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Election Day Analysis

Nov 5, 2013|

Michael Caputo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB a live line now unwelcome political strategist Michael Caputo. Michael ran Carl Paladino campaign for governor a couple of years ago he'll fill -- for sandy beach. Because in this morning at nine here on WB AM Michael welcome. Well Michael lots going on at the polls today we look at things a little differently than a guy like you. With -- all this said which races or races in particular do you have your mind when you watching. Walker the late in the public should go to eat. A hamburger. Meat from hooking up an outlook to a political professional kind of disheartening actually a little more I think we're just to. So I -- As you say what's hanging from what it would -- hanging from your cooked this morning Michael. Well I'm looking at. The county legislature. It's up for grabs and and I think you look -- a bit when he district had more race in the seat districts. You know you look at Bob -- of Republican race -- -- -- -- a bit -- there's there's a lot of control. Bit up for grabs this year and it's an even got people broke just casual -- -- capitalism can brawl. You know this Morton race that you just mentioned I mean here's a race so where you have two candidates. And both are surrounded by a little but the controversy. They are I mean. Mr. Morton has some professional difficulties. In recent years com and when he Fisher had police knock on the door. 37 times in recent years and the voters of an apple in the boat and can decide which one of those of folks deserve a difficult choice. But they're both they're both have a record in the community in the both. -- -- appeared to their offering and are distinctly different candidates or political -- that. One of the -- As one or more high profile races as a three way race for Erie county sheriff how you see -- playing out. Well I've I've been critical in the past the bird on staying in the race but sour grapes gambit -- -- out there. Really spending more than anyone on television. And now they're campaigning argument -- it would be in the democratic primary by Dick Dobson thought it. Challenged -- that he doesn't have the money that is the incumbent Tim -- has and also he's being. In these you know -- -- -- run up the bill with more than vocal. So it's pretty interesting you'll see the power of the media here mean I would it would have expected on. To contradict and third in America under our -- retreat like there's. But he's spent enough money winner in a week in week Nagin and we don't report watch. OK I think you meant to say that Tim Howard you said Tim Higgins there. I hit I did you don't do that all the time that the got all the brunt. I'm living in the past. Yeah listen. You know the race for controller was about a bitter bitter contest. And we are what are what -- -- can you call this race. Well I think it might hand down I think it in a Kevin Garnett had problems axes. And Republicans have -- apparently a -- you know not being able to pay your federal taxes and doesn't this all right across the way that. On handled the corporate wind the Buffalo News -- admitting to -- -- -- -- You know it really he stumbled over that not a surrogate currently running brought that he's running at all. That is -- controller. A billion plus budget and and the Republican victory. I got that message to take in the I would meanwhile has been running on the high road. Pakistan in -- of the kind of high level much as it is but he's he's good at doing a couple of them. Michaels has that kind of stuff. He'll be talking about this morning at nine. And it has -- you know I I'm -- -- occupied and honored to be it was Indian and you're kind of you know we've spamming and for the other. Bill of the wizard Rios is kind of daunting task you know is his listeners. Are very loyal for a reason they like his style of greater going to be easier I can -- that. I think we're looking forward you do with a good job Michael we'll see what you gonna. Here -- OK we'll see you later and so political strategist Michael Capuano.

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