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Erie County Sheriff Independent Candidate

Nov 5, 2013|

Bert Dunn

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- done is running on the law and order party line fort Erie county sheriff he is with us this morning on the WB and guidelines for good morning. A long campaign ends tonight for Erie county sheriff you're finishing with a very heavy media campaign despite being called an underdog. Think there might be an -- Well I like the paper could be. -- what is sure as -- New York since. Your city taxes. Certainly not -- lot and I particularly like advocates. There's too many sub sections that are expected. So there's you know 37 page features dozens subsection of the law. To tie all those laws in the one bill I think is crazy as. You know when you look at each individual -- some are okay but there are some that are very very questionable. On our rights and be it certainly. Given the government. A kind of authority over Oregon writes there's really not a good idea but. The other hand. I'm a police officer who police rosters don't legislate it and this year is running for office to run this year sponsors. Not to create bills so. You know we. We're we're looking at initiative frankly it's probably. Best suited for races protection act the law that the senator assemblyman. The governor. -- -- Police officers don't make those calls when they're out of there out in the field. Well has been a major issue in the campaign the same effect do you think your position on it. Has helped or hurt you. Well I think if people are rational only think about the reality of what we got to do in our job as police officer. In the that I am a professional police officers when they do for living. And I'm very close to it come up -- supervisor so now they're doing the job. My take is to take the aptitude and yet. Kept you. You know whether we agree it will Largo -- -- audits are openly and frankly there's there's plenty of -- -- because like. I think there's laws that are relevant there's some that are you don't belong there are some that may be questionable on the constitutionality. But that's not for me to decide in the I don't want to decide that that's why -- per share -- not 1% under I'm not running for assemblyman and I'm not voting for judgeships -- You know those those types of decisions and are really better suit those positions to the one that actually make those those calls. That's what we have separation of power to our government. But -- done the deputy done what are you interest in changing of the department if you are elected. -- lieutenant so I am glad I moved up the ranks from Japanese but I went to change. A lot of things. You know the -- sheriff's office isn't nearly 200 year old and -- organization. And you know when you're about all the organizational Lotta times. You know he gets stuck in doing many things a certain way in our current administration's gonna place for sixteen years. And you know you get kind of a group think at the top at times. And you know -- you resist change in your -- to resist immigration unless it's forced upon. So like the change -- the way we kind of do business as far -- side internally. Where we are getting good input from the people who actually work or do the job. And it a lot of times little changes that don't cost any money but it just approved -- But on the big picture you know we have to really look at that we we operators are how we deploy our personnel. It's time that we get out. And what missions were trying to accomplish. If we're truly serious about doing certain jobs in the sheriff's office we have to step them properly. Within the agency instead of going off. -- the things that have maybe a little less parity but are given you know a little bit more attention today. -- what message do you wanna leave voters with. Well you know we've we've got this history here in all. People. Beat the don't want to get involved in politics and for good reason I never wanted to get the politics. But you know I work insurer stops the only way you can never be the boss. Is to run for office. That's the system that it created but you know that's what you have to work but so. You know it takes a lot to put yourself all air we get a lot of criticism you got a lot of people who don't like you remember every in every match. But you know your your strong convictions there are gonna play you wanna change in India step up and put yourself alternate I've done. And I'm not. And a lot of people think that you know you gotta vote Democrat -- Republican -- to whatever bowl party line but. This is beyond politics that is don't want force that professional only when you get back. No other police executives get picked by election this one does. So like I really hope that people would look at the credentials in the -- individually involved for the person not just party. When we go to calls we don't actually your party affiliation has always get -- what what we do for. General so it really typically a major role in my dignity. Our job to police officer. That politics generally does in the fact that but -- election and the dots. Are hurt by people that think the arm that. Sir thank you for joining us good luck today. Thank you appreciate the time that's lieutenant Robert Dunn is running on the law and order party line in the three way race for Erie county sheriff.