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Election Day Insight

Nov 5, 2013|

Carl Calabrese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Political strategist Karl calabrese is on the WBA -- -- Karl will be part of our wall to wall election coverage tonight on WB Ian beginning united. -- glad you could join us. I think the time what race do you really have your Ryan today. Well I'm looking at the the county legislature overall there there are a number of seats that my friends on the the Democrats side of the aisle think they can pick up Republicans and their numbers -- my Republican friends think I can pick up from Democrats. Course the body -- controlled by Democrats 65. And the bruises which of the Republicans to pick that that body up and control it. That has all kinds of ramifications for battle in Howard county is governed what the how these stages set for the next county executive was. Which -- do you think the Republicans could possibly pick up. And possibly take control. They're looking right now at district five which is -- stated in district -- -- interesting because it's the only county legislative seats in Erie county it's fully contained. Within one town it's across is no -- you have an incumbent they're -- Margaret. Who's running on the Democrat conservative -- working families lines and he's killed by about the Anderson who's the the -- town I was super attitude on the Republican and independent flying the last -- -- and just barely won maybe 300 votes. And end Anderson it is a very popular incumbent superintendent of highways and I can tell you from my experience in town government. It's a highway superintendent. Those whose job right in terms of constituent service responding to constituent needs. They build up of very large and loyal following of voters so that one is I think of them very close race right now. Democrats enjoy a bit of an advantage enrollment about 4000 more. Democrats the Republicans but no Republicans are very confident about their seats in the opposite the -- -- -- district eight which is in Cheektowaga and Lancaster and all the they're running a felony Ken Morton. He's on the Republican conservative and independent lines and BC he almost got elected supervisor two years ago he -- within about 300 votes. And I heavily democratic town. But being elected supervisor. He's on the Republican conservative and independent -- he's facing a Democrat namely Fisher. But. In the democratic primary loser of that opponent Wesley Moore. Has stayed in the race on the working there was slightly you've got the split Democratic Party. With one of their candidates from the primary stain on the general election ballot so Republicans are very. Very confident they can pick it up. Are there in town supervisor racist today that -- interest as well. Yes there's three of them actually. Everest obviously Amherst is a very very large town and and beaten you know it's the economic engine in Erie county I think in the last. Fifteen years or so seven out of ten jobs created in Erie county have been created and -- so. The supervisor supervisor race there between very Weinstein and -- -- has lots of implications for Erie county in total. And also Orchard Park has a real operates in sort of Hamburg so those are -- three supervisor races I would take a look at. Carl -- some predictions for sheriff and controller. I think stuff on my high who's in good shape stuff on -- Lucent a huge message. Political message last year when he was able to win countywide in the presidential year. When the Democrats get their highest per turnout of voters in a four year cycle. That doesn't exist issues that are very. Few races in the city of buffalo that would produce. Large democratic turnout driving up from hi -- by virtue of the fact that he was able win in your county were -- 130000. Voters. One and a presidential year and he should do well tonight in non presidential year. As the other race would share I think Tim Howard in good shape I think. The positioning. -- on the and you're on the -- he stayed on the bill which. It's totally helped -- and other ways it doesn't it helped him because it did it probably split some democratic vote off but in. -- -- Delivered pretty much a law and order message and that's probably -- -- Republican voters but I I think in the in the final analysis what's gonna help -- -- more than anything. Is his opposition to the safe -- that will get him democratic votes union votes blue collar vote. -- Second Amendment votes in the Democratic Party that he otherwise might not get so I think he'll he'll -- tonight I think from the violence. Okay Carol we're looking forward to hearing you tonight with Dave -- thanks thank you. That's Carlo calabrese political strategists.

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