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11-1 Beach and Company Hour 1

Nov 1, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello is region governor and sandy beach -- why have a problem Malone you know last night it was Halloween. I expect and forty kids so I'd never wanna run out of things so I bought candy for sixty kids. And I only had 22. Okay always me. What do I do with the rest of that candy -- at the -- now I'm just telling and it's a tough situation. -- when you buy candy for sixty kids expecting boarding kids and you get twenty Joseph Gibbs there's a lot of left. Over candy. So I -- do because I don't want room just throw it away that's wasteful. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to eat the rest of it and slip into a diabetic coma. What do you think guys how many guys how many yards refrigerators did you guys yet I can count the amount I just know that we had very little. And I have a ton of team of islander Chris we got a fair amount I think we went through while like for big holes down what -- -- that -- that's that's that's a lot yeah that's good. Yeah that's 22 yards last year only have four. But I would never buy candy for four. If you get you know forty that then I got to shut the light up pretend you're not home that's not good that's not a good thing as a as a way there was. It would the wind was howling and a little bit of rain here and there like -- played a big part yeah I think so too -- era. On your replacement bridge toward nick out he was Iron Man -- asks that he clean up. Yeah he did very well we we won -- blocking and yet fill up as pumpkin. He's very excited he had a good time and did you a condom out of a good job. -- Well we all went through it and so -- of this Gloria that here yeah ability hear this apple this is yours. That he wants the double in this sleek bar here thank you very much shape it. That's about all I think this could be dangerous I don't want to -- as -- here I'd better try it and it's terrible he doesn't like Reese's -- darn it we doesn't onus of you know rarely. I can say is. And I'm not making this up from Liam -- and all I had last night and I mean it. Two kit Kat bars and they're small they're the font size and it's not so much like because they're small. A font size to me should be bigger but that's another start but got to -- at bars. And what am I don't want to freeze the rest of them. Because what I do is a buy candy and freeze chocolate freezes were well. And then you can eat it throughout the year so that's a good thing so we have leftover. OK I've got Eminem is left over okay let's neighbors left over call. The kit -- thing and I didn't even open the bag of miniature Hershey's. That that was my emergency bag the thing -- like the best thing here and ask that I would -- had do but it NAFTA. So my freezer will be full of chocolate -- like that. That's that's very nice though but it was a it was a quiet night. It was in. Interest the night we when we were going along our route. We come a couple of come up on this one house in my mother in law was trick or treating with us is she -- ago march next. So we understand -- -- was up to the door of this one house and you trick or treat. In the -- -- of the story in -- stand in there and my mother and my. We look at each other with a strange look in her face because people noticed the same thing what's his house with that. They had their Christmas tree up. Decorated head out fully lift our Christmas decorations. A wreath on the dog my word rapes Christmas drapes with points at the pattern 0001. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then she said that was left over from last year. Oh had us. That's way too early just way anyway I love Christmas just lost much as the next person. It the time to wait now I was following some social media Wallace is going on in a person that we know what's gonna give names because we don't wanna embarrass anybody. A person we know likes to eat healthy and that's fine. Around what that that's fine. But the person was it was giving out them pretzels. And -- quoted one of the kids as saying I don't want pretzels I want candy. And she's at pretzels are better for your and they care advocate was not happy and then a member of her own family chimed -- On the opposing and said that she wishes they give out candy. And then later on the person posted that she was enjoying a fine salad this was about 10 o'clock and at that. That's a little bit too much for me yeah I mean I don't know loosen up a little bit every once in awhile enjoy life that's just like being on a diet you you've got to every once -- it like I'm an expert on died right there. Every once in a lot you've got to treat yourself. Because if you don't you know I'm never gonna stay on yeah. You've got this little light at the end of the tunnel there has to Hershey bar or nationally or some less about Seattle's. Just something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or she gonna be a baby a pumpkin or broken -- you know I went as that's what a progress sucks me in college and I think every opportunity to show off I have my Red Sox -- in it was funny. This nice. Gentleman that's in that neighborhood he -- Red Sox and I came out and talk for awhile it was when you're -- Red Sox Jersey on and you rang the doorbell but anyway -- that you are you Carroll Jason picked what barker. If I had shorts and maybe she's got a killer legs. It would take a break. Oregon discussing Carrie Rodgers has legs on radio 930 well we are looking Saturday a weekend of football although while Denver's not playing -- there in a bye week. I picked out there are several games are like five games deceit. How we do against the buffalo and those people now they pick against the spread so will pick against the spread through. You guys -- Chris Antonio both in the football as well as I am first of all the big -- they see a buffalo. We're getting three points of three point enough to be honest -- book I'll lump. I don't think Casey of those standard thinking is out. Their undefeated but them -- Cambodia. And they may still say that after -- got some are really short especially if where you're running and other new quarterback nobody knows. -- go Casey has three points I'm gonna go with Casey. Idea I think it all depends on who plays quarterback if they had those plays. -- I say the bills pull off an upset here I think Kansas city's a paper -- a lot of people really that strong so I would not be surprised if the bills went. Okay how about your dress I'm going chiefs just based and had to beat cornerback situation I would. I probably would take the bills if I knew Louis and 100% going into the game but -- Ali and I was gonna look and yeah I think -- -- -- and here's the problem is people -- Bill. Kansas city Kansas city Kansas city Kansas city Kansas City. A gun is the only one that that picked the bills the way. Annex one New Orleans at the jets. The jets are getting six points combat and I'll go -- -- normal and even though there -- New Orleans even though they're playing at New York where he thinks it's violence. New Orleans yes saints have the jets just dead -- last -- I think it lost by forty points at the angles of the saints are better than vandals at least offensively -- -- -- and it was -- picked. The jets' New Orleans jets jets jets New Orleans so -- in Orleans Kirschke and Northrop that's my firm's first in Northrop they're very go to specialists Kirstie. Israel. Baltimore Cleveland. -- once -- Pittsburgh at New England that is that interest me. Pittsburgh is getting seven points there at New England knowing who has been having it's problems Argo a New England. Boy it's a tough pick but I'm -- patriots. -- -- -- the Steelers have -- the patriots win the game but they've been playing a lot of close games. Odd bit and it just kind of seem out of sync offensively so I think they'll find a way to win it as they've been doing and it'll be close okay here's -- -- Buffalo -- people -- -- -- -- Sullivan the jazz are a Northrop. They picked Pittsburgh New England Pittsburgh Pittsburgh New England doing -- of the release went on this one. The last one Chicago 'cause I'd like a one sided lopsided. Point spread. This is eleven points Chicago -- Green Bay. It's always tough agreement if they're going to Chicago be different but Chicago's getting eleven points. That that the that's a lot of points I don't know that that's basically a three score deal I'm got to go with -- Green -- anyway. Bring back an old agreement because I like Aaron Rodgers of yours. Yet Green -- prevail -- giving him eleven when he had -- bears have quarterback problems RJ -- out so hard and it's it's a win for the Packers for me through mr. discount double check I think there is playing a football so he should do it here is to have a buffalo and -- picks Green Bay Chicago Green -- Green -- Green -- Green -- The only on picking -- Chicago is Kirschke. All right so yes it's not even those not even the biggest games of the weekend you know. The biggest game is all the against Berger told -- all -- little high school pimp you handle the bulldogs all that against no regard. Oh that's who joined the burger right well that is a big matchup because these are two top teams that are all Bloomberg art is a big matchup yes. It's not like Lancaster did you. It's not like NTT. Know it's it's I would yield -- are the Williams girls out as pets and it because you weren't there. -- -- it's it's a game winner goes the Rolf. Amber and can't be funded via high school where we have -- that would be neat -- would -- on the sidelines -- You can see the balls his -- yeah absolutely. Let's see what else is going on. A jury in Sandra fell California. I'm Max -- nineteen years old guilty of stealing. Guide for -- Lamborghini. A couple of that from a rats ever as good -- -- -- eleven prosecutors say he stole a car to impress his girlfriend. Now does this advice okay. If you're going to steal a Lamborghini. You can't drive it anywhere without people like -- -- -- At least the -- pressure girlfriend. Oh well I bet she'll be really impressed when you estimate conjugal visits the -- unpleasant. Of that would be good deal but especially a high profile guy like guy Thierry. And and the -- Gainey has not gonna comment shall we say subdued colors this one was yellow ball. Where is he Lambeau as they usually yellow purple. Sometimes blacked. But there they're always you know outlandish collars for -- mainly read there are the -- but. Everybody wants a red one but would impose. The colors of the rainbow and everybody it's everybody's dream car. So that you're going to be low profile with the Lamborghini camp market and I'm just glad that that -- -- was -- -- would -- it was going to be located. Remember read about it and I thought it would be in some containers. Ship you know South America and parts -- -- that exactly did they created opens and it does some. Banana republic dictator is is driving it but the -- -- for them. Meanwhile Katy Perry says yeah out. Jagr hit on me. Mick Jagger is people say it didn't happen I'm. Katy Perry says she was eighteen. When Mick Jagger and honor she was singing though like backup vocal. And then it what a recession -- that he hit on me when I was a team. However in a statement Thursday representative for Mick Jagger said he cared if he categorically. Denies. He ever made a pass a Katy Perry perhaps she's confusing him with someone else. She's 29 -- seventy. Now keep in mind -- away and she was eighteen he was. Six so what's the big age discrimination you know. -- isn't the mic is in good shape yeah is he really has you know he doesn't -- LS seventy now he still France is around like a peacock. Everyone's target I get caught up on YouTube. And if I get into one Rolling Stones thing that I'm I'm hopeful for an hour. Just different things you know it's really cool abused and jams that they did it likely hall of fame. Where you got to I saw her standing there and he got a George Harrison. A singing with Springsteen and jagr and -- jolt -- -- -- -- along with because on many jams that's song used. But it's fabulous it's our size if I catch a modified if you listen on much music on iTunes idea. I used to YouTube I'm the same way if it. I kinda like I'll start with -- one genre or one band and an hour later year. Completely of the accident and you don't wanna go to the new one you were just attracted to because the one -- were and there was still three or four on that page who wanted to hear yeah if you go back and forth -- I end up having to recharge my iPad or my iPod and melanoma listening to. But it's great to see that's. It's a lot of fun -- it really is if I ever go to jail for life. Which is entirely possible in my relationship management here but if I ever -- All I want is just give me my iPad that's all because like I have an airplane games. Listening to music having a good time I want that and and -- -- so those are the only two things that I ordered. Choir and apple pie. Liquid soap would be more important you know why you don't drop an apple pie in the show. We'll be back remark on Clinton's -- and I got there. I won't be unpopular can you imagine about a liquid soap and an apple five. I don't have a why -- -- -- what -- what I look at -- you don't put liquid soap on your apple flyers to a real problems will be back. You can pay for yesterday's news in print or get today's news free just use W. It didn't -- TV show is being brought to -- many carpeted floor over. Fifty years doesn't do it but candy. I don't like this. All of my old man I've got a -- my size to have these -- -- -- it's it's a shame that the -- less than they do dance -- all the time. Now last night was now wait until it was critiquing. The as some of -- set -- of the houses that he visited with his young son. They didn't come out and even greet the trick or -- -- just left stuff and endo or handed it through an open window. As opera house is that they had a stool or chair sent out by an open window. In rather than go to the door the just handed out he's had to go to the window. You can't -- and I've heard people that were not going to be home. So they would leave candy out with a sign you know the honor system take a couple of pieces and hope that that -- are -- understand that -- -- out there. But if there they care. What's the line I mean -- wants -- -- -- -- -- encouraged -- -- costume or something -- Yeah and in the nothing to lose if you decorate your house. For Halloween. The home to hand out the candy because usually that's a sign all right. You're in the Halloween now if you go to a house and it's not decorated in the lights -- on a -- -- you're not gonna go to that other media barking -- -- hooked in the front door cool Joseph say OK the other candy is just beyond the leash of the K nine. You feel lucky punk. High art is saying is at least six -- it's of import. Do you really feel lucky enough to overnight and I think challenge. Faced challenges later when they're adults. House other kid well there was one. How's that definitely down a challenge to the kids -- wasn't this house was done up so cool they had they're they're both put on the front lawn with a did was they wrapped it in black. They put a -- to make it look like a pirate ship a -- and then he had -- a walkway with all you know scary sounds and things like that the kids. And if they dare and go past the knees aren't artillery things that I -- -- Nick chickened out he -- jewelry that's kind of fun it was it was really cool I think they did a great job. Oh and I have an update. When I was talking about Matt Lauer yesterday because. The Today Show is not obviously on the monitor. And the audio was off all I saw was Matt Lauer dresses of Rosie there. -- like a -- at bikini kind of thing any -- cleavage. Which surprised me. Because you've seen people who wanna dress like a one. They don't show cleavage but this one dead and I was little -- out for -- -- and then somebody has sent an email saying. Of the theme of The Today Show while as a former hit TV shows and he was supposed to be Pamela Anderson. From Baywatch -- believe me I'd prefer them. And also had an all the cameras going to run in the inner city marathon. But here's the deal. A story for charity which is nice pitch -- -- Tuesday that Federer -- I haven't seen the fall toward the number of years ago or she's very attractive face she really does and and she's -- as she's got a sleazy about eight -- editors are. But she's gonna run on -- marathon which is what 26 point something miles you go -- she's ever run the twelfth. So if you only run twelve I say only I guitar when I drive twelfth but if you run twelve which is essentially the distance from here to my house. Okay if that's what you if that's all you vote Ron. I don't figured realistically expect to make its 26 -- -- doubling -- ago now I don't see people be happy to -- -- sure I'm sure -- lean on me. -- leader -- -- -- we'll see which he does a junior out to the -- man. Adults from I -- hear you do that you're kind of -- -- and -- a hero bus driver's story oh what what's on our. This I mean this story has been all over social media and this morning when I got up and I was checking Twitter. Donald -- percent are tweak what a cool story but the bus -- crusade to save the woman I'm going to send him ten grand. -- good is that -- great I saw the eyes of a piece on channel true what really got to me which I thought was very nice. When he a top that are off the ledge and -- over the railing he sat down next to her on the ground and tried to comfort her. And this was an enormous. The only bit of bigamy. And there are many people there there are many buildings that are bigger than me but this guy was. And he comforted her great thing to do absolutely I mean what -- -- every once in awhile you get. You get refreshed and it is refreshing to hear that there are people like that. Because usually we just hear about the dirt bags the scammer and -- But this guy was great and I'm glad he's going to -- -- from the -- man principle a man you know prince no he wasn't -- balance now on known and now if -- like going up to a thousand dollars who wouldn't go to WBN dot coms like back slash cash. And if you want us to alert you as to when they code words will be called which are at 9 AM 1 PM 4 PM and 7 PM. Then you can text cash 230930. Fisherman is the 19 you know I know you were busy at nine. It is calling like as -- as of the money. -- -- now well we've found out yesterday what they punishment was going to be. In the -- India criminal trial of Beth Hoskins. This has been an ongoing saga. Overrun over a several years now. Regarding the SP CA. Charging and her being found guilty I think a 52 counts of animal abuse. Commit negligence abuse whatever name Mueller college. And the SP CA has racked up a -- very large bill. The outstanding balance right now is one point three million dollars or Gina. Browning says that from the US BCA but the judge took forever -- ever never ever going drag drag drag and every. Thing that you see about this case. Mentions that she is a woman of some of wealth. Okay her parents don't know Kurdish grow. I think that the the reason as mentioned hopefully is not because this is it has any other bearing on this case but it's because. Because she had the means to take care of these horses and didn't. That's the big story I mean if she was let's say just an average person argued over as far as money is concerned. Then people might even collateral slacks you know does something wrong something's not happening upstairs between the -- Because she loves horses so much and as she gets the money but she doesn't have the where revulsion doesn't have the the financial resources to take care of that many horses. And and people would have given her a little bit more break they would still be unhappy with what happened. But when you have the resources. And their readily available and and she may have spent more on our -- attorneys' fees and whatever. There would have cost it would take your horses. But when they have it and don't use that. Then people get angry so even though in every story ever ever read they talk about how well our family owns Kurdish group. And as you know I love to do Kurdish -- jokes simply because of all of my years in in buffalo broadcasting. Kurdish group has always been there and every time I do a Kurdish group joke. They call and complain so naturally I keep doing them. I'll duel until the last day on the radio but the bottom line is it was something funny about this case and other judge finally has made a decision. She's going to have to pay a 52000 dollar fine. That's court costs and fees or whatever not about goals -- the US BCA. There is an excellent column. By Don -- Talking about justice was not done in this case. And we'll come back a lot of the -- of Don and I and you agree about what it's basically this question. And I don't think it's a pound of flesh -- But should Beth Hoskins have gotten any jail time. She was found guilty on fifty joke ounce. I'd gained the assistant DA said he can't remember anybody that's been. Found guilty on that many counts and not serve any jail time and all of that. And we like to hear from you you can call 803 go to Israel want in -- -- 616926. 930. And just simply -- should be at Austin's received jokes are now if you go all. If you go to FaceBook sandy beach FaceBook page please no one word answers no yes. No. We like explanations would not take a poll here although WB and poll today is about that. And one last night's I heard what the results of the poll were. Two out of three. Listeners said that she should have received some jail time so it's like 66%. Some more on this and yes she should have received -- -- will refresh the bulls who -- that is that we'll be back after the summit on vacation. After today's show. -- planning and and air trip to like -- and it should be or should be a lot of fun looking forward about numbers reviewing some waterfront property. One -- I need time and time to survey the situation. And now Karen Robinson. I've not seen that name for news staffer more report about here's -- you Karen Robinson. -- like that so here's to view camera and Robinson. The news says -- okay that's okay with me. Anyway Brad -- Hoskins that's her name. She's been spared jail. And 52 over courses which she was convicted of abusing will not be forfeited they will not be auctioned off the -- town justice. Douglas marquis on Thursday sentenced are now says here -- as the wealthy horse woman and and I don't. I don't begrudge people putting that in the stories about that when Hoskins simply because it's germane to the story as I said earlier. If she did not have the money to take care of horses you could just say that it. She has some kind of illness or she's horror collect her -- something like that. And doesn't have the wherewithal to take care of what she wants but she does habit and and didn't do it didn't use -- and that's the reason she was convicted so I think it's all right to put that in. The wealthy horse woman. Two or three years of probation. Including 500 hours of community service. -- -- 52410. Dollars on the misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Now keep in mind but none of that 52410. Dollars will be will be forwarded through the as BCA. And -- the sentence falls short of what the DA's office had been looking for. Should be allowed to keep her horses she must have one worker for every fifteen horses. Now -- you know it's hard for me to judge exactly but the most horses I ever had a one time or three. And I worked a lot I don't prepare myself. Sometimes I boarded but though of most of atomic took care of myself. And has a lot of work for three I can't imagine one person and handling five times that amount but that's what that's what he said. So as well one worker for every fifteen horses. The judge also stipulated she must live in -- count me. And cannot leave Western New York without permission. The judges probation. Sentence contained fourteen stipulations. Total and insists that she Obey all orders of the State Supreme Court justice presiding over the civil case. So yeah I judge has to tell her that she has to Obey orders of another judge passing a little unusual video I'm into. And that the several cases stretch -- more than three years between her and yes BCA. Her attorney Tommy Otto was. Ex -- with the outcome. We came here asking for no jail and -- for -- of horses and that's what we got he said. Also. He noted. And out of town you know when to shut up your good attorney. But you know and hold a moment when the fooled them. When you say we came here asking for no jail for richer and that's what we got stopped it there okay. You you've recruited enough that future customers. Four road. And keep doing business for awhile you don't need the second part of what you said. He also noted that now she could go out and buying more horses. I think come line. How sleazy is that out cheesy is that -- no I've heard better things -- that about Joseph obviously but it relies. You gotta have a little better class. You have people love horses who despise what -- Hoskins was convicted of doing. And now you're saying and yeah she I -- I'm courses now. And asinine thing to do what an asinine thing to say. There's such a thing as grace in victory. And I guess they consider this a victory because he I know was over the top with joy. But -- since you're going get more horses her mother Susan -- I guess she's mrs. -- escrow misses her escrow. Yeah because they they owned cars -- up her father would be mr. screw in his mother of the -- this right okay. Because neither one of them -- named Curtis now that I know. Wouldn't be a woman's name -- -- outcome of the government your father's name Curtis I don't know but big maybe not. But anyway Hoskins mother -- and Hoskins seem relieved afterwards noting that her daughter just gotten in over head and she says and this is the quote. What happened -- what happened is probably one of the best things that could've happened because she's learned a great deal through this and some hard lessons. It's upset mommy and daddy she's grown a whole lot I'm proud river. So it's -- ago personal mommy and daddy she has grown up and we'll talk about it teeny you -- you know so but at least the mother says this is so maybe the best thing that. Happened to her and she's grown up -- let's hope. We can take that out of this decision at least okay that's what she's she says she's it's upset mommy and daddy. Yeah up up up up up up. There's some screws loose. Loose screws from the owner of -- group like that. I like that like that there was should've known about it might someday. Officials -- -- BCA which rated her farm -- 73 horses. We're disappointed. Barbara Kerr who is you know the big major -- there. The only thing that I'm concerned about it in this case has put us in a position abusing our funds to take care of ms. Hoskins horses. Said barber cars BCA executive director -- really good person. Loves animals like to tell you that and back will probably be up there again breeze on doing our annual SBC array of them. She's visited her horses cared for by the US BCA twice in three years. Now I've you know. If you really love your horses and they were taken away from you and you professes great love horses. When your visit him more than twice in three years she opposed the SP CA watch my lips. One point three million dollars okay. It doesn't belong in jail said a return ain't Tommy and I don't adding that she doesn't have a malicious bone in her body to -- -- And that would get into a more of this we come back but as I lover attorneys. Attitude now she'd go I'm I'm more horses. Smart -- you wonder why attorneys have a kind of a reputation. Listen what you're saying sometimes we'll be back after this.

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