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Erie County GOP Election Commissioner

Nov 5, 2013|

Ralph Mohr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll put up the WBM live line and welcome Erie county Republican election commissioner Ralph Morales good morning. It's on non presidential election year of presidential election years are really draw the voters. What are you hoping for today and -- Ralph. Well we're looking forward turnout county whereabouts in the 30% range. However certain areas he touched -- the local racers are currently contessa tree there come forward to the super race or race. While you can feature about those municipalities go up as high as 67 -- out. Ralph how any registered Republicans are there in Erie county registered Democrats or independents to now. Whether 500. Meter 580000. Registered voters. Of all so the issue in theory -- money. Public -- -- the second highest enrollment Democrats outnumber them by about a 100000. There is. In general elections there and so people from all parties that out well that's what we expect in those. Today. Ralph we have a six day -- propositions to decide on including proposition one that casino gaming proposition. Does everyone who goes into a holding -- vote on his propositions. Or do sound of them vote for the candidates and relieve this problem visuals alone. Well we have two decided balances here. And there are in the face of the ballot. Is indicated -- asks them so orange colors that it's a two sided ballot bowl oh side. What we've had just cited ballots in the parents we found that the percentage of people that both -- sides the -- of both and proposition actually higher. But when we hear Adam Weber achieved swear words of -- candidates bank. Many instances people walked into the voting Booth both of the candidates have occurred at all for the proposition that -- of voting. And we found that the percentage is much higher as you know these two -- -- people who spend their retirement over the ballot. And we have the ability now with these paper belts to read the propositions thorough. And nice weather day today who left bring out more. Republicans Democrats or independents. In fact it's hard to say hopefully voter turnout will increase because of the night whether I'll party. Certainly the we have 380 owned locations across Erie county. Many of -- -- in neighborhoods where you're able to block it was a nice day hopefully some people take advantage of the ability. To -- to their own slates cancer -- Rob good to have you with us this morning we appreciate that thank you thank you time. Thank you Erie county's Republican election commissioner Ralph more.