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Tracking Local Races and National Ones, Too

Nov 5, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal with us this morning on the WB in lines lines senior political reporter with the senate Republican to liberty Dave happy Election Day. We know you're in Washington but you're from here eighty what are you watching in Western New York with any interest. -- going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To have and -- 34 years and only twelve -- say that that's actually about that activity and sit in the sense that the army and then that's -- you can get an. A lot of the same. Through many many many. If that meant that the clock and supplement only and. Used to they're good at and that that we we've been trying to do here I didn't love -- and well a little bit. While Donnelley on New York State thruway were an engine the Big Apple them great mayor's race in New York you've got to be watching that too. Absolutely and that's what -- group historic win. The -- Didn't it's unbelievable but do you go -- only what do you know with that -- and see Anthony who. Which. Long. With the look and all that you will move by. That point when I went and -- -- into an absolutely okay. Is that really take his air. That's so. -- -- I flew out for the little tight at the senate senate is going to be -- the political watching the next daily news as we -- And Clinton sentiment again the completely drain your bank. And again that sent the long run. This and we have to do that now. Dana's New Jersey governor going to be much of the contest today. And then that it I think we can do is going to know what it really doesn't seem to happen. And what -- -- And recruit to duplicate it took about 26 and -- could -- the that the less pretty much an. Republican. -- inquiry into the central avenue. You have to do likewise great and they took all they've Democrat. -- And I think sixteen president -- candidate nominated. And then Obama the democratic that it got only continue that Joseph Biden and -- well. You've got all of and then ran into. And what the governor and lieutenant governor Bobby are you know. Here you wouldn't do that -- In the senate the. The public and because of that at this point but both sides that's really an up populates that you away at the national level. Quite sixty you know we or yesterday that there have been millions upon millions of dollars of outside money and it's been. And that's great because it is such. Local districts state level as well at -- excited natural born here. David what kind of magic -- as Governor Christie have among voters in New Jersey he's been fighting organized labor. And yet he's been picking up organized labor endorsements. Lawyer politician in this stalemate in the sense that. Surely is playing lots of red meat for the Republican base but. The book and I need almost as an anti Tea Party. Approach to the way that he's governing itself. You can think acts occurred since anyone who has locked up until I was so what brought Obama something that a lot of people -- something that drove a lot of people not. You don't necessarily know what you're going to get with them all the time and yet somebody who's been able to generate a lot of popularity by doing things that. Aren't necessarily. In order and align with -- doctor and or conservative ideology doctor and yet I is part all Republica I didn't. Number nobody gave -- you know aggressive. I'll Republican National Convention important well he's been able to -- a political labels and about the play a lot of times tonight as a result at least in their currency. He's very popular in polls say at the national level indicate that he's pretty popular there -- whether that remains remains to be saying but at least the first part. Is gonna be well -- Jersey and -- -- the national as well. Staples to the campus at the end of the day thanks. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.