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Nov 1, 2013|

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The exclusive -- -- and AccuWeather forecast. Clearly cloudy tonight with a gusty wind gradually to that he shoot a couple of showers in the area of low 45. Mostly cloudy chilly tomorrow a couple of showers high 49. So cloudy Colbert -- and I a couple of showers of rain and snow especially before they die low near thirty. Severe rain or snow showers by Sunday morning especially over the south -- otherwise clouds and occasional sunshine on Sunday and cold with a high at 37. They're breaking weather alerts on your cellphone by texting the word whether the 3930. I'm -- -- and AccuWeather meteorologist. Bob -- Right now it's cloudy 52 degrees in buffalo take WB and -- -- you where ever you go there's a map of that search for WBE out of the iPod and iPad App Store and the android marketplace complete details also -- WB EM dot com. I'm Tom Puckett was already -- 9:30 AM WBE yen. You've heard -- for power play. You've heard a name for beach. But now it's late night and he's on his own. It's that David -- RBS show on news radio 930 ABM WP EN. My Dave bill the damage from mr. Tom -- today. And now we are gonna keep you up to date -- all the latest that's going. A ton of the shooting of course is speaking about it LAX. Airport. 12:20. Eastern time is when this thing occurred 920 local time in Los Angeles it appears that right now what we know. Is some -- Walked into the terminal three security point the first reports and again these things are gonna change we're just gonna tell you. Will tell you what we know and what sources reported but understand this fluid. Situation and as we know from the Boston bombing as we know from other situations that occur. These things change a lot and you know let's go back to the Kennedy assassination I mean originally we were told -- was Oswald. And then we learned. That it was not. A problem. Not making light of anything but anyway getting back the FBI is put out. Right now the Los Angeles Police -- just had a press conference just ended a moment ago. And what we found out was an individual walked through the -- terminal three security gate. And at that time it appears he the shots were fired at the security gate the Mitchell report was that he got through security some now. And the shooting occurred after. Or behind the security checkpoint that it's appears not to be the case. This guy. And he is CBS in Los Angeles is reporting that. He is an ex TSA employee. This is what CBS in Los Angeles is reporting. They also just came out in about twenty minutes ago reported that he has been shot. And CBS Los angels is reporting that he is dead. The shooter. According to CBS Los Angeles is dead was wounded by police. There is also. TSA agent that was killed in the shooting. The LA police. Treated seven individuals for injuries six of them were transported to hospitals. They are confirming that three individuals have been wounded they say that multiple teams TSA agents were wounded. They are reporting that one TSA agent is dead. We don't know if any civilians were hurt any passengers were hurt but we do know according to CBS Los Angeles the -- One shot. And is dead so. You know the police and yet know LA they actually have an airport police department as well. As the LE PD. But everyone. You know two initial reports there was no hesitation they knew what to do they took the -- down now of course we're gonna hear that this thing. Was an assault rifle. The first report from the mayor of Los Angeles it was high powered rifle. As opposed to the low powered rifles. That are often use the marshmallow guns that are involved in the shootings. But what we do know is that it was some sort of what they call a long rifle. Whether it was an AK 47. And they are we have no idea. But it was a along rifle was used and he got coffee shops and the police did their job. And CBS in Los Angeles reported that the shooter is dead. Unfortunately. They also lost. I'm innocent TSA agent. And and the reports out of CBS Los Angeles. Are saying that this guy. Was an -- the former. -- TSA employee. William La -- with Fox News is also reporting that now that he was a former TSA. Employee self. Situations gonna change. Every other reports. And we welcome you Colleen and joined the debate 8030930. Start on thirty for cellphone callers out there 100. 616 WP and you can also email me directly David at WB and com. And the other thing that world and -- this just this week the TSA announced that we're going to be able to use our iPods. And our ipads now on take off. And they also announced that buffalo the buffalo airport Brian master -- -- the BB and had a story about how the the buffalo international airport. Was selected as part of the pre screening process. And initially. You look at the way airport security. In the mean there are not a lot of these these are few and far between these these stories. What we do know is that the the initial story of this guy getting through security with a guy and is not true I've got my FaceBook page right now when I wrote that FaceBook post that is what the story was an ABC and CNN. The gunman. If it is being confirmed now by Fox News that the government and the Los Angeles Times Fox -- there are confirming that the gunman. Has been killed. That he is been pronounced dead and hot area hospital if you solve this sought coverage live on television you noticed that there was a fire. Emergency. Response vehicle and it was going on highway and about you know ten police officers behind. This ambulance that was signed it may be the suspect was in that vehicle. But Fox News LA times and the CBS affiliate in Los Angeles all confirming the shooter has been killed and there's also TSE's it is it. But as far as security goes out with the TSA. Situations like this. Did that freak you out. Does that make you question the security. On a plane. Right now the the initial report from eyewitnesses. That this gentleman was wearing khaki pants some sort of camouflage on top and he appeared to be blonde blue line. So you're you're probably -- were were probably end up seeing that this may be a disgruntled employee perhaps. It is being reported by CBS Los Angeles that he was a former TSA. -- As far as you know. The terrorist -- you know look at the terrorist angle look at some sort of jihadist. That appears to be unlikely at this point. But again how does that affect you. When it when it comes to fly in. You know -- -- iPods back again iPad back fantastic. Maybe TSA agent at the -- should be armed I know that. You know a lot of people think that those on the right that are behind the Second Amendment are always thinking. The solution. To gun violence is more guns well in this situation. If you're TSA employee -- TSA agent. Each should you have so -- the security gate -- armed it appears that. There wasn't someone on the spot that was armed bought. They quickly got there. Obvious segue here whatever they use but they quickly got there and the police. The airport police department. They engaged and took down this gunman. Who is now reportedly been killed. But that the point of the matter was at the TSA they had guns there they have someone. That was armed app that security gate -- this thing you've gotten as bad as it did who deals. You know did all the injuries occurring at the security gate -- injure people into the terminal. If he did walked into the terminal after pass in the gate. We don't know any of these questions but does it affect you as a traveler. You know is is now the time to relax standards after shooting. -- this personally. As a few and far between situation. It's unfortunate it's regrettable it's one of those things that happens. But at the end of the day. You know -- media academy. And you know what could you possibly. If you would have gotten through the security gate and he opened fire he pulled his his rifle out of -- bag if that would -- happened. You know after he got to the security gate then let's have that debate let's go through it. But right now I don't know how do you -- 8030930s. -- 31806. Point six WB and what. -- see here we got some people on FaceBook already that are chime in in. Where's Tom Bauerle crack. If the questions of the day you know that's always happens everytime. There's more questions about what the question of the day is how this town. So they were there basically these these questions on the FaceBook page asking them. Seacrest says -- The situation Alex goes to show you that all the security in the world doesn't stop a cycle. If someone wants to do harm to others the always find a way to do it -- -- Absolutely agree with the 100% if a person -- news. It in their hat that they want to cause chaos and harm and damage. Guess what. That's exactly what they ended. That's exactly what they're going to do and honestly and truly. Law enforcement did their job. We have numerous reports that as soon as the police and the airport. Security showed up. They quickly. Returned fire. And reports now by Los Angeles Times Fox News CBS ABC CNN this looks like actually happening now that the shooter is dead. They claimed dozens of shots were fired they found -- large -- of ammunition. They also found. They've brought the bomb squad and make sure that there was no other threat they believe he was the lone. Shooter of the lone assailant. And there was no other individual involved the planes are landing now -- -- planes are taken off acts. However they're taking off in terminals four through eight. I'm catching a flight tomorrow so. I'm not worried that maybe some of these flights may be pushed back -- delays all over new York and Chicago Denver and Atlanta because of the backlash of this thing. And we are gonna. Keep you updated and as this unfolds we also have some things to talk about that is that. The first in the league food stamp -- People are losing 36 dollars today. 36 blocks is the average. Amount that they lose and I did my research I did my show Oprah amen to tell you. Exactly. How you can live. On 36 dollars a month for food. Other web sites out there. Everywhere so I lost 36 dollars -- foods that -- tell you product you could live off 36 dollars a month that is mine that's my contribution. Those -- you on food stamps we're gonna work on this together we're gonna take a break we come back. More than Tom Bartley shell and David -- the ability and this is news radio 930. W group. -- -- were back and we are can keep up to date with the latest of what's going on telly acts that shooting. We told you that it has been confirmed that the shooter is dead. Fantastic job law enforcement first responders on the spot let's go to the phone throw quick and go to rich in -- -- Rachel WB and. I I bet you're asking basically how the senate facts mean or traveler -- little. I I actually feel that that was actually a pretty good. Respond and wood and four of these security aspect of that. The effect that he that those such little. And what did you know I'm only one -- what they would with a long gun and only knew what was three increase now. There -- actually really good for a crowded location. So too I mean you know you'd ever wanna say that the U wanna look at the light at the end of the tunnel try to be an eternal optimist. There was a shooting today people lost their lives it's never good thing however. These law enforcement. Officers put their lives on the line in Pakistan backwards I didn't. You know try to sit down in and set up. Headquarters and try to come up with a plan and executed their training were finding out now that these. Airport police train all the time with without the swat in the LAPD and it's it's a routine that's happened since eleven. And that these guys are just as proficient and justice. Well rehearsed as the LAPD themselves. And this guy did his job but it seems like other people were there to put some ground is bad guys well. And he didn't make it. You know to me I'm not really gonna lose any sleep over that I am however feel horrible for the they got its TSA agent who is doing his job just get shot and of course all the people who -- -- Well of course yeah and I can compare that to make a movie moved here the shooting them there's no protection whatsoever. And see how much a lot there. Compared now when they actually have trained people who know they're doing to protect the public and continue what. -- different it can really make saving lives and the -- people around the track what. I'm looking at some of the reports that are coming in from all these laws local affiliates one of the things that they said. It's a lot of these airport police they tend to stay out in the ticketing area. Because that. That is the the most dangerous threat because the security when you first entered the airport so those kind of congregate in the area. And the security gate easily believed that the guys. And that appears to be happens it's. Officers responded and put the tennis. -- and kill them he had come from the ticketing area. So it took him time to make its way to use the security gate terminal three. And exchanged fire took place so looks like the good guys came on top. And again you know -- I'm sure it's gonna come out assault rifle she always does. It on -- appropriate right now because we know any of the circumstances of what motivated this guy who he was what is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's that the gunmen that left the day he died. Yes he's been confirmed dead by the Los Angeles to. All and because it's just that the pilot who can't get unanswered questions from the people. Yes it's it's tough and I'm sure to have conflicting reports -- try to keep it straight for rich thank you so much for your call. We are gonna take a break a -- they'll be in for Tom -- and will be back right after this quick news break on news radio 930 WB in. Think it -- traded -- not a whose brands. Game four mr. Tom Bauerle. He can update all day on the LAX shooting. Suspect the shooter is dead. There's a TSA agent that also dead seven. Were injured six were transported. Two local hospitals and appears that he was alone shooter. And of course now we're hearing about this assault rifle used. -- high powered rifle they called it would you know a Winchester 30 -- when it was a Barrett fifty caliber every rifle. It's hot and -- when you -- when you're describing rifles high powered usually the high powered nature of the rightful. You describe it because the high powered nature is needed for its effectiveness. -- you would say. Or if you if you were out of Berman rack and you've got hit with something you would say that's a pretty high powered rifle because I don't see any place where -- -- -- shot from. Other then. You know that building two kilometers away. I think he's using high powered rifle. When a guy walks into a crowded area and starts gunning down people maniac the high powered is needed in the description plus of course you. Trying to setup another argument on the road you just say he had a rifle. And if -- the mainstream media. Would say he had an assault rifle. As opposed to -- peacekeeping rightful. Horry a hug and kisses right what are what are the -- what -- a rifle the rifle. And makes it more. I got news for you're gonna have the same -- is dead. You're gonna have the same disposition if you're hit with a 308 or if you hit with -- -- -- gonna end up pretty cranky the next morning so war. And leaky. Assault does not. You know it is adding to the danger of the of the of the rightful. Nine rounds ten rounds forty round a hundred rounds. The the assault if it's it's pointless what we have is you know let's find out before jumping the gun debate MSNBC's party. You know that they literally wait in harbor. You know Rachel Matalin and helicopters hovering over every it's like what we have and the shooting bring it bring in Chris Matthews. He's got a tingling in his leg again. Bring in Chris Matthews it's time to have the gun debate let's find out first like what the guy's name is what what -- was still. I mean there still a chance to make him a Tea Party member we still it's only three hours into the story we can still. Find a way to spin this Cindy while some right wing -- ball. In every now stories early he might be like a delegate for Romney. Who knows. But what we don't know. Is that -- security seemed to have done its job by the TSA. They appear to be the elements targeted in this. In the shooting. But the police did their thing. And we and we really nothing's happening with the story of it right now they're calling the situation static. As with regards to the fact that there's really there was one active shooter they have him. He's dead according to multiple reports now and they're basically and start letting planes. Fly in and out and things should go back to normal we'll keep terminal three -- only because they've probably for the investigation purposes but not for security purposes. And -- cruiser. Gone through all the bags and appears in Tokyo over there. Today is as a pretty big day for our friends. On food stamps that was a today marks the the first day of the -- That people gonna see a reduction in the amount of it per month and you know -- think about this you have. 47 million Americans are hit by food stamp cuts today. In this article in the USA today by dog -- and you know here's I think instead of -- Instead of discussing the the fact that the food stamps are being cut and why not mentioned that there are 47 million Americans. In any economy that allegedly recovery that are on food stamps that seems to be more of the story. But. We also have. Where we're looking at pictures now all over fox CNN and MSNBC of terminal three it's a normal airport terminal the special about it security checkpoint. -- what was breached he got pretty far into the terminal but the media turnaround for whatever reason and came back. And that's where the security guys hit him. And looks like this is about a good -- as good of an -- that you could possibly. When Armenia decides to do mass shooting. You know. We know that the screeners don't carry firearms. And you know it could have been a lot worse but luckily our -- 14 instantly fire. And took care of business let's go back to the phone 8030930. -- 310616. WB and you can also. -- -- on email. David at WB and icon Daniel on the west side and your WP and I don't. Are you might risk failure doing in deference to the big guy. But -- You have. Actually -- would be short and they might not anyway. And I was just reading. And not that nearly you know memento of their homes their post -- a lot of my favorite that guys have a lot of in a lot of specialists who. Lot comment from time to time we don't know. They are basically the bottom line of this one. Talent that then that's an airport. Look at it'll terror attacks were -- on base that sort of in the air. And analysts say that because of the precautions and everything but but they but they care. This the an air attack is the although the gold standard for those guys but. I wanna watch that term. Bear in mind what we've seen. And the last ten years or so like if there's an attack -- all. Bosnian Muslim advocates played down at you know have a. -- let me let me tell -- book we're gonna check out traffic and weather here on the -- -- to salon for once let's go to -- Harris. You're talking about like a move by type of you know I think that's the biggest. I think if you talk to people on national security right now especially in the intelligence community they're gonna tell you that that. Move by type of of shooting the one that we thought we saw at the naval yard those are definitely the most difficult to stop. They're the easiest ones to do and the hardest ones to contain. Especially via multiple groups that want to do things in concert that while -- -- with dale and so yeah I I think about those op -- guys are pretty spot on and you know they're really quick nowadays to just brush off the terrorist threat. In the old days they used to take their time and actually do investigation before they put that out and now it seems that it's two minutes into the situation. There they're telling everyone it's it's not terrorism. Date that they -- they won't brush it off that they think it's going to be. Like when people write a white guy is the point is that we're aware of the Muslims in and held -- and lots of incidents of last there's lots. Com the that it doesn't get played. Support the the the adware that people are gonna think it was just some well not you know and this is -- -- that this is the point I mean we're up. We're going through this we're gonna go through this I don't know who this guy was today. But. Watch this I mean -- says that was just very very recently that I wrote this thing about you know expect the ground at Exeter airports. If you're a flight I'll fly out tomorrow tomorrow morning line if if you had a flight coming up the next 24 hours are you even. Worried at all lots of -- Not that much but I mean I mean -- I am mindful of crowded places -- -- in a lot of things nowadays it just I just am. And I think everyone should be because. Because -- you know blood Boston was you know now logged on I was in a crowded place. Com. And they -- I mean I mean let's face that would do this these are the times ran. That's -- I mean you have to you know when you hear a pop nowadays. You know it used to be automatic car backfire in -- something that could be and related construction now all of -- sudden. You know people are gonna panic and they're automatically assume -- goes again. That would the one thing though that that's important though is that you know when you look at especially the -- -- national airport. You know -- all I know you can't even swing a cat fight someone. You know that's with McDonald's I mean they they they if there's only a very few amount of security at that are doing an amazing job. Are you a firefighter nowadays. I'm sorry I -- network OK no problem -- gut telling you over whether that was a machine gun going on the back like did your right holy cow that he ordered the plotters of the -- is it a firefight that we got -- again thank you so what you call -- appreciate a lot press count. We're throwing it through CBS news right give Lou the only action in it would -- the necessity details of exactly. -- -- Is when it comes as they don't have identification we just can't use. Them -- multiple areas multiple areas. Now that multiple areas. Three out of the night. Multiple injuries we have that shot and other injuries as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why did -- music and shot one is not -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm sorry I can't at this time. I do not saying I'm right yeah. I mean Ryan. Unfortunately it's so limited. Do you have privacy concerns so there's three male victims. Two separate and chaplains and other has suffered other injuries but it can't -- further. What is in critical condition -- fair. Very -- she can speak to critically and I. Wouldn't like now there's someone there that had a question. I think they -- R&B I agents on site visiting -- and thank them. Why can't I can't answer that I'm sorry I don't know who -- Yes there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I would -- winning an event like this occurs. We prepare for as many as fifty victims and so we clear out rooms to get ready we get all of our personalities is something that we are well prepared to do. And as it turned out very thankfully we received only three. Three patients -- critical to fair but that's it and say I don't know that right now. I that was a doctor would McCullough at the UCLA medical center that was about is -- is Bill Belichick injury update each week for the NFL that was like you know we have to return to action one doubtful. -- I mean if you're not gonna give us information and by Nebraska anyway with the break we come back. More the -- early show on David Bell -- and and give us call 8030930. Start by 38 that weather forecast is really. It's going to be 37 degrees at. 37 years. The high thirties throughout the day. That's awesome but he talking about where would you rather be than right here right now I thought. -- I think it's gonna be tool they just said he was doubtful. And Howard looks -- Luke Lewis is doubtful he's got battered ribs you know it's kind of funny because Doug were on the coach -- they'll put -- there it's really a pain threshold thing. -- way to put the guys like complete war senator -- It comes down to whether fact that Thaddeus Lewis isn't a complete -- If the man had any sort of testicular fortitude perhaps he would play the game but were afraid he's going to be nursing is little -- Whitney's. You know what was -- all of the reason his -- he'll. The -- I just don't think he has soreness tenderness. When you talk at a raped when you see there tendered and figure longer on the latest is -- I guess he can't turn pro football. Which was the problem for years with ball -- bills -- that didn't have harbingers. But I like that was I think by the way. The -- why bring up the fact you know they talk about pain threshold as tough as males. Taken off and he like bounces right back. -- -- Time. Anyway. I don't think about these press coverage is his deal was when I think it's happening right. There's a shooting. And -- like let's say you were hospital and it's like -- mass shooting you get your opportunity when national TV like you can do year. You do your -- chemistry now. And they're trying to like be considerate about you know there's a law that you can give a lot of information out. About so -- in the hospital even wanna disclose. You know what the situation but they did -- That there are three people at the UCLA medical center in the trauma center two of them are gunshot injuries and the third one if not a gunshot injury. You have to think -- could -- been a heart attack so good following in and broken bow or something. But you know when you say that they actually critical condition and you can't confirm if it was a gunshot injury here you know what the other injury wives. To -- it's like those press couches actually create more chaos. If if you don't hold the price. Of something new -- You know they mean there needs to be comedians are at the PC. You know when you look at the last time we had a situation like this. You know the tragedy Connecticut I thought that there -- press conferences they only put out the information ago. And it was confusing that -- because it NBC's say that there were shot guns and you know that the guy didn't have an ERR. And did national media when it screwed up at the local guys really clamped down. -- tertiary. Experts are holding -- -- press conferences at which it's you know. So we go to break we come back more of the -- or -- -- program -- holier news radio and I'm thirty WB.