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Erie County Sheriff Democratic Challenger

Nov 5, 2013|

Dick Dobson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the line line is Richard Dobson the Democrat trying to -- Erie county sheriff Tim Howard good morning mr. Dobson how are you. You this morning we're not doing too badly -- why should voters choose you today mr. Dobson over the sheriff -- done. Well chart mr. -- goes I think I have placed years of experience on the job that he had to abort or six different chirps. And -- are as the incumbent sheriff mr. Howard. I think his record pretty much speaks for itself I believe it's time for a change. We got some great ideas that like to implement it takes office. And the truly truly care about the sheriff's department and the people in this community that we represent. Dick you have not had the money that your opponents have had in this campaign how much of a challenge has that been for you. I was -- an uphill struggle all the way. I have never been involved in politics before. I got to do this at the urging -- many of my friends of people in the sheriff's department and -- detectives the stars are aligned. And it -- -- where do it will prevail. And so far -- overcome to the history of hurdles today and facing their third hurdle. The election that raising money has been very difficult thing for me. Especially being a police officer of resumption don't go up next from money. -- -- -- You say you have some great ideas if you are elected today what -- but the first thing you do when you take office. The first thing I'm going to do is restore. Eloquent and I don't. Command structure and in that department one that will allow the true law enforcement -- nationals to deputies that men and women. -- on patrol in the holy stunner in the correctional facility. To come out through the ranks this will improve the morale in the department and to more efficient it will do a better chat. I want to cut down on it overtime -- -- out these deputies and it. It's making them making their job very difficult hole like difficult. And I have another -- few other ideas and I want to implement -- get into that once -- options. Stick in these safe sex has been a central issue in this campaign. As your position on -- safe act helped or hurt you. Well I don't know either way I smoked since a lot of people the people who think the states sick is unconstitutional. Are very very adamant in their spots. And out of the people the other people that are spoken to especially -- in the inner cities were gun violence is used prevalent. They want to see something done about it. Whether I agree with that shape but they're not quite honestly is immaterial to us about political being the only thing that matters is -- -- I word. Again it's an old that I would uphold law. And want to make it -- short stick with that. Mr. Dobson -- the -- -- you this morning thank you for taking time to be with us. Thank you very much we attacked and get out and vote okay. OK we will thank you sir that's Richard Dobson is a Democrat trying to unseat Erie county sheriff Tim --