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11-4 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Nov 4, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings unwashed masses I am now in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude at exactly three cookies of all mapped out. -- have something to say to me pretty damn sore and have something to say it am I am very basic let's get one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and wanna keep it that way you salon. I don't see what the problem is Thomas a wonderful man it's local. How -- the best men have a Tom Bauerle. He's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings it'll make you feel better news radio 930 WP GA and that's not -- voice plus. -- -- Like -- now police did spot. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB the end man you know I -- I collect those -- we expect I could definitely do without the the stomach stuff. On I don't where this happened somehow along the way picked up some kind of bug and usually just 24 hour that were made. But this has been kind of persistent and that it shows some signs of a bait and am. You know we'll -- usually I'm pretty masters and made it. But and abated but if it seems that this one news is is holding on holding. Me. There. So thanks to the bell -- and information for the final time. On Friday show from for from three until seven. Our clocks are all rights this is dumb thing to me outstanding. Anyway. I don't know if you guys have heard this or not that. I don't Tim -- has announced and I know -- it's a must ask the program director about this but. -- -- is no longer with us and that is no choice well it's no fault of -- David's. Daytime employer. -- told him he must give up the radio. All radio. Filling -- and even his full time show. Now I smell politics. I smell politics and that's all I'm gonna -- And if -- -- also -- usually that's the story. And I got a pretty good nose for these things. Now I. I really outraged right now and it's going to be very very hard for me to contain myself even talking about this because you've got. -- -- David Peltier is not the only hero from the war in Iraq David elevators never referred to himself as a hero. He is a Euro. He fought his ass off at Fallujah remember where they hung those and those guys from that bridge after beating him the death. Yeah that's where David Bell mobile went in and kick some serious past. And along with the guys with them some of whom were friends some of whom he lost. And the idea that a war hero is basically being silenced. Because of what I believed to be politics. Is. Really outrageous to me. And I know -- and if you wanna know the name. His employer and I think it would just be harmful to David. Right now. And possibly to me to give that name so -- won't let you -- than it. Because I've been I've been doing this way -- But all Wilson a news. Ice device and it's all politics in this in an attempt to muzzle. It's politics in this anyway I could be wrong highly unlikely that I could be wrong. But David -- -- in my opinion. The first I heard him. On the radio sitting in for sandy beach. I was taking a vacation -- And I said to myself this guy is. This guy has. This guy has the potential to be a star in the talk radio business. You might bet on the kind of guy who would say all about it he can be a star he can be a threat to Mike how. I don't view life that way because I want the best people on my team around. I like working with sandy beach because he is awesome I would I loved working with David because he is awesome. So I've never been intimidated or hollow or. Shall we say. Insecure. About my professional abilities because I know how good. And I know that sounds cocky but you know it just happens to be true. David -- -- at every potential to be even better than high. I expected David and up on Fox News I expected and end up with his own network show. But that is as of this point not going to happen. I'm a very good debt assessor of -- David -- -- could be a star in this business. He needed coaching absolutely. And IA helped them along at a I don't mind telling you that because we only coaching. Especially at the beginning it's not like there's a book you can read how to become a radio talk show host in five easy chapters. A lot of it is got a lot of reason to wish him. A lot of it is just being very very quick with a response and being actor with a response and David Bell Libya had net. And I'm so pissed off right now. That after originally. And this this is what I've hurt after originally giving his OK to David doing radio. And his daytime job. The employer. Pulled the -- And -- no I changed my mind you can't do radio anymore. Well folks there's only one reason people do. It's such an abrupt way. That's -- national politics. In an attempt to muzzle. And you know you might remember. -- our Barbara has vividly. When David was just starting out. And you're ever went -- that commie you know how these so called progressives have been after me. I'm not -- Google my name on the Internet and I can't believe what your whole life. According to the Internet. I'm the most vile disgusting piece of crap that has ever walked the face -- according to. You know used to bother me now I just don't give up. I almost said the bad word. I really don't because I know why am I noticed -- four to what I do I don't I don't do so it doesn't you know it doesn't bother. But. Ultimately. The liberal activists the progressive activists. Folks make no doubt about. They listen every single day they wait for me to say something that they can latch onto. And then immediately tweet it out across the country. That's what they do. What they want to do is to get me you know create such an outrage and national outrage over something I say that that ever come feels there's no other choice but to but the fire. Am -- there have been some people who have waged his personal Jihad against me which I really don't understand. I mean they have -- they have every right to do it too I'm a public figure -- as anything you want about. But I do tend to worry one that worry. Well maybe well not worry about myself but worry. When somebody anybody. Gets obsessed and engages in a personal Jihad. That's when I think it's a little bit freaky. But. They would love nothing better. Than for me to. Be fired drop dead or just be off the radio. And I said that once they do that. -- after sandy. And once they do it the sandy go after David. Here because there must not be any dissent from the progressive agenda. These people are bound and determined cold warriors except that there on the side out of the angels but other double. And socialism and communism. -- it like you're working out for. So. It's unfortunate that they hit squad got David first. I guess they won the pole there read. They would perceive as a weed before had a chance to work to blossom. By eight. I can only imagine putting some kind of pressure. On David's employer I don't I don't. I'm not gonna tell you anymore. I don't want to because I really don't wanna get David in a jail but I hope that somebody listening. Somebody listening in the private sector. Will contact ability -- with a six figure job offer. David is a lot of skills. I hope that you offered David a six figure job. He will be an outstanding person for your company. And you have to -- radio. I know that that's a tall order but somewhere in my audience there must be a patriot. Who is wealthy. Who has an opening for guy of character like David -- levee. You can contact him directly. Where you can email me. Because I don't like this one bit we'd love to have David Beck. I want David -- David and I have become very close I mean we're everything lovers. -- that came out wrong now we're lovers but anyway. Joseph anymore -- just like totally unplugged by at all playing like about yeah okay what are now but David is. -- -- And -- heritage is beyond my knees here all the long -- But it's very rear that I take somebody undermine winning. And -- is up and there are some people have taken under my wing liberal big time. I told her story many years ago and I won't name this radio personality who still on the here and an FM station. Was very this consulate over the way his career was going. And then we met at Colter bay. Along with a radio producer. And I gave the pep talk Richard up. And today. This person and his partner you know grapes at all I mean things about. And this is somebody -- helped in the early part of his career. There was huge yard catch. -- talk under my -- as a buffalo. Who ended up leaving the radio station where I work and going down the KB and then. Doing the ultimate unforgivable CN radio talking about my personal life when I was going through my divorce. You don't do that that is like one of the most you know there are certain rules and that's one. Mean that's akin to a NHL player who's got somebody down who keeps on punching. It's against everything we're supposed to do. It just it in the profession. Highly unethical and discussed. And at the last I heard JR was deliberate well and I honestly I don't care he can drop dead tomorrow for all like your. -- and his wife. I don't care these people used to be my friends and and boy did they plunged the dagger in my back. Mean what I'm saying here is it's very rare now for me to take anybody under my wing because I just and -- every previous time. It's ended up with me helping somebody aunt my great reward was to be -- in the -- Not that there's anything wrong with -- without -- one. Bomb. David LV is an exception. Our Rachel Kingston was an exception. I saw Rachel's talent immediately. Just like -- master huskies' talent now prime minister -- -- I don't think is gonna be here very long because he is so good at what he guts. This young man has. Learned his craft so quickly. And with such diligence it's an honor and a pleasure to work with him he's problem prime mister -- Islam. Anyway. I did the same thing and Rachel had the talent and I didn't do anything to get Rachel are now. I just help them focus -- a little bit and look where she is now -- jail for doing a great job. So. She was an exception and David. Is. Is an exception. And if anybody I've ever tried to take under my wing. Because believe it or not David respects me and thinks -- the greatest thing since sliced ready before new. Believe it or not. I the thing that David is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. He has more character. More courage more honesty. He is he's kind of like me. Well now now he gets -- -- -- and again folks I wish I could stop talking about this but I'm very upset. I'm very upset that. Essentially he's being muzzled. That's why I'm asking if anybody out there in the private sector. It can't be a political -- Anybody out there in the private sector if you can hooked it up with a six figure job and let him do radio. I think we might be able to get him back. A corporately get a better. Com. We are again folks we we just love him -- the official statement from. The radio station. David -- -- Is announcing his necessity. To end his show with WB -- David's full time employer after first agreeing to allow him to do -- show full time. Had a change of heart and he will no longer be allowed on the year as a regular or fill -- host. David has developed great following in buffalo western new York and among WB Ian listeners and will be greatly missed on the year. -- -- the treatment for Fallujah hero is -- -- -- And I am I'm outraged by -- any -- I'll probably put him in a jam. And I don't wanna put him in a gym. At least until another job comes along me. Anyway. That was not -- good start to my -- -- -- -- -- I mean I knew what was happening. I have I've talked to David a lot we've been texting a lot. I know that the is just. Probably more depressed than I've ever -- than I've ever heard. Because radio NB a radio talk show host and going forward with a career in media that which is so talented. That was his -- That was his injury. And you know ten to one is not gonna be a big paying job never has been. Just so you know. But it's just. It's -- It's -- -- And I'd better stop here talking about it because the more I think about it the more I can hear my heart just got a pounding pounding pounding pounding. All I can say is David -- -- I love you. I love you as a man. I love it was a friend. I'd love user radio talent. I love you as a human being. I love you as a war hero. I love your character I love your honesty. I love your family. And all I can say David is better days ahead. Better days ahead and -- agenda. It is coming up on 324. Just ahead you'll never guess what movie is over two hours long and nobody in a -- -- got up Pete. Wait until Buffalo's early news with John -- Susan -- in the entire WV EN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WB yeah. Fred -- -- double. Well it used to be by double that I lost the way now Brad Pitt wants to be me is just it's just frightening or or or is it David spray. -- now or is that Jack Black I hope not anyway it's at 334. Bad news radio 930 WB Ian if hourly work yes I am the best looking guy on the radio in buffalo like I know that I accept that. And you know -- -- I'm just not cocky about it. It's just one of those things you know it's -- genetics taken good care of myself and all that kind of stuff. You know. Does anybody who watch your predator on MSNBC the catch a predator the show after predator was that -- locked up. And they had this guy. Who I. I believe this guy was like seventy or 75 years old and then they announced that it was 48. I would lose and it. Father he was 48. On believable and there was some question as to whether he was -- lingering were making up by his mental deficits. In order to take a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity or make that affects. Which ship by the way -- rarely works 335. At news radio 930 WB EM okay folks. I'm trying to figure something out because I am member. In fact I think it was. In. It was -- It was right after the SP CA serving Erie county got all those cats from that shelter in Wyoming county. And we did the adopt a bomb special and we found Holmes for all of the adopt the -- caps which I thought is one of the most amazing things ever except I had to leave the show because stomach bug. At the live broadcast which was released. That was highly unfortunate. But anyway I'm Robert -- to show that about movies we're trying to do a show about movies and it was like nobody cared. Seriously it was like I was talking to myself about movies. And maybe it was just a bad time for the old days maybe there just wasn't anything out there of interest at our core audience and I was speaking to the -- it. But. I have to tell -- I enjoy going to see movies not every movie science fiction does not do -- for. Now just doesn't. Up blood and guts horror doesn't do it for. I like. I like -- ago. I loved Saving Private Ryan. Here's a movie that has been released recently I heard sandy beach talking about it unhinged. And usually steady and I think a lot of light. Am I heard him raving about this movie. Now wanna tell you this movie. Runs. Just over two hours. The theater the regal transit. Was absolutely. Well that absolutely packed it was very full it was more full. Than I have ever seen for -- So. During the course of this movie. Would you believe not one person. And I watched. Another quarter in my eyes not one that person got up four -- -- Or a bathroom break during the entire. Movie. Now you think about temperament. What does that tell you tells me the movie was so -- And so riveting and so characteristic. That nobody wanted to miss a second up. And the movie. Features a guy who has kind of become one of my favorite actors ever -- The movie is captain Phillips. And folks it's a movie it's not a documentary. Not everything in the movie is true its -- that documentary it's based on real events but it's a movie. Captain Phillips is the story. Do you remember when those. Somali pirates captured the -- Alabama. Our Navy SEALs fired simultaneous shots and killed three of the pirates and left captain Phillips unscathed. Remember that. Now interestingly enough that what went well so Obama knew everything about that in fact I think our President Obama actually said they flew him. To the Bainbridge. Which was the ship that was sent from early to assess. I'm pretty sure that Obama himself was one of the sharpshooters because that went well everything else he doesn't know doesn't know. Richard about anything else but boy he knew about this one. You know this one from start to question you know it would have been quick to point out that he gave the order. Everything else he's just a complete dumb ass about that one well well well he took credit. That I just giveaway the ending book I. Folks. Everybody knows the ending. I knew I knew the ending. It doesn't matter. It really doesn't I knew the ending folks this is a captain Phillips is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Very rarely do like give a movie four out of four stars. Captain Phillips. Don't just take my word for US all the full bladders that -- new. Body. And there were little tricks that I didn't know about when they were filming the movie for example. The guy who played the lead pirate. And comics the captain captain Phillips before filming started today did not know they'd ever met. -- Kevin's -- was Kevin's bases IDs is involved highly in this movie. Total -- are right and I'm sure all of these people are total liberals and I I putted very hard to talk about Hollywood stuff. Without getting some sense of outrage about the politics but. At least Tom Hanks began. The celebration of World War II vets with Saving Private Ryan so I got a kind of a little bit more slack. But in any event. Well our generation's appreciation. But in any event they capped the pirates and Tom Hanks separate the first time they met each other was on -- That's the first time that's it. Absolutely brilliant. So anyway folks. It is very -- year. Very rare that I would give a movie four out of four stars captain Phillips burns each and every one of those stars. Even know the ending of the movie. Even knowing it was because it was based on the story of the -- Alabama. Even know that he survives. It was. On the -- leave probably grip. Well yeah I'm giving it away just like -- ago I mean everybody knew -- mean that's -- I mean there's some movies you just don't spoil this is not one of them because it's based on a true story and you know it's gonna. But folks. I cannot say enough good things about this movie. Tom Hanks. Put on a clinic. When it comes to acting. An absolute clinic. And I compare his work. In his recent movies well Saving Private Ryan and I remember it was recent and captain Phillips. And he's got some bombs a long ways and dogs. But what he does in captain Phillips is. It's beyond unreal truly -- You wanna talk about a guy totally getting into his role. He. And absolutely brilliant performance by Tom Hanks and everybody around. Meet the pirates were great -- well I don't know their names offhand. But they were for little. So what anyway captain Phillips definitely four out of four stars it will grip you it will hurt your Blatter because you're not gonna wanna get a set -- 343. At that news radio 930 WB yen. Now we have a lot more coming up folks including. The recording it's gonna wanna -- listening because -- member of the Cheektowaga teachers. Who we're talking to work in murder suspect. We've got the audio we're trying to get the F bombs out don't go anywhere on WB Ian. I'll baby I just edit this to my FaceBook page allowing just have to pace -- like -- We've ever eat paste as a kid can IE I never quite understood that I have to tell you. That always grossed me out eating paste into. These kids what it's about been Obama camp. -- elementary and there was little business Eggleston mrs. pickles that was a fixture -- elementary. She was the queen of the kitchen she was the nicest lady. In the whole wide world. And I can't use the complaint about a foot in the kaput or. -- East Coast sets. Our event. Now of course these days they probably make the kids bring in thirty -- of pace so the kids who can't afford to give her free based subsidy. So anyway this just given from on my friends its scope the shooters committee on political education. And I put it up on my FaceBook page which is Tom dot Bauerle. And I you'll see my professional page that's the one where you want ago. Earlier today we told you about a planned protest involving equal wall -- fund raiser in buffalo. Earlier today shortly after our alert. A message was sent from Cuomo's campaign. And it said the following. So let's just get the strike Cuomo says he's coming to buffalo to raise funds so scope. Puts out a release saying we're gonna protest within moments of that Cuomo fund -- announcement. And -- scope. Announcement of protest Cuomo decides to reschedule. And here's what -- Cuomo's. -- says Jerry -- them. Now the up here is that a statement from cool mobile friends. An overwhelming response. For this Wednesday's event. We've decided to rescheduled. To November 19. At a venue that can better accommodate the group. We will have more details for you in the coming days thank you again for your support we apologize for the inconvenience. And we look forward to seeing you on November 19. Now the venue plan was Templeton landing which is a pretty big gap that's a pretty big venue what are we gonna do rent the arena. So according to the campaign people. Andrew Cuomo must have any large gathering of people waited to give them at least 1000 dollars just for the opportunity to shake his hand. Overwhelming response. Or could it be that almost team is trying to prevent him from seeing hundreds. Of repeal say effect signs. So anyway. The scope of people. May have influenced the Cuomo people to stay out of Templeton landing not what you think about something Templeton landing. There is that ample parking around for protesters very close to Templeton land. Ample protest. And they wouldn't have to go -- to the Templeton landing parking lot. -- -- -- -- And it is limited access it's not like -- all you know could choose a number of different routes to get here. Mean they basically champion and one way dead and store. -- The venue given the hundreds of protesters who would have shown up. I don't think it has anything to do with all we are expecting too many people. I'd like to know from the Cuomo people exactly how many people had reservations. How many people actually set -- thousand dollars and why they had actually over. -- You keep on going after this guy this man Governor Cuomo is absolutely. Not right in the head. He is not on talent that he or something wrong with the guys are real good it's not that kind of stuff he right. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. Blue man. His ball club. A year there's the voice or rationality for you -- what -- the skull people. And also I want to keep the pressure up on Andrew Cuomo. And one of the ways you can do that by the way. And I'm going to up my political endorsement of the awful news and it's OK and I I am heartily. Endorsing Tim Howard -- sheriff of Erie county over Burke Don and Dick Dobson and the reason is very very simple. Folks -- -- quarter. And I easily could be but I chose this life. I have no complaints actually go to law school because I want to just an -- -- that are backed Colombian attorney but anyway. Does that not make sense going through three years of hell just have a degree. Someday. Anyway. Constitutional. Rights. Are separates. Constitutional. Rights you understand what are right use correct. It right. Cannot be screwed with our right is a right is a right. And the New York so called safe -- Destroys. A right. Which is guarantees. By the by the United States constitution in the Second Amendment. But it is also guaranteed. Under the New York State civil rights law. And this man Andrew Cuomo. Using -- shooting in Connecticut. To advance his political agenda. I find that absolutely. Nauseating and the way in which he did it. A message of necessity. Was such a lie. So egregiously. Specious. I don't even have the words. Addicts and egregiously. Never I don't even have the words to describe my feelings towards Governor Cuomo and my thoughts as well -- Governor Cuomo. And Tim Howard. Gets the current sheriff of Erie county understands. That he Wright is a right is a right. He is promised not to enforce NYC. He thinks it is unconstitutional. And that to do so would be a violation of his oath to the constitution. Tim Howard has balls. Balls of steel. Yeah I've seen them personally but assuming. And the other two guys say they will enforce the say effect. And unconstitutional law Tim Howard is on the side of the constitution the other two are not Tim Howard my wholehearted endorsement. My name is mark and I am asking for your vote for Amherst supervisor as a council member and former deputy supervisor I have been a leader on the town board and reducing your taxes as your supervisor I will continue to cut taxes Amherst residents had overpaid their taxes and deserve a tax cuts. The man a plan includes a 3% tax cut in my first budget. It's your money that belongs in your pocket not my opponents. Voting marked man for him or supervise and residents plenty Smart growth and development future. As supervisor I will not allow any development that has a negative impact on neighborhood six story hotels do not belong residents' backyards and they don't deserved millions of dollars in tax breaks. Meanwhile we are seeing more vacant buildings in our town the -- -- plan for Smart growth will make a redevelopment a reality. And I will successfully manage our new commercial growth. So what sustains us for decades to come. Voting marked man for me and her supervisor means a low -- -- any Smart growth development future -- residents deserve it paid for by friends of -- man. A coming up but tapes of the action toward a teacher and a murder suspect you gonna wanna hear those. In its hourly and fall and winter especially tough times for your floors so much mud so much -- so much salt. Drag and your all every single day and you realize your home -- more than a great vacuum. You want a great carpet shampoo were to no need to spend a fortune every few months in a professional carpet service went. You can get a quality carpet shampoo were from -- next to last for years and years and years because. -- in Tom prozac he tests all cleaners vacuums and shampoo -- for performance and durability it's easy to get fooled by the latest packaging and claims -- Tom Rose that grew up in the business so he knows his stuff he knows value and he knows crap. He knows what is genuine value. As opposed to perceived value so get ready for winter with your carpet shampoo were from rose -- Sheridan and sweet home closet Amherst or southwestern and McKinley across from monro -- in here.

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