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11-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Nov 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When they get back to. Brian mr. askew from WB -- news to -- basically he goes all over the place. The place and a today his big assignment or what it was that was to recover the news conference attitude toward a police. At which the tape recordings. Of calls between eight murder suspect. And teacher is -- Yes and students while -- and -- in Cheektowaga were plate now these phone calls they all took place. After his arrest yes. All of the -- phone calls took place after his arrest the main phone call that police were upset about and a lot of this news conference that took place just a little bit ago. Talked about this stop snitching culture now which is really than endurance to a different police officers the main. A phone call that the police talked about was one where a teacher talking with Jones. Told him voluntarily he -- the teacher was not asked by Jones if he or she had heard anything it's that she in this case I believe. But did teacher voluntarily. Says to Jones I heard and the name is that rejected is snitching on. On a telling them about a student that had in former. Or who who was. -- this whole economy is dumb ass teacher basically puts it witnesses life. In jeopardy yet I think Al Albert Anastasia. Anybody you know he didn't get convict him when he was young psychopathic murderer because all the witnesses got -- -- -- Well that's exactly what the police reaction -- too what unable teacher was putting someone's life in your pocket -- this teacher should be fired immediately. Fired immediately. The police because she is not broken any laws the police are letting my cool and go through their disciplinary process disciplinary process should be out on her. -- now and deprived of a paycheck and you know what she go. In the culture we're -- doesn't work we'll see how long she last there. What do we do we want to play the clip of the call him -- wanna play the entire phone call Brian if you Google F bombs and everything else out of it please Bryant. I'll I'll give your Hershey's bar all wired. You were cheaper. Let's hear that clip where -- go -- letter -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- here. Aren't there. Okay what you just heard there was a teacher telling a murder suspect. That Angie gives them and I hear so and so stretch that I -- Realize the implications. Of what she said. At issue where are the social media right now is being used -- -- -- you. By suspected criminals to have their friends intimidate witnesses. This moron has no business teaching anywhere but in the penitentiary. And the police and also showed some. Examples from social media some tweets some FaceBook posts a stop snitching. And different things like that one of the other clips that. We have for you right now is. -- student takes a phone call from Jones in class. And one of the things the police said before is they actually handed out the entire code of conduct -- two to -- schools. And highlighted the parts where you're not allowed to use cellphones a phone calls her cellphone should be taken away for use in class. And the student answers the phone. And then puts the phone on speaker for everyone in the class. Not to say hi to that student before taking a mosque speaker. And giving them to the teacher of the class who goes on to have a conversation with Jones -- class. So we have dead date if you want him call inmates reported that the -- accurate -- -- doing that through all of a quarter all right let's let's let that one go away Joseph. Mr. Joseph Friday haircut that are ago. Yeah. -- everybody had -- gone out. You know that they're good at the moment yeah fun. How he won the pot yeah I got the photographers. IA I mean this. Is supposed to be going yeah. -- -- -- -- How far removed from high school more -- -- you -- but could go on when you're go to school. It did not certainly teachers didn't take cell phone calls from people on holding -- one now. In class teaching class and it was and are being brought up by the police that. Not illegal again so what they can do about it is very limited but teachers halting -- instead of teaching class they're talking. To this person who is being held on suspicion of murder instead once again they can't really do anything about it but they felt it was a public service. Not to let you know people now put pressure on the school. I want to make something happen about this. I am. I got -- Brian I'm I'm blown away by others the teacher ought to be fired agree with it 030930. Start 3180616. WB -- and there are three teachers in question on the says separate phone calls at three different teachers who police say yet spoke with Jones or at least they have recordings of these three teachers speaking with Jones. A one of the teachers who Jones was speaking with was a teacher and she -- want high school and also worked at the Erie county holding center. And with supposedly -- talking with Jones while in the holding center telling him things that he should not have -- And we are talking about which school particularly I'm trying to find it on our web sites and have not yet by any dialogue high school pitcher too on a union road. I think so that you toward high school and -- knows that Kennedy I don't remember -- To sort of high school and they're not releasing the name names of three teachers and there is there any record of what the male teacher are what let's -- are we talking about mails at least one female two females one -- yes settle -- two females and I think 01 male OK so FFM. Which are ordinary worker ordinarily that'd be fun but not in this case. On salt are right. Did any information coming out as to. What this teacher who also works at holding senator. Hold -- contrary GO. It's odd the only information that. Came out about that was he told she owns a bounce a person who is supposedly being held from Jones are being kept separate from Jones was also -- the holding center. And this teacher who knew Jones who also worked at the holding senator. Was telling Jones a bounce this other person giving this other person's name who Jones was to be kept -- From so I mean this is the kid Cheektowaga town park open. Those fires and candles and innocent bystander the cops don't make the collar for a year because nobody would get the vote despite the multiplicity of witnesses there were. And these teachers are treating him like -- the bar from. That doesn't think about the -- While it's one thing police and also to your point -- one of the dozens of witnesses they said they and not one with -- Well I guess. White man's justice. Organs I don't know why. I mean there are some things I would not drop a dime on somebody for doing murder is an exception unless it's a self defense thing and I helped bury the body but. This is some. This is just outrageous to me and I don't achieve of Cheektowaga PD wants to talk to me in -- will get him on the line as it was direct line and luxuries changed it by now so. David -- chief of police in metric to water. Hopefully you'll be your calling is very very soon hurt Brian give them -- Idea aideed to the guys in the -- -- Jolie and get -- alive -- after. After five there. Now Brian. After fourth area bigger part. Just one request from you. And I know you've also got to read the web story on this and I've been all I've been all over you since you got back but if you could possibly. Give us the full fifteen minute. Fifteen minutes worth of phone call that was -- one call they released commitment orders ten calls in total. So one of them was fifteen minutes long meters in ten separate calls that were released. Well I'd like you know the best of the best of the best serve you -- -- and so -- can play them in their entirety without the F bombs in the MF bomb's gonna be great. I know you're very very busy but that I mentioned I gave you Hershey bar. You did mention. And did you do you realize that -- the ball release date we always give out full sized bars every Halloween. That's nice I never visited the -- state though when I was stricker treating so now you'll have to -- -- -- a give your full sized candy bar review and cooking up a filet -- Entitlement to drink though so no beer. I love you Brian are there is Brian has aroused and is or anything I didn't ask you that my people should know here. I think we've pretty much covered the basis of added if you can understand teachers making phone calls to a murder suspect possibly. -- interfering with. The entire investigation but let me just get this right were the teachers -- -- chargers make any call teachers did not make any of the calls the calls were accepted. 98. The teachers through. The students. All right Brian actual work as always and I know Avastin do about a million things in five minutes and you've handled every one of them with aplomb and -- class that you always do -- -- ski. -- folks he's gone places. If I have that I have put him I just heard from -- to tell well. Up let's get to LL David -- your fellow former -- dogged cop. I I remember the time tie -- France drove me to the hospital after I put cleaner in my instead I'd drops with the contact lenses Robert apart. Of course you do and the Friday the thirteenth parties and a a certain place on French road. And I -- I have to -- traffic no traffic okay. What I knew a lot of the guys -- a lot of fun they were are gonna through its open in the 1980s. I spent time to blog cops and they word. -- just agree but you guys can't say enough about the professional. Doing a terrific I mean just a terrific job just a good budget bills. You know how good. You're that guy who had the rifle. -- union and -- -- -- union and Walden. There were so many times. Inferior officers might -- shot -- Cheektowaga police waited about eventually tackled him one of the officers wrecked the technique in tackling -- but anyway good to hear from a former chief to retired chief warrant officer David just detail and I won't tell the mustache story David don't worry. It is up for 24. At news radio 930. WB EE NOK on a serious note folks if the teacher tells a murder suspect. The name of a witness who is stretching done and should -- -- be fired by the school even if no criminal act took place I think this is a crime against anything that is even remotely. Okay. Which leader. You need this I'll take. To get our brand as rescue needed by -- transcript for 24 at WBE. Hot for teacher. -- -- -- -- Idea what record that's on now I think that well and and and and that kid and turning into a lesbians and the woman from Clarence -- at the world by the Ivy. -- you know all I can think of is borderline personality disorder but there's just me anyway. Good afternoon it is -- hourly with you and there is a that there's ever remember it up around July 4. Cheektowaga town park. Okay. Am there weren't there -- supposed to be this gang fight. Between two rival game or representatives. Of a couple rival games in Cheektowaga. So what is Darryl Watkins kid goes over -- -- apparently to be a spectator that's a bad idea. Ends up catching around it was not intended for hit and died. So we get a dead teenager and for over a year. Over a year thousands of people now. That he was the shooter and nobody stepped forward to the police. Jesse Jackson did not come to town to -- witnesses to identified the shooter. Al Sharpton did not come to town to implore witnesses to. Give information about the shooter Barack Obama did not say that mr. Watkins looked like his son. If he had a son. There's some -- that. Because I want a black kid kills another black that we just don't give -- God forbid they'd been a white Hispanic then this story would've made national lose forty years. You know. Probably the same people who got upset. About the George Zimmerman verdict. We're the people who did not bother calling on one of their all because. He looked like then. Sorry. But it's the way it is. There are still people in this country who believe. That it's white man's law and their -- of the obligations of a civil society do not apply to them because as white man's law. Despite the fact that we every half black president. And that black billionaires Oprah's one of the most influential people in the country. Black Supreme Court aunts or he's not really black keys that basically -- a cracker on the inside with the blacks get -- on the outside his uncle Tom he's a house shouldn't. I forgot. Not a doctor -- cars well he's a cell. And Thomas sole ball now he's just done and that Allen west. All. But it's white man's well at some people's mind. Mines -- And it really is a share. Because I'm just thinking about the victim's family another victim I got to turn it was stupid anywhere you any time you go to gang fight. You can expect that you might catch some friendly fire or unfriendly fire. In his step onto the battlefield and you step on a land mine oops. And you know he'd never should go out of the park. But then again there are a lot of stupid people there that night. But the victim was the one who got killed. There we have a story I just I find this amazing. Where after his arrest the suspect in the murder. Which placing up on number of calls. Two way to -- like a high school teachers there were three teachers in ball. On the receiving end of these phone calls. And I -- I just I can't believe. That a teacher. A high schoolteacher. Was so it's. And so irresponsible. And so grossly negligent in her duty to society. That she actually sent. IE here and that she gives the day. Snitch on you. That's like basically. Issuing a death sentence to the witness. Folks you don't know. And I'm sure you're aware this. That -- the beginning of time. Any time. You've had a killer. Who could be identified by other people known as witnesses. That the killer and his peeps try to take out the witnesses either by intimidation. If you'd testify. You when your entire -- family are gonna die. That works well on people or biggest that's -- the preliminary isn't just -- runaway stray off. This teacher. Who told a murder suspect the name. Of a witness who is supposedly. Snitching. Should be immediately fired by Cheektowaga schools. -- Error in judgement. Is so egregious. It is soul. Of all a lot of the lines. She has no business. Standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers. And teaching she has no credibility. I wonder how she would feel. If her son. Or daughter had witnessed a murder. And somebody gave the suspect the name of her child. As a snitch. This woman needs to be fired. Not suspended not disciplined fired immediately. And at the -- the largest school system does not fire this woman immediately there is something absolutely wrong. Now the other two may deserve termination as well. Upon and receipt of more specifics and by the way I mention. Earlier that. My ties with the Cheektowaga. We're very close in the eighties and in some respects they still are. And I just wanted to say one thing. What has not been released. Which tissue off in the off even more there's a lot more to this story. This woman needs to be fired do you agree or disagree on the play that part of the tape are coming up in a moment but first. By the way on Time Warner Cable. I love Time Warner Cable a -- an awesome company. But anybody notice that they've got the adult on demand to one channel over the family on demand -- kids on the man but just asking for trouble. I mean you know somehow all you know eight girls and one BBC should not be anywhere in years. The kids' channel I think they ought to move the kids' channel little further away from the -- porn channel. But I -- thank Time Warner Cable for -- important as opposed to that phony free John Rigas Obama a man of great morality. Yeah okay dude sure you are have fun in prison for 42 were WB yeah. All right its hourly on WBE. And so it -- Our high schoolteacher actually three of them currently two females and one guy right. In the hall of class. Students have their cell phones on. In the middle class. Movie doesn't like to do that. Let that one guy who sat next to me during Abraham Lincoln like all these seats available. And he sits right next to me and that starts texting away. And oddly enough I had a full bottled water and when I opened right next to them. I must to squeeze the bottle really hard to the water went over his follow and he left. It was an accident of course muted. Anyway a screw him. Empty -- sit next to -- Usually that means everybody. I don't know what the -- -- respect him but that whip out his phone and text on watching the movie he deserved. And it. But just look at them -- -- you would've done the same thing if he had any balls. Are right. Joseph has more balls I just flexing bulls anyway. Such agree word. -- -- a teacher not only lets kids hawk on the phone during class which I think. Should be a sustainable parents but -- tells by -- -- witness against. -- Trey Jones. This woman needs to be immediately terminated. Cheektowaga schools do the right thing. This is soul over the lie. She basically. Put another human being at great risk all that I mentioned the witness never ended up testifying. But the go to mark the end of buffalo WB Ian mark speak to make. Yes I'd have a hard -- I wouldn't answer I just gave you quite as you did ask that now god bless their witness. He got a hold of you know I mean I applaud and compliment you wouldn't do -- all. What do you do that. -- -- he did he did. I don't -- her she was at now. But it but it is something will happen to him. Couldn't feature being implicated. That is a very interesting legal question. I gave it our catalog and I'll look you know. Okay it was at. Eric thank you. Yeah well. I guess that depends on -- -- does it fit all the elements of whatever statute applies to witness intimidation. That might be a tough case to make because it's not like she says. So and snow so and so is snitching on you. Do you want it taken care. She said so and so is stretching. I gotta tell ya I think a Smart defense attorney would. Win the win the case I do. Attic that would be almost laughed out of court. -- direct that to -- and Paul camber it would probably get that laughter and out of court but we're not talking about court here. We're talking about a teacher. Who was so negligent. Actually it negligent I don't even think is the word. So all over the line. Folks -- she deserved to be a teacher would you want her teaching your kids. First of all she allows kids to take phone calls it class second -- she's coached. She gives the name of a snitch. To a guy who is facing a murder charge. At a place at the folks. My world that is so far over the line she ought to Abby. Out of a job and I think you ought to be done -- jones' cellmate for a few years. 450 at -- news radio 9:38. -- you guys agree or disagree. 'cause I know there's more to this story does not come out by the way. It all three all 930. Start I'm thirty and 180616. WB EN. I've got the company. Quickie funny story got through a series of emails from a guy who's not supporting Tim Howard for reelection. And I sent him a copy. I still have a copy of that song were you born and a call. I set you know I what I know I prefaced it by saying look we're not gonna agree yeah there's but at least we -- -- -- over the saw. So. You like that. But he did say something that I think he's he said. For a guy who likes cops you sure hate cops. Now I will support the police in their enforcement of constitutional laws I will not support the police. When they enforce unconstitutional. -- office. I absolutely warmup which would you support the police if they were enforcing the fugitives is back now the law is not always right. And I'm sorry but you you have to pick and choose sometimes. As loads of is that might -- when your people in power who don't respect your rights. As a police officer I do not police were under any obligation to enforce. -- clear violation of people's rights as enumerated in spelled out in the Second Amendment. So. Do the do the job according to the constitution. Chances are I'll support. In force unconstitutional laws. -- well. OK let's say get back to the calls on WB -- a fun exchange we ended as friends I think there is rob in Pembroke on WB -- hi rob. -- So it's just carrier you -- employee with a hole -- center could achieve certain desolation of the information. Well the I guess the -- -- three teachers involved though one female one female one male and I think it's the male who also is an employee of the holdings -- -- and I hope sure powered if these charges can be proven true. Fires this guy. -- -- -- And I would think that that should be. I would think that that will be very easy to do if you got an employee holding center. Who is giving information to an inmate. That would be harmful to the case against the inmate that defeats the whole purpose of his even being an -- Do you use now aren't -- as well so you believe what ought to be -- what should happen to the teacher. Fired. Yeah because it broke well while Democrats. Or. Should count and sent me a monster that six and the murderer. Well at that point use a suspected murderer now here's a convicted murder. -- It's -- -- I mean why would you have been returned or somebody like oh wow that's going to school Russia strong. There's only one way have any contact with somebody like that it has nothing to do with being nice person. -- All right thank you very much here are right 8030930. Somethings happens. 330 start 930 and 180616. WB ZN I wonder. He has in the words about my favorite artists -- yours wonders. Here is JoAnne in Cheektowaga. -- -- -- -- -- OK can carry. Exactly speakerphone. Thing. We'll let the Taliban -- like I think she 200 central -- the -- should be fully get this circle. In the -- I look forward and I'm retired teacher from -- that essential. And I know two of the street people. Would you do if they worked with -- when he's doing a favor would you tell two with a three people but I think they are consummate a holes deserving of being fired. And I can't wait until they read that they've been fired. -- -- -- they should be fired based on who you know integration and it hurt so far. Don't about. But like I know -- the school district still can't follow the law they cannot immediately fired belongs and -- teachers. They get to go through -- -- under state education law 3028. And then it's a long crisis. Okay now I want to talk to further JoAnne because I'm not gonna go berserk on you you're not vote. A you're you're -- wanted to know who gave the guy information. I have to break for the news but after the news. I will also more time to spend together. The last snuggle time after the news overall I would bet all right on the news radio 930 WB --

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