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11-1 David Bellavia Hour 2

Nov 1, 2013|

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So have you been there's a lot of political ads that are hitting us all over. The place. It's political season you know we -- the election coming up and talk about politics. One of the things though that I've been following is if you know the name rob Ford you don't rob Ford is he's the throttle me here our neighbors to the north. There was a scandal a couple of months ago he was basically accused of smoking crack. He was accused of smoking crack and just recently. You know and I am following this because it we we had Marion Barry. And he admitted to videotape and so the Toronto mayor. Denied denied denied it but he has really come clean and told us what exactly the story behind. The alleged. Crack cocaine smoking. And I was sent this video in my email this really opened his press conference last week so please report. -- don't want they take this opportunity. To address a number of issues that are circulated. In the -- I -- that I. A -- -- that -- crackle and opens it you. Crack cocaine every day. And it business as usual. I've seen a ball for the -- week. On the advice -- my solicitor. It's. Not that you've -- complete. This presently has not been any one without. Any crack -- The well. It. What is going -- -- Using any game. Faculty enough and I won't continued. To do. They're great people to be elected if you. Are not let's invest and crack cocaine. Everything they -- on the Internet any job -- go for the gonna Google you're -- want your FaceBook page. These can -- you I've got three kids myself and you know it's funny that when we look at. The way we go after politicians now for the things they've done in the past on the record but I think every young person now is almost disqualified for being president. You know I mean like it's going to be really really hard to see what what standard we have what we look at our elected officials in the next thirty years because so many of these kids. -- they're young and they make mistakes and it can and -- part in them and it's really tragic things. That's totally totally different way of growing up now they have relationships by texting. When we actually had to pick up the phone and yeah. Call but he. Actually had to have a personality exactly but I just want to get great to have you on the local airwaves here. So much we love you we're going to be -- channel two tonight. I think you've got. Well it's lost. Channel two news everything in the world the red jackets and everything. Like went on revenge porn -- -- is really -- like you know protector cute thing. Sometimes. Talk in reduce -- Boom right back -- -- emails now listen. The -- four in case you thought that was real. May have been edited want to listen to it again. -- I love you Wilma in Williams bill will. Well what that was that was that may have been edited video minute. -- -- -- -- We -- time there you know what that you'll be -- way. To master control. And I totally taken. And it's like if that you know ground control the major town. And Chelsea taking your calls. Each LT appreciate how you're calling -- An eventful -- I wanted to Astoria there's just. What the name -- in and adoption court judge dressed up as fairy godmother. And proceeded to hold court as a fairy godmother -- character Halloween. She encouraged people to. Also the kids to dress well but you know it. I'd go to court and use the judge in character. And grant your wish in adopted -- -- You get a lot of the a lot of feedback. Very professional. Judge. To sit on the bench dressed as fairy godmother. You know I could have been worse like she could have gone like Miley Cyrus -- -- of torque on the bench that horrible. It would Medicare well the -- you know she was just trying to these kids. She argued she wasn't doing anything negative she she's like you know found guilty. To homicide you know it was much. Do anything negative she doing positive things you're trying to -- -- adopted. In an orphanage in the case. Such as -- try and make it special for. Her intent was Wheldon met well meaning however. It just didn't play well TV she. -- we think outside the box you can. You run that your -- to run for trouble. You know he's got to keep in Italy. -- -- -- Traffic and weather on the titans. We'll have here's -- -- you're right drive home is going to be an outside on the wings or really bad it's about two tractor trailers to. Like -- trouble. High profile vehicles that strong wind gusts up to sixty. Most trusted pulled over you know problems. This is true but at this time -- got a limited amount of time via the -- GO. Have a car to -- -- -- A shield in the truck drivers are calling all the time and there are some balls informed. Pro constitution people you know. -- its top form because we are supposed to. Talk profile vehicles in trouble. Check this out this is crazy when you Philip -- like Tom -- got to bring your a game. You talk about a guy who's been in broadcast the 35 years you talk about the king of buffalo here when it comes to the radio right -- about lead to kick. They rule this is what they do they get the number -- listeners to would you -- you've got to come come strong you came to show while. So here's the deal I went when when I got the show with WB yen the people vote that the management here -- kind enough to give me my own news department. And no offense to top pocket -- Tom Connolly Brian as a rock. But my news department these guys are young they're hungry rabbit so what I did is I sent them on a story that no one else is covering. Those -- don't show the famous prognosticators. It turns out the -- for -- had family in America this is no joke he'd fit in America. And what -- family members was actually in the American civil war. And so what I did is I found these letters tell them in my hand. And actually did a dramatic reading of letters from the American lineage. Of most of -- I'd like -- -- before -- in the of the thirteen. Keeps him. My dearest look Julie my heart. War has created the distance that separates Tuesday. But I -- our hearts remain on father's -- which. I always thought that instance I trust and paraded through dry -- by this time and we could go to vote as refreshes slam but the rain water and so this. I also -- they were fevers fast. I will continue to press as many professionals. As my -- crooks. My voice is telling me that you need to stop drinking from the horses standing water on the fifteenth to the eighteenth of December. And it would be best to keep the respectful distance from gunfire on the dates of the thirteenth and twentieth. And the 22 through the thirtieth of December January. And -- I determined to see you when this horrible conflict is ended and I continue to pray. -- your luck to all the movement by that time. Also tell your mother that I foresee her being kicked to serious injury but the -- occurred during a largesse and shoulder. He will tell her that PS swallowed her brother Jesse slow down. This may or may not be true. It reminds her that demand will pick her. Always. Douglas. 113 company commander. That just gives me goof offs you know what you breaking news when you have a story and it's riveting. Absolutely do is reduce its gonna take a break we come back we'll have more. Breaking news stories we're going to be talking about what aspect of security at airports gives you. A little bit of nervousness and I'm David Brody from mr. -- and be back at this quick break. Yeah. Well it didn't take very long we already have conflicting reports about the -- shooting. ABC is pulling back. Their confirmation that the shooter is dead they say they have complete. Can be conflicting reports. That the shooter is in critical condition and is not dead. This of course goes against what CBS Fox News and the LA times are all reporting. Right now is. As you hear this ABC has pulled back their confirmation how you pull back confirmation when you confirm something mean it's true it's true. It. You can't pull back confirmation you can be a -- to report. Allegedly. This happened but it turned out it didn't happen. Can't you can't pull back from the confirmed because that would mean you didn't confirm. -- anyway. ABC's saying that they of conflicting reports the shooter. Is they have come conflicting reports on the status of the shooter ABC says they cannot confirm the shooters dead. And CBS LA times are all saying that the shooter is dead what we do know is this one TSA officer. Who went to work today. Who. His job is to make sure our travel is safe and nothing happens when it comes to a terrorist attack. This man. Serving his country. Was killed and he was killed and did nothing to deserve to be killed and a mad man walked through terminal three through the security section. Pulled a rifle out of a bag shot seven people. Six of them were transported to hospital. We can confirm at UCLA medical center is saying that three individuals they have two of them. Are from gunshot injuries another one is not gunshot related. And one of those individuals is in critical condition so we can confirm one is dead seven were injured. Six were brought the local hospitals Los Angeles. We think it this is lone gunman. Other reports. He was eight a former TSA employee. We confirmed his identification and -- in three years old. And that and he was targeting TSA agents lone shooter. -- no other conspiracy. And and they feel that they have these situations static and under control. Will we have any other updates we will bring that to you pocket. Or breaking news the CBS and there are reports live as they happen so you can be up to date on what's happening in your world. And as we talk about the topic of the day. With regards to. Security and airplanes what aspect of the security. Apparatus at airports. Brings you the most worry. Is that the actual checkpoint is at the ticketing area. Or do you trust that one of these guys can get through security. And and up tried to do something plane I can tell you since. You know we've had a very few of those instances occur. And luckily it's -- because. That -- you know really tightened around a lot of these things there was the course the Detroit now underwear bomber got through. There was the shoe bomber got through. But none of those things actually war. I wanna double checked but I think the Detroit the the shoe bomber came from a foreign country. Is flying into America. Com or with -- but at that was not a TSA issue all. And without taking your shoes off. So any time there was a report that liquids were going to be news they stop the liquids I mean they've been extremely over the top. With pro active they are about eliminating these threats when they get intelligence. They put this is the US government which is very slow acted pretty much any. We can you know website working. Did you -- horse and a -- -- by the way speaking of that website server lied to this sketch on this last week. It was a joke about now six people sign up for Obama -- one. And today we have confirmed that only six people signed up for Obama -- -- one. They were totally trying to be over the top in. And use -- tired to be funny and ridiculous and they actually hit it on the head the exact number. Was six. Exactly how many people signed up for Obama care and six people. Dance up. -- -- -- The actual -- sketch said that the system can only handle six at a time. That he claimed at least six people sign up its millions of people on line. But the the system is only set up to handle six at a time and epic -- and funny ridiculous. And then today we find out there's actually only six people signed up. Bears however the government is very slow to change its very slow tend to do any sort in -- really. A marvel that we've been able to avoid. A copycat repeat of what happened on September 11 because. Really tightened you know the grip at airports. What part of that. Still gives you of all the things that happen you know. Play what part of the security process. Do you think is the weakest. Today the original report was that this guy on through security with a rifle. And then started shooting in the terminal in now is that was not true we find out now that the first individual he opened fire on. Once the with the -- officer killed forty man. And that he shot these Weasley in to the past the security gate. Which is a completely different understand. The -- effect on my FaceBook page updated. As -- it happened the story came out that. So it's a -- yes and I apologize for for for a putting ABC it should face CBS alias CBS affiliate report. It turns out that's not happening shot swing through the gate. And then idea on the spot. Quite frankly heroic. Police officer at the airport engaged. The shooter and we kind of conflicting reports on his status. Like -- strongly in -- sure it's nothing more mask in the grown men wearing Liggins. Whenever you warm -- -- you -- -- -- -- kind of break. Little packets yes yes those are deathly -- to your shoes to -- And therefore you know those are supposed to be toxic believe. Speaking of toxic did you see this this this the greatest story in in Brooklyn yesterday. I'm sorry on Wednesday. In Brooklyn 86 traders were taken to a local hospital. Because a student. Unleashed axe body spray. In the classroom. So machine improvement in and be in the champ who're with Shani who I don't. Witnesses if things break it's -- as the body spray the pair -- if it was lotion let me tell that would -- We. The parents. Two other students brought if you -- I. -- -- That toxic expert skiers are -- I'm not following along at that this was nothing to act bodies. This is from Joseph -- iPhone but it. -- school officials called for a medical help for the kids started having trouble. And they letter identified the source of the smell. As -- pungent axe body spray what's funny is that the commercials for that -- you spray it and women become an intoxicated by it. And they and they have to you know go talk to the guys there and this case these kids were rushed to hospital. And if it is not the first time this has happened there was a high school Pennsylvania. What was this last year. In 2012. That the the band that sprayed because it was caused some problems and and three people and hospital. In a -- in Connecticut itself off alarm at a school by heavily -- axe body spray and now. New York's lawmakers. Are considering rate raising the age of -- smokers to 21. And now possibly Mayor Bloomberg get involved to listen. I think we need to raise the age of axe body spray things causing casualties year it's worse than monster energy drink. Well it does work if if young people in the hospital as the guy who's rated an honor. Another girl. The alone and hospital bills work. You know November 1 this day in history November 1 there was the -- 1512 in the Sistine Chapel feeling open to public. -- some news for mature man and already transitioned from at least for a half then and now also wise it is has just. Good to go there's also a report here -- that that caught my guy. They are attempting to find out the date in the future when more dead people will be on FaceBook and living people. That the numbers are as follows that. -- -- see they think by 2060. More dead people via FaceBook and Libyan people. And that. Ten to twenty million people who created FaceBook profiles have since died. Since FaceBook went public and 290000. FaceBook users. Have willed guy in 2013. Habits that they make the page memorial pages. Felt like they never lose their page so these people are seeing now in will's. They would have to put their password. In the will and take the page. Eventually because so many dead memorials will outweigh the -- Pro I -- -- password and it will change -- Catholic every week you know something is really interested. I I think the future of wedding vows were involved -- were exchanges. You know I mean if you trust someone you really trust me like you know what I love you ones for the rest my life -- -- It's. Bledsoe 34 you know what I mean that's what's going to be New York you can -- -- exchanging. Elect. I want you to trust me I want -- -- my FaceBook profile once again every profile of that nothing says I love you -- trust you like exchanging passwords. That is law. You don't have that song we're gonna go to a quick break this is love that I'm feeling now. All right gonna go to quick break we come back more of volatile -- program name's Dave bill -- -- and I will be back after this quick break from our sponsors. Any answers goes back to the forecast cloudy breezy -- a couple of showers low 45 the exact same thing will be Saturday during the day but high of 49. Saturday night. Couple sure is mixed with some snow and rain. Low of thirty degrees and Sunday range possibly snow showers in the morning otherwise cold. Cloudy high 37 degrees. Keep up to date with everything that we know -- -- happens -- the people. Six people have been brought to area hospitals Los Angeles after shooting. Gunman walked in and around 12:20. Eastern standard time Los Angeles Pacific time -- -- one to three -- difference to them. Nine when he was when it occurred in the morning. Terminal three X. Basically this guy walked in and pull the right one bag. And started shooting some people. Look for Q was targeting TSA agents there's conflicting reports now whether the gunman -- we know -- injured he shot. Los Angeles. Airport pulleys. Different the only PD. But he did engage him there's reports from CBS. And the Los Angeles Times and Fox News that the gunman is dead. ABC has pulled back their confirmation. And said that he critically wounded. So we don't exactly know his status but quite frankly we don't care about it status because he's the bad guys in the story. We do know is that the one good guy. Who lost his life forty world TSA worker there's another individual in critical condition -- multiple gunshot wounds at UCLA medical center. And one individual. That has no gunshot wounds but is still in the hospital. We'd hear how that happened. But we know that situation under control. It was tragic it was unnecessary. It was grizzly and barbaric but at the same time. It ended as. Pot is brilliantly as it possibly could have by -- first responder law enforcement officer using his training. Not thinking about himself for his own family but think about the innocent lives he's sworn to protect. Adjudicated. That responsibility in and took on the bad guys. Blossom. And it could have been much much worse on whole. Bag. -- -- -- We talked before eagle three at 930 technically. Start 930 for self collars 10616. WB yet. We spoke earlier. About the areas of the airport security apparatus that you feel the most vulnerable the ones that -- you sort of you know. A little bit stressed as far as when these things happen. You know they are a lot of armed people TSA agents are in Ottawa would be armed. But the reality is that there are armed individuals. All airports major airports seem awful counts. Officers walking around with guns on them and so and and luckily they've -- the -- enough to create a presence where. Mania action people had horrible intent. -- intimidated that they don't want to mess around these guys and as you know most would argue that that's why people. Is to create barrier of do you really want to do we would go on patrols and tackle. And they were presence patrols. And the point of presence patrol is to walk around not to be tactical out. You know go from -- -- it would surprise people but the walked on the main boulevards day. If you're an -- and annual auto master. Were here we're not going anywhere. And let the people of the population know that we're here to protect you. And if in if you're a moron and you wanna try to kill secure some people. This -- what you have to deal with a bunch of red blooded Americans walking your main street. And where we're going home and teller jobs gone so that is -- patrol that's with the officers. Comfortably. They gave you a sense of security about walking around with a firearm and they also send a message out to someone else if they think about doing something stupid. And and you know if their psychopath -- what's gonna happen but he. Shot. -- I don't know how to shoot and you probably can make it so if you wanna do that. You know she's adventure those books -- -- adventure you read the book and it would give you choice and you go to a different page. Joseph dreamers look at me like that was before my time choose your own adventure -- remember that. You read a book they had sports choose your adventure books through like you'd be -- team manipulate its fourth and five to throw the ball or run the ball. A pot and then like go to page 42 a -- -- go to 43 if you throw the ball. -- -- blame. Well it's a half. I don't know I really don't know I'm former NFL math. Yeah which was you'd think the play but he had to get the equation for your team to be successful -- and school. That's right I got him that I can't buy from them puzzling that it math so my record wasn't that good gingerbread man. The -- We were out talking now before the break about these. Various other stories that hit the wire today one of the big ones it's all of the Internet is really take a break we come back with double the food stamps. 47 million Americans had any food stamp cut. In the regular amount of money that they get for free from you the taxpayer we'll talk about that at this quick break it to Tom -- -- David -- via news radio 930.