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News Conference at LAX

Nov 1, 2013|

News Conference at LAX on 11/1/13 to give an update after shots were fired at the airport.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning. I'm Eric Garcetti. Here where it. Representatives of law enforcement and public safety community. As well as the administrators of this airport. About -- -- this morning and most of us know now that the incident occurred here at the airport. With the shooter who is actively involved at terminal three. I'll be having chief again from that airport police Ramallah police give your rundown. Of what occurred. Jean Marie Lindsey who is our executive director here at the airport. Will inform the traveling public and their loved ones -- the situation is here on the ground let me just a couple things. Personally I -- think the law enforcement community but there. Excellent and coordinated response to this incident. We believe this to be a static situation now. A safe one for those that are in the airport. And one in which we are all. Confident we will be able to conduct the investigation necessary. To get all the facts out that no doubt you and the public want to know. A second we're working very hard in the operations at the airport. If you haven't been able to be in touch with a loved one who was already through security in one of the terminals other than terminal three. Flights have continued to take off at a slower pace especially on the south side which is terminals four through eight. And those folks may actually be in the air right now so. To not worry about that we have pledged to continue to land Jean Marie Lindsey will walk through that as well. But again this is situation we're being proactive if you have a flight this afternoon. We're encouraging at this point to stay away from the airport. Not because of the safety situation but because the ongoing investigation makes it very difficult place to come to travel to. Those folks that are here right now. We're encouraging folks to go to majority in the terminal the terminals besides -- we are open and available the USO and of course airport hotels that are close by. This will probably be at least a series of hours until we have the other terminals open and for terminal three an indefinite amount of time. So with that I like to turn over to. Chief on the ground here from the -- -- police chief -- give you rundown of the incident this morning. Thank you -- Patrick Gannon GA and and a land on the chief of airport police here at LA international airport. About that's the mayor indicated ninth when he this morning. An individual came into the terminal three. This -- airport. All day assault rifle. Out of the back. And began to opened fire. In the terminal. He proceeded up into the screening area. Where TSA screeners -- and continued shooting. And went past the screeners back into the airport itself. Personnel officers from airport police Los Angeles airport police. Responded immediately to that to the calls. They tracked individual through the airport. And engaged him and got fired in terminal three. And were able to do successfully take him into it into custody we had an officer involved shooting that that took place. As you can imagine a -- of large amount of chaos took place during this entire entire incident. We believe. At this point that there was a lone shooter. That he acted. At least right now. With the only person that was the armed in this incident. There's a tremendous amount of investigative work that we need to be done then I'll turn that over to the FBI and justice second and then a little bit. But nonetheless. We have done security sweeps through the entire entire airport. We felt confident that this particular incident is tied to terminal three and terminal three homeless. And that's all we have right now there's a tremendous amount -- investigative work that would need to be yet to be accomplished. We have multiple victims that have been been shot. And have been transported. And we've had to some other injuries as well in addition to the I suspect himself. So I don't have much more information than that I don't wanna give out that information that may not be act consistent later on. And so I appreciate your cooperation and and just getting this little bit of information out now. Yeah -- questions again next we're gonna hear from Gina Marie. Lindsay who is executive director of of -- and let folks know in terms of what is happening here at the airport with the -- with the traveling public with the traffic. Around the airport right now do you relented. But on my second place here we'll take questions that -- Thank you mr. mayor. I want to let everyone know that technically. LAX is still accepting incoming. Flights. But we are doing that -- that are half of our normal arrival rate. We are only accepting. Like on the ballot -- we're not expecting any flights on the north airfield. Passengers that we are ready to lead. Yeah. Have either left on their aircraft where they are being in the terminals. All of the amenities are available in the terminal we have aircraft that are on the -- Situated on the west river boat ads they have not been unloaded yet. There is Leonard to -- urgent that we are making to Ontario airport. I want to encourage any end users expect to have flight out of this airport this afternoon. Please check with your airline and the best. Very best. Up to date information you can get it would be on our Twitter line which -- LAX. Thunderstorm. Official. Again LAX. -- floor of Asia and that is going to be the most real time. Can get it. We understand there are many people that might not. Light in the airport yet and it happened we encourage you to find it plays at some of the hotels along century boulevard. And again we will as soon as. Possible we will let you know when we will try to get back to full operation but understand that will take why -- deal of time. It's going to be alleges sticks. Is carefully orchestrated. Adjustable ballet. To ensure that we can get people -- -- them to. And back on their flights and I think it's fair to say that almost every flight out of Delhi today we'll be significantly. Next we have Jim Featherstone who is our fire chief today's his -- As our interim fire chief he also went -- emergency operations centers the general manager. But our emergency management department and we'll speak to vote by the fire and beverage operations -- -- activities. Good morning Jim Featherstone -- Eight CH ERS CO -- At this time the LE FT has treated seven patients transported six to. Area hospitals we approximately 100 firefighters committed this incident -- -- again instead the as innocent as they started to somewhere around 920. 928 the first LE FT resources were on scene. In terms of a more heightened awareness and coordinated efforts citywide the city's emergency operations center has been activated at level one. Has been for well over two hours now. So the city is standing tall lean forward to deal with any associated. Issues that happen outside of the actual LEX proper. Next here from. The chief of Los Angeles police department is involved in this and from the operations as well but you Charlie back. Very briefly I wanna -- and the men and women -- probably be in their response in this incident. We have created a unified command. Would not -- policy he's Los Angeles police department. TSA. And the FBI LES so. And other agencies we will treat this. Incidents. With the unified command. Many many details that -- interest and will not be given out at this point. We're not speak about the nature of injuries will not speak about the guy named a suspect. The investigation is being handled by the FBI. With the cooperation in Los Angeles police department. Again you know tremendous unified response. I know that did this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with the various jurisdictions. It was handled very well today. Thank you hold on second group -- FBI special agent in charge. Special agent. Well it's still talk a little bit about the investigation. David about it special agent in charge of the FBI. Busan oil WTIC. Games. Were stopped. Working hand in hand with our partners here to include the Los Angeles police department LA airport police. Respect to this investigation. Does investigation is ongoing and give you very little facts today very few facts. We're working with the US attorney's office as well as our partners and I gonna talk about the victims today. We still have about people we happen to be contact with -- in the meantime. We are going to bring our resources to bear in conjunction with our partners here. Which would include our evidence response team in any other necessary resource. At this point we do not see any additional threats here at the airport. Finally the last speaker will be counted on my mind and then we will take questions after that. What I think this -- officers responded help not only with a Traficant of traveling public that it's here today as well. Men and one last note I wanna say is we'll take questions just after I want to thank those officers from the Los Angeles world airports. Department the police department here. Who stroke acts save lives here today and we thank them for that my -- and. Thank you. Good morning I just wanted to reiterate something the -- sent in and thank the first responders here today. LAPD the Los Angeles world airport police. Fire department TSA FBI. There's a natural human instinct when you hear gunfire to flee were to -- And the folks we're here today coordinating our folks who when they hear those gunshots run towards them and save lives. And to watch the unified command here today. Work together professionally in seamlessly is on firing the people of Los Angeles -- in very good hands. A spot thanked the public for the patients in their cooperation so far and asked for that to continue throughout the day thank god she can't come forward now burning question. -- A you know technicality when it's. Now if I I'm not sure to be honest with you what we have yet as far as that -- the fire department has wrecked combine all of that information that -- -- that this is that an airport. That has spiritual jurisdiction we have FBI assets here on board and that it's an unified command involving everybody. But that the investigative lead -- -- decided to take -- By the FBI -- Shooter apparently it I don't know I don't know if you -- yeah you know in the mind. Not that I'm aware -- World. It. Now we've. You know -- in in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly. And many people command. There is they're always chaos in any type of event like that. And there's always the everybody's always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. As we stand here right now. There is only one individual that is responsible for this as we know at the act if you ask that active shooter that was in -- Archer RR terminal. And I wanna follow up a little bit on what the mayor and what the mayors that. Regarding the officers that -- end after this individual this individual was shooting. As he went into the into the terminal. The officers didn't. I repeat they didn't hesitate. They went after this individual and they confronted this individual in art and now and our airport. And unfortunately it involved an officer involved shooting but that's what needed to be done in that particular situation and that was her Roland. We've practiced to this. Not more than three weeks ago we took every one of our officers are patrol officers. And a couple of hundred officers from the Los Angeles police department and we practice that -- that an area that played out today. We played out today and I and I was talking to the officers involved in this particular incident a few minutes ago. And they said that that training was critical to how they responded to this so they're well trained officers. And that and all of the agencies they came in whether it's from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. LAPD here on campus with -- every -- works hand in hand in hand. -- on the sheriff's everybody in in Inglewood everybody came in to help this help us get through this particular incident and we appreciate their help. It's his age and you got. Addressing why -- you you must have that in me you know let's play them well that's not that's not true. And one I don't know I don't know that information at all. We have. Obviously trying to develop information on the suspect that the FBI's responsibility as with the help of Los Angeles police department and our follow up investigation. And that'll be that that'll be determined. But aren't you're asking me whether or not that information is clear right at this point and time is not and that's the official the official word that the truth. -- I'm sorry. Don't know who is. Gee how their heart and keeps running television there yeah. The terminal at that suspect that back very far into a terminal there's a Burger King that is quite a ways away. From that from the screening station and he was able to get back there and I appreciate I appreciate all the questions we'll have more information your first if you don't. But yeah. And I think I know what you wanna have a other questions -- to say something briefly in Spanish but Spanish residents here are the questions spokesman Ken. Go offline we will I promise you give you as much information as we can release. As soon as we have that the green barely. Escudos or without care less than just putting -- its. I'm not on the one dose vitamins and had nothing left to run a key. But tonight mandate and us it made it advantage -- them -- and took the shuttle and at all and that they're having on those. Based. In these I don't forget they don't quite an independent that are not based on notice we're -- to Vietnam that these little. -- -- on yes that is in those windows and edit in an audience what it. Put us ahead of us -- gas and other Nike money and where Obama money out of Brooklyn littlest they come in with those that they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I guess we got you on its feet past the blue eyed but must you on the studies would you nervousness. Liquid movement in important things I want and it's very available here -- -- these requests asking questions and don't look I think yeah I think we're done. There and think thank you guys got -- yeah.

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