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11-5 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 2

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this is -- brutal in for sandy beach -- Los Andes. Hopefully off on a beach somewhere enjoying his time. Army here on news radio 930. Our wanted to remind you once again about -- Marvin Hamlisch tickets that are available where it's a contest that the correct caller wins a pair of tickets to. One singular sensation one singular sensation. Attribute to Marvin Hamlisch with the buffalo philharmonic it's Saturday were ninth at 8 PM at -- hands it's a 52 dollar value. And in general contest rules apply. You can call 6449875. Are contests like 64498754. To November my tickets. To the buffalo philharmonic and Mormon with their resources of Marvin Hamlisch. I wanted to take real quickly here in north -- -- Wanda -- here can you tell us are you gonna go vote today. Yes from going to war. I think it's pretty important to war because. These that this yet that these are these elected officials -- Days -- it's pretty much effect every aspect so -- So I think it's important -- -- -- you are. Will be making good goes just. It what are dismal there's one candidate in particular attract you to the polls showed it to vote for number vote against some today in the local races. Well not our party candidate but that's -- few issues are. They got out of that outward or go to war could -- it because. You know -- -- A lot of the it would be Jews who who who Gordon you know because I think. We have come along route. -- can afford it would get that cool move over them didn't under the Arctic. You know. Want to hear how many years have you been voting. Quote while I -- start -- finger of war or. Our congratulations and thank you for choosing America. -- -- should be. And you know what are all quit I would ever debate you don't if if I got them for over a broke out they're gonna repeating it. You know if you all old and lord and you -- be a part of -- -- you have this -- you get in you know what what's going on -- Well you know we hear about a lot -- thank you very much for calling in I wanna remind folks that we're taking calls at 8030930. And I need to express our 930 on your cellphone that's free phone call. To calling here to news radio 930 WB and I Michael computer once again standing in for the legendary sandy beach with three right now. Is nick -- worthy who is the chairman of the Republican party of Erie county. Knicks are in charge of all the campaigns runs all the strategy and tactics he worked very closely with all the candidates it's like herding cats. And I he -- pretty good job Republicans at historic. Disclaimer I'm a Republican I serve on his county committee says he's kind of my boss and all things politics nick thanks for coming in what do you think what's going on today. Our thanks for having me Michael I I think it's going to be a great day. We got to get the vote out we need to turn every last voter outs in the polls today it's you know there's a lot of coverage in Buffalo News this morning this could be. A record low turn out a year just with a races being the way they are in in this in the four year cycle so. It's critically important and everyone listening here you go out in in you -- do your civic duty and follow. It is and you need among Republicans you've got your talking about taken over the county legislature which we have not heard of in so long and tell me how that's gonna work I mean Republicans are good but that's pretty good. Well we you know I I really chalk up any potential success we're gonna him tonight two great candidates in it's you know these races. Unity -- -- the general public certainly sees a lot about the imminent in the final two or three weeks of of every race. But this work starts it's a year round process and work recruiting candidates in January February. To run for these offices we have some great incumbents in the county legislature. You know people that have fought hard for the taxpayers and people -- Nixon. And jewelry go in and ran our legislative leader John Mills -- actor Kevin Hardwick used to host a program and is very networks all. You know these are these folks that have been on the side -- taxpayers are the people that stood in the way. Mark -- cars unnecessary property tax increase last year they stopped dead in his tracks. And they're gonna continue their momentum and I feel very very strongly that we can we can elect and two new -- legislators particularly today. Ted Morton in the eighth district in Bobby Anderson in the fifth. Well I'd cars out there remember our numbers 8030930. Call infinity -- questions from the chairman. Are gonna tell us why are white and you're not voting to become a little bit about this Morton campaign it's really turned into. Quite a fist fight has. Well I it's -- it shows you what's. On the line in in I believe it to them. There are some personal attacks based on Ted's background. Last week in in some revelations came not about today is opponents. Arrest record. And it's certainly just like there's always a campaign -- to the gates kind of crazy at the end and in that one. At one as Ted has been out there working ID by -- door to door. In -- and voters in Lancaster called in in in Cheektowaga he's denigrate Japanese and a I'm kind of a taxpayer advocate for years you've been part taxpayers association's be out there on the front lines. You know bringing light to reforms and in particular in -- Cheektowaga. Just four years ago he. -- Two years ago he was 400 votes removed from becoming supervisor of the town -- -- for Republicans get it close. Was in incredible feat. I'm Ted his always been out there against fraud waste and abuse in government fighting for or property taxes he'll do the same force in the county legislature I think he's going to be a big -- All of us beacon of -- Cheektowaga but we have. Barred from Cheektowaga -- -- on the commuter there. -- Our she's the OK very good well I'm out trying to rush early on your rock since -- are we were just talking about Bobby Anderson Tom -- want to talk about that a little bit. That's one bit is kind of up in the -- at something you think you -- positively about but it's a little bit on the edge. Bobby Anderson has been three times elected I was superintendent here and -- -- Amber's heat it is. You know he's one of the rare elected officials concede it is department spent less money in when he took office and years ago -- EC's. Two million dollars per year for the taxpayer moneys he's done figured out how to do more with less. He's proven government can get it done we need him in the county legislator and Bob Anderson. His is -- is another candidate that she's worked tirelessly. Since April when he launched his campaign in he's the Mac and 3000 -- That's key isn't it getting out there to meet or meeting people if you look at many and Intel why you wanna get the job on forum you know likelihood injured when the. It's true and and I always think that drew when you get a highway superintendent to run for higher office -- bit. Not shy about getting out there and -- up shoe leather and knock on the doors in my apartment it's pretty decent guy seemed like every so I was superintendent in this. In this county has some kind of rock star image -- Its interest have Bobby Anderson just a no nonsense public servant he's he's got the job done you know you think back to 2006 in the October surprise inverse is one of the hardest hit places. In the region. And Bobby Anderson's. No how and hard work and expertise. Save the taxpayers here a lot of money you didn't see the federal government coming in here trying to get a settlement. Out of economy Amherst for which they did the job right away it because Bob's leadership we need him in the county legislature. That's a tough job figured -- -- juggle a lot of balls in and it's it's good warmup for the legislature absolutely. You know we're gonna have -- -- remain in the studio taking your questions address bar please our -- -- we'll get you right after the break here this is news radio 930 WB and I'm Michael Caputo. I'm standing in for sandy beach -- off on vacation. We're taking your calls after this break at 80309. -- did -- start 930 free Karl on your cell phone. And that will be right back right now it's time to vote. We have barred from Cheektowaga who's on the line here. -- tell us you said you've been voting for fifty years and we river we have our esteemed Republican chairman in -- -- for your questions well. OK I get back and -- -- for fifty years I didn't voting Democrat. I am so ashamed to be a Democrat that I changed my party and I. We can't get rid of -- -- only believe at this same agenda over and over -- hurting our country. -- -- -- Barbara with its complaint we hear and more and more out of people who were involved in the tea party for sure. Yeah I do your bit there and -- now hopefully I won't vote for it this year powered. Because you -- I Democrat stopped and both on TV and says I called 911. It wasn't an emergency. I hit -- heart condition is he calling and I'm glad I'm not aligned and I have a pad and that it would pay 88. How did though. Yeah absolutely and I think the Republican I think we have the -- reveres the chairman of the Republican Party recount in what's gonna I'm Michael Caputo and for sandy beach. Chairman -- review what he had to do what he had to say about that that 911 call the -- I think it's a disturbing wasted tax -- resource as a means for for a candidate for county sheriff to call 911. And just like the caller said. Tie up the phone lines when someone's life could have been in danger. Because he wanted to score points with the local deputies Gibson pizza. Debt is just the most disrespectfully -- taxpayer money in in in police resources -- can imagine. And it in someone is willing to do that isn't fit to be share for this county. Tim Howard has been in law and order share he served it. All of us in Western New York is state trooper is the under share and now this year for his entire career. And we keep count grants him power to get the job done we need for an. Warriors so -- that that race there this year Prius alone is enough to get you to vote for your 51 year. Correct and I will vote for Tim Howard now I will be all of the support and it probably won't vote for it that. Republicans that when I get there I I'd -- my -- -- their honesty if there on the. I will vote for it and so I can't say who Al I will vote for a bit -- -- will get my vote because of that 911. I'll -- was that an emergency. Well barb thank you very much we're going to Charles and -- Wanda. -- on news radio 930 this ADP shall we have by chairman -- were before the Republican Party here. More gentlemen -- quick question sort of right now is just. Of admitted yeah that your mechanic justice -- but. I don't want to regret stalemate ordered. For quite some time democratic where this was that what type believe republic. Why they've been they've been able to find each candidate worthy of winning an election or why can they -- -- camp that they can win an election. -- -- -- -- -- And -- that a lot of good candidates. Look for the endorse one or another elected -- most thank you -- monsters and best of luck today your elections. Thanks so much really I think you've got some great choices to make today -- in in one of the missions of the county Republican Party since it became chairman 2010. Was to find communities they had. One party rule in Democrats control -- increase to party. -- accomplish in Lancaster we've accomplished -- Cheektowaga I think today were gonna shock a lot of the political observers Indian atomic -- one. You have agree slate of candidates IGG -- Johnny. Who's now run a very aggressive campaign for -- one town board and also Michael Asian and and rally. Their people out there trying to create balance in checks and balances for the -- -- the taxpayers. You know the problem you get when you have all one party controlling any government. Is you -- checks and balances and that's what we need in government at all levels is you don't want a town board were the work done before the meeting starts. And unfortunately it's what you have when you have everyone. From the same political family running running the operation -- GG resigning my vision and -- they -- they will bring checks and balances of the government in. And I think we've got a good shot at taking some seats there. Let's travel from -- wandered down the Ruble but -- tell us what's going on with the Hamburg racism it. Things are pretty heated -- there. Hamburg is yet a tough situation in in you can think and now I think Kevin gone for dishonest because Kevin bonds. I'm nonsense to downsize these town boards to three persons town boards. Unfortunately didn't quirk in the redistricting you hang out of literally. Every office in town government is on the -- today good so if for some reason every incumbent lost. You would have a 100% new government no continuity. And you -- to teach and they've -- on the left teach deal like the new elected officials on how to turn the computers. -- This is a mess because are counting on. Book if you look at Hamburg and you have a supervisor -- Steve Walters who's got one of the finest records of any. I'm municipal elected officials and now -- -- that town government today spends less than it did when he took office. -- how many elected officials concede. And they've cut taxes five out of seven years. Steve's done a great job he was a reformer before you know the reform movement even started hearing Erie county. Steve Walters deserves another term in office he's done the job he's done it right but the because of the three person board and some theatrics by one of the Democrats on the town council that's not seeking reelection. You've got this perception that there's a problem in town government. The airing a -- excellent. A group of people eighty Ziegler town board member seeking reelection she should be reelected because she's done a good -- for the people. Well let's go over it Amherst for a second tour via super race there with the -- Very Weinstein who's been around for many years. And a marked man who's coming in on challenged him. Fossil -- on that recently doctor Weinstein scatter of this show big for success for countywide Republican can. Our doctor Barry Weinstein his -- a reformer whose entire careers service at school board level county legislature for decade was was the main voice of opposition during. You know the -- where red green budgets. And then he decided to take you know has experienced the -- level and bring it down Amber's found out. He was served on the town board and now four years is our super. He's cut when he million from the budget in four years without a league office England. I mean it is government that you can believe it. Taxes have gone down the rate of taxation has gone on each and every year of his turn -- -- data in this era of you know rising. Costs of health insurance rising pension costs doctor Berry and his team at the job -- we need Republican government to continue and -- Doctor Barry's gonna win this race is gonna win it being he's gonna bring it to Greek council candidates Howard can't miss in Steven Sanders home. Well we're looking at. Sheer power and come from Ohio who they need a big showing in -- the need the Republicans are to come out the base I mean. It's got to be a big day it -- for everybody. I I think you know the Republicans are coming out on the town Emerson you know they they believe and actor -- they're going to continue. With him mr. supervisor people are coming out in droves double for -- today in it's going to be great for all it's going to be a rising tide lifts all ships. Do you think it's going to be below 30% of voter turnout today I unfortunately I think get that it could be a reality and the united and I'd say under 35 news is very likely and I couldn't believe the number one I read in the paper from 2009 and it was 28. But unfortunately I think we're going to have very. Very -- turn out. A few short -- -- about point four seconds. You know it's hearts it's they surgeries in just a few words what how do you think he's run his campaign they're just gonna very spirited campaign. But that's great listened will be back guy after the break with Democrat chairman -- -- Mike Wood on news radio 930 WB EN. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. RA. That's called music for such big day Election Day. Makes you didn't cargo boat people if you don't I've got nothing to say Hewitt on that nothing deceive you but I got a lot. To say with Germany's -- who's the chairman of the Erie county democratic committee. Chairman Solomon thanks a lot for our common on the sandy beach are here today how are things looking for for the Democrats today. Good morning good morning. Cannot tell you we we reduced had your your counterpart and -- review on the line he feels very hopeful. About possibly taking over the county legislature -- you have some missive. Yeah I I think we've got an excellent challengers running this year I think Mike perhaps without -- black one and has really been killing it. Obvious been talking to voters since January he's working very hard out there. We've got -- scatter out there running against at -- we've got bill Conrad who. That a teacher attend west who's really taken it looks like determine our wicked I want a Grand Island. And I just I feel excited about tonight and I feel great about the candidates we put forward this year. Well I've heard just about as much talked out of Democrats about not just controlling the legislature maybe pick up the seal community feel what you're to maintain control tonight. I do I think we we could pull -- a couple of upsets tonight. But I feel strong about winning pictures chance without Lancaster and all the and I think the Republicans came out with some baseless attacks in the last few days. To kind of changed the the narrative that district I mean we talk about these charges against. That Morton and I think they were distorted makers in the end here -- -- -- I don't think it's gonna work. Well you know I've I'm in my blog politics and one dot net I participated some that -- -- throwing. I must admit that I'll tell you one thing I will give you this I'd love Olympics and I mean she's. Knows I'm a Republican committeeman my ice Portland Dixon but this -- Michael -- is really impressed me he's. He came out of nowhere and -- he's a really nice guy is a veteran and I think Arab -- in I think wins pretty car for what do you think about which -- campaign. Mike's been are very tight campaign we've been working -- bought out for him to have a lot of mail -- we've got a lot of work you know on the ground getting used to edit together. And like the public servant you know if you -- -- you said he's a veteran. For the government for a few years here after college now he's finishing up I believe in getting a master's degree -- He's just he's just really good guy who's been working very hard and pound the pavement -- here. And he's got some thick skin -- you can take a little ribbon here and there you know were on news -- 930 WB yen. Callers make she rang at 8030930. For any questions with the Erie county Democrat chairman. Or started 930. This is Michael -- again in for sandy beach you know. Jeremy I've been actually looking pretty closely at this sheriff's race Tim Howard the incumbent was favored you have Dick -- in your party's choice. At the primary. But -- -- decided to run forward. How does that mean obviously that cuts and a Dick -- but he also cut and that Tim Howard as well. It's unclear where we're -- that cut into because. I think -- -- -- ran a campaign to the right of the Democratic Party even in the primary. So you can't really say that worked on as a as a big time democratic liberals -- so I think he will be taking a lot of bowl structure and today. And I think Dick could be successful and. I've also I I've met. Jennifer sturgeon running -- and knowing who's in her ninth term. Liberty and in the count in his when. In the third district. I I suppose -- pretty comfortable 'cause she's been there's so long but I think Jennifer front pretty spirited campaign how do you feel about that race in the third. Well I I would -- -- would a couple of additions but there's a lot of dog wasn't comfortable because she works every year. 222. Get these voters underside. When and where there's an -- here that you brought up for election you don't see -- Alex sitting at home -- knocking on -- she's talking to a constituents about the budget. She's a champion for the cultural in the arts. Linda -- very hard work. Well I am also we've seen. The countless hours -- on the hustings org or. Might suppose that ordered or would mean I'm curious to meet. On the Republican side we keep hearing the door -- important it's not the key to of the election you gotta have some pretty solid direct mail. How important is ordered or you know campaign recant -- they actually shakes hands. With the voters. At their at their doorstep how important that the Democrat base. Well it is very important I mean -- it but it's just part of the bigger package you can if you're knocking on doors in the solid meal plan to do that solid all land. You could chop chop up the victory here but. You know certainly if you're challenger you've got to get out there you've got to get out there and talk one on one of the voters and that's something that somebody like -- -- in my trapped have been able to do. Every waking hour that they are not working there talking to voters and so I think you'd like to get upset and. Well what are we gonna see in the first with. The former alleged that -- would -- and Barbara Miller Williams. Running is he endorsed Democrat and Timothy hoax now on the working families party line that's. You know that's that we she should habit of our Miller when bush in Africa she's she's won the primary -- -- pretty popular. He hit I don't think he's wearing much of a race there aren't things that -- this -- just Colombia kind of goal America both the Democrats saying I don't -- Kimberly working at it as an election. Yeah I've I've heard there are mixed mixed. Mixed written reviews that I -- was right here in the event here and there. But it's it's a -- completions first looks like the apocalypse the answers come back. Right I think certainly -- not going anywhere he's currently still legislator Tokyo January 1 so he still -- communities still out. Talking to people and an event that could be part of what don't. Sure sure. Arm I'm real interested and I mean we've seen a lot of lot of punches thrown and and the comptroller race you have chemical ones you're. Endorse candidates the -- -- Republican candidate do you think seat is going towards him. Well again it's all about turnout. I think Kevin is the most qualified for the job. Out of the two candidates I think Kevin has already proven that he's a taxpayer watchdog for years. But you know the current controllers very popular. And it's an uphill battle you know we're going to see that it's always an uphill battle in this off year to take on a -- finance. Incumbent. Countywide elected official. Which we have two of them in their today I think we've got a great shot at both of them I think we could still win both of them. But it's always an uphill battle and I think Kevin has really worked hard. -- two win this thing tonight and we'll see what happens as you sale it comes down to turnout. Well -- he's pretty spattered guys give men can't take that away from can you stick around for a couple of calls after the break we're going to break here he got some time. All right great this and that's chairman of the of the Democrat party Jeremy he's -- here. On news radio 930 WB and callers 8030930. Or start 930 -- free from your cell -- Here we are on WB yen. This is the city beach -- my name is Michael if you don't. News radio 930 BM WB and our number is 80309. Did you have any questions about politics about elections today being Election Day. Or you have a -- from that start 930 right now on the line. We have Jeremy he's owner who is the chairman. Of the Erie county democratic committee. Jeremy mr. chairman tell me about title one that we heard a bit from the Republican chairman a moment ago about -- Wanda. What's going on today Election Day and -- Wanda. Well I'd I'd I'd like to address the caller who called into the chairmen of the -- why can't we find good candidates to pick up these students. First I I would say that the that the parliament have a -- -- was controlled by the Republicans for eighty years so. One party rules suited to Republicans very well for eighty years they did have a problem that. But then when we took the child moreover. The reason they can't find candidates is because we have been very efficient how government being brought out there. I'll let players supervisor in the Carolina. You've got three stellar -- board members that are up for election today -- -- and general manager John Barden neatly with. Caught -- -- partner benefits. In order to help the -- that taxpayers likely to eat you you've got a great routine -- -- -- right now and that's the problem is it's hard to run against candidates like they got bill Swanson running for highway superintendent who. You may not be able to find a better highway superintendent here account. Well I'll tell you we were talking earlier about how Amherst is ground zero not just because of the town races but also because. Of the countywide races tell us about the man Weinstein race. You know again I we talked a little bit about the negative campaign had seen that -- doctor Weinstein has an add on attacking -- manna from being a career politician. But as far as I can tell Barry Weinstein has been an elective office -- 1982. So it's it's that -- if that's the attack ad market think he'll take it but we're awfully hard mark is is I think he's gonna win tonight. Well this is -- news radio 930 WB and don't forget to call movement were or did you vote today would you vote for who made you go out and vote. Tell us Aminu is that somebody wanted to vote for some and you wanted to stop Paulus and 8030930. Or star nine during re here with. Chairman Jerry -- owner of the Erie county Democratic Party. I'm real. I've been watching Orchard Park Jeremy in my family there and -- with the price will be here for Britain jams or restore. Vs Patrick team chorus of the -- and and Patrick team the Republican for supervisor what's going on over there from your perspective. Will help -- quite a bit we think she's not very good job as a town supervisor believe she's a lifelong resident of -- -- and that she's been a very good Steward of the taxpayer's dollar out here. I think she's poised to win another term but it's been measures that are real battle out there. Well Hamburg I have I was amazed at some of the infighting and problems and amber I came back home after thirty years away. But we have very competitive elections there today what do you see happening today and election in Hamburg. Well I think we've got a very good -- you know what we talked earlier about changing. The way things are running your community -- -- -- years people in Hamburg at the opportunity to go out and -- make a real difference today and the dysfunction that has been happening the last -- of four years of war. Walter route -- it is a great candidate running for. Town's supervisor -- I don't know he's run for office before. He -- you know taken on the challenge another person has been knocking on doors like crazy. Cheryl Carter -- that is the council candidate in Mike -- -- -- working extremely hard as a team got out there. And this is an opportunity to the town of Hamburg residents to have some real change. Well and I'm. I'm I'm I'm one of -- position today about going on vote I'm. I can't believe I listen we have caller earlier on who was telling us that he just couldn't get excited about -- because things recent pre decided. I'm we have. A caller from west Seneca. Named Adam. Adam your are you -- vote today right. But it got a little while ago. -- -- in the retarded -- did you vote Democrat Republican what side of the aisle you land. I -- do. But our political party thing like two you only do I think it's. Well -- chairman's that yemen's honorary but he got going out no west Seneca. On sorry about that will have to -- -- on again the temperature -- -- this a very busy. Ask him what -- can't vote. Totally go for your county at the ballot -- that vote for our mark on tour. -- Supreme Court. So you're looking at conservative candidates and mark on -- endorse conservative jewelry go indoors -- you tend to vote the conservative line. I I really don't -- and I got to I broke. Rebel for the first and I think is right. Do you -- all right do you see them much negative campaigning out there west -- we know I'm I'm -- a roar and Joseph Rico and Lauren -- the Democrat running against show. Are running right now to represent my area as well as you -- we receive some. Negative mail or did you get some negative campaigning going on over there. Yeah you know I think the direct mail dot -- heaven and -- what that would let direct. We're not very pleasant this year I would the mail pieces I can it and it didn't get a lot of calls. Won't work global calls you know it seems like it's been -- a -- even keel. You know election night but that's the direct mail order for a little bit. You know we're a little but -- but that's about it. Well thank you very much -- really appreciate your call you know chairman's Eleanor your back. What you think about this negative campaign it's been going on Adam out there that he didn't like you very much revenue I am a politician or political consultant I know works. What do you think about negative -- Well it was it is as I said earlier about the -- researcher at the last minute here I I can't really have. From what I seen there hasn't been many -- pointed out about what exactly happened out there. And so ashamed that something like that can -- and turn into a campaign the last you know 34 days. But but there are facts that are negative that voters need to know before they go and cast a ballot. Such as Chad Morton has been fired from his job and being made out fine thousands of dollars and suspended from his practice those kind of things need to get out there and and sometimes people want to hear it sometimes they don't. But it's important to get it out there however sometimes these and -- a personal home which. Is what I think kept with winning. But I think voters are Smart enough to look past these things. You know the Republicans would say that have Morton was never rested many official was some mean I think it got dirty on both sides after mass media and I don't. My opinion doesn't count much but I think it was kind of you know from a purely political perspective I guess it's both fair game. It is but you're right when he -- was never arrested for crime Oliver and Chad Morton was fired for battling -- hundreds of thousands of dollars I think people -- we've added what we're hearing gets people are supporting. Well listen chairman chairman's -- thank you very much for taking time out of a very busy day today. Our Election Day that was Jeremy -- who is the chairman of the Erie county democratic committee a guy who fights every day for a living because he's also. In charge of the majority in the county legislature. Jeremy is got a lot of things estate today is candidates in the legislature and things of vets are really appreciate him taken the time now to talk to us. I've got to of our caller here real quick actually have what we hold these callers until after the after the commercial break your patents Susan hold on here this is Mike -- for sandy beach. On the radio at 930 WB EN.

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