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Lt. Mayor Bob Duffy On Prop 1

Nov 5, 2013|

Lt. Mayor Bob Duffy explains why the Governor's office wants a "yes" vote on Prop 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Proposition one what is it and why should people vote for. Proposition one well which is the bella to -- Election Day. It is about improving. Can he -- in New York State. And of course we Ernie hit gaming yet we have casinos. Are casinos. This is a proposal that has got the legislature twice for approval. Which passes legalized -- this. This level ski being in church to which speaker or was that legalized it was really rocketed to be an American casinos are. So that is number one. It it is important for everyone across state it is -- -- People do approved a proposition one. East -- those are up on -- and provide. Huge amounts of revenue. But 101000 jobs. -- -- -- going -- -- two billion dollars a year -- Across your states. And that the key component here's the New Yorkers got about one point -- doing -- -- -- per year anyway. In destination casinos in the states so the governor wants to -- -- available which we lose every year bring it back to the state. Get victory jabs here and work across surged and the ticket revenues in the education costs. Property actually. It will go to almost done what you think a lot of folks don't realize is -- he has pledged. 100%. All the state -- that are projected or east street announced. Or redistribute that money they -- and local governments across stay. State -- keeping it goes back to local governments for -- serious property actually. As -- education costs. So that's I think a picture here -- for listeners in the buffalo area what -- work. You want Nancy beat new casinos are still used you -- governed -- -- Concord Pacific nation my hometown -- Rochester business. The governor respects -- civic -- account panicked. Answer insanity and therefore either the new casino proposals state law in question or. In terms of -- facilities. But the process and is there are the only upside. -- side is an upside and is. Western New York will still get rapidly. Of these casinos -- -- -- elsewhere because in this that it covers pledged all the -- concede the should be around Europe. So you're a parent Erie county. Greg Alter what you all of these surrounding areas between buffalo Rochester and all the areas cover -- the psychic impact. Will steal. -- billions of dollars of -- projected. Or chronic local car. So the governor is trying to do is look for ways -- are -- street. He can't expressed. Every city every county every towns and villages ask for more money for more he needs to covers that. Not but it. Pocketbook to do it and so he's looking at things you can control and can -- in -- terms of revenues and this one in terms personable. Take it is true extent are upset new York New Yorkers stand here report jobs and create. Much more revenue -- -- There's been some controversy with the wording on the ballot do you feel it's been properly presented to voters. Well I do -- and here's why first of all there was a lawsuit regarding toward. That was -- -- rebuke to abided at this stage -- Court judgment dispensed based in people that are so. Georgia just look at. -- it and you know before elections want to put the award again but the lawsuit was looked at there's no matter behind it. I guess here's the most important thing -- and I believe for voters to realize that. This is the ultimate former democracy spreading legislature to cycles for approval by the Bible palaces. Outpost of voters across states everyone across our state gets to vote RO. I wanted that they agree with this. Now we're -- they do vote yes because -- there is a huge upside for all workers. And is that the refugee. And is also the champs. And at one point at a much repeat it yet. As a form bear shall it well aware of the negative social XP. When it -- -- citizens in any form. Lottery horse racing in off track betting the -- knows casinos. What the governor has pledged to news more than triple the bodies. Four propaganda. That the focus and the addiction counseling education perfection. Postpone these book called camping industry now for state. Coffers not taxpayers. This look up somebody's from those industries that pay for application fees for machines succeed announced. And governor realizes that don't visceral issue some urged. That he's gonna triple money this expects. Four propagate applications. Keep that bank of what it is propositions pestered we still have those issues just people still go to a casino receipt -- Or go to Connecticut Pennsylvania. And -- your other states and so spent the money still at the positions. So the important thing is that it's about jobs it's about. Having a registry. And released -- to get money in your state. Speaking with lieutenant governor Robert Duffy you mentioned in there the Pennsylvania. Different states surrounding New York that already have casinos. You're saying that casinos in New York State will increase tourism revenue. With those casinos and other places so what makes you confident that they'll be the case. Well one of things we're working very hurt doing it is reinforce tourism in New York State. I believe the church state it is -- political -- excited the united had been in my position travel to the -- that's the last three years. It is it fatalistic. And what the governor has worked so hard do is really attract people from New York City attract visitors to our state to prop up state to take advantage of -- falls at around Dexter -- to Hudson Valley so many different areas across to -- there are ridiculous to restrictions to. And what you'll do with the it would at least he'll sit and many cases people that book. Conventions in large meetings and booked trips. Sometimes. Book those around here with technical -- -- hotel and also go to casino. But also take another site so it. Is that the answer it is something that automatically able he just and you know it's part of an overall strategy covers political history years that is really try to. Increased tourism. And also look at ways to get commodities such as -- with the indications. Those sadistic. I personally -- -- governor out to be at around actually at erotic challenged this year. Counselor but we were Whitewater rafting. If -- -- veteran -- region. -- spectacular wine country and -- excellent anchor regent. You know we have the Niagara Falls I look at I'd like parrots. Got blossom -- -- -- border area to World War II. -- so we think is going for sure honestly we just want to put on really -- everything. And we believe very strongly that you know the DB issue. Is one more resource one more -- tool -- that. And we can use to help draw people here he mommy's in the state and again -- -- cigarette. One more question for you -- if this passes how quickly will we see new casinos in New York. That's a question here's our predict. If it is to our Election Day the governor wanna waste any time to try to move the process that we can expect there are. First the state he'd be conditional all receive the whole process but there's to be committees to be put place -- yet to be game. Activity will be the launch reviewing applications. So. In the Canadian place subnet location -- the debate submitted already by the region of the designated. Put the committee will review applications or review. The local support the view. The speed to market we -- the overall plan. Dispute it's it's it's doable that is struggling and financially feasible plan. And what -- selects. Sponsored the first four games selected. That are going to be built over the next several years then he. Eagle the local government vote every local government where they may be to could be the Catskills it's fidelity capital region's -- here. One those sites are. Initially selected. But he go through local government sort of like any development processor the bigger plants to your local town -- City Council town council legislature. There are apartment or reviews there's a whole process. And it's cheap cheap go through before you build. But one of the things that that the congress looking for with the condition is that went places are picked that. There's already great support in the plan in place is an optical I would say the first 6 march of 2014. If dispatched our. You'll probably see locations. They'll be selected. Robin Roberts -- a legislature and to section the achievement. And -- to be up to. The periods. Development companies are corporations and local governments to work collectively to make this happen. And again projects. They don't hit a dispute like there's a lot of things in a that the take place but I do think going to be. It deliberate apps that get these -- because the gravity which -- projections. Only apply. -- all for the project casinos are up all the people locked the door.