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11-5 Michael Caputo in for Sandy Beach Hour 1

Nov 5, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well good morning once again it's 909 your WB and I'm Tim Wenger and Ambac. And that was probably people turning their radios off don't do that yet because we have a better host that's that's going to. Take over for me I'm just kidding right -- that Michael. You're actually not bad -- -- when you're asking you to the site couldn't understand why you wouldn't just do yourself. Because I don't want to and I -- I don't know you know we all of our comfort zones and anyway sandy beach continues his vacation and I'm happy for him -- he didn't take a lot of vacation early on in the year. So it kind of you know messed up on him and he's got a couple of weeks off. And we all -- that David -- of the situation you don't wanna get us started on that especially with you here yeah absolutely so David's not here. And I I was here yesterday and who better than to stepped in especially on Election Day. Then Michael -- you know a lot of you know who Michael is. We certainly do hear you here remind WB and a great deal he signed with the Tivo on hard line. A you run this morning with John and Susan and -- -- and as a contributor. And I'm pretty much all things politics. I think a lot of people when they think Michael compute don't think. Politics. And there's good reason for that right I mean you ran -- YouTube and a few grand but you were certainly a top advisor for for Carl when he ran for governor. Well you know -- I'd rather people think Michael Capuano hints at a but I guess I'll just -- straight so I got to where it you know I I work with Carl Paladino stats I was the campaign manager -- in fact in the campaign. And we had a team people who were sheer burden. I was -- more into the communications. And anything else and I traveled with a -- put. 30000 miles on car together and never left the state New York with a Rus Thompson on top. And you know after being gone for thirty years it would appear. And and being from the south around gradually amber. Coming back to here after thirty years in my first job being with Carl Paladino again right in the car with him all around the -- New York I got a whole new perspective among. And I've really had a good times in yours. Now riding in the car for 30000 miles with Carl Paladino I think it's got the eyes and ears of every listener out there I mean I know Karl. I can't imagine spending 30000 miles well I mean did you get any did you talk. All the time they did in Utah -- -- Actually we always a great listener I mean and we spent a lot of time telling you -- -- stories he's got great stories in and he told me stories read -- spam you know actually. The most important thing to -- is his and you hear about all the time from politicians but it's really true and it's them it's also his most redeeming quality he has an incredible family and and they're all very close and so he's got some great stories we we we had a good time mostly we had some bad days and some great days I'll never forget watching Carl. On the dais on primary night after destroying. Rick Lazio and it took at epic levels that we didn't even expect an -- on our wildest dreams and after. That night and -- -- I said nobody thought it was possible Carly looked means like you have been listened to. -- it's pretty funny now you've worked on other campaigns you really uninteresting -- -- what are some of the other political campaigns you've been outlawed I first got involved in politics here in western new York and I went away in the army and came back -- went to UB and while I was there. Jack Kemp picked me up as a writer he was member of congress sees movement. The presidential race in 1986. I moved to Washington -- -- would you be where I was when an editor at the spectrum. And -- did you know thrice weekly newspaper at least in -- you know as -- and -- went to Washington with Jack. After Jack lost the -- reverend Republican presidential history involved in international campaigns and went -- to Central America. Spent a good better part of a year down there in Nicaragua Honduras El Salvador. And then eventually ended up working for President Bush number 41 and -- the older bush and his reelection attempt against Bill Clinton we don't know the end of that story. So I'm left after we lost to Clinton I'm moved Russia. I was there for six plus years I was working for the -- work for abortion -- his reelection in 96. And came back and 2002 and -- have been kind of just trying to avoid politics ever sense you know. Live I would think working for Boris Yeltsin and doing politics in Western Europe as a relationship there -- well yeah exactly. Well I mean it is the world I got to a great experience of working with people I was always on the -- and I wasn't the big line the the number one consultant I mean. I was kind of like my friends come with a Forrest -- of global politics and never really was in the middle the picture but at least my arm was there. And it was a nice perspective on the world and the one thing I learned when I was out there. Is there's no place better to live in buffalo New -- came home. -- you you're trying to run from politics are trying to -- to walk away from politics and then the phone rings and it's me. Saying hey how about a Election Day in -- start an Election Day in and the good news is about that phone call that Election Day is just they won the day after his day to and then you can move on and other stuff that you will. I'm what are you trying to do now what is -- you're involved with. Now well I work at right guard are due mostly corporate communications network for CEOs Obama I'm hopeful with some of them -- the people I work with them come on the show our work for. I'm the founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus a duo was writing communication worked for the founders staples. Tom Stamberg also worked for the former CEO of best buy and I I have missed my civil corporate public relations practice right worked directly with CEOs. And help them with the primary message of their company and of their popular mostly into politics involved in fighting Obama. If you buried your plugged into Western New York your friends with David we know David my best friend again I heard Malia are limits some -- on the show here I mean I think he was great. Are indeed and debt today is Election Day is Michael -- who did you vote but I have not voted on I'm gonna listen to the viewers in the make my mind up in the poll and that's where I usually vote first thing that -- -- All right well meet two I've got to do that a little bit later on today it is Election Day we've got Michael computer he's going to. Jump in the -- here coming up after 930 or so and take over. And he's gonna talk about Election Day in what it is to get you out to vote and that really has me curious -- a couple of races in my. Area and C I posted a story on our our web page earlier today Michael that. This election. Is all about local hey this is not one where we're focused obviously on the presidential race we're not focused on. Congress. It's all about local and to me that's kind of exciting you know because we get to make decisions about people. -- who effect us locally and one of the things you hear all the time on this radio station and from people behind this microphone all the time. Is that we tend to vote the same people in all the time. We do raise a data change that right. Every election days of -- change that if people tell you that you were vote doesn't count they're not your friend. Because of the most important thing that you most important responsibility uses and has is to vote I've seen -- old world. And good and we had 75% plus on a voter turnout for the presidential cycle last year. We're -- there are people saying we won't past 30% voter turnout and the local elections here in Western New York I find that to be absolute. Unacceptable. -- is really. The local our offices are where. Really it really touches you it's where the rubber meets the road it's where -- waters on her office where the bridges are open or closed is -- your kids are going to groups who were about one. And what's more important match. That's right and the you know we spent you mentioned the schools that's -- maybe he'll do a show about that. You know we mention EU -- talk about the quality of schools and when we. In the city of buffalo -- residents in the city when they have that opportunity to vote you know very few do so. It really is a right he should cherish and you should get out and do it it's it's free okay it's a great thing you can do it it's easy. And it's extremely meaningful and it's yours and in people fought for people like. David dollar via people like you who served in the armed forces so we're gonna continue to get to know. Michael compete out here on WB EN and when we come back also we wanna ask you. What will get you out to vote today what is that you heard from the sheriff's candidates today is that the race is that the one. That is prompting you to head to the polls today it's an interest -- one indeed with -- -- not giving in. In in running a minor party line can talk with Michael a little bit about that is little local race in your town you're allowed town supervisors. The town we sit in right now and Amherst to key race. In the town supervisor -- What we'll get you out to vote and if you're not going to vote why not what's keeping you home give us a call at 8030930. 8030930. And start 930. Those are the numbers I'm Tim Wenger and Michael computer -- is here. He's in for sandy -- right here on news radio 930 WB yet I'm Tim -- here for another segment or so and I'm here with Michael computer oh he's the guy that's gonna step in here and and hang out while sandy beach is a way -- Michael with a big political background as you heard that there's so much more about you -- interest for example yesterday. If you know it's always that thing the thing that everybody thinks about to yourself is probably the least interesting thing in the world about you know people find out what I do and -- that must be so cool radio on them like. You know and there's other things on talk about. For you know you're here you're dead ahead. I was surprised to find that out. Well I grew up in the south towns all my friends were you know from. From low places like biscuits -- -- and we we had a week we -- we had a great life and we were early we really enjoy the music of the grateful diving across the the last thirty plus years I've seen them over 400 times and since your reader Dorsey who died in 1995. I've seen bands related to be Grateful Dead another couple hundred times it's it is something that we did in and still to this day my best friends down in Orchard Park and Hamburg and -- roared on the Ayers -- grow up. There are guys that he's -- -- concerts you know with the rich stadium concerts with the best on the tour. How many times have you been to that are -- -- with Jerry Garcia -- in 27 -- now. But after that I -- I didn't count anymore because you know it's you go to is there some spinoffs of the of the band it's a lot of fun and you know. Are at fifty plus years -- I won't go into it in. I see a lot of guys my age that are -- still on the tour and they tend would be you know in some part of the wrong we sit in the same area and -- -- great -- -- sealed for a. It's like sports you know that their whole rocket rural areas it's a slow exports it's like the common. Language among you know guys our age it -- it's amazing to me it's true and -- the great thing about sports is you have so many venues to go to around the country and you could be visiting your sister in law. And character of you know -- vikings. Game you know there are things you can do. All around and and that's what we have -- Andrew cool look at their aunt Jemima and politics. Is going around every venue every sportsman and during it's something very similar to what -- Grateful Dead and we do he's been to every stadium every corporate. Have with you know in the United States. Right so for those out there listening I'm I'm charging you right now I'm giving you the WBN command that you must welcome Michael computer go to the microphones here you have to welcome into our studio so. I would urge you to give -- today. And please welcome into our our employee here at WB -- we're happy to have them in the says gracious enough to fill the studios for a couple of weeks and hopefully then some and it -- in today I think focusing on politics is is the right thing to do in. One thing at least I'll leave when I leave here is Indian asking is why people -- what what makes people go out to vote. Or what. Keeps people home and if you want to. Challenged Michael -- give -- call at 8030930. And -- 930 or simply wish him well and welcome him to WB Ian. What is it that that. Presses us to vote and we -- you keep trying to get people out to vote for a long time what makes some goals. Well you know I've done it not just in a statement and in many foreign countries affect more than half my races. I've. Point seven reports campaigns have been overseas. And you see that but when I lived in Russia was there from you know for seven years. In Russia the bottom of the fascist wants to kill you. The Communist wants to star view and the guy who says he's a Democrat just wants is still taxpayers' money for a little -- The differences between those three kinds of candidates are huge in the United States. We really you know. That the candidates that are running for office that he would all be in the same political party in Russia we don't have people trying to star roster callous and mostly we don't have people want us to steal our money. I think when people see so not so much normalcy United States. They debate this they tend to think well I don't need to vote that you need to vote otherwise things are gonna go wrong direction -- -- many people think we're at in the wrong direction right now. Do you find -- people vote more for someone or more against someone. I think in local elections. They tend to be for someone and I think in ads of the higher you go up the food chain to the national elections sometimes you end -- voting against someone. I think Barack Obama who has been a a real exception to that rule. In more so than any any time and in recent from history he's motivated voters that have not gone to the polls before. Because they want to see his current leadership. But more often than not are today and these local races when you're going to be are talking about your town supervisor year. You're your counsel. And and you know county officers like the comptroller -- the sheriff. I think people tend to vote for who they want to -- in office. Married into you know I only hear from you in and perhaps it it'll come up in in your show for the remainder of the morning but. I'm what you think -- some of the most interesting races I mentioned to you before me and I'm in my office that the sheriff's race really intrigues me -- got the incumbent you know Tim Howard. You've got that his challenger. The democratic side picked -- doubts and and then you've got -- Dunn who just won't give up and you know what motivates people to do this. Well it. A whole different array of him. Emotions are behind -- white people run night. I'd I'd new arbor dawn when I was young men who were both missing their Orchard Park and I know he's motivated by his own designs and he thinks he can do better to armchair. And I know Dick Dobson he's a very good man this is history a very long history in law enforcement. A lost a son. To our local law enforcement accident he's very devoted to the people in and he's a very interesting failed talks. He offers a very different kind of our candidacy to the the incumbent and you know Tim Howard. Is is favored to win armpit in the middle of all this. We've got -- done spending hundreds of thousands of dollars worth -- gonna go it's taking its toll. Are -- we're gonna let you walk us through Election Day coming up here and that thanks for being here really appreciate it Michael and he's going to be here taking your phone calls he's got some surprise guest in studio and Antonia -- music for you to. Michael -- enough that he can only guess what that is did you vote who would you vote for. And what's getting you to go to the polls or what is keeping you at home give us a call at 8030930. -- 930 here on W media -- hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN -- now 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine parity in our toll free line is 1806169236. That's a nice way to be welcome to the W -- Pam this is Michael's you know. I'm out sticks as evidence here for sandy beach and he's off on vacation a well deserved vacation. And we've got to contest. A collar contest the correct caller wins a pair of tickets. 21 singular sensation attribute to Marvin Hamlisch the buffalo from on -- philharmonic orchestra. It's Saturday November 9 at 8 PM declining hands of value of the contest of the tickets are 52 dollars. General contest rules apply. If -- the proper caller didn't call over to 6449875. That's 64498. 75. Marvin -- all those favorites here you've heard of from a chorus line. The theme from ice castles and others who have other tickets are available on BP EO dot org. We're doing this Tuesday through Thursday. So our hallway and be the correct caller and you'll be able to go to a very nice -- I'm sure the BP you know it's gonna do -- great arm arm and mrs. Greatest hits well here we are on Election Day. It's a day that anybody who works in politics looks forward to all year. And it's a day anyone who's not in politics of sport too because they stop hearing the terrible ads. Stop receiving those friendly postcards in your mailbox. And then you have the calm and quiet leading up to Thanksgiving so it's almost over. We have some very very interesting races here and Erie county Western New York. If you look at everybody's talking about the county legislature of course. The Republicans think they have a real chance at taking over the legislature which would move things in very different direction. And the county. The county executive mark on cars would face opposition at every turn rate now he's. Able to keep a hold some control since the -- the Democrats ruled the county legislature but oftentimes you don't agree. You're looking at a couple of really close races. The ones that the Republicans are counting on his in the fifth district with Tom -- opera and and the -- highway superintendent Bob Anderson as a Republican candidate running against incumbent. Are they think they can pull that off the Republicans do you also have the eighth district with when he Fisher the Democrats are running against had more. The Republican. If they pick those two up there were off to the racist -- whole different county. Courses some other races that are worth looking at the one thing I wanna bring your -- attention to people think I'm crazy. For say in this Butler would be the first time I've been -- increasing. The seventh district -- south buffalo Cheektowaga. Are we had a very interesting primary results back in September when the Democrat Patrick Burke. Squeezed up the middle he's run against over and -- Meyer and and Richard Sydell. Came up the middle and and one the Democrat line. -- your mired in dropped out -- Richards I -- decided to stay in he had the conservative line in the working families. Party line which is quite something akin to having their. The Communist endorsement and -- Republican endorsement I have no idea how that happened. -- -- you have -- -- who's the Republican candidate. I would take a look at that race even though it's almost mathematically impossible for Republican to win. And that heavily democratic district in the seventh with Patrick Burke and Richard -- to Karzai -- splitting the Democrat vote. You've got to -- there may be coming right up the middle you saw him go on the radio. Are people didn't expect that he's the put some significant. Postcards and the mail. -- keep an -- analyze Ferrer and that's about it it's a longshot but I return to prime one launch. Palm we've got some callers are on the are here weight and the BC here that it gets a partisan. Are welcome not to interrupt somebody during the -- were buried with the new guard picked the wrong phone lines so. The one thing every look at that right now also is this proposal number one and amendments authorize casino gaming. In New York I happened to have a bit of experience have worked on and on casino gaming referendum and other states. I've worked in favor of casino gaming. And I've worked against casino gaming in the same state in different years that's the outcome as a utility infield in or do we know. I've worked for some some of those were all kind of corporate clients racing industry etc. I've seen both the arguments for the arguments against. Here in. New York State you have to listen to the reasoning that we've already got gaming. All of of the downsides of social problems the issues that you get to vote with gambling addiction. -- those things are already. Here so I guess when it comes down to a even though the Conservative Party says they recommended no vote on proposal number one. I don't see how you can afford it it only creates a few thousand jobs is not a huge boon to the economy really doesn't have much. At all for upstate for Western Europe in particular is we're not allowed in these casinos. We already have the native American casinos which -- according to an agreement drawn up in Albany years ago world. We don't get to have anymore casinos. But there are you know we're hopefully will be able to epic a privacy despite past. One thing that we noted -- last week is that Las Vegas casinos Cayman. Pretty big at the last minute have to have put -- article were -- 100000 dollars came from seizures. Casino mountain Las Vegas to shore up the advertising at the end. I guess they thought it was a little closer we might see this woman within a couple of points but but we'll probably -- this -- past. Promise in addition to that we're looking at some very interesting races in the superintendent's. I've been here a lot about -- With mark -- -- the Democrat here's ads on the station news in the you have doctor Barry Weinstein the long serving Republican. That we can't forget that -- as the engine of economic growth in Erie county's. Most of the new jobs that are created merrier -- -- -- Our doctor Weinstein is that a group -- a pretty good job most people think. But mark and it's coming in -- with the vote you know thrown both fists and it looks like it's going to be a close race -- it for nothing else. Mark and his -- a Smart campaign. He's done since the very Smart advertising. And that we should watch that that would mean not and a provision of the incumbent theory doctor Barry Weinstein is under probably the most difficult threatens. His office than he's ever seen certainly in recent years. So in addition to that we have. In Orchard Park Janice Colin Russo vs Patrick team I have to admit that I'm -- Patrick team fan. Bush and this is kind of a rematch Janice quote -- Beat Patrick last time around or four years ago four Orchard Park -- restaurant. Patrick team had a tough time -- called in oak lawn back he -- face some opposition in the Republican primary. It was able to. And it kind of -- navigate those it was choppy waters. Orchard Park is typically Republican stronghold I think people see Patrick Seaman doing well today in pulling this off. But Janice choruses incumbent in has terrific name ID. That was going to be close as well. Well are here we are coming up on. 45 to. Or fifteen minutes to here we are on news radio 930 WB and -- up that it was 30930. That's 8030930. Or star 930 on your cell -- A beautiful day today and there's absolutely no excuse. In the world for you not to vote. Today we expect all in less than 30% of those of western New Yorkers were registered to vote actually come out. And cast their ballot. Which is absolutely abominable there is uninteresting story in the Buffalo News on that today. You know we we talked about it earlier. Why don't we know why are you going out to vote or why won't you want to who is someone that's running for office. Making you want to go out to vote disease some when you vote for someone you wanna vote against why do you are are are you going to vote and why -- why not you'd do that. Eight and have been working in elections for a long time and I've seen them all over the world. I've seen people. Just. Risking their lives to but I remember in the late eighties I -- I was working in El Salvador. For political party that was running national. Congressional elections parliamentary elections. And we were at the a polling place up in the mountains outside of you know an hour and a half two hours outside of San Salvador. And I remember as the polls closed in the day and the night kind of dropped down around us have some varies bad men came out of the jungle they were standing around the polling place holding machetes and and rifles. And there was a crowd of women and young you know twenty somethings. Who were Gardner had been walking to -- village for Iowa over an hour showed up. And the man walked in front of them tried to stop them to vote these women and young people who pushed their way through this crowd of thugs. -- voted. And and as they walked away they look behind them wondering if these guys are going to follow them and retribution. After those polls closed that night I remember I getting into the the United Nations. -- watching him in the election observers and and we were going through a battle that was going on both sides of all the way down that mountain. The couple hours back in the -- how little we arrived. To report the results of the election in -- in the areas I was really impressed by what people went through. To try to do whatever they could devote. And I'm wondering. If a truck. You know blew a tire in front of you did that stop you from voting. What's gonna stop you from voting today are you just tired or feel like in getting off catcher too busy with work. Well none of those things are really acceptable when you think about the people that I described human El Salvador -- willing to risk their lives. Just to be able to cast the ballot. We'd love to. From -- talk to us about whether or not you're gonna vote today and there are a lot of great races are coming up today. Are we listen to this ad on the radio room while mark on -- Democrat and conservative. Who's running against Paul were tested for State Supreme Court Republicans and independents line. It's an interesting race I think I use a lot of people of rattle on about it is it the one thing that happened last couple gazes. You know Carl Paladino decided to and go and endorsed the Democrat candidate. A mark on tour for State Supreme Court in -- radio and we hear that here in another radio stations across the area. And that really shook up the Republican signed him to watch their standard -- from 2010. Jumped one party lines and endorse somebody. But that's it's also a part of a little bit of disagreement that's going on between. Kind of -- county in Niagara county Republicans are some disagreements going on. Well Paul what has accuse someone that the Republican Party here and -- is behind a 110%. To see Karl actually jump ship and toward a mark on tour who is a very experienced a generous in public has to agree border. The that we all have two very certain guys to have to vote for today. And mark one tore apart were tested reporter aboard watching Carl jump ship was really and I think it it could really shift the election. In favor more points were recruits in -- voice. Army look at in the in the poll numbers. Even today in 2013 three years after -- race for governor. A -- in Republicans will come out in droves. Two vote where he wants the would have. Are coming up here crises that Republican chairman. And -- where these and I he's gonna come in after the 10 o'clock hour. And I've talked to you about why you he thinks it's important to vote Jerusalem -- over with the Republicans expect him at 1030. We're going to have by Jeremy zone or the chairman of the Republican Party. I'm sorry chairman of the Democratic Party. There are calling in here partners about. Of white people should vote. And -- importance of coming out on this Election Day it's a beautiful day. There's no reason not to vote. I'd like to I think at this point final from Jason. In cherry creek Jason your calling to talk tells about voter apathy. Obviously there's no reason not about equality and that would alert the public glimmering like Europe -- cocaine. It has brought America -- -- that. Seventy years. As being up in about what they think that -- to edit one party that you know become apathetic NL. So they're what they're gonna stay in Islamabad in -- but -- -- Britain you know life in their own position and pockets. And I think that it apathy because of that I think you get like if you look at how steadily from the fact he looked up outpatient and -- -- -- -- you know you get guys like. You know allowed -- thought so either it's somebody who comes out you know a lot for all cool thing about different and that let's get people excited. But you know this is like its feet 11% you know 20% 30% of people voting. And that it is that -- because that get up off the bat because during these minor election. You know you get a lot of the elderly seniors that have been people don't have a lot of things going on during the day you know that I that the highlight -- their -- where a guy like me it felt that despite. I'm not gonna take that I'm excited to go and vote you know I think in this. It's it is practically let but it might you might let it. I've always voted third party right -- because of the site I thought I got -- at the ticket shower after I was done well. A lot tell you it none of these candidates we were talking about today in on the supervisors. The of the of the countywide none of these folks give you are pause and make you wanna go out and vote. Not -- -- -- guy who that you have a run for -- -- that now that I'm gonna import only constitutional law -- I thought the bureaucratic red eight up on constitutional law. -- can get that out they're both you know you get your guy got incurred in the -- the who brought -- -- against the grain and stand up for the people and better get there when you got it baby get them now -- electric smile. You know you get it differently at all. And that's what's gonna happen on the court and you look at the follow the home. Get it because drops and backed up the I. I I -- I think up looked like it you hired a better or -- which of the modern day lawyer you're able to take your neighbor's property that you're the better speaker. You know I actually think get back up now I looked it looked up front and -- then. -- aren't so -- our catalyst that can that affect them directly. Yes they've heard this kind of actually get worse I mean and he's a guy who got to -- -- -- woman who's gonna come up early and be. You know and I think that actually had been at the public I -- that you're gonna be little. Political and on the outskirts municipalities. Are you get them the guys with the marquee and hey you know what it by. Property -- -- there over the Long Beach property tax and same thing if you pay your guys and that you know had to deal with all the workers have been all. The New York State bureaucratic things that echoed through. And all that can be done with a little bit outside on the execution of legal effort -- Very few people even bothered to read it in a lot of people. Take our belief that the -- something they have every right. That's Jason in cherry creek Jason thanks for pollen and I'd I'd encourage you to try and -- pastors here your apathy and can get past some of that. Have a negative feelings I get it I feel that I understand exactly talk about that. I think you really should trying to down vote even if you vote for third party candidates. It's a Smart thing to do. Nothing can change in that you get down vote to talk a little bit more within Europe north I don't want after the break we're also gonna have. -- worthy chairman Republican Party. Thank you for listening to news radio WV yen. That is 803930. For your call next segment here 3930 or start -- there.

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