'm -- disagrees on one thing I think they they did moved to left during the general. Election bid during the primary I thought they did a pretty good job did you think it was different between primary and general. It got a lot you know really lot are. The library here -- there were pretty clear they -- late at all well they're trying to gain despite its. They're in the position and they eat these state out of that essentially I think. Nobody joked the other side might. Well Abraham thank you for calling in from Boston God's country. Where the mind my father lives in the lies and a lot of time up their climb trees thanks for column in the agreement thanks line. For. Q and Margie in Hamburg voted this morning at 830 was there -- line marching. Part. Really so you don't think you don't think this is going to be a little turn -- on him. I don't think so not only did people are really concerned here that's really wonderful. Well you know and how did you go to Google -- and -- Ike I like to keep my vote practice definitely have -- -- in the -- so that you can you know your vote. It's sacred saints and you know it's you it's your private information and I I. I want to relate to that but I would like to ask you quickly to I don't understand this. There's excitement there and on the ballot for -- yeah yeah all commandments on the ballot at -- -- -- saying that proposition. Rapids Michigan State -- Aaron and then an amendment an actual change to your intent to your collective sacked. I believe. All six are amendments are now. That they are likely to stealing state with calling them proposition. While you know they. This is of these amendment proposition are referenda questions these are different ways of saying the same thing but I understand we are saying these are actual amendments. And. Right. Right right absolutely absolutely. -- they really do and an -- and Renault are I'm gonna actually. Margie I'm gonna take a moment here thank you for calling him and pointing that out thank you -- -- back you know there -- a lot of people out there to believe that document. Like the constitution should not be. Altered. It just -- a simple reasons. -- Margie. You brought -- very good point you know I think if we could talked for a second about the about the amendments. It is there and then I think perhaps what the difference between the two are -- As the president this is a proposal. Two men. And that's the the difference in the in the in the language there. But I'll go over a couple of here I've got stamp the south buffalo not gonna get him just a second. But we have one proposal number one is an amendment to authorize casino game at seven more casinos. And in in New York none of them in Western New York non -- and even -- we have all the -- -- proceed due to agreements with native Americans in our region. Proposal number two an amendment that allows additional service credits to its naval veteran that's a very. Important. Amendment. -- it allows more points for veterans who were trying to qualify for civil service. But especially to disabled veterans. A lot of disabled veterans dependent on a public employment in in this gives them. A -- -- -- so to speak over others who maybe did not to a certain military did not. Were not injured while -- in the military proposal number three. Is an amendment to exclude certain indebtedness. It really is about sewage facilities. The Conservative Party recommends I was -- the answer party because there -- looking for fiscal me. They recommended no -- proposal is they don't see these kinds of things should be in. They don't want a government vis a separate out pets from the constitutional debt limit that's what it's all about and we know how much New York State goes to hide some. I'm gonna go well over proposal number four real quick human. We'll get back to damn right after the break proposal never forced an amendment to settle. Arafat title to prop two property and a sports prisoner. Now the Conservative Party recommends a yes vote on this I believe it's because this is a long disputed. Title. That a private company has been battling for for many many years and they forced it to be. Nobody could work on -- -- -- level some other sports a proposal to reform amendment. They recommended yes it is about private property rights or use of private properties on the property. A contractual situation. And I think we have just enough time for the last two proposal number five an amendment. To exchange land to a private company. Other Conservative Party votes yes on this as well it's state forest preserve which is being put up. Four mining. Sunday and apparently it is they're gonna give the stage at least the same amount of land of at least the same value in return. With a minimum assessed by a million dollars the final one number six is increasing the retirement age of judges I. I'm I've I've right I think that there are urgent priority in their seventies are trying to increase -- for specific before one judge in particular. So the Conservative Party recommends no on this. I'm not comfortable raising the retirement age when there are a lot of -- qualified terrorists out there that looking for a chance on the bench. Just as young -- not good. So of those who have those would be the proposals and if you wanna look at them proposal -- Casinos. Conservative parties is no proposal to. Disabled veteran credits for public employment. Over three an amendment to include excluded them it's more settling title and a -- -- -- five. Land to a mining company and six. Voting for older judges. Well will be right back right after this this is Michael -- -- sandy beach on news review at 930. WPE. Air. You are hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey -- -- -- free minus 1806169. 9236. Rain and snow and in my -- great that you know. Rain and snow in the forecast yet today are partly sunny becoming -- that we till Thursday it's not going to be good one. But we're talk about elections and whether voting and if if you are why him if you're not -- I got a question for you. Do you think much of the negative campaign -- gone on after the mail you get some of the telephone calls you get. Is that something that Hoosier voters that something that you keep you at home. I'm about to get on the line here with Dan in buffalo Dan -- tell me did you gonna vote today. And the other tell -- who you voted for -- what made you go out there and vote. Well being second generation American -- -- -- there would be ignorant of me. To disrespect. This constitutional republic. And worse than the citizens over the director's secretary. It is you know there are a lot of people out there and countries around the world that are that are trying to get a democracy in. In the -- I've worked in many of them and they don't understand when I tell them one of the worst records voting -- United States they just look at. Look at me like I'm crazy he can't -- that was supposed to be there. The beacon of democracy. And yet on a very important day like today less than 27%. Of the people are gonna vote I mean are you do you call your friends and tell him about then. Well why hammer on the phone -- fewer at this point in time because I would like to pass something along that I hole. Will motivate -- -- listeners in western new York and surrounding areas. To get off their odds and actually. Make it there. Well Dan as long as it's not more written. Org or dirty you can say whatever it's argued that Florida's -- stand. Okay founding fathers of this most excellent constitutional republic called the United States of America. They're very First Act. In congress -- her First Act. Was called the northwest territory at the 1787. Now but most notable -- the most notable aspect of this -- was article six which prohibited the institution of slavery. From spreading into the new territories. And -- that right to vote to free slaves that don't proper. So from my assessment. From 1877. To 1854. Our elected officials. Ignored. There's just such an extent that we had to send our grandchildren. Took flight our civil war. So please step up to the plate and ball. Don't place and ignorant vote actually read the proposals that are in the back of the ballot. Because not even the people that are at the polling stations are saying -- don't make sure you go through the top opposition out of. Yeah you're right those propositions are important Dan Dan thank you very much for for calling and it means a lot I think. You're absolutely right there historical precedence -- historical reasons for us to go out and vote. The reasons that that may not transmit into some that you think is directly relative to your town election -- happening today. But frank in Clarence frank in -- -- you vote today and if you did. Why did you go on now looks like you're really interest in the propositions -- via the amendments. Music editor decree yeah eight and into people and -- -- the current. Later today. Michael I think that. Read it and when things I think we're election as a terrible job with our amendment to most people don't even know apparently -- -- -- the voting but. While we try hard at least get a little understanding of what's going on affordable. And I read differently than the way you express that for the disabled veterans. I relevant whether it was really a conscience thing. If the veteran. Or working in the civil service it's hurt. Why all in all not before. Good disabled. Extra point would go for their pension. Not war original employment. You know you're absolutely right now but I read through this in an you know what I'm gonna read the language that short I think what you're saying frank is very important -- -- -- completely correct here. Our frank is right additional civil service credit for veterans with disabilities certified. Post appointment after their hired the proposal the proposed amendment of the constitution -- -- -- section six of article five of the constitution. Would entitle a veteran who has received civil service credit for a civil service appointment or promotion. And subsequently is certified as disabled two additional sort of the civil service credit and a subsequent appointment promotion meeting. If you're disabled or or qualify for disability after your employed. -- -- that would add two more numbers to your qualification for promotion mets' bats you're talking Margaret frank. Intention. Right exactly. So that you could decide if it's important but. I just a lot of people I just want people voted cheese tortellini and veteran. It's really the opposition's net. Are people saying I think Patrick should be in service positions because they've. They've done their crime has done more than other people it's really retirement -- not so much concern. But however you would agree frank that if a veteran who is applied for our disability. And those for those crosses c.s are notoriously. Drawn out and long. If they -- hired into a government job with their civil service are credits for veteran being a veteran. And then they get their disability are rating. You you you agree that they should be allowed to use that -- that long awaited disability rating for promotion to auction. Well I don't know that you promotion and every minute promotion. I'm really manage retirement. Import it there it's for a civil service appointment or promotion and subsequently his service and then there's -- respective sorts. It's for his subsequent appointment or promotion according to the language but I've I don't see in of these things are all backed up by pages and pages of DT. You're probably going to see in the in the background on this that includes. Via. The retirement as well I'm maturing well frank thank you very much I appreciate your call and in my first day -- -- -- to -- him gentle with me. Thank you Kathy. You are we're talking about you wanna talk about how you're voting as a privacy issue. I -- may be a bit of what's new today but when you've got all I write a conservative like what am I voting ballots and they say. Conservative candidate great walk all the different Harry at a different color. Didn't they remain calm your name. And the department of all the other side of the woman edit OK number 26. And they're writing down the number the form they're handing. So they know that -- in -- Byrd voted on ballot number twenty. Right and then you put it in a machine that doesn't. Anybody can open their machine and all that Kevin -- -- aren't. It can't be bothered -- You don't you're right about that I'm I do believe that of the reason they're taken that note down is to prevent fraud. And I think that that's that's about going back later and proving that it was an authorized ballot. There has been some problem with fraud in the country in the doing what they can including a bit of forcing nineties. On people haven't QB cam broke out of my ID I see your concern your concern that some -- come back and say hey this is we should vote for. And I could care less what anybody who now. We -- -- I'm voting for -- as a conservative in the union member you know I have different priorities that the streets -- where that line. -- It could mean it's none of your business and let's I -- how -- Radar Kathy I'm gonna call the that's a very interesting question and a call. The board of elections after their. Their busy time is over an amateur and it's talk about the Kathy thank you very much for calling it right now. -- -- it back to Jeff and Louis and after the break or of this is news radio 930 WB and Michael -- In four sandy beach don't forget call in at 8030930. Did you vote how did you vote or why didn't you. This is news radio 930 WB Ian Michael -- here and -- sandy beach. If you got a a question for. Did you vote today. If you voted why did you vote loser candidate that drove there to vote and vote against them our number is 8030930. Or star 930 on your cell phone. Our Jeff it's my first date Jeff and -- and my first day on the air and you give the award for waiting the longest thank you for sticking around. -- How much are you tell me you voted today. I get. And I quoted I voted or. -- And supervisor great treat it as the -- that -- By the way to pay raise -- Out. A year. Boxer. -- unbelievable but. Or -- chocolate. -- in court. Other true. And who are -- so they were you. There -- races that actually work. Of course -- initial rate and an eight county but so. Well tell me no -- where what makes you go to the polls when it looks like it's that there's not a lot at stake in today's injured and over in Lewiston. As -- and take the kid and I can -- weren't turning the matter. And I can't. AME Arctic. Voter history really. Yeah. I'll let let let them maybe you should run for office that event characters on the -- only voted twice in his life. At the people tell me I should run for -- I voted so much but Mike Skelton of strokes and would come dancing out of the closet like McCain and you know. Well Jeff thank you for calling and we have on now the other line we have bill from Buffalo Bill who voted today bill how to vote. I ordered the one I'm one of them was that they'd never be trading. Yeah you know -- my immoral and there. Yeah I know I know it's -- you know tell Europeans came over to. Take a look at our 2012 election last year and they did -- report at the end. And they report all was -- if not the what it was maybe the second point in me. What they're the most amazed about the Europeans were -- were monitoring your elections that we had didn't have to provide any idea at all. And that's true of most states we have a couple dozen states. And I think just over a dozen at the look at the notes on that who actually are requiring. A an idea and it's and there's a move to do right now I think it's actually on the ballot. I'd vote for Omar that. Actually do move my orange boys from school birdied three of the church armed monster on. And it being -- and you all -- you think -- would. They took my word that I would who Iowa. Well I'm a big supporter of voter right now we have no problem on I mean you get short they get up at the -- partner ornery. -- Well let's say the Republican Party across countries is supporting voter identification efforts and all different states that argument against them is it the people that don't have IDs can't vote. Which I think is of course the point bill. Thank you very much for calling -- I really appreciated I'm gonna go over as soon -- Wanda sue you voted today you might tell us which way you voted. -- -- -- Won't have flat tire don't get a flat tire due to the polling place. So luck which -- what what's driving the polls today are you weren't you Richardson one candidate particular. Yeah -- -- advocate how many times I've called -- and -- -- him -- he's a great -- and I think he's running -- number on -- platforms that's something that attracts you. -- it very happy -- about -- right. The prisoners eat out all the situation -- -- what we hired or. Well it sounds like you know our our share power pretty well did or -- you. Did you think that the campaign was too negative ever had a what was your judgment on that campaign in particular. I'm not really for you would bolster its statements just as they say in things that I like about that I don't think got into. The the -- intelligent. Well I'll tell yeah I don't Howard and it drops in their -- very -- guys I knew -- done as I mean he's from Monday -- personally. Of their Albright guys that think they are qualified to be to be sure if it's really what -- -- for their three very different campaigns here. -- the incumbent on law and order -- campaign platform Dick Thompson is out there talking about reform and an end he's also. Taken a position against him -- stand comparison is knocked him and enforced the seat -- adoptions and that he asked who is the -- embarked on its coming in as a reformer. Saying that he knows -- -- he's been working -- for quite -- it's three very different choices don't think so. I. Are you well make -- your friends vote to make calls to make a couple of calls today you know where we got to get more people up -- -- -- religious point to find out the Libyan 30%. Well -- only the people at work it. Still important she get out there. It is -- thank you very much for calling in from -- Wanda. Here on news radio 930 WPM this is Michael completely you know this is the first time I've ever sat down. And talked for three hours without somebody telling me to shut out. That's probably because my wife isn't here today. But I've really enjoyed it I I've never thought I'd really be invited to do something like this about him -- a couple of years ago adamantly -- it was a report to the armed. I'm going to be here actually through the end of this week and next week is a sandy beach knows how to take real vacation. I gotta tell you though when Tim called me -- said he wanted to do this. I said you know when asked cancel song in our area. For years before him I married my wife. I lived on a Tug boat down in Key West. Of the boat called the mayor of bell and we broader all the way up to buffalo from Key West we're married abort my wife and I. And you might remember that boat because it brought Carl Paladino crossed the the Erie Canal. Carl didn't like -- much I remember one time I rang. The bell on the motor cars -- -- the horn and I thought duke was gonna bite my face off actually thought I saw Carlin encouraging him did it because -- does not like boats. But the mayor ballots now on route to Florida where on the putter up and user is a Condo. And it's in Washington in I was gonna taker for Washington DC all the way to Miami and now. I'm on WBE an instance so that's what I did I gave up my time see folks I've really enjoyed it I've looked forward to seeing you tomorrow here and you tomorrow. Here on WBN news radio 938. Sandy beach so this is -- who don't see you tomorrow.

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