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Taglianetti Prosecution Rests

Nov 1, 2013|

Paul Cambria

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the Tagliabue had a murder trial in May -- New York just on the line London's. Buffalo defense attorney Paul -- -- good morning and thanks for joining us. More when the prosecution rested its case yesterday just before they arrested. Witness took the stand. And said that DNA. That was found -- a gun that was found him too badly and daddy's car the following the murder the DNA matched the DNA of the victim. IQ three lead and there was no DNA match on the go on for mr. tag -- -- what does that tell you Paul. Well obviously others contact between that gun and the deceased. Or frankly and daddy and the deceased. And that he had his hand on the gun. Again it'll be interesting to see what the defense does -- do. I'm convinced that they're going to take that position there was a struggle. And that was it justified shooting. And what do they have to do to lay that out give us a preview -- how you think this unfolds. I actually think the only way to be done as a -- -- -- I don't see how well she could be done. Which seems to me the evidence people are the ones who can establish. The weapons agreed added so long to set that part of it up. But other than manage changed needed such -- in any sports. You know former brother in law that testified earlier that he had called Q3 at home. Possibly I guess it was the night of the murder and someone else answer the telephone do you do you know anything about that -- his. I'm not at all this is the first. That that information has come out. Did they indicate whether it was male or female. They indicated that there was a former brother in law. He had called Reid's home someone else answer the phone that they did not say it was a man or woman. Yeah I think that not receive that be significant but I'm not at record that but again Janet I spent the past. With the apparent struggle in the cents a close contact wounds bruises but he. To see bruises on the defendant I mean it just seems to me that that so where the difference will be -- You've defended a lot of different cases Paul how often does the jury. Dismiss an accused because they are the accused. What up you know it's it's very difficult thing you're telling the years that the -- presumed innocent. But there are a lot of people who are sitting there are saying well we didn't do anything lightly here. YE charged. Mean you have to go through that all the time indicates where you're putting on -- -- that -- your laps. That's always difficult they wait defendant's testimony much differently than they do any other witness. You know any little slip up can be magnified by a jury one way or the other so it's it's a Dicey proposition. Any kind of harshest -- longer. The defense may take to present its case. On behalf of mr. -- and -- vs how long it took for the prosecution to present -- this. Well I think you know the defense. Would put targets stage together. Simply. Rude to prosecutions. With a search you know the evidence people in the rest of and it seems to me that they put on up a self defense trying to -- situation. Probably don't got to take a couple of states. How long do you think the jury would be out -- -- is it really just -- -- well. You know who knows I mean that they put out a good -- case that jury to be out several. And you just don't know on a lot of times in cases like this is a lot potentially. Jurors do not come back quickly because they don't want people that they haven't done their job. I've had juries that are actually debated decision within an hour stayed out three days. Men told us while we didn't come back because we want people but we need to workshop. Let's say it's a little crazy there are some are. Paul thank you for taking the time to join us we know you're very busy this morning thank you again we're very grateful throughout a defense attorney Paul camera.