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11-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Nov 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And at all. It is. Way beyond news radio 93 AW BE. I enjoy the time change. At this isn't so bad the one that we'll get you is the one that happens India in the spring yeah. All right so anyway I hope -- your day went well hope you got up okay and the hope life is good for. So up my wife is is not so good right now and it has nothing to do with with me moss. It has everything to do whip. A dear friend and somebody to whom I looked up -- the height jokes. To somebody to -- look. David LB. David Sylvia had just started doing. 8:10 PM until 1 AM radio show right here on WB EN. Now the truth be told. David had that talent some people think that I wave a magic on that and my influences so great here that I can make anything happen. That of course you're absolutely correct but. But anyway. IE. -- -- -- our program director operations manager he also saw great potential in David del via. Our general manager Gregory saw great potential in David -- via our regional manager. I'm simply go to call him mr. Doyle. He saw great potential in David Bell will be. You know I always say if you wanna show a veteran how much we appreciate them hire him. So we hired. Now granted we took Jim Bohannon also a -- off the year but the show is more and it wasn't timely and it wasn't topical. And you don't nights when breaking news was happening he was talking about for them monks business practices. And as much as I like him as a human being Jim Bohannon. I just think he's out of touch and his show just sucks. I mean I'm sorry but put me on that show on the network and I'll -- yes but anyway. I'm happy here don't get me wrong but you know. Ever so anyway. David Bellamy had just started his program here. And in just a few seconds I'm gonna tell you why there is no more David Bellamy issue. And if you haven't heard this story yet it's probably gonna make you -- -- this on the back in my mind all for -- So why does explain -- what's going I would David Bellamy. -- -- the -- via official statement. And here it is David Olivia. Is announcing his necessity to end his show with WB yen. David's full time employer. After first agreeing to allow him to do -- show full time at a change of hearts. And he will no longer be allowed on the here as a regular or fill in host. David -- develop a great following in buffalo Western New York among WB -- listeners and will be greatly missed on the here. I could out of said it any better but let's read between the lines here. And anybody could figure this out David Sylvia is being muzzled. David Bell -- is a victim. A victim of the leapt. This has politics written all over. Because if you are an employer. And you say okay. -- -- radio show. And then you come back and say. Well guess what you don't get to keep your radio show. That. Spit it absolutely positively reeks of politics. You know up. I don't even think David knows that -- donors. But if you are an employer. And you have -- position for a talented intelligent war hero that will pay good money like six figure range. Would you please contact David elevator. Or send me an email I'll get it to David Bell -- Because. What he is and this is my opinion this is not David speaking it's mis speaking I don't wanna get David and. I sure as hell would wanna work for these people that I haven't named the company wants. At all during. Today's show or any other -- -- that's not the point. The point is. Bet a great man. And a friend of mine. Is basically being silenced. Because of his political viewpoints my opinion. It's pretty -- David del -- is somebody you know what. Those of you who remember. I didn't always like David -- I thought that he was kind of an overblown guy try to take advantage of having served in Iraq. That's what I originally thought of that. At all I've told a man. What I listened to him on the year. I was very impressed. And I took him under my wing. And usually if I take somebody under my wing I get burned. -- But David. And I met. And I've got to tell -- -- than I regard him almost as a brother. Worse given my age he could be my sons are in stability yet but I regard him as almost family. I love the man and I'm not ashamed or afraid to admit it. David Bell -- as one of the finest. Human beings I've ever met in my life. David Sylvia is. -- means it's gonna sound like you know where were having sex with -- each other and not yet. I'm working but I haven't been able to break it down. -- but that they've chose Joseph Peters and at the I love David as a man I loved him as a friend and I'm honored to know him. And you would be to if you -- I think he's made some bad decisions along the way that were made by others for him politically. But. We all do. But. What is happening to him right now. Could happen anyone of -- I told earlier. That. There's a time when David Bell -- was getting a kid glove treatment from the left. Here in buffalo. And -- -- and that the -- first priority in buffalo is to get me fired. And then once I was gone they go after sandy beach. And on what sandy beach was gone they go after an elevator because that's what they do. Okay. I'm kind of surprised that. If as I suspect politics -- is behind this. That. They were able muscle David. -- I'm very said. Because I think that David had such great star potential. And I'm not talking about local star I'm talking about national star. And I really really really had great hopes for him. I'm happy for his success. Now some people might think -- -- your -- crap no talk show host wants good competition. On his own station. Folks. If I was not confident supremely confident in my abilities as a talk show host. I could not do my job some people regard it as arrogance and ego I'm -- tell if you're right. You have to be somewhat arrogant you have to have an ego to do what I do for a living just as you have to look to be a doctor. How would you like to go to a doctor with. A tumor. And the doctor. Says. I don't know I mean. I'm not the best actor in the world but I'm sure gonna give it might bash. I mean I hope not expecting too much -- you know like I hope you trust. -- You'll hear. It. Here's what's go on. I -- 98% chance to get an idea. And getting all of the of the tissues around it making sure that your cancer free up on eighty of these surgeries and so far I've got a 100% track record. That's what you want your. And. David. Is is going to be a star was going to be a star. That I would have been honored to have taken part in his success. And I don't worry about somebody coming in and taking my job. Hello I want the best people around me on the radio station is possible. John's -- Susan rose sandy beach Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity. And David Bell here. Unfortunately. David's. Full time regular employer. After originally saying that -- sure go ahead do the show. Is basically now muzzled him. And ordered him off the year or else. -- I get it. And we all I just wanna make it real clear here. That all of us at WB yen not just your humble host. We all. Love David -- Consider that Tim -- Gregory any regional vice president mr. -- Went to bat with corporate to add an employee. That's how much we love the man. Now granted the ten to one spot does not -- real well. I know what it was on like a target. But. David was willing to do to get the experience I went to college full time when I started out as a talk show house. So you do have other responsibilities that have to be done in life. -- College student I didn't have didn't have carrots. Couldn't even find a date. Well pays Holden count. It is ninety minutes after sex. At news radio 930 WB -- So that's the story. And I gotta tell you I'm. I'm angry. I'm sad. I feel like a great injustice has been done. To someone who has done more for his country. Than most of us. And that upsets me greatly this is no way to treat a war hero. No way to treat anybody. So -- 620 WB -- And I'm not gonna tell your. Any names. Please don't mention about my FaceBook or gonna have to band. There's a popular deal dealing with the lawyers. Let's get back to calls now we're talking if you're just joining us. There's a breaking news story got a Cheektowaga and by the way she David Zach come on dude you've got to be sitting. Chief. David's act you have the special number. You said you wanted to talk to me. I want to talk to you about -- picture released today. Of the Cheektowaga high school teachers engaged in conversation. With a murder suspects including the conversation we're one of the teachers gives the name. Of somebody who is quote unquote snitching. On the murder suspect. On the believable. And I wanna talk to achieve about this investment action. Sorry my Tommy's doing some words that for so -- -- -- Carpet before were -- Well actually let's see in the old days direct role drove he was a lieutenant he drove car eleven I forget what number captain should -- drove. Then again. Generally -- -- picking his feet up eaten doughnuts. Just getting John but chief chief Zach Taylor all my buddies. Either on or -- used to -- on. The job. Could you just text is that the chief and just say hourly wants to talk to you if he checked his messages he'll get the special number. I'd appreciate it guys thank you. Our let's get back to the calls on WB EM that. And say hello to. Jason in the -- Jason you are on thank you very much for holdings her. Had better days -- bettered us. Well first -- opportunity to carry on and a graduate that you don't understand I'm actually a former student JoAnne. Who called in earlier I'm. The former union lady who showed incredible integrity. Class and honor. You know what I lover are really there. I don't think it will likely in the area but on the. I think one of the things we need to get across here it was a small group of individuals -- it was a story. Who will be that despite you know very poor judgment. And I think we all agree on now. And dealing with a great job explain 318. What I don't have one at the I still -- with a lot of my parents still -- -- -- central district. I don't -- heated conversation. Be manipulated by the. People who are close minded that the gentleman. You bet on yourself just a couple hours ago. It's become have been answered this convert that count -- and you know it. It into the water can be an easy target. And and it's not all. Actually it can't be for me because I eat at autos a lot and if I were to make -- -- a target. I think to some of the regular patrons might beat the crap out of me and probably deservedly so. Jason I wanna talk a -- to give you more time because anybody holed a long time. But -- give me a few minutes for breaks we can pay some bills -- and may I get back to event. All right -- to allow you to make your point -- nobody's castigating all teachers and nobody is have been venomous against Cheektowaga while maybe the one caller was -- our bodies being extreme. 624. He had. So -- anyway she thought of -- by the way -- achieved David Zach welcome to my -- list you are now officially on my. You know what lists. All our Brian as their house he wanted to talk everywhere and trying to reach that -- -- you -- -- police now for hours. Note. I'm the only person and local media who's worth the time today. Except sandy -- of course. Call me you've got the secret number. -- -- Talked to the guys about me please. -- am just trying to do in bagel him in May yet. In bagel him in two -- just lost -- -- idea rubbery. By the press conference amateur -- used the word reverie properly. But anyway its hourly integrate reverie kind of on Monday or for a Monday so the cheque order teachers. -- -- audience. The Cheektowaga police are released those tapes finally. A murder suspect a young murder suspect outrage all loans. Who kill. Another teenager Ira Watkins. Because -- made a dumb decision to go out and check -- liked to fight Cheektowaga town park. And that dot trade. Fired a gun and -- got caught in the. In fire and his big -- got a bruise kitten got. And mr. Jones. Was. Basically known to be the shooter by the community -- and nobody said nothing. Nobody said not. Snitches get stitches. White man's law. Now guess what. Hard to get people to. Tell the truth. About what they -- Even harder when they check the -- a schoolteacher. Towels the murder suspect. The name of the person -- -- shooting against him I mean this is like. This is so unbelievable I don't even know what this Saturday. The well unfortunately the profit that beat in a stupid plays because you miss the whole point. What she says is I hear. And that she gives in name snitch on you. Word that's what the kids said here. This woman has no business teaching. She's not even have any business walking around free. A -- I mean seriously. I wish there was some kind of -- -- they can be brought against her but if the witness is over the age of seventeen. That would debt eliminate a child endangerment which is only a misdemeanor from the list a possible charges. But that's one of the things about which I wanted to speak with -- -- But apparently chiefs act doesn't like me. And I thought it was all -- go to talk with me and I'm gonna do -- and secured the rest of the night. -- let's get back to. Jason in the -- Jason is a teacher but not in Cheektowaga. And Jason is warning. Our audience my audience against generalized. Yeah that's part of it I'm in town and that. I'm not if you're standing here on the put that out there on the table we don't always agree I don't typically like yourself. But I was a little disheartened in your -- monologue air about here in your home. On the whole issue about the ballpark -- Well what because I tell the truth is that what your mind and I'm not politically correct so you are out there what you there was no. That problem. Did anyone telling the truth gets gets me in trouble is the day -- -- and America's changed forever. It's inflection. And don't wish you'd get -- That up at all scenario really pose a problem for the fact that it's not a big gang problem. The town police have a under control. They're working on -- this put an isolated incident I have no Stanley. Members who are at home I have no feeling numbers were going to at least permanent no region I have no financial or anything. The home was absolutely appropriate to the situations are black on black crime. You know -- we talk a lot about racism on the show. And a lot of it's happened when he. Everybody everybody likes to talk about racism. As if it is you know only white on black racism and that's the only races and that ever makes the news. The biggest threat to a young black male is other young black males so excuse -- it's may I flick and talked. Well you know what why you're not a fan of mine gonna give your resonate. The only. The biggest threat. The biggest threat to a young black -- -- other young black males my you don't -- But it's true. It's true. And if the community. And yes I will say it like that. Refuses to get involved. You know a lot. At that point what -- supposed to do. Nobody cares about the kid got killed for a year nobody steps forward like that by the shooter. Yet. George sure urban. Hell hole -- when it was thought to be a white on black border open Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton Condit now. And I'm not even gonna get what happens when a Black -- white nobody cares. At least the media. Real double standard. And you know when we do shows that racism there's two things like the point out. Number one. Is that I actually care about black victims of violent crime. And if your -- during via trade on trial. I said a lot how to like to be the parents. Of some other young man who was murdered. And nobody even knows his name really yours. What is -- behind it all up. Why -- the parent of another young man who'd been murdered I think noted that a little pissed off. And the other thing is. For all the excitement over an allegedly white Hispanic. Killing a black man. Nobody in the media ever cares. When. Blacks. Kill whites it's never viewed as a racial thing. And it's a double standard. And on the -- stop talking about it. And the fundamental common denominator is I actually care about the victims of violent crime. Be -- white. Or B day. Black and in particular young black men. I care more. I mean what what's disturbing to me. Is the fact that the community. Broke from which the victim K. Was unwilling. To have his back after he was murdered. Now. -- eight. You know what that's not -- I was there I didn't see it. So I mean that's that's what it is they will have another conversation. -- the race is them at some point and assert you'll be happy to know. That I don't do outreach to the black community. I don't do. You know I don't. My black listeners. Some of them have my goal in the personal cell phone number. -- because there is title this story last week week before. There is a time. Out during the tray of on trial where I said something that really pissed off what are my black listeners who by the way is a hard working family -- And he wrote an email saying I used to think that you -- OK guy. But now I don't think they're even -- would have you in my house. Let her. -- wrote back. And we exchanged emails. And that my last email to this gentleman said and this is one example of many by the way. This just happens to be the most recent. My last email said look if I ever say anything on the year. That you'd think came out like -- some kind of a racist a hole. Would you please send me a text. He has my personal cellphone number as do other black listeners note I didn't say black community leaders. Because I don't know what qualifies somebody to BA community leader. Mean in my a white community leader. Really. I mean I don't even. If you only knew. And I don't people have a hard time grasping -- but if you only knew how much I truly detest racism. -- -- If you could see my heart you'd understand. Why I care about all of victims. I'm sorry I'm going into probably giving you more information you that you wanted but. I have enough black listeners. Who. Are probably as upset about gang culture and the lack of reaction from the community. Bet they'll text. If if if I've gone over the -- I know I haven't they'll let you know. And I respect your opinion. Because they are fans of -- And they know what I'm all about is that what they read on the Internet were I -- the most vile person on two legs who's ever lived since. Back and -- outclassed Hitler in their mines could still. As the most evil person ever which is really fun to me because I know weigh -- notable about. And I think what happens is people can't stand my politics. So they tried to apply stereotypes. About conservatives. To me but there's one problem. And that is I'm more of a conservative -- On another subject for example. Gay marriage. Now do you really think that I gained anything with Mike core audience by saying I support gay marriage. This is a lot of people -- But it's -- it's an opinion I have and it's a position I took because I thought it was the right. Position. To take. When it comes to NY safe. You know where I stand when it came to the in action of the New York State Police teacher I wrote that. So that a recent experience you go to my FaceBook page for more information. See the lives cannot figure me out because I'm unlike any other talk show host. I drive them crazy silly stereotype they fill in blanks. But I just want it keeps up and in my. I care more. About the young black man who was killed a Cheektowaga town park and Al Sharpton. And Jesse Jackson. All right coming up on 650 news radio 9:30 AM. WB. The end. And up by the way -- just the other guys there's something else that I really wanna say because I think it's very important. Is a lot of voices. A lot and a lot of different accents -- -- Including Asian by the way but I can do that because -- part Asian. My audience. MI black audience in particular. They have allowed me. To do real old shows. On racism both whites -- Jewish bags and blacks being huge bags. -- -- -- Because people for whatever reason most people trust me and most people know I'm not going to be PC. I'm gonna speak the truth. And I'll speak the truth but not everybody. And I have always been and I always like appointed this whenever there was show involving anything -- racial. That my black audience is the best audience ever. Because my black audience. Appreciates the fact that I do not huddle them and treat them like children. You know who must be. You talked about and subdued whole loans and almost a smarmy. People know when somebody's always in him and people know when somebody's been censor my audience in particular my black audience knows that. I treat them with adult respect. Because I -- older adults. And most of my peeps they listen to me. Like it listen anybody else sometimes we agree sometimes we deal but you know I've never taken any heat any. From. My black listeners well okay -- except except the one guy. Who. Didn't like what I said at one point but we worked it out. So I think I'm the only white suburban guy. Who can pull off the -- ratios I do because I don't treat black people like freaking children. You know and I think too many white people do. All right let's get back to the calls here is up Matt and ten more on WB and hello Matt. They've got let go the same way about the deep obvious situation you do -- -- express my complete this game and can have. For the hypocritical exploitation of the First Amendment. The only pressure is employer. To present them with -- ultimatum in which he ultimately had no choice. I mean it's just an outrage that the good that they honor and valor with which he conducts himself is just -- tremendous that it just it said that it had to go down like that. I could not obviously agree with you more. I'm not saying everything. Because I think it would be a breach of confidence -- David. But. I am. Absolutely. Outraged by this I can't wait to see David personally. Because I want to talk about his life with him. Face to face. And yes absolutely connection to the -- -- teachers inexcusable I mean these people are supposed to be the caretakers. And -- the role models for our children not cohorts with and members of their game essentially. And then the previous caller says to the small group but do we know if that's just the tip of the iceberg with this. I mean do do we know -- just be getting. I think we hear all the time about people not knowing your editors thinking are finding other people doing things that they previously thought -- -- incapable of like the situation about the venue with the man of the girls captive for years just. How can be sure it's just an isolated group. Actually that was Cleveland. Aerial -- -- I'm sure you week when he found out that aerial Castro hanged himself by I was simply the it is absolutely covered with tears and lack Vermont's two. -- Right now as far you don't Matt are you you know I get the feeling. And it's just a feeling that the teacher who said so and so snatched on you. You know it just reminds me of somebody who's trying to hobble a gang stock. -- You know they have -- in with that crowd. -- -- -- -- trying to befriend the child instead of apparent essentially. -- amen brother amen. Any person who may or may not be associated with course and poster in my life. I have never let's see I've never packed how to out and have never made of their my friend my friend because they're my friend. Whether or not they may or may not have ties to a certain criminal organizations. -- Thank you very much. Jamie college and he you know this I know this is this is Matt and his -- for girlfriend. Yet huge -- so. She she you don't deserve for this -- all -- you won the lottery. You gotta have something going for you that I don't wanna mention on the year. A little while governor about the -- if you want but I yeah I'd definitely go like you're very hit the jackpot. Yeah I know you did all right thank you mean I I know that's an -- and I I know. All right as you this but I. -- at least say that to my body rest in peace Ryan Anderson. All right folks that's gonna wrap it up to -- -- -- great job Chelsea awesome job as well its -- saying no way. Yourself.

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