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11-1 Beach and Company Hour 2

Nov 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm going to ten and now I love what I do to get accused me and decorator ready to do a fabulous radio show. Now via the prosecuting attorney from the DA's office as she stands before the court as the most prolific animal abuser in modern history. Of Erie county. I personally and 26 years as a prosecutor. Have not seen a defendant convicted of fifteen to crimes who has not seen jail. So the the DA's office asked for jail time also all the Probation Department. They write a pre sentencing investigation. And handed to the judge to help the judge make a decision. As to as to the punishment the Erie county Probation Department and this is off from Karen Robinson's article in the Buffalo News. The Erie county probation departments pre sentencing investigation reports suggested jail time. She could have a face a maximum of two years in jail fines probation conditional discharge or combination of some of these options. So the Probation Department says jail. The up the DA's office says jail. The SBC I obviously I heard barber cart says she was disappointed they would like jail. But the judge says. Okay and and here's the problem -- this. It's not a blood lust thing and it's not a class warfare thing because she's got money. But I think the fact that she has money and didn't use it to take care of those animals. Makes it even worse makes it another factor that you should take into consideration. If she didn't have the means to take care of them we were just say she was eccentric or or or or other words. And got an overhead and and couldn't afford to take care of them. He got a little slack -- that we -- -- more like it but slack but when -- got as much money as you need to take care of them and you don't do it you can tell us a much club courses. The the judge was direct whether quote nobody major taken all these horses testimony in the trial indicated. That all was fine until something happened. He said he intentionally did not sentence Hoskins the jail at this time. But he also said he needs to be assured that the -- is -- properly cared for regardless of how many she owns so there you have it. She's not gonna get any jail time and I'd like to know from you if you think jail time is it is called for. I I think one thing we have to do is we have to be clear headed about this. We have to think of what the crime was what the convictions -- war. And the circumstances of the people involved with the case. I think it's very easy for all of us to wanna throw the book -- because we don't like her. And I don't particularly like or from what I've read I don't -- I don't like -- at all but I do think the jail time would have been justified. And I don't think the fact that she has got money. Should make it any harder but it shouldn't make it any easier either. M -- I I do think that the effect is that. She is who she is and that's that. But I'd like to hear from you if you think jail time. Was call for as I said. The assistant DA said he'd been in this business for 26 years and he's never seen any. Defendant convicted of 52 crimes it has not seen jail I think what this does is erode confidence in the criminal justice system. Because let's face it via the fine which is what fifty something thousand dollars. That's nothing for her that's lunch money the community service might be an inconvenience 500 hours. But that's all it is is an inconvenience. But the bottom line is. I I think that it erodes. Respect for the criminal justice system people who believe before this case that. If you're rich you're not going to face the wrath as much as if you're not rich. Okay and that will continue that argument. Because if she had if she had not. Had visited the the wherewithal to do and I think people would be more sympathetic but. If you think you can buy a verdict maybe that was the case here very high profile. Expensive loud mouth of turning. And now Tony is giving me the pronunciation guide how do you pronounce this guys name you wanna. Okay I see your schmuck. I'm sorry. Who practice the idea is that's an editorial comment as. So that's -- she got fourteen stipulations. They insist that you -- Obey all orders of the State Supreme Court justice presiding over the civil case. And it's 500 hours. I was -- 500 hours 52 oh vote community service 52000. Dollar appliance is on probation. So basically should properties. If she let's say she goes out gets more horses or even -- -- that she still has. And it is discovered that once again that the treatment of horses is not up to power. Would she go before the same judge or would new charges have to be brought up. That's a good question because the quote here. The quote in here is. -- -- market was direct orders that nobody had to take these horses into some time trial in the case you'll find something happened. But he says he hasn't senate serving jail at this time. Which means that she's in violation of any of a sentence that's out there now. That that issue facing -- -- But her lawyers said she bought by a hundred horses now. It will be one -- Mumbai under horses but if she got a hundred horses and and they fell into the same situation as the previous sources. I I think it would be some kind of contemptuous attitude and I think they'd find some reason to do something whether -- go to jail or not I don't know. I -- -- But her attorney was gleeful. Now you know it's just keep it down. You know -- hand lead with some dignity -- -- Just because she's got a lot of money and -- -- a big fees on the Google and its its code to Alibaba in Boston Bob you're on WB and. They've already I wouldn't surprise which got probation. Especially that she had no criminal record but what really art bought. The public really would have been outrage -- this this case was settled -- matter of months into the year. I thought there was a real travesty that we got right. While I did and everything got you know anybody to do with the -- knows that things drag on and drag on. But this was extraordinary drag on for several years everything was delayed. And they tried to delay it even more than they that they did. But you're right and the impression of if you got money you can get off easy unfortunately whether it's fair or not I think is out there. Victory but again if the that this would settle with the previous six months. So over three years. I think people said oh OK because again the dollar amount would have got excellent -- over a million Alex this PGA that's true. It's sort of basically it this week that it took so long the public now -- peculiar a simmering. Outrage. That's a good white guys to slow boil and it's been boiling for three years guy if if she has set it up earlier saying you know I've I've screwed up. A common and -- my -- my Barnes now pay whatever costs have been incurred so far it would have been minimal compared to one point three medals which is what shields now and she's already paid some I don't know the exact amount but this is what -- oh yeah you're right you're absolutely right about that Bob instead it was festering. And people kept hearing about it. And they were wondering why that wasn't settled we have murder cases that were settled quicker than -- and you're absolutely right that's a good point thank you very much. Did you by Bob says that the more you hear about it the more outrage again because you were outraged a three months ago your outrage a year ago you were outraged a year and a half ago. It just it's the gift of -- Hoskins the gift that keeps on giving I was outraged when I found out yesterday the guys it's just RT I knew -- that we're gonna set insert for fifteen. And I did my best to get that information as soon as I could because I was betting in my mind against myself that you wouldn't origin. And it's not that pound of flesh were looking for it's the fact that it's supposed to be called -- criminal justice. Says justice system. What was just about this -- that I can't figure it out -- too bad the horses weren't on the jury. There was no jury that's -- Will be back after this I -- on vacation. Starting at the end of the show today so I'll be on vacation and Monday I don't have a list of -- was going to -- and but I do -- on Monday. Filling in for a vacation and sandy beach. Will be our program director Tim -- And I don't get I don't want to let you know I'm sure of to a an average. Everybody okay here at least to do one would -- -- that is that is Monday with -- Tim Weiner. Don't you -- miss it's it's must see TV and just know. It's not. I'll be back or maybe I won't depending on politics the joke. After my vacation but I need some time off my nerves for electronic. Lot of pressure and this job. Not really -- it sounds good doesn't hit I. So Beth Hoskins 52000. Dollar fine. Okay 500 hours of community service. And she's got some stipulations. First of all. There was no jail time the DA's office wanted to jail time. The Erie county probation departments pre sentencing investigation. Call for jail time. The only one they didn't call for jail time was the judge and the judge is the one that decides that so. A judge mark he decided no. And then -- other -- Stewart but it look likes -- properties he. She -- the SP CA one point three million dollars and that's going to be pursuing a civil case which is ongoing. But that's what that's what you get I'm asking. -- -- gotten jail time and I'm not saying she should get jail time because she's rich I'm not saying she should have gotten jail time because she's unpleasant. A she's done jail time because -- version was convicted of 52 misdemeanors. She should've gotten jail time. What are getting -- threat is -- like a magic number. Would 53. Have put her over the edge I'm not really sure. The -- found guilty of 520 I don't know if you think that's too easy let's go to and and Cheektowaga and there on WBM. I any acting. Easy I think Beijing is inherently weak and ill -- Turkey -- And I think they did and it and they really -- -- all those courses wherever they're being -- the ones they took away from her. Even if you're right even if -- is jail time on weekends I think it's very symbolic. That -- justice I cannot be bought. She delayed delayed delayed delayed delayed and every. Every turn are running up the bill obvious these issues to resolve this book much earlier she had the wherewithal to do it she didn't know what. Found guilty she should have paid a higher price. You know it's just -- all the money it is. ST yeah egg in the county and hurt it did not occur or whatever just just for drag on for a lot should be charging her for that. Well her her mother says. It's upset mommy and daddy she's grown a whole lot now probably -- while that's nice thank you thank you and thank you very much. Her mother and father released her mother really said that mommy and daddy. Idaho is Beth. I don't know she is but I think she's out of the mommy and daddy raises tension. -- -- -- Well she's a good girl was she gave it to us and bring her gifts -- she went trick or treating him probably mommy and daddy ought to look at the candy make sure it's safe before you leave it I'm sure they took her out and don't put a candle in the pumpkin it's dangerous. And your costume. Wow what a great costume very nice I've never seen one like that you're going how's that houses an animal abuser. Very nice very distinctive Joseph nobody else does that Chris we've got some of people who are posted though what I think. This is from -- and she says she should serve some jail time I'll get out 39 others received jail time in similar cases but not her and I also think she should pay back every cent of the SP CA and now be allowed. And anymore animals yeah that's -- that's exactly right Barbara Kerr said that from the SP CA that in 39 other cases. I think all but one case they said no more animals this this is a case that screams were no more animals and her defense attorney. Was thrilled with the outcome. And then said you know quite. -- believe she can go -- -- a hundred. -- hundred horses now. Well isn't that lovely another one Chris ways this is from Stephen he says I don't support jail time in this case because jail costs a lot of money to the taxpayers I'm five which just liberal base of which he should have those animals taken away well idea. I think that dates. As she should've had a no more animals stipulation for sure war. And I think. It's a separate course of course the civil card case to see how much she's going to have to pony up to pardon the expression like that. The July and -- -- the day before vacation I haven't been navigational on time and I'm doing fabulous wordsmith thing type things she'll have to pony up. Maybe I should maybe I should be in the news department. Would never go. -- judge should have said that in the sentencing. You'll have to pony up because you're like me in the -- that should pick up a aren't let's say. Here's a person is not very happy about it Don Asman. And I understand he was at the sentencing of the about has been sometimes I -- them sometimes I don't but he's got a good soul. And he really does. Field things that a lot of other people maybe don't. And so Lee headline on Don has -- column today justice takes a whipping in the Hoskins case. Says seems to me. It seems that she has a judicial partner in a distorted view of reality. In a ruling Thursday that the -- kindly and generous over our town justice Douglas Markey says Hoskins. 23 years probation a 52000 dollar fine and counseling for animal cruelty the same judge in a more lucid moment. On the East Aurora woman guilty. In July of mistreating 52 Morgan's. Those of Morgan horses on her East -- farm prosecutors call the discovery of numerous starving horses standing thigh deep in manure. The worst case of animal cruelty and modern Erie county history. I want that to sink in. The worst case of animal cruelty and modern Erie county history is what it was a call. The probation for department says jail time is is when its call for. The district attorney asked his office ask for jail time. But the judge didn't wanna hear that. So there's there is no jail time there will come back we'll go over some more of your post things and takes -- more your calls and get into Don has once column. More he was not happy and lot of you aren't either. About death -- slap on wrist will be. You are hearing the voice of buffalo. WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 and are told free minus 1806169236. She's 46. She's 46 you have a Hoskins is 46. Her mother Susan bosnians seem earlier this morphing from this article by Karen Robinson in the above when those. Her mother Susan Hoskins seemed relieved afterwards noting that her daughter has just gotten in over head with her horses. Quote what happened is probably one of the best things that could've happened because she's learned a great deal through this and some hard lessons. It's upset mummy and daddy. She's grown a whole lot and I'm proud of her says she's 46 -- she's a big. Oh up. Which ought to be referred to as mommy and -- your forties and here we all love our mothers and fathers and with -- mommy and daddy. Pop up mama. But really at 46. -- a big grown up was like parents. Things like that idea I hate to yet you know and -- show off my formal education by a portable. Our best Hoskins sensitive gotten jail time now I don't think she should've gotten jail time because she's rich. I don't think she should've gotten jail time. Because of. Any reason except for the fact that she was convicted of fifteen to know mr. manners. All right and indeed. The district attorney's office said that in his the prosecuting attorney said in his experience. In 26 years says and I personally -- 26 years as a prosecutor. Have not seen a defendant convicted of 52 crimes that has not seen jail. All right so that's the position of the every county. -- DA's office the Erie county probation departments pre sentencing investigation report suggested. Jail time. She going to face a maximum of two years in jail fines probation -- consider I conditional discharge. Or combination. So what you have here is -- what amounts to basically a slap on the wrist. And I think it's a slap across the face to people care about animals I really do and a as she owes approximately one point three million dollars. Through the SP CA and the bill lobe of the bill a sizable. But one would guess that she is far more willing to spend it on on lawyers and she is on horses. Because that's the way it's it's it's a console for. This is a -- husband's column anybody who assumed that the level of abuse would result in the jail sentence. Look Thursday like no harm our horses posterior I like that. Marquis was a judge rejected not just prosecutors push from maximum to yourself -- about a recent Probation Department report that recommended jail time probation officials that cost him the mayor was remarkable. For a complete lack of remorse. And I -- she has no -- she doesn't think she did anything wrong. And usually. -- and in many many cases. Hey you know sense of remorse. Means a sense of acknowledgment that what you did was wrong. But you know whomever has -- remorse socio path. Okay they don't have any remorse either because what they what they did they think was all right now she's not a sociopath. But she lacks remorse. Doesn't that doesn't think she's doing wrong and if you think you did anything wrong. And you just got to slap on the wrist for what you didn't do. That one would have to guess where the future would lie and that she continues to believe despite evidence -- the contrary she provided adequate care for animals now. I don't know how that works out but if you think you know what you did was okay. And the judge. When your position in -- just get a slap on the wrist that I don't see is some -- change my way. Really do and for her attorney to say you know what she can buy a hundred no horses I mean that's just calm. Yes drama no attorneys every once in awhile get a bad rap and attorneys who say stupid -- things like this this service. Chris you have something out on FaceBook fourth place. Yes they do this is from jeans she says Hoskins had plenty of money to take care horses and she didn't I'm sick of people letting her off easy. Because he has money and I'm also sick of people getting off easy when they abuse animals she should get jail time and -- have to pay all SP CA expenses in this case well I. I agree now in almost every story you see. Bill mentioned that she is a woman of well author of parents on -- -- is one -- -- and only that would put my antenna up for saying well what differences and make. It shouldn't make any difference as far as for crimes have been committed have you been convicted. So albeit doesn't matter what -- a lot of money or no money but in this case it it is relevant simply because she had the means to take care of them and chose not to. That's the whole thing if you don't have. And you've collected all these horses in there and they're in the condition in the SP CA from the meant. You could say all that's awful she must be eccentric she must be a little strange and I had you know I'm talking about. But that's not the case the cases she's got the money and didn't choose to do so if you're gonna collect the horses. And you and your you -- yourself a horse woman and got the money to take care of -- why don't enter now as part of a sense she has there ever an employee for every fifteen horses as I said. The most sources I ever had in my -- three. And have three is a lot of work I can imagine fifteen horses on the one person but I'm sure a big judge got some guidance from somebody. That says that that's that's fine. And -- it is that's fine all I care about is getting a horse Tuesday and let's go to Bob in Clarence Bob you're on WB. You were. Hurt in that Eagles were. No. I think they're both Hillary. The -- -- -- But you're gonna say look you've been negligent and in caring for your children one is not your intent. Organizers and a he just they're just problems so his point was. That in -- she intentionally did it she shouldn't be held liable. Well that's not -- -- here's the deal. If instead of horses they were children okay. What do you think would happen they take the children away former. Because it wouldn't matter whether it was intentional the key is that happened. And and and you have to review and in this case I'm not comparing children horses but just giving -- a point. That it doesn't have to be intentional. Even if it's unintentional she still should be tomahawk Ford having. The where have all the take care government not doing it. If if they were children -- our horses even if you didn't purposely neglected children. You left a -- and a hot car with the windows up. You didn't put him in a seatbelt when they're supposed to be he didn't give them meals though when you're supposed to feed cumin and they were getting proper medical care even if it into a purposely they take from you. Of course they would -- not a suitable parent in this case she was not an and contenders debate not a suitable horse owner. So you have to do it on purpose of -- on fire. Two through to find out that they're your do jail time she was found guilty of 52 misdemeanors. So I'm sorry mister mister -- we're not in agreement on that she does not have to you know remove the horses limb from limb. And not be dumb I'm not get a shot days doesn't do any of that she was neglect full. On a whole range of things and because of that she's responsible farm and she can take care of them then she has to pay the price. Whether the prices in dollars. Whether the prices and inconvenienced or whether the prices in jail time will be back after so probably only had tool kit Kat bars last night. That's yet. I did not I did not indulge myself. Outside that two -- size -- bars. -- husband's column as I said I don't always agree -- -- as somebody's got a -- heart. And he really does seem to care about things and he cares very much about the fact that this seems like a miscarriage of justice. He says -- as a judge acknowledged that he follows Probation Department recommendations 95%. Of the time. -- remind the Probation Department recommended jail. He didn't -- jail. Marquee even punted on the question of Hoskins continue to horse ownership. And the 700000. Dollars. Four row -- numbers that the number the current numbers one point three million is what she owes BS BCA defend the defense attorney. Tom how do you pronounce his name again you -- time -- shall mail something like -- so -- -- -- I recipient of some of the estimated one million dollars. The cases cost Hoskins. -- -- She shelled out nearly a million dollars. Could've been taken care of right away probably had a substantially. Less amount of money -- this is the problem. The Probation Department says she has no remorse. She's already has spent according to this either close tool or a million dollars and an offense why do we suddenly think that she's gonna see the light. If you spend a million dollars on your defense and you don't think you did anything wrong and you have no remorse for that so there's no acknowledgment that you did anything wrong. And the judge gives you what would be for Erica just slap on the rest. Why would you change your ways. The original and usually we're forced to change our ways because we broke the law we understand it as a punishment to be paid. And though we we have an understanding that we shouldn't have done that. She does not have that understanding that she shouldn't have let the animals get to that stage. So she didn't acknowledge that why will she start to acknowledge -- that's -- first question I would ask. If the judge and I don't know if we have we have a verbatim. A discussion whether I'm probably in open court but I -- -- I would have asked her how she plans to handle horses in the future pretty straightforward question. But. We don't have the answer but heard lawyer said Beth can go out and buy a hundred horses tomorrow. Well isn't that good. The judge was complicit at all on this as a husband's column. It was complicit in allowing a multiple combo a clear animal cruelty case to drag on for three plus years. Extended by his routine approval of. Numerous Tosca and related delays given the judges overly deferential behavior the light sentence was perhaps predictable. He says that Jordan -- refuse stored knowledge even the fact of her conviction referring to assess that overseas sources -- not a crime but a shame. So she doesn't see it as a crime despite the fact that society sees it as and he multiple offense crime that she was convicted of this is not a matter demanding a pound of flesh Eric Weiner or otherwise it's worth noting that Hoskins didn't shell sticks in the horse's eyes. Set -- them on fire or any of that sort of stuff but the bottom line is as I said you are expected and required by law. To take care of things in New York's in your custody including your children your animals and whatever when you break out law. If you don't feel that you've done anything wrong. -- I don't see how this turns around her I think she stays the way she stays and will be looking at something like this in the future just just. Logic says that. I don't know where I've never met or never had a conversation whether -- nor -- I care to. But as I said don't judge -- the original -- and don't judge her because she's got money judge about what she's done that's the only thing we should judge -- Bruce in Amherst brochure on WBM. You know and Bruce what was on your mind. I think there's some rotten rotten in Denmark and judge. And now -- people saying you know. L -- -- this is what should be done any. -- yeah area by. What screw loose. Now. He said that 95% of the time that he follows the probation department's recommendation but this time he didn't. I don't know where he was -- There's it's -- -- you know. Well maybe it'll end up with a lifetime collection which grows. I'm sorry I I -- to do that thank you -- you realize I was just a joke obviously. Sitting at her -- parents Curtis grow. The I try and work in the term Curtis screw whatever candy remember it's not about -- and it's just fun. It's just a fun thing to do you know -- and for years this is an ongoing saga every station I've ever been there or do a joke about Kurdish groups are calling combined. So I wanna keep this keep the streak alive in -- I heard Chris a couple of more from the FaceBook page boys. This is a rod he says animals depend on humans to take care of them and she failed in that regard so she should have received jail time a payment to the SP CA is also an order. You -- in you know she could've. Put this fire out right away. First of all when before the FC the FCC yeah I'm all right me before -- As BCA. To -- horses. She -- -- acclaimed operatic take care of the horses paid for existing expenses and get on with it what about a lot less than paying -- during a million dollars of angry of the legal -- of a million dollars to defend yourself. She go to snuff this thing and it right at the beginning but -- big if she Theo van and doesn't feel now this is the rock there'd be no reason Purdue that. 'cause it doesn't matter if you feel you're right I don't know about you but if I feel I'm right back how would that I'll spend my last dime. About to defend myself I will do it I would even it doesn't make any sense I will do -- I think I'm right she thinks she's done nothing wrong. There's no remorse and that these aren't my words these -- the words of the Probation Department. They have they said it is extraordinary let's see what is attempt. The economy probation departments pre sentencing investigation. Suggested jail time -- could have faced a maximum of two years in jail probation. And as some others but they said that the Probation Department recommended. Jail time and they found no remorse and her. And without any were bars there is nothing that's gonna get better okay of the money -- noted that term. The notoriety is already there so that's not gonna go away that's not gonna deter her. And the slap on the criticism -- -- yeah 500 hours of community service as a fifty. So she. Learn anything that we can expect her. To treat the horse is the same as she did before. Yeah that's exactly my thought. Because if you don't feel you've done that I have been wrong you're not going to change your ways. I might demolish show so Bob has not been sued by anybody resembling. Although he has been really unfair to many movie titles. I'm just telling you we may have to seize those titles from his library. We'll be back with a movie show -- news radio 930 to -- via.

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