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Nov 1, 2013|

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We're halfway there is Tom Farley -- on the ability of -- mr. Tom Bauerle. And you can give us a call and be a part of the program 8030930. Start 930. 10616. WB and were talking about well we give you updates on the the TSA officer was killed me the LA shooting. And him as anything happens in that story whether it's national. CBS affiliate press conferences will break away and get you all the latest information on that story. But about today was the day. That 47 million Americans. Were faced with the a -- In there -- food stamps. And under the program. Which is formally known. As snapped which it stands for supplemental nutritional assistance program. Family for I usually -- 668. Dollars per month in benefits. But that amount as of today will be cut. By 36 dollars. 36. Dollars. And this is. They're saying that according to USA today the cutbacks amount for the loss of 21 meals a month for a family of 421. Meals a month. 36 dollars equals 21 meals a month well if you did that math that would mean that so I did that. Why I decided to -- So here's what 36 dollars if you had coupons right if you went your local store this is what you may have to look -- -- 36 dollars a month works out to be roughly 33 cents a meal. If the cheapest meal of the day is breakfast. That's according to restaurant dot com the cheapest meal that for most Americans is breakfast at home. The trick is out if you -- oats and raisins and bananas. You're looking at twelve cents a -- Milk or story. Is about twenty cents a serving. A Lipton Tea bag. Cost two cents per bag. And if -- run out of oatmeal packets. You could run fifteen cents -- this is according to. How to live comfortably and 36 dollars a month for food on -- ground troops regularly website. With a guy has taken 36 dollars a month and lives out. And this is what -- dot. A three egg omelet and aged nine cents an -- Okay. An English muffins he buys them for dollar pack of eight on Sundays so he gets stale bread basically. He -- day old bread -- bagels. And he gets his legs and they're not especially not degrading once they're like that will be an egg. Basket in the world. His -- averages he goes with PB and 25 cents per -- bmg sandwich. He also throws a banana in there which is roughly ten cents a banana. And his leftovers for dinner. He also used as an option and finds that he saves an average of eighteen dollars a month. By eating leftovers even if he's not going the PP injuries and we -- You can't happen that often saved the next I'd show up to the point would -- -- -- He had the job -- oblivion I'm 36 -- that you -- they would do an approved law. He is doing for applaud but the point I'm making it you want me I'm supposed to run the streets over 36 dollars a month. We have a 108. Million people on welfare in America. And they are one million Americans in the work force. If you think the entitlements. We're gonna have to cut across the board different education. What. It is impossible to pay the debt that we have the day. We have to stop living this ridiculous statement. This is our children's problem it's not our children's problem. This is not our children problem it's not even your children problem. This is our great great children's problem. Impossible. To pay back twenty trillion dollars which by the way. We now know that seventeen trillion that we have on the books. What about all the trillions of dollars that are on the books. What about all these other things aren't going to our debt that we're still on the hook for. -- so everyone outraged at 47 million Americans. Are gaining a fairly 14600. Dollars a month for their food and they -- 36 dollars. And here we have a guy who lives on 36 dollars a month. I don't I don't get it. John you're a WB and your buffalo I don't job. You didn't you as well there are -- 408 million Americans are on welfare. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right let let me look it -- I'll give -- the actual source that we can look at them together for you by computer. And I were you by computer. I don't know what you've got that I think by computer. Right now are you by -- -- I'm not okay. I don't there's a delay if it adds one to make sure that we can look at 208. Million Americans while. Put in the Google. Right is still women. We are well obviously. -- look -- -- so we can confirm this together. -- well. -- The number of magnitude the hole I thought on. I -- you give me your stats are. I don't campus apple wanted to -- environmental -- And some sort of entitlement and some sort of a time to. Check. Their. Organ. We're talking this is actually from. The daily costs which is probably wouldn't take you frequent. We have welfare vs full time jobs and source is the census bureau of 2011. People with a full time job people in the workforce are hundred at one point seven million. As of 2011 from the Census Bureau people on welfare and last week its definition of that a hundred in eight point six million people so. Welfare doesn't want it you. If you want to call Social Security welfare. Dawn I'm not client I've seen people on welfare this is from the census bureau's account table to participation that means tested programs. Which include. Tom on the among among people household of one or more receiving benefits in the fourth quarter of 2011. But -- people individuals who did not themselves receive government benefits that includes the workforce and table to. On the other hand people with a full time job. Included individuals who worked not individuals residing in a household where at least one person works. A lot of people who work full trying to get -- I guess -- served in the military equipment and I believe 900000. Of them will have to be seeing your food and cut 900 former military families. -- and former current because we also get basic housing allowance and food my. I believe -- -- formal military 900000. Then the military members of the group have their food and. 36 dollars for a family of four that's 36 dollars for a family for the we're not talking about -- at 60% -- cut its seventy. It's not an op idea I know that that's what you know I don't you're pitching to congress Republican and conservatives or Tea Party. Only one in five Americans actually still has the net -- call themselves the Republican restated bottom. But I'm I'm actually when those guys are afraid of Collison made the -- call me and accurate you know I told myself well I'm a statistic reading American and I don't understand where you don't understand that that. Bureau sent -- -- -- three American -- on well they're using. Hated the table where it's coming from it's a centrist a -- account able to -- just read view. The scientific method of where this came from a describe. -- was included in the welfare people. You sit back -- what sort of the. You are okay but let's get to that let's get to the actual common denominator of what this argument is are you saying that it is a healthy economy. 170. People are dependent on something that a 101. -- And Social Security benefit. And it looked at forty publicly. So we have come so let's take you know -- -- let's say that -- 108 million Americans council's security. Which records which -- -- let's say a 108 million people -- security do you not yet but do you not only is that not is that not sustainable. Power of hundred -- so is that it's not is that a problem. Is that a problem the problem. It's a problem. It's -- play in a hundred million people that don't. I'm so. Sorry but I hope we -- -- popular programming note George Bush tried to hide how we can fix. Albany right now so. Bonds is arguably legally the problems are now just at. Are you going to we were other problems besides the fact that we were gonna go broken -- we people are gonna go start in the streets and will be food riots and every -- taught -- that you read from MSNBC. Here's here's what you're gonna say. Yeah. I'm saying that if you don't address the problem -- buffalo. Then the problem is that you what else you gonna cut let's just -- paramilitary budget. You still are going to meet the need of a 108 point six million people. Don't. Think that this counter yeah if you wanted to leave if you want to -- if you want to. It now disparate elements like if you wanna believe I don't wanna cut you off as everybody else -- If I got a hole punched a hole on a hole I got to do trapped with a back. They have right now -- of the 108 million people in the United States in the fourth quarter that there according to Census Bureau. There are a 101. Point 716 I read that the people working twenty million Americans. Are on supplemental security in crop income okay. 23 million American on the William apparently in the women in the wick program to get 23 million on -- -- program twenty million supplemental security income. Thirteen million public subsidized rental housing. Five point eight million in the temporary assistance for needy families program. And that he equates to a 108 million because you -- to have to put the 82 point five million people in households receiving Medicaid as well. So what I'm telling you was it a 108 point six people per million. -- -- -- -- 101 million people are putting into and by the way our tax revenue two point 72 trillion. The largest it's been in in the history of our country -- -- -- -- -- -- and well we still are gonna meet the needs of 100 million. But also part of another big thing patent that corporate taxes are at their lowest -- didn't like -- I originally -- don't pay any tax. Well which is a -- -- here and you know and -- Google that's over there in the Bahamas again. Other people hide their money and other and other places well but here's the problem John. The problem is is that it has to be addressed. I mean we can kick the can down the road all we want but we have to stop Libby -- -- that this is about our kids because our kids occupied. We should stop the -- in of people lining the elderly and children. At. The -- in the country in the world and we're gonna solve our financial problems. Completely. Pretty children and old people and that's a big part electric. You know people elected Republican in Iraq and a big part of the problem -- And you know all birdies answer I'm not -- A -- you certainly point they're -- your important people. I'm not blaming you honorably and anyone and I'm hoping it wouldn't listen all I'm saying I don't hate poor people in children and elderly people. I'm saying that it is a system that's broken we can debate all we -- why the boat is sinking. The bonuses to. I mean if you wanna say which person that we throw off the vote first. That's an argument after the ball stopped sinking after we we fix that the problem. But a hundred people. Have to be sustained a 101 million people that are out there in the work. She later I mean. The Democrats -- just take over complete control the government could that the people that are being angry about by propaganda stations like Fox News. That they vote against their own interest -- a lot of these poor. Especially southern people. Quickly moving along like on the symbols. Ideology and a lot. The bridge John this time -- yeah. -- party John. We're the number one. The number one source of revenue for MSNBC which propagate the left is what. It's General Electric the one that doesn't pay any taxes. -- -- I was at the end of the dark side -- back in politics. Inside is perfect -- -- an American problem. At least. Pretend they're trying to help people. I don't know. If you -- -- little incident at the retirement anymore and it. Well we'll see you in 2040 John I got to go to break but I appreciate your call will see you vote for 2014 my argument do you though is that you can't make you can't state. That that this is you know you hate poor people UA elderly people on the stupid people in the south to keep voting for Republicans who look. Blame whoever you want to blame at the end of the day a hundred neighbors the hundred you can't sustain it. And -- it at the cut is only 36 dollars a month. That's -- much better than what it's going to be in ten years. Ten years cannot have any food stamps. You'll get 70% reduction that you don't have the money to bring him. Anyway we're gonna go to corporate forget your calls as opposed his blue it'll 30930 Stalin and 310616. WB yen. I'm David -- will be in for Tom -- be back this quick break. Only left you last we're talking about the increase. It is up as a 5% reduction in food stamps as of today. I hear news. The reality of what the military is getting a pay -- the military is going up 1%. Social Security cost of living allowance is going up one point 5%. And food stamps. Is been reduced by 5%. Agree with that disagree with that whatever you -- say. Our corporate taxes are the highest in the world. The G-7. Average corporate affecting corporate effective tax rate. In 2011. Was seventeen point 9%. The United States is at 2627. Point 6%. As the corporate affected average tax rate in the United States in 2011. Not 12201127. Point six the average G-7 seventy point nine. I mean what where where's the money gonna come from off the new government. What what are we gonna do oh stop talking about our kids having to deal with this it's not our kids unfortunately it's more than that. Let's go to the phone to talk to Kerry and if you carry go ahead under BBN. I'm David I want to congratulate you on having your shell. And I -- an Italian. And the -- -- the boy and the like you'll you can probably. -- who. -- about. The the couple that with the -- that can't speak. If you shop. In -- But didn't. Go to -- right. Do. About that money would. It work. What do we just offered like they do in the military a big truck that shows up and you get one of whatever you wanted to have a choice. And it's gonna get a food stamp and -- like like meat milk and he Brett and he achieved and this and that he ago. Go ahead help on Monday and picking up but the fact of the matter is I'm giving you -- a card and you're able to buy whatever you at least the chips are expensive. After Reynolds are expensive but don't tell me but what what -- we go to our bills that we look at what we can afford a lot of times we don't get twinkies for the kids. Because you can't afford them. Yeah can. You figure out and probably agree with what you're what you're and -- and when I would go but don't let go like thirty years ago we can't -- supported these bigotry keys in the army. And the blue and gold you'd get it it it can't you would be 100 well and then you can probably look at Prejean would not. Yeah well let them eat -- trying to get and -- I haven't -- up on the so while the other part of the world and the W why it's no wonder people think that we can't afford to conduct a public relations initiative but one. You can't always -- what exactly you know. You want to be able to the food and and don't you take a back. Screen shot -- -- just take off. Leftovers. And an eagle on -- -- how to cook definitely I would look you know it's a win at least three -- it's the reality. If people aboard our global commodity. Picture about them out of that picture it and the amount but it but it probably actually. You know MO I think -- and I appreciate your call thank you for your kind words. I would go to another call thank you carry you know -- things that what if what if welfare and would have food stamps. What do you had to go door to door and get someone to sign a document saying I need food stamps. Would you do it. -- that would be embarrassing would it. It would be embarrassing to -- food stamps. And now today we have a card we've been EDT card we try to make it so there's no shame -- -- you need. Help understand people -- -- -- -- -- about helping people but -- time when you help people and you're constantly helping them there's no incentive to not get the free help. There's going to senate for that -- essentially got -- -- and -- in the powdered milk and it was it wasn't that good but she means that your family -- and now she's in a. Issue where she can provide for yourself let's go to. George and gas for George. You're on WB yen. I think they can call some first thank you or your server version to be willing to. The previous caller John is beyond help so. I don't understand why. All along. And -- -- -- teenage girls. Don't spend 600 dollar a month I'm Grotrian in the lead very well we have meat at every meal. Our group that bowl. What we don't -- out our particular trip. I felt like -- -- Cooper. We make our own apple hi I'm -- and by the complainant. Actor. About getting -- -- thirty dollars a month the conduct nearly four. I -- I think. I have no problem with the poor angle crumbled giving them food and money could buy crude have a problem with -- -- when they complain. It's not not. We cannot sustain it and it is if there's no solution to mean. The food stamps by the -- are coming from our farm bills are coming from the Department of Agriculture. When it was intended for. Everyone wants to complain to farmers about all you guys want more money you want more money a majority of that is sort of the food stamp program and seen that. You know if if we are going to look at what the problems that face our country today. We have to realize that if everyone is gonna take a cut everyone's got to take a cut and they're no more golden cats. But I -- Karen I am her stride WB and I do they care. -- and saint airborne and I would her car. I'll ignorant -- here because it is indeed the -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A little -- who you -- -- -- -- -- -- The eight year old Bradley eight -- I'm not. Odd and it -- it -- -- that. Old art opera. -- -- -- -- -- -- And even temperament and the road to meet our extra money. Until I kept on what Earl. I don't understand. That support it and make it that are. But I don't understand how a lot of people around. Old then shell owns an out and try to get acute anxiety. The parents. And that talent at the right. There -- that is called the American dream -- Most importantly can do what I appreciate your call cared. The most important thing you can do got to go to break but the most important thing you can do -- is is constantly repeat that story. Because you were on at rock bottom and you built yourself all the way up know what help she did yourself. And you did it with honors he did with distinction and now you're on your own two feet because of what you did for you. And that is a beautiful thing that's what America's all about we're gonna go to quick break we come back more than probably show -- -- of -- and for Tom -- news radio 930 WB yen. Welcome back we got to go back to the phones. 8030930. Start -- 310616. WB and appreciate your patience. Let's go to me a whole new thing Michelle Yeoh and a BBN. -- -- I mean I -- you make a comment and I totally agree that orbit eat out. Really it should be I talk about the -- at it like this circle. There are people that actually their way into nature hate but -- -- buy it you look at the inner city in order. -- fortunately. That's -- they know that other current output is -- -- -- out -- -- struggled. Some don't -- you know they their kids are. Whatever. Opt in to go to will sponsor back at. They're buying their aggression -- keeping it started going to the pressure starts they don't know how to actually they don't know how shall I don't know what -- -- They care -- It is back to -- -- of the sort cycle and talk about education maybe we need to go back and had our -- cracked it and go back to the big -- at the right. There's a lot of sense there and you know the thing that is interesting is that when people talk about well. You know your job -- social Security Council security's so important I completely agree Social Security has only got. Only received a one point 5% increase in the cost -- would all -- And and this president currently 20102011. RG percent increase. So I mean if the argument is going to be that all -- you wanna go after elderly people go after poor people. There have to be a solution. And would you give something for free and you're asking every American who's got a job out there to make sacrifices. For an economy that was supposed to be. Next eight years ago. And all these promises that were made and the only people sacrificing the people working. You have to look at these people's lives and 5%. It may be should be 20%. And this ridiculous. Everyone else is gonna have to sacrifice but the people aren't doing anything for what their game are complaining about a 5% cut. Make you think Michelle I appreciate your call. All right take care we're gonna plug Alan Harris for a quick in the traffic senator Allen. Let's go back to the phone's a quick and go to my own things. Are friends to the north of Toronto mostly white. David it's a great privilege to talk to your recruitment to -- what's on your mind. -- -- -- the doctor liquid milk chocolate and Jolie John I'm so infuriated. All of the love you already. People who. If it's inconvenient truth that the -- you know what that. Bill or ideology. And demolished. -- -- -- -- I felt like a little at the lady Michelle. I have only let slip another good place to cry and I look sellout I think that they'll go to some. -- how. -- but it only for a short life. I will look. And that look so I'll go have a job I could get. Make -- that. Not going to be called a -- What -- -- people that I didn't. They try so hard. They're a little respect I yelled from people like John is that people were really big help. Yeah you could come up and let the bush tries. People like this would just would not listen to what I have to say it's sort infuriated the -- destroy American legislation to. -- most like from the so than any better and I really appreciate you sharing your your life experience because it really comes down to if you know it's it's not easy. Life is not easy and there are times that we struggle and it's a beautiful thing when someone's help. And time. You work -- you're now in a position where you're helping other people your tax dollars go to help other people. But what is happening and that person was just you know -- the host and that. And the amoeba that -- to steal second off all of the benefits and has no intention ever contribute back. It's gonna kill us and it's going to be the point where you know most of our debt right now is our number one national security problem. Because we. Any given moment our military ability to defend ourselves all that can be -- If we don't have the ability to put people on the field if we don't have the ability for Americans in north Americans to actually pay what we -- And and that is what is is threatening our culture. And maybe I'm just add to that look. I think that it that the government because a lot of -- there -- you have been shot and -- -- -- little -- -- and -- Something a bit old guy I don't understand and if you go to our job and let him I could get into the and allegedly took the war. -- sort I'd look at him. We have troops there -- political throughout the political blog -- and expect that with us. -- Absolutely well said that is so true statistically. It is the left leaning. Ideology that gives the least amount of money because they believe it's the government's responsibility. To take care of people less fortunate while churches and conservative groups say you know what. Ominous title little bit of money I'm gonna give you a little bit of -- handout the Rosie O'Donnell's of the world these celebrities they're not doing. If I pay my taxes that's my contribution might accidentally. Paid eight gold. Good and I'm in a different culture and -- It made about a good you know. Intel was so -- whether we're Baldwin reports that Moses thank you so very much appreciate it. -- -- -- -- All right let's go well let's see -- back to the phones pain and let's go to Katherine. Katherine in Grand Island EU are I'm -- yen. I -- content something really I'm very concerned about which. Just found out about it this week at home when you're sixty chill and you can help yourself security. We knew then turned sixty kind. The full security administration without getting your commission. Or are. -- nationalist that you he has stand thank you look dramatic here and taking money happier chuck. And -- found out about this from the lady who. Which didn't sit under -- month. And found out after about three months to issue an indication that they had taken 200 a month out of personal security check. With a stranger I didn't know I look turnout to -- from the -- Calder. -- I don't ever look what you said Medicare correct. Medicare they're taking money at 65 without you and you don't even have you don't give permission they just pull out. Just pull out they felt that they find new life into currency. Certainly hope then taken out of tires back and I just turned sixty I don't know and hit you can hear from and he's very good. He -- to get that he came back down at a computer in fact I can't believe that it could take it like a 130 dollars. That your check every month. In April. But I'm going to full security to -- any final and we're just wouldn't be if I get hurt this lady. I felt securities -- Bush felt kind of frightening to me -- -- -- to -- calm my daughter in the offer. And. He kept I got to take a break but he got hold or are out watches daily for this breaks and -- -- this story thank you so much for colony and we're gonna be right back after this quick break from our sponsors and -- -- the news. I'm Tom -- -- program on its ability -- in.