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Erie County Sheriff Candidate

Nov 5, 2013|

Incumbent Tim Howard

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB and life line this morning is sheriff Tim Howard sheriff good morning. Record. -- -- for the time have you voted yet sheriff. What Specter of -- going down from a practical life. Tell us what you make of the fact that this has been a three way race. Here in November for this job. I mean I -- -- let -- -- quick look at things like captain before. Is the difference in two candidates and any harder than than. Increasing precinct just want some very big except here are two people saying those things it's just cold water. Much of the of this campaign do you think has centered on the fact that. You have -- you won't enforce the safe -- -- they're expecting there to jail with a -- -- obviously their two biggest issues but I'm glad that there is that -- that's what's discussion as there is opposite -- there was interest Taiwan. Or more people realize that there was more opposite effect what anyone knew about. It went much further than anyone thought initially. And then secondly they came to realize that this is about the constitution allowed just vote goes. Sheriff how much of a distraction. There's an election like this when you're trying to do your job every day. Well he's sort of very well mean it's hard to run for office while you're running and does so well. And certainly equipment is presidential into effect just of the focusing on any of this sort of running for the offices all. What message do you wanna leave voters with. Well actually mobile where I mean do your own thinking -- don't -- Other people make good decisions for you and that -- well informed Dubya but voters but it is certainly get a -- it's so actually curatorial whose -- Sheriff reveal when the selection today and according to some of the polls you're likely to win. How difficult is going to be the -- burnt down at the office. Well I certainly looking fortunate Taiwan can have him declared that -- is that he's been talking. So you know this place for a permit me. No -- there's a social overtime. On the and a lot of noise in polish their history yet these ideas is that little curvature problem. Whatever that we used to facing people that -- there. Both good people and people that. If your answer that question something we can do. Sheriff we're glad you could join us thank you. -- Erie county sheriff Tim Howard.