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Nov 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In the alien attack nearly destroyed us. -- must never be allowed -- That's true that's why don't meet -- management -- often is there's probably added a movie show and hello there Bob sells -- -- and what was that that was Harrison Ford. From Anders game film opening today to -- capture her and for hopes will be. Yet another successful 55 franchise on yeah he needs the money and yeah. Yes he's been and millions that have generated he's been in the movies that have generated billions of dollars so opens it just. Of some big box office those -- and. Yes number one last. And now fall. Is the season where we're grownups ruled the box office once again -- really enjoy that well. That didn't last long for about because I don't know one last weekend. Jack -- presents bad grandpa 32 million dollars. And the budget. With under fifteen million so you really can't argue with that kind of math. Expect to see Johnny Knoxville dropping his pants in old age make up a lot of -- over the next few years. At number two -- speaking of being old and dropping your pants gravity. Continues to do well it brought in another twenty million dollars. It is now at 200 million here in the US it's done over 165. Million overseas and it still. Has yet to open in China Japan. England this movie's definitely and a making over 750. So enormous enormous it. At number three. Twelve million dollars in its second week it is now at its third week it is now at seventy million dollars. And that's tonight not only is this is successful film but. I would think we're gonna see Tom -- back in the Oscar race and all sorts which he spent outside of for several years so we might come back and for him since this movie is opened there has been another ship taken over by pirates though it's -- continuing awareness thing OJ -- let's go see you tomorrow round never underestimate the publicity department of the matter -- studio. At number four the counselor. Tons of stars huge TV campaign. And America stood up and said. I don't think regard only eight million dollars it got horrible reviews from the critics and that's score grade at all. So often if you've got big stars like this movie and Brad Pitt team in. Cameron Diaz just -- -- big big stars in this film. So many people will say to the cinema score polling well you know it was a -- note now that we as leaders were chased the I could. The worse it could've been worse. You know the cinema score great for this was Deke. They needed it saw that had a rough rough weekend. And number five cloudy with a chance of meatballs part two. The weather movie it's just warning everybody we know it's an inconvenient truth but still will fall from the sky before you know it. To another six million dollars in -- 100 million and number six Kerry the remake of Kerry fading. Fast six million dollars in its second weekend. 26 million now and if you have that bigger drop. For a remake of horror classic. The week before Halloween that's pretty -- he had an indication yet she wanted to test the arm will give them nothing would make me happier Harrison Ford. Stars in the new film Enders game now Harrison Ford began his career in Hollywood as a carpenter. Names -- music our literature. Actually it was a bang bang with hammer and all -- most people make that mistake by now know he was an actual car under -- under. Name musician. For whom Harrison Ford. Built a recording studio was it me -- -- hurt be Sergio Mendez or seat herb Albert. Wow that's that's good the prize a morally destitute when he did some -- valid through November 30 when -- thirteen. Point five dollars and then get to Sandra speeds pub and grill a Miller sport or on transit. No expiration date total value 43 bucks and general contest rules apply. Big lovely setting the big strain you whet our appetite now give us more on the. Anders game yes this is this is a movie that is is based on me a book that has been they're popular. With scifi fans particularly young ones. It started as a short story written by Orson Scott card in 1977 became full novel in 1985. He has refused to sell the movie rights for years sang at last you saw spirit -- happy -- there's no way he was gonna do it for. Quite a while he talked about never having film. A film version made of it. He did for more sequels. Two the original Enders game book and two other books that took place within world they're kind of -- sequel -- type thing. This is the case go witness writer where he does have a certain amount of baggage. With him he he is a Mormon he has actually they're great great grandson of Brigham young. And he has been very outspoken. In his opposition to bow homosexuality and same sex marriage. Which has gotten a lot of press on the line in a lot of us scifi forums a lot of entertainment sites. Most scifi movies. Try to steer clear of religion. Per say and one ideology over another at all often be influenced by it. The Star Wars films I know a lot of people say there's there are many many. Theories of christianity weed themselves through the whole idea of the force and Luke Skywalker and all that sores that. But they generally stay away from religion. -- say. And in terms of the author's very outspoken. Statements regarding. Homosexuality. I have to wonder. If it whether that will affect things org not it's been a big thing on line with a lot of the core audience that he would be looking. To interact with them this film. And it seems that. Teenagers nowadays. Same sex relationships and that sort of thing. Doesn't seem to be an issue for them it doesn't seem to be now they're concerned about at all if you listen to -- Popular music and a lot of TV shows and that. It's not something that's of concern -- this is something where I don't think we're gonna find out until this weekend when this movie opens up. Whether it's got to play a factor at all one way or another and when we come back will will take a look at the actual movie itself. -- will return right after this it's the movie show so above those enemies and he big big movies -- big -- Bob began to tell us about Enders game. Yes yes I do apologize. If I am bit. It's Natalie you -- today I'm not sitting there with the with piles you're allergic to something. You know after Katrina awfully lately -- yes -- addresses the movie critic. I don't know -- had this this. Big. Very yeah Fuzzy lightweight. And and appear short scenario and a tank top and I was walking on. I'm now -- sneakers on my knees and I was walking without your America. Not -- about it okay and very did you to a ghost and I was. A few goes at the huddle we get -- -- but go ahead now Bob -- -- about this movie is and his game this is why. One critic described this and from everything I've read here I did not read these books. Because I'm not a fortune Harold -- That's good your big boy now and yet. I one critic described is film has Harry Potter. -- full metal jacket popped up because it is it is. Pretty much split. Between the first half beaten the training. Of the people that are gonna fight and then the second half the film is the big battle. This takes place in the future. In a land far far away where things are shiny and bright newer home to -- that -- And apparently earth years ago was attacked by these big. Like creatures Democrats. Key to all know about that I don't think political affiliation is mentioned but. These these creatures attack. And dobbs they're going to return at some -- so earth wants to get prepared. For what they do is there training. The best and the brightest children. So they fight properly fight these these things. And this is kind of -- kind of -- saw the movie the last star fighter. Where aliens used a video game. On earth to try to find their best -- was -- video game -- that -- and help them out on the flight. This is kind of that on a bigger wider scale. And this one kid. And her Wiggins. And her that's is meant system delightful name under which got a close up Vuitton yet he's twelve years old. And he's just the fastest at these video games and training scenarios. Now if you think that -- it sounds like this movie kind of panders. To kids who spend all their time on their Smartphones. And playing video games that panders to them saying hey you're the kind of here we need to save the world. You are right now yeah exactly what they're doing here Harrison Ford plays colonel Hiram -- And he's trying to you know tree in this -- toughest male he is tough as nails -- like console low with a really bad hangover. And no sense of humor whatsoever this is Harrison Ford and very Graf will impede mold mode here. Ben Kingsley is Masur ran them. He the man who's very serious Solomon always seems to be in a mad mood I think this does is huge faced yet -- And it's got to be a fusion sales may direct a major route -- possibly. He also deeply missed this bit Y -- elaborate accent like the stuff we did an Iron Man three here. The film. Looks great I mean the special effects are all dynamite and a tip of the hat. Do these folks tonight in 3-D. I decided let's just have a look great in two. I don't know that this is really gonna go very far beyond. The the younger audience that the books were -- I mean if you. If you look at a lot of the big scifi franchises. That it found -- us an enormous wide audience Star Wars Star Trek. Even Lord of the Rings are very much geared towards. All ages this one is a bit more geared towards towards -- -- it's from the folks at summit entertainment. Who brought us the twilight movies so they're bringing this out in November the old twilight released bottom there they're hoping. This will be their next big franchise. And we all know by Monday. About that now -- next every time I'm looking forward to a movie and and you bring it up. And I can hardly wait to see that you tell me it's docs don't tell me this the sexism when -- -- to a Las Vegas would -- and hero Michael Douglas Morgan Freeman Kevin Kline. And -- I love marriage and all of those people are Oscar winners. And end up. They've spent their time if only -- they went home and publish their Oscars at least that's what the young get their commonalities and and -- got to vote my Oscar yes yes this it's about. For seventy something friends who watch. Decide to. The big bachelor party. In Las Vegas very for Michael douglas' character who -- Is feeling. He's with his thirty year old girlfriend. Admin and urging it to him and he decides you know life's too short. And he decides to. Proposed to work right there were at the funeral. So all of the -- and -- even as early seventy's she's thirty he of course says it's capped teeth. His hair and his skin -- beautiful hazelnut. So before. And married his friends Margaret -- and Robert De Niro and Kevin -- decide to take him to Vegas to experience. What can only be called. The Viagra hangover yeah exactly that nobody marched ahead. Hangover for the Viagra chronicle -- last more than four hours ahead you're all so well you don't wanna comedy last more than four but. If if you're up. For when he collided -- us or you're up for life if you're up for play your dad your words meant about Iraq held its margin. Hemorrhoids incontinence hip replacement funerals hearing -- vision loss and strokes. -- this is the movie for you and any. Don't even ask if they know how to work their cell phones -- -- -- -- that kids really wacky Robert De Niro is a widow or who it's still in morning. Morgan Freeman is a stroke survivor. Kevin -- Is a guy who's been given a hall pass by his wife when he leaves for the trip his wife says to you in Vegas. Do what you want whoever you it's fine and meet Uga had a good time yet or how so he finds a beautiful gorges. Madonna impersonator. Who. Perhaps is more equipped and he might have hoped for Ohio I don't know much fun is where the other camera treated much willing to anything. Some people are just so we have sent me in coach yet. The the movie does borrow a lot of things from grumpy old man. De Niro and Michael Douglas longstanding. Grudge because they were both. Rivals. Ford junior was late wife years before. And met on right there you they were just sitting there watching grumpy old men that elegy is in our movie too and I about a half hour. Well they don't have Mike Tyson and has the -- Think he sent a show OK I don't think they're any tigers it though they do what they do avoid the tigers. Overall the reviews have been pretty -- There's been a feeling out manned. This movie should be more fun it is why why are die laughing at this more. Personally. I'm a soccer world older pictures for pictures with the older guys like this sort out -- good time. This might not be a movie so much is. For you'd go see at the theaters this might be one that you. Competent to one rainy Sunday after Sunday afternoon on HBO and you think. Insistence that this is kind of entertaining and -- stand urgent issue autism in America. No she's actually a lounge singer or should she she's hot young gal the all kind of content you project so and she's she's she's a whole can. Last year -- cast this cast even as. You know in lesser material is still always various -- and watch it quit the rest of the ratio is cinema probably Saturday. -- -- -- We -- regional 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM. WTE and we're back -- -- early show some above -- that -- sandy beach earlier we asked they movie IQ question Harrison Ford stars in the new film and there's games. He began his Hollywood career as a carpenter. Name a musician for which he built there recording studio and that would be sent Dennis and Brazil 65. And it was the first thing he just built at first Sergio I don't know if you build on for the -- sixty come a long time to get it done obviously -- -- project labor agreement. I've been hitting the big screen you've told us about Enders game and Las Vegas how about. Three thirds yes. Finally. An animated feature film about Turkey's. Here's the DL in this character mrs. directed by Jimmy -- he's the guy who did Horton hears a who. And Johnny hex which was violent. -- Wilson plays Reggie. A fairly intelligent Turkey. Who. Is that is pardoned by the president you know the president always -- one -- -- one Turkey which case Lincoln started the idea that every year so he's an out of the White House. And you know just enjoying pizza word -- slippers now -- is -- and everything. When suddenly the spine. Turkey voiced by Woody Harrelson. Tells them that. They need to do what they can to save. All the other turkeys from getting killed -- dollars so as you would assume. They get into a time machine. Up up up up up up front row I was believing -- voiced by George decay. And ally. Not opt opt out and they go back in time to the very first Thanksgiving. To try to convince the pilgrims. Not to eat Turkey yeah I get a month something else if this sounds like a really stupid horrible plot. -- Let and other. Thanksgiving movies are there. Now like amendment on this stupid movie with the Easter Bunny from a a year or so ago was like the only Easter -- movie out there. So every year in on the mortgage on cable and and this sort of thing. One of the things say they do. In this film that that is kind of peculiar. Is they decide to. Although they've got turkeys in a time machine talking to pilgrims pregnant and not eat Turkey. They decide to get kind of serious -- same time so they draw a parallel. Between the senseless murder of Turkey's. And the plight of native Americans over the last 350 years which -- at all. Is. Very serious injury is worthy of great examination I had miss Sasha and I don't think -- kids' cartoon. Really the places or one of the other very peculiar thing about this movie. He is via the product placement. A lot of action films -- tons of product placement it's a little more usual to -- -- pop up in an animated film. But here's the major product placement that takes place in this movie -- To convince the original pilgrims. It just to not eat Turkey -- and the first Thanksgiving. Show up with it stacks and stacks and stacks of boxes. From Chucky cheese. And they all -- Chucky cheese pizza. -- where they would continue to get checked and -- -- in the sixteen hundreds -- -- -- -- really don't go into Canada is our government because you hire an Indy and what the other problem does. It's just that it's not that fond of it allows them to sit through if you wanna watch a good poultry cartoon with kids and and -- about. Are there any good poultry cartoons out there of course there chicken run from Nick Park the guy who did the waltzing Gromit movies. Is kind of a take off. The great race. And day. Farm where they they -- chickens for chicken pot pies and Mel Gibson voices rocky. -- lead rooster. All of it is one of the funniest best animated film -- ever seen. Skip free birds -- apps and take your kids do watch watched your parents that Ariza who. Noticed and that's why there's a typo here or it's KKR I SH I'm gonna say Koresh flurry. Oh my gosh I did group. I did right on the sheet KKR. RI SH assess the actual spelling is K. Our our. I ash all that's changed the total now instead of courage its creation. And starring. Correction Russian -- creek destructive project which opera and -- Okay era I can get in an -- yes this is. Of course years ago. You had to the movies calling email guy. I was very successful in India so they followed that up with clinch which focused on. One of the main characters from corn mill guy. So they went to make that movie. So some people's will should you then call it courage to. Which you should -- this is actually the third movie would decrease character and people want and all of us so we got called career streak the same problem with the Rambo movies for all the fun. -- was called first blood. And then the -- called war -- so they made the why do they go do your on do you call that Rambo to -- -- they called Rambo three. So when you look at the list of movies because Rambo to Rambo three -- like where's Rambo well. I think people wanna see a good Koresh movie won't settle for commercially. I think they should -- this movie. -- yeah I want seven. The music videos and the trailers -- from India for this particular film. And it looks like who it looks like a blast this is a big bold. Special effects extravaganza. But it is from Bollywood. So if if you thought. The X-Men. Is such a good movie but. If only it had some big colorful dance numbers thrown at them. Love it wouldn't really rocked. What's. It like I ever saw was good and it's a hoot and I I watched the the trailers and templates wrote it and I I couldn't tell what was going on story wise and all about man. It really look up if you enjoy you know they've been Nam. Regal has been showing a lot of a lot of films from. Lately and it got so many screens each -- theaters they've been kind of separating one for a lot of these special films from you that don't give big releases here. And this one wild super character. Caribbean travel mindless that yeah I am horrible we show it cinema bottom it is -- ratio is it's an Alibaba me sandy beach big movies -- extreme Bob soldier about Enders game. Las Vegas three birds and crushed Hillary next fire and the bloods. Yeah this documentary it's gonna be showing. Next Thursday for 1 evening on meet -- the eastern hills mall it's. Basically. About the problem that existed. In in the ninety's well ninety's actually you ninety's through -- early part of 2000 -- Where there were great strides being made in pharmaceutical. Treatment of -- Yet areas of the world. Where there was just an enormous epidemic of the disease going on the pharmaceutical companies did not want to budge on price. At all in terms of treatment. Here in the US people were willing to pay forty dollars a tablet and the drug companies did not -- budget all one price. In in other areas of the world Africa is the place that was hit. Hardest. -- -- year 2000 for instance two thirds. Of the world's HIV cases were in Africa. In twenty and 2003. Thirty million Africans had HIV but only 50000. Were actually able to receive. Treatment they estimate about ten million lines were lost. During that time period and this this just kind of examines what happened there. Politically William Hurt marriage this. Several people who were in place the political power. Are also part of it but. The documentary does its best to keep politics out of it and just look at. Just what occurred. Why it occurred. And questions. The ethics and morality. Pharmaceutical. Companies in that time epidemic and enormous medical crisis. Okay and thank Cuba new revenue each of these have thank you Iran -- -- -- -- a -- monsters university a lot of good good people this this is lighter. And fire in the look are we are looking for a good time this actually. Would be at its stores watch this one home the other night myself. This is a follow up to picks ours. Monsters -- although it's a prequel. This takes to Billy Crystal and John Goodman characters back to their college days where they met. Before they started working for monsters companies -- Mir and Charlie day from it's always sunny in Philadelphia Alfred Molina also. You voices as is usual for 88 Pixar video released -- So many extras in this things pars making little extreme games. Extra feature rats is ours does special things for kids can have on wet and they also talk about. The difficulty that -- our hands in in making sequels. Computer animation is just growing. By leaps and bounds as far as the sophistication. Of it goes when I was watching this film the other night. There were few moments where characters word let's say writing boss were driving in a car and they were showing from long shot and I just felt like. I don't feel like I'm watching animation here all that just looks like boss wrote it is so realistic. But when you're doing a sequel. To something that was made ten years previously. Animation is going to be quite as precise the animation may -- isn't quite as good so you wanna have a look. That will still match the original and home picks are definitely ran into this problem would Toy Story films. Trying to have them all feel of one piece. Yet does steel -- -- -- take advantage of these advances with an animation. But if you enjoy good animated cartoons if you're Pixar fan at all. This this was another winner from -- now this next realm as one that I was excited to see in the movies you tell me don't bother it sucks when it comes out it's out. Our IP they would Jeff Bridges yes this is basically Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds doing pretty much a man in black type. Buddy cop movies situation and this was. Definitely one of the biggest flops of the summer this this came and went vary very quickly. The the whole angle. Aliens. Seem to just not appeal to audiences in general. And this is one of my things are always fascinates me what do you do with the big flop. When you know put it on video. Do you treated in the same fashion that you did for its theatrical release and I was looking at the packaging. For this movie yesterday. They basically have Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds. Rushing at you they poll their hold in their guns. And it looks like. It looks like a lethal weapon -- it looks like a big cop movie thing. You would have. So Lou no idea that aliens or any kind of scifi goofy -- -- involved here all. As far as the video released goes there hoping the people -- -- look. Movie let's watch a project. Are the next autism her announced visit India or Brazil and -- whatever it is GM is in VM I got to right the first time but I recovered to pronunciation is just widgets markets really don't know but well retire. Does she does and best sound better present idiom. Object well I settled on that either way stars Jim our captain who played strawberry field quantum of solace. And this is basically. A mother daughter. Situation. Single mom got a teenage daughter. They're both employers to all -- mom you know all. She's got to bring home -- cheese guy you know the -- -- to do the dirty work to keep the house all right and our involvement of some new blood so she works as a prostitute so shall always be able to put dinner on the table. A. And eventually. Eventually things start to get complicated. And the other prostitutes noticed all our regulars haven't. Trouble were having trouble selling it wears around here in the town gets to become suspicious. Fuel where a man of the TV show the Gilmore Girls. And you thought you at all. The show would be so much better if only there was blood sucking involved. -- businessman Jim is the movie for you okay well mark that down next up -- a -- browse Pacific rim this is a bold. God -- transformers. Type mashup. From my director Guillermo del Toro did -- elaborate hell boy movies. Just a wildly imaginative director. Great -- here eaters -- Charlie DA Ron Perlman and wild wild special effects I mean this is. This is -- -- sell a movie with a budget like you wouldn't believe every 200 million dollar budget. Not only did 100 million dollars here in the US. -- It was a very popular overseas to get over 300 million dollars in foreign markets so actually. -- very nice profit I'm not sure that'll mean we'll see a sequel or not. But. Basically if if a nine year old boy was given. An enormous budget and totaled just don't make a movie that you think would be so awesome cool you can't believe it that's kinda what this is just big fund -- OK we don't have time to reveal when a couple of more no other new release shelf titles that hangover part three and 100 bloody acres check it out thanks bobbitt's the -- cinema by Israel's enemies sandy beach I'll be going vacation. -- see when I get to that. Have a good have a good weekend. -- Which they never has to needs to be used.