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Bills-Chiefs Preview

Nov 1, 2013|

John Muprhy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's look at the bills game this weekend brought you by value home senators want speed experience and a winning team shop fast shop Smart -- value home senators. John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills broadcast team are on the line with us this morning hi guys. John let's start with you the bills have yet another quarterback injury have you ever seen a team that's really had such a hard time keeping its quarterbacks healthy here. Up in here if we're drama preaching -- Burke the fortunes -- I think what type bills fans or member of the 1968. And 68. Where they went through a member or are always spectre get to reject have -- I believe -- lorries and then been era and then keep Stevenson and they've actually want to put that worked out here that's like the -- Historical parallel like about who we still treatment for cultural -- quarterback. Yeah. I remember that John begun moving the -- any of the disaster quarterback remember -- Yes they -- -- Kmart does not knowing who's going to start at quarterback affect this weekend's game plan at all. There he would segment of the dead for kids -- keep. Yes well I don't think we're gonna get a prepare the same way him and obviously with. Without Bill Lewis from the quarterback readers not really. Particularly good option for the buildup pretzel so. Mineta that'll that'll reduce preparation time but I still think they'll evident there. He got a game playing Kansas City will they're going to be you got a young guys play and then just who's gonna play -- -- think it's there. Strategy be pets which is really going to be bring pressure -- -- -- I can handle the pressure in which means to build -- happily more guys in. You know the protective and gonna have to have a effective -- that they -- -- success yet is it that their expenses. It is stocked with with -- at every level so it's going to be a difficult challenge but there. -- -- -- -- -- Eight games already this season they won just two last year just how good is this team. Yeah it's good to request all her -- they had six Pro Bowl performers roster preaching Lola to fourteen which. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what they really did was bring in a new quarterback Alex Smith from the 49ers beat greater -- And he is basically put it into what was pretty talented roster. A year ago and trying to calm things down -- -- steady not spectacular but that he quarterback play good. That allowed them to go -- nobody. You know the quality of their opposition is great. If it's good fortune to cooperatives team and their quarterback issues disparity in the let's bye weeks so what and they know what they know you got to salute that. Mark felt a little bit about Tennessee's defense they've certainly been -- You getting guys across the board meaning they were expected at thirty -- and -- -- it earlier guys and in the military and outside Russia income -- as it is a you know outside Russia. And and they say they have other gadget that. More sex and he does that I think they are that they have about thirty six and so on because somewhere near there. Just put pressure on and yet -- -- terrific orders as well so. And they can do a lot of things defensively to pick and put those. And not defend with the you know the other nine or ten guys so really. Really good great quality guys guys -- in the linebackers. And can cover in space in there also defend the run really well so ago lot of good things work for misplaced elect marxism and they're just really right with talent and and aunts and bring him at all that they controversy and an unfortunate. And circle that club -- years. -- got away under any every regime and they really focused on football and they've gotten back to some of the basics spoke -- -- Julianna that's. You know John even load the chiefs are undefeated some of the games they played very very very close this year. And -- you guys both thought that it was possible for the bills to. Upset New Orleans last week they didn't do that what about the Kansas City what do you think. Its spots well I mean I'd like to torture and we're gonna play quarterback for the building of a better -- and the chances that. There are slowing the pills are are all which means something especially with the way that great crowd has been this year. The changed what he had you know it they're there ain't no they got a pretty good about that. They have their bye week coming up next week you're sitting in the intensity. It's been. You know divisional payment with the arrival of Marcos wanted to in the -- what's -- to this so there's potential for directing their. I think that the fall into place for the built -- very struck in the city defense. And what you really I never got to have a lot of Baidu is simply quarterback but the -- that can't be answered until a couple of sub. I -- a period thanks John we'll hear both of them of course the bills broadcast team John Murphy and mark Kelso. Brought you by value home senators want speed experience and a winning team -- fan shop Smart stuff value home centers.

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