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11-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Nov 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And he will no longer be allowed on the year as a regular or fill in host. George David Bellamy has been muzzled. When that happens there's only one reason politics. David has developed a great following in buffalo western new York and among WBM listeners and will be greatly missed on the year. And I agree I edited -- -- soliloquy for David when I started off the show I think what about pocket and in the company. I'm not gonna name the person who just tried a -- I friend her just long enough. To send her a message. That would go right to your inbox. That said it you really think I would friend anybody at such and such place. What you have done. To David -- via. Is despicable. You were treating a war hero. Wait till the veterans find out and enjoy the like storm. And that I immediately. On fretted that person. David's been -- I don't know any other way to put it. And I only hole that one of my listeners. Who. As a job. That would pay around six figures will step forward so David can get back on the radio with a new gig in the daytime. Politics folks. That's what I smell. National politics. So. Nice try -- to the lady. But when you put your employer right your. Bio it's kinda. I give away. All right folks. I you have no idea how badly I want David Olivia back on the year. And how much I resents. What's going on behind the scenes not Europe radio station please letters that we did not fired David -- we love David Bellamy. Seriously we love him. You know how I feel about him. And with Purdue and has just despicable. -- work. Anyway let's. I've not named anybody to see you know I've said -- name of and the company. Any person at all. Here is. Oh -- against your blog and JoAnne. You believe that the teachers ought to be fired from -- the ones and if you're just joining us Cheektowaga police today. -- we got a putter down. Cheektowaga police today released the audio of phone calls between a murder suspect young murder suspect. From the holding center and Cheektowaga high school. And that teachers who were talking to this punk. And one of them who actually gave this murder suspect the name of somebody the kids said had been snitching on him. You know there's one thing about stitches in certain communities and that is that snitches get stitches. And in the old -- is you know Albert at a stage it turned out to be a vicious ruthless mob boss he was to have been executed as a very young man but guess what. Interestingly. All of the witnesses against him work now. No witnesses. No conviction no case Bubba. JoAnne -- I get back to you. And it is -- now -- when you say that. New York state education -- 3020. A says that a process must be. Followed it before. Eight teacher may be fired from a teaching position but you know what I also find very interest is I have. I have information here on the on the teacher who is also a holding center person and a washer with few. As soon as my computer will cooperate with my hitting the OK button. Dateline November 4 2013. Under sheriff mark -- Berman says the Erie county sheriff's office fully cooperated with Cheektowaga police the moment. We were notified by chief David -- that inappropriate phone conversations. Head. Took -- taken place. Between 3 Cheektowaga central high school teachers an inmate on Trey Jones who is being housed inside the holding center on a murder charge one of the three Cheektowaga high school teachers. Gave it right in was also employed as a part time Erie county sheriff's jail officer since 2002. The sheriff's office took immediate and decisive action and terminated him as soon as and invest in internal investigation determined he did violate some of our rules and regulations fortunately the safety of our staff and inmate population was not compromised by this egregious conduct and fortunately I don't know what the egregious conduct was. And nor is a date given of the termination from his holdings that are job of the teacher David Ryan. Now allow Joanna like you to go ahead and tell us a little bit about the the -- process that there has to be followed before these outrageous teachers can be wecht. Well. I don't think -- -- before this site. Would not call them. Outrageous teacher but what they did here. Forward messages. I believe he should be out of education. Made the state education law requires aid buried stripped -- perhaps. And I just cause it to be -- And it usually takes several years to go through the press. So and I can't to different. My former employee. Employer and Sherri. -- look at central school district because they hear that just -- here. The teachers in. Because that these are all tenured teachers. Aren't you know who are OK I don't know. -- -- Well the fact that it would take years I've speaks to the power of the teacher's union. I agree which is a damn shame because if the teachers union president have lost a kid to a murder. And the murder investigation was compromised by a teacher I wonder how she or he would feel about a witness being put in the cross years. Yeah I agree. But. The school district can't follow the -- Well I basically what I call at you know the district probably is. Looking at all there at a news right now. Well I I appreciate the information about the -- -- a 3020 any of us state education law. I knew that it took time to fire a teacher. Being immediate about it probably and I've heard it wasn't gonna happen because. Every time a teacher or a police officer teams is accused of any thing. The union just goes to bat and in some cases we've -- cops go to prison on felony charges and yet they get to keep their pensions the health since does that make. It. A little -- don't mix and yeah this is one of. So just caught there must be just call is would this conduct in your opinion. Qualify is just caucus. Now that the strictly my opinions. It would be just cause if they're action sports. Other students in danger. Where are just students or anybody. Andy and thought okay well clearly this did it. -- clearly -- it. Know what I believe and the district proving it is another thing. Easy to proof. -- well it's on tape. And it's not out of context the entire conversation was report was recorded. And if I were sitting in a jury I would. Automatically say guilty and you lady you're out of a job. No I'm not let the -- jury trial it's probably would be. In relation to the commissioner of education in New York State. The ever decisive John King he'd probably call a series of public hearings and then cancel them and then reschedule them. Are able Joanna I'm grateful to you for the information. Okay and and I think he couldn't have ignoring. Well no but thank you for the call under the info I appreciate your insight into this as well by the -- open mindedness to look at a situation even as a retired teacher. And say you know what this is as bad as I am saying it is at least in two of the three cases. And I'll -- you win and in a secret that anybody who knows me and long term goal eight former union president. For the district. Well. Well you know what. JoAnne -- you are again it is something I. I have I wish I had something to give you but. You can look in the mirror and know every day you -- a woman of equality. A person of integrity. And person with a solid grounding in what is right and wrong. And somewhere along the way my -- I don't know if you agree or disagree but some over education union leaders have forgotten that it really is about the students and not about them. I totally agree with it. -- it's a play it's an honor to speak at the somebody who has character and integrity and I can't say enough about to thank you so much. Okay thank you lecture you expecting that where you. You weren't expecting that we're -- I want merit Ryder have a good one. I have an overriding. Do you write in seven email giving up I'll return and right follower eighty all right thank you thank okay. -- Very as a person who knows right from wrong. There's that's not a person who follows the party lie. And I am just I'm so touched by that call. Especially because she thought I was gonna go -- -- but I listened to listen what you -- And I'm glad you brought state education law 30208. To my attention coverage tenured teachers is pars I can figure it out. And well. I'm all right event already that so anyway. Anyway. Let's see the all new information here. Actually it's old information I just haven't had a chance to check my cellphone. The -- county sheriff's department. Fired at this David Ryan guy in August. In August from his job apple holding center and apparently. The employee Epoch holding center who also is -- Cheektowaga teacher never supervised. The inmate. Now whether that means that there was no contact between the two. We're simply no supervision. That's a distinction that I should probably. Should probably make. All right. Let's get back to the polls surely. Also received -- nice text message from idea from my daughter advising me that -- she spent 300 dollars in medical bills to. All right that's nice okay let's it's. Let's go to bill in the more importantly they tell me bill that you are David Bellamy is debt. Yes Sam. And what are you wanna say today to assist I just want to -- if anything unlikely to denigrate anybody. But I a lot of strength WB enemies where are extremely. I'll -- understanding. Little. An evil. Men on this post I I don't know the names and don't name companies -- I am I am not and not. But for understanding that the position that he was put them into the class way and that's organization. Not so when your view the whole crew over there you are class people. Mutual integrity. -- -- stand firm that -- the state or. And I just -- thank you -- and they -- -- -- for the bottle where such elements and. Well bill I I appreciate what you're saying and it you raised an incredible man I love your son I've had long conversations with your son about there's. And what I'm trying to do now. Is give him a well paying job somewhere else so he can get back to his radio show without being muzzled. Probably by politics. I agree and and yeah I've even offered it's a little help to your son I'm not sure we told you that if he needs so I'm glad you were up. I'm thankful for the son you raised he's a great man and I'm. Honored and hired Greg Edgar but I think you threw a little. For the organization removed the -- and really our organization. Well well thank you thank you very much -- that we love our son and I can't wait to get back on the year. Tiger thank you so much but when are you folks I know more than Wednesday but I don't wanna get a little jammed up. 524. At WB. Well it is. Hourly on news radio 930 WB EM and we're talking about the absolutes. From. The absolute. Irresponsible. Absolutely irresponsible behavior of at least three Cheektowaga. High school teachers particularly. One. First -- all. This dumb answers let's students. Have their cell phones. Apparently answered them in class. That is against the school districts all policies. -- -- -- I heard the Cheektowaga police chief was desperate to speak with me earlier David's back it would help if you call back -- Chief David's actually -- -- blog -- you guys out there radio units that patrol cars the cars. Where you -- just like text your chief and say I'm ready. I'm ready I'm eager I'm waiting a long for his voice to explain more the story. It is great shot. He can ask judge all about it -- every year sent -- a birthday card. Announcing job in quite some time anyway. This Cheektowaga schoolteacher not all that's kids' answers cell phones in class. But actually talked to -- murder suspect calling from the Erie county holding center. And gave the murder suspect the name of a witness against him as quote snitch. -- How high heat. Coach -- And at least borderline criminality. And I realized that schools have to go three processed. Before they can actually terminate somebody because of the power strength and off. Of teachers unions. But this is so clearly. Egregious behavior. Bad this woman at least should be fired. Now I'm not sure what the other Wednesday. But the one who gave the name of a witness to a murder suspect. A witness who'd been a snitching that's what the kids are saying. Tonight. She puts somebody else at risk. And that person may still be at risk. Once that name is out there is a snitch I would ought to be that person. I would. Let's go to a jury in Cheektowaga Gary you are on WB yeah. I can't I don't live about forty aren't that across. Community entry. She was difficult. Investigation work because people didn't want their right. We have to teaching and doing what. Those people were afraid and then kind -- each and every day. From school. -- Well I think that's the school district I think that there are policies in place were teach their personnel matters they don't name the personnel involved. Yeah exactly release earnings beat that problem because the threatened lawsuit. Well this is true. Well Seattle. I don't know what the law would be on something like that I would have to plead ignorance on that. However we do know one of the teachers because he also had a job at the Erie county holding center. And he was fired in August. As this story was breaking. Yeah I hope they do that I don't really help. -- -- You know children and people -- sport. It is different -- and an elementary. -- this is so wrong in so many ways what this teacher dead. Joseph are doing the audio of the woman naming the that we rejected it but here Gary is what the teacher told the this little -- when he's in the holding center. -- There's different. Topic I yeah. And what you don't hear that tape they put -- been too early for. Tim's sake. I hear so on so -- on -- That's what she says to this inmate. And child and the public teacher and they they saw. I'm going with that nobody but that teacher was try to curry favor with the game saying of magic. School kids. I -- teachers would rather be popular. Band than do the right thing. Well that's important in and that the children of Cheektowaga not interpret -- -- these teachers welcome. Joseph -- you agree that bet that they that they ought to be at least this one ought to be terminated. Preferably immediately. Actually -- -- to the right thing keeping them out of the school at notre. Other caller said that it is thought that we got a -- -- keeping them out of the lead to any. -- -- Well I I couldn't agree more I I just I wonder what else is going. Cheektowaga high school. It wouldn't know. Where -- -- sources. And I want to and I just threw up a little bit my -- thank you very much. Are. I find this to be eight this is such an over the line and out of bounds conduct. By this teacher. That. I'm just. Shocked. Absolutely shocked. That it happens in Cheektowaga. Really. All right 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WBE yen. You know it starts in gang activity in your neighbor there's two things you can do you can run. Or you can use terror to drive them out. Just say. I say that no I would not terror does not necessarily mean breaking loss of course. -- that's racist statement I want any thugs living in my neighborhood. Better be sure if someone moves in the mine. I will make life hell. -- -- -- He's talking about blacks now talking about bugs. Of any hue and don't care about race. It is 542. Well maybe NASCAR but just a little to figure because I -- you guys like -- harsher and all about it. He's reliable he said NASCAR. No I don't know squat about NASCAR it is 542. You drive a Porsche and you don't know anything about cards. Well yeah that's because god curse me with a small. Well Bauer Leon news radio 930 WB the end there and unfortunately you can't really get the full effect of what this schoolteacher from -- high school told the suspected -- suspected at that point not convicted at that point. The transcript says I hear. And then the name of a witness is given I hear witnessed one snitch on -- Word that's what the kids said here Sergio let's have that bit of audio again. The can we take it back just a little bit more is that a possible unfortunately they put the beat in the wrong wars. -- Like I. Start. I hear witness once it's done you use what she said to this in May. Mean she might as well put out a hit on the witness herself. -- about it well that might as well done. Let's go to jail cell phone on WBE and Jim. Our problem that the with a very disturbing. You know somewhat like that is the one particular teacher. This is something like. CPAs should investigate and bring up fund child endangerment. -- officer. I think you mean CPS because I'm not -- certified public accountant could election. This -- this like in the early days of IRA accounts what they held as the Irish Republican Army won't put my retirement. We all make mistakes and I make my cursor but are all right so you'd think CPI should investigate. They just screwed up anyway. Well that's true that there are urgent Uga. It has to be taken seriously and there should be criminal charges because of what. Fatigue on it'll work word. That means I hear you at all -- this future was. Purposely putting that information out there. -- -- -- -- -- Is she so that's that's a great point by the way and I should mention that earlier she said that in front of a whole bunch of students now. How about now you're suggesting I think a charge. Any idea what charge. Child and endangering. The welfare of a child. I know that one of the ways you can convict somebody. Of doing that. Register -- quickly -- He or she knowingly acts in a manner likely to be injurious to the physical. Mental or moral welfare of a child less. Then seventeen. Years poll. Now Roger how all the witness I'm not sure how old the witness is and whether or not the -- would apply. Like but at least on the alleged to -- sound like a probable and emotional. But at least -- won't -- physically happened in the -- as far as we know you're intimidated from plot line. But it doesn't matter because like lead to be injuries. Likely to be -- does not mean that an overt act of violence has to occur. It. On that you know what that's a very interesting you mentioned that I'm surprised. You know I kind of wonder now if by the witnesses over seventy. And that's why the charge was not brought. Yeah. -- now or even went to that school. I'm glad you called sir and I hope we have a chance to talk to achieve -- Thank you very much. Well I thank you for that. Right now let's go to -- in East Aurora -- Dominant super. Now we did you hear about this story. I am too I'm I'm I'm I'm sad end of angry. Well I would suggest that the rot is well you know spreading out. And -- -- Anybody. Regardless of race color create. You get -- tech -- keep the water. That's coming that's kind of a general statement I mean. If they. Well yeah but it did not go on that and better. I've been here thirty years. Well you can say that about a lot of places in Western New York unfortunately is the economy sucks. Effect I've mentioned before the town it's not a -- that is not what used to be. While it's true but you know that this type of situation it just. Well when you've got school teachers. Basically acting like -- malls. And expression you don't hear much. That's a problem with four and two. Oh. Yeah I mean maybe this woman has -- sick and sorted fascination with gangsters you know maybe she wants to -- body to this -- -- -- well. Well. I -- Well me I -- -- -- common gang culture is inching toward high schools and it if it is you know what trouble bastards out of school. But the police do what. I can't disagree with. I cannot disagree with you at all -- when you've got a schoolteacher. Who is supposed to set an example. Basically helping forget who another person and at that point was suspected of doing it. It's absolutely so far over the line it's on tape I don't understand what a defense could possibly be from. And words are outstanding attorney general. Eric snyderman. -- he's busy going after big bad insurance companies and big bad business. Oh sure Eric Schneider -- is to the left of Andrew Cuomo I don't know if you know. As Eric Spiderman -- he ought to be picked up by the Obama administration that's a lefty it's. -- -- thank you very much. It is 555. At the news radio 930 W. You be the and the end. We have to break -- something else all. Wondering about David -- of and why he's no longer with WB and understanding that we have new people coming in all the time. I'll explain that reported it activists and other topics coming up right here -- back hourly for your. Drive home which feels like humans will be driving three in the.

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