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David Bellavia - Oct 31 2013 Hr 3

Nov 1, 2013|

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It's got an email that I'm sane happy Halloween too much summon a saved three more times having Halloween happy Halloween have. Following. Jury member. Was it. Tuesday. On the Rachel -- no show I don't your big -- to Rachel Maddox is I haven't. I am there's no bigger fan of MSNBC. -- -- -- -- I love me some Rachel man. What do you think I love the most about MSNBC. If they have attend public -- -- -- you Ralph Fox News always on the right sure absolutely. You've got conservative people on Fox News it was the conservative agenda -- to future MSNBC. Then they do the same thing that they do for. But the thing I love is even during the darkest days of the Bush Administration. Fox News covered the stories that were the stories of the day. They might sway me to defiant President Bush during. But they didn't ignore total stories. If I mean if you add Kathryn Sebelius. Being tested by. You know in front of a subcommittee. He's used to try to put a -- options subcommittee and there's no mention of it until the second segment. It -- in the B block. On the Rachel Matt bush during that shell. She let offer a -- Tuesday she offer program by accusing senator Rand Paul. Of plagiarizing. A speech. That she said he got. Off all of Wikipedia. And to death. On the dog. What it's. Like the direct source it's Rainer. -- or -- US. A gentleman has the a gentleman named Michael Rogers. He's a north port Florida he -- a blog from open it's called open salon. Michael Rogers has a blog. And it's entitled Rachel madcow is plagiarizing my block. And this is his quote he's just don't get me wrong I love me some racial matter now. Truth be told him a huge fan and so she wanted something from my blog -- you do that I would have given willingly because that's the kind of guy. So we're talking about a comparison at this blogger Michael Rogers of Florida. Made. Between the deep water horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. In the 1979. Oil spill. From. -- top one oil spill in the same area. And he noted that the oil industry hasn't advanced their methods of plugging holes in the ocean floor or clean up the masses and Rogers. Got a little upset when he shot his own angle copies of metal program. He's like that's a quote I'm sitting there Wednesday evening watching MSNBC where Rachel I don't. And he's now screening committees typing in caps telling the same damn story. He says he goes on to say she stole my scoop of lifetime and now it's plastered all right mr. receive with the racial game all the credit granted. Distinguishing it Wednesday -- covered more ground. Was more professional -- feature but then she is more resources. At her disposal then I'd do. Wow. So she just got busted. Open netted him four days after accusing Ron Rand Paul. Just target. Just four. Days after accusing Rand Paul plagiarism. Matt I -- Boston for plagiarism. Well. So anyway moral of the story is got -- logic -- comes back and boomerang. We're talking a little bit earlier about. I got an email. Talking about Europeans and the earlier today -- you know it's still on YouTube there. But we had to play do little piece of V. The the Mexican announcer announced the US Panama World Cup qualifying match. Mexico needed the United States to beat Panama in order for them to advanced qualification for the World Cup. And so on national television in Mexico. Shall television I'm Mexico. The United States -- game was played as a prime time game. And all the best announcers for Mexico -- now team in very much in favor of the United States it's always nice to be get a little love for -- Neighbors to solve. And they are really excited in the United States court and we heard the guy -- mean you know going having complete quarter. And we also went -- a little bit about you know the differences between. You know just Europeans love soccer. And -- were always going to be different I think there's a lot of people on the left that won him look at Europe as a model and I'll tell you Wilton. Ever -- Europe. You're trying to bring us there will never be Europe because -- we have the frontier they never have that opportunity. Look at just the differences in our sport and George Carlin has gone off in the differences between the different sports but. -- dispersant when you're watching a soccer game. They count their time off. In America. Everything is is what removes you gotta get this done now because five minutes left. Don't say that European European football in European football it's like we played 45 minutes of it is really exciting time world. It almost played an hour and a half before -- Here which like how much time left how much have left we have enough time if you're not -- left. Despite -- -- we do this or five of the flat and European football the clock just keeps going. Nobody cares people hurt people are writing in pain. They have come onto the field. And we just trust that the robbery. Happens dean time. You know on his own wrist watch. And we trust that. We actually I don't think we have a sport anymore. Football it's rear its -- is go. American sports hockey -- the last bastion of the top. And we've eliminated the time. She. Football guys. Are extremely rare. It happened once every ten years what decade -- a football tie. And they've expanded the overtime rules Americans don't like ties. We don't like ties soccer Europeans they love lives because it's about the effort. It's not about winning it's about the effort you did a great job. You did 88 great. You are out there are. Annual busting your hump. And we appreciate that way to go outstanding work. While genetic Cory Cody McCormick and fight. Today against the Rangers he won yet Cody wins the fight against that. -- -- the sabres can do. Anyway the point I'm making is is that there are some people look at the utopia of Europe and try to compare it to what. You know they don't have guns and they don't so you're basically saying that what division of guns so they beat you with a wrench I mean. Just because you don't have guns doesn't mean you know violent crime. Just because you have guns doesn't mean you don't have burglaries. You know I mean if it's this it's it's unfair ridiculous compares. And I really believe it all stems. From the fact that we had the last. And no one else had the -- know what else have the opportunity to get horse. Load up and if you didn't like the city. In the nineteenth century you can go explore your life over. And that is that -- the case in Europe at all. It's one of the reasons why even in in you know would you look at the you know especially when it comes to just the idea of what we have to go along with -- learn to live with each other. We have to learn to get along with the learned to share. You know. Community when you would show that true if you had nowhere else to go. I mean the cities where the center of everything. In the nineteenth century Europe. They sent the center of you you worked there he went to school there everything was there you could not in England where even ago. You go to what the what they call the wetlands there that the areas of the south -- where you gonna tell. There's only so many people there's almost so much property real state. You can't just go off and start your life full you can't build something with your hands you can't you know have me. Got a little update in the NFL types have been 276. And it felt ties from 1920 did 2013. Manson and works out. I'm a break got a calculator take a break. We come back. We'll have more. Eighteen ties from 1974. To the president. As some some quick stats right there it's like that's almost Fred Norris quick. -- that they break. We go back more the big program gives Colorado 30930. Start at 310616. WB and I'll be here till one enjoy the shrimp. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the -- almost over the talked about Friday quite windy during the morning gossip winds could reach up to sixty miles an hour. Oh the Irish in the afternoon but will be able to cloud -- our high of sixty degrees Friday night mostly cloudy with a shower low 45 Saturday. Mostly cloudy and cooler with a couple of showers high of 53 degrees. In appeals saint state. -- is all -- that's very true. You know I was got to audio army buddy of the south you've -- Halloween. In the Bible Belt that go to church. And that's to I've never heard that Costa before. They've -- southern Baptist and everyone goes to church and they do like their -- thing again now. So. I thought that. Is it that he also said that he's a left wing he's a liberal. Great -- dearest friends but he's he's left -- and he was saying that. The there they have their their bat they they vote in churches. You know so like when when you go to -- voting precinct it might be in Southern Baptist Church. You would never see that had our they've never think of -- it -- -- Now on you because they really pushed the is school's been running including -- that's really I mean that that's not a New York thing that would be really shocking the you know. -- separation of church and state very series very seriously church from state. And state from church. Is that your. We. Earlier in the the program were talking about it. This this case with -- when Hoskins who is found guilty. -- what was it fifty to 74 counts of animal cruelty. And I got probation you have to pay about that was a 52 and 52000 ordered ten dollars. She's due thirty days some of the surcharges that she asked to pay the 52000 within a month. And that she got three years of probation she has to stay in Erie county undergo counseling for 4500 hours of curiouser. And -- the keeper -- safe and clean provide one employee per fifteen horses. But. Much to the chagrin of the FPC I have to agree she can still buy. As many or issue. She can still have all the horses she. -- went onto this job to -- we went on to discuss. Little bit about the we got a situation of some of the way in and it. Sort of pun intended dampened spirits. Of -- so many young people today just because the wind was really throw it 55 mile an hour gusts. You know -- this -- hurricane -- this pretty -- It's a lot of people didn't you know didn't spend a whole lot of time -- -- so really go all in emails. -- DN. Rights means as though we -- awaiting go out at all went -- the -- about the kids but candy in it died. Anyway anyway. Understand that victorious as we went out for about 25 minutes didn't get all the way down the block. The wings too strong and the kids start to complain. -- understand that. Nick said it is I went out -- my friends I'm too young to have kids we did have a good time but there were a lot of people throw away. -- -- -- -- It's true though it is true. That. Not many. 2006. And the other tons of regret. That. That was a really bad storm of course the leaves were still three. Storm. Because the snow that hit the nicest one on the treatment because that leads were still on those those branches to snap -- off power was out for. Had a -- Long time. If you remember it was during the Jack Davis Tom reynolds' race. And it was a really tight race for Tom Reynolds the year 2006. It was the year that all the Republicans crossed the unit the into Pelosi took over speaker. That was the same election. It was a blood. Crossed the border Republicans -- House and the Republicans lost the sent it and then like a week after the election Rumsfeld resigned as. Secretary of defense. And a lot of people said. That this all had to do with the Iraq War. You know. But at any rate that election was a very close election between Tom Reynolds inject detectives. Whose -- two point mistaken. Many people Jack Davis many. You know politicos. Believe that the actual or storm actually held. Tom Reynolds win. Because -- He was able to. Get a lot of support federal support from Washington to show that he is an effective congressman. I think was. -- a lot of money in advertising and a lot of the highly populated areas in the district at the time didn't have power. So all I've really never got you know he wasn't really able to to to do that you know 24 hours last week of -- push. And that is one of the reasons why. Many people think that Tom -- one that that race. You know who else but if it. So was on a lot of free you know publicity. With congress and Reynolds was because -- Because there is you know I'm back here on the going to make sure we get our aid. From federal and state government. And so he did benefit to some -- with a little extra exposure. Any truth in the rumor that he actually caused that storm is there any we're looking into religion. Nobody it it was it was one of those things were at that time you know I Halloween I think I wanna see it happened. This happened mid October. Again I got a -- but it wasn't. Like. Around thirteenth fourteenth of the month. I remember this because. I was in the process of house. That was -- -- I purchased -- -- October 12 that began October 12. So I'm going to buy my house and I check out the house. And I'm looking at the art management kid growing up and please. Just think you know life and -- -- it's going to be and the next day we with the storm go to the back yard. We were closing out. And I go to the back -- all these street would like it was like one point. One of my -- all these beautiful trees are gone. Take a quick break we come back for the program and who's coming. Back at this quick word. Mark Halpern and John how men have a new book called doubled down on the New York Times reviewed today. And one of the things that's being doubled down is this alleged. Meeting that occurred during the 2012. Presidential campaign. Which of course president Barack Obama won. Thus the title president. Which doesn't mean that if that would be the president he was still have the title even if you lost. Out of respect for the office. It was pushed by the chief of staff who was William Daley a former. That would be the former mayor of Chicago. It was related to -- -- the despite the close personal relationship daily. That he developed when mr. Biden. They -- both Irish Catholics and veterans of the beltway. The research came back in the end of the year and suggest -- Clinton to the ticket would materially improve Obama's odds. And this is the sequel by the -- of the bestseller game change which chronicled 2008 campaign. And they mean HBO film out of that if you remember it was the one that won the Golden Globe for. The portrayal of Sarah Palin by the actress. Big about ski what's her name. Her father it is. The general. For we were sold. C'mon you know or she played Sarah Palin's one Golden Globe it was a relief to more Julianne Moore I think again -- Helm for general from we sold. Any rate I'm not a double -- that I heard that I can confirm Biden dodged a bullet he never saw coming. Never would have known anything about it the obamas could keep a secret. So basically this is saying this is true that we heard the rumors at the time we just didn't have any sort of truth. And that that was the the problem right there we we knew -- a lot of people talking about it but it's time. A lot of people also say that you watch Hillary is gonna come in -- -- -- it fired. They're gonna step down Hillary's gonna run and help out. Though there was the the rumor -- Around I would say this is before the Gingrich recently -- Gingrich so this would have been summertime probably August 12 when every Republican in the primary had a month where they were the number one dog. In in August of that year Gingrich was ahead I think if memory serves I believe it was hurricane. Had his run and Santorum. And Gingrich took over -- the end and then of course Romney throws that confident. Taking everything but it right before the Georgia primary. It Gingrich had won and they were saying that the match up between. A Gingrich candidacy. And up and had an idea Hillary Clinton vice presidency would be the only chance. That. You know would would be of a very good shot for the for the Democratic Party is if remember several Hussein Obama blows. I mean the the obamacare was extremely extremely. Unpopular you read the Tea Party. Presence that -- showed up in 2010 that really turned the tide in the House of Representatives. Took some senate seat from that. And everyone assumed between twelve would be the same way for the get out the vote campaign. But it's really interesting these guys in -- -- -- that article out that Obama almost took. And in this also adds so much intrigue because now if Hillary run for president Joseph Biden of all the so it would ever you want to about Joseph Biden he is stubborn. He feels every vice president feels entitled. To take the next step the only reason why Dick Cheney didn't run for president was because -- his popularity hovers. Just a blow of prostate cancer. And the second thing would be -- -- just didn't he with a healthy man -- he really. Truly had no ambition to be president state because of his health condition. But if bought it body besides. -- Biden to healthy. Fives are relatively young guy he still has now Biden says things that are stupid. But he should think they're stupid in the sense that you know. Grant says things -- -- some time now he says without mine and realize. Racist and politically correct there are. But he's you know he's Joseph Biden Joseph Biden has not changed in thirty years that he's in Washington. Joseph Biden is not going to just say no go ahead -- shorts. I've I've I predicted Joseph Biden will will definitely. Go all the way. And Hillary will face of the primary because. I just it would be especially with this this this book. If this turned out to be true and I assume this will be your best sellers well. But if this New York Times review on this -- written. And doubled down which is the the sequel to gain change. In this book talks of the 2012 campaign if this book if this is true. This almost forces Joseph Biden. To get in this race and we did this respect that that shows. The last time we lost a vice president and what Nixon. If you get -- in the first. In the first election Nixon in. -- and 68. Nixon elected in 68 is certainly to get rid of Rockefeller. Get Rockefeller's. I guess I could use the Google. Defines. At any rate the point of the matter is that's extremely bears in Dubai -- and proud. And there's no way that Joseph Biden. Narrative get out there you're good enough for Hillary. You know -- annoys him you know what bothers them. And he's gonna want to allow her to speed you know Corning is a different way. Joseph Biden Joseph behind he went and think about that he would name a vice presidential he was good running mate. For for Senator Obama at a time where he basically said that Senator Obama had zero experience. In those debates in the democratic debates 2008. The one thing you got out of the debate with with -- with Biden and Obama. Was Obama was basically in way over -- had. And -- was sharp mean and everybody got into trouble for saying that Obama was clean and spoke well and people like what he's saying that black people clean and black people don't speak well. Pseudo racist statement that was made. Bite him. Was always referred to Obama is. The inexperienced newcomer just for Sony even did normally work the way the world works and it was Biden's targeting of Clinton. That really helped Obama during those those times ever -- ganged up on Hillary. And it gave Obama a lot of breathing easier especially those debates especially acute for policy. I -- Obama would -- in those democratic debate in 2008 Obama basically said. Well you don't know knows more about foreign policy that -- -- let's talk about domestic issues. And that is one of the reasons why he and Joseph Biden has made the wealth of experience senate foreign relations. Armed services. All this experience in foreign policy which probably where the hell has that gotten us. Nowhere. But if you expect Joseph Biden just take -- step accurate kick him out. Hillary was was almost a heartbeat away from being the vice presidential running -- I wonder how she would have. It's really curious as to there was members of the rumor that they were switched jobs. The body was going to be secretary of state Hillary would then the vice president in this article doesn't mention that. But anyway check that checked that book out. Who said he dat who would like and who actually say UB vice president I'll be secretary of state mean. The only people who comes up with things that have the same people were telling us that Brian -- gonna be treated to me and now you don't Anaheim Ducks so that he can beat the you know be playing near his actress wife. We're doing this -- invent it's like something somebody invents in there. I'm gonna -- -- I think what I don't -- that because would you ever have believed that General Petraeus would step down. -- sitcom commanders to run the warning against that huge demotion. And the person running -- -- It essentially his boss. So you go for running the entire military opera all connect operations in the warfare. And sent Central Command. And you go down to essentially. A job -- you know a staff job. Any comparison it would be like if equivalent Darcy -- can scout. What do you feel the -- and a bad idea of her but once a -- said to him we need you. To see that that's what I think what what was being at the time and again you know this support him we don't really know how much -- through like you said. I think what this argument was that. We think -- and with so many things kind of fall apart for Hillary. They knew she wasn't going to do she'd already announced that she wasn't going to do the second term secretary of state. So that was before the election -- happened that she says -- And by it would have been like the guy in the white stallion. -- needed. To you know -- the problems in the world. And the reason why don't buying it is is because whatever you whatever advantage you pick up by switching on your vice presidential candidate. Is negated by all the negatives -- that you know I mean Hillary brings plenty of negatives to AAB. You've just switched all your -- vice presidency gonna cost yourself points because all the sudden becomes a process story you're talking about. How bad is this group of they have to toss out. The vice president. In the mid term like this is going to save. I -- whatever amount that they thought that the new -- -- bandits they you have to be a gigantic advantage for them to negate all the negative press. They would generate by the move. This though to -- for. After the election in some pundits thought it was close it actually turned out to beat Ohio was gonna turn -- Florida was gonna fall for me. And be in time with. All of the Democrats it's. Very big change. And walk away. There was no doubt whatsoever. Won the Republicans think we'd do this. If this story if true this proves that -- true. That there's no way that those that the raw numbers have been -- -- Because it the wrong numbers legitimate ones we've. You know jettisoning. Joseph -- -- The numbers were legitimate. Explains that radical turn out if its workings. You know you feed into conspiracy theories about voting irregularity in the eighties. Ohio State in the state Ohio -- numbers -- absence and were shot on leave. We're talking -- 118. And 25%. And that means 20% more people registered to vote. Vote amid -- -- date book to be written about people did the early voting process. Because there is no possible way that could control people. No way. And we just weeks a case without. With acorn workers voted eight times. In letters and things. But the argument it put it in for the argument -- Romney numbers legitimate. In this summer between twelve and actually rod mill that's -- we won elections. These numbers all show that we were winning overwhelmingly. This book is true and you were thinking about it replied. Dole's numbers were. Before super storms and you have the very possibility. That more. So I think if it's cut him off but a lot of credit. Game change. A lot of horrible things about McCain and -- he refuted enough. They won. And we're gonna watch the story that they were great comeback the last segment. The final hour of the game abilities show Q so what Christina will be back put this thing to bad business. WBN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast. Friday is going to be windy during the morning they'll be gusts of of wind up to sixty miles per hour and then that we could go away for a little bit the afternoon you have some some clouds hanging around and then some. Stray showers lingering high of sixty degrees here stray shower linger on the -- a few more. Friday night mostly cloudy with a shallow bowl 45 -- Saturday mostly cloudy cooler with a couple showers high 53 when it comes. AccuWeather forecast. You you have to stay on the teleprompter. It's very difficult to go off. It's very tough to go off script when you do whether. So really. The we're just talking on the break about the some have a correction. Tom Connolly. Mr. news came and said listen. You're wrong here's what happened it was. It was Richard Nixon. And it was Spiro Agnew. Spiro Agnew is the vice president that of course resigned. -- became Gerald Ford of course because he became president and Ford became president after the resignation of Richard Nixon. It lives Rockefeller became the place -- -- that was a New York Rockefeller not the West Virginia Rockefeller. And how those for him -- the damages go to with state to run for office with a seemingly. -- money in the difference. So what I was saying now before was that. The the numbers in the this book which show that there may have been some insecurity and some of the numbers but. We're on the break so -- got the numbers right because cook report. On. The other one was. 538 from the New York time in New York Times I mean down. The electoral count everything. The one thing that real clear politics had wrong was they predicted the senate would go. I think that to the senate seats went the wrong way on the real clear one -- they did predict the yeah electoral count for the press exit that they're pretty they're pretty popular vote. The electoral count was skewed a little bit but the point is that it's hard to say. That someone did know. Debt Romney was in as bad cheapest Romney was -- go into the question is the where these numbers in the summertime legitimate. You know after superstore sandy you know the wheels kind of came off the -- that point. So it. My my point is that this book is an interesting book it's always amazing when you. He lives something in the moment you see something it's huge news item you following every day. -- mean everyone in my circles following this election every single day. And what you files something so closely you really think you know you're talking about in the book comes out to give you all the background information. It feels and all the color Pallet that you'd have. You didn't know what was going on. But you -- every day and the news bills the most fascinating. In my. It's always great to get like the like you know of the but nonetheless. You know book comes out and everyone watched every report every single day we remembered vividly. You hear you know what was the president do this. Wind flight 93 -- what does the president do that its use all one sided story to get the whole thing. This New York Times book. Looks like fill those gaps and they alleged that Joseph Biden was going to be kicked out of the you know replace Hillary Clinton so here's what happened today we talked about. We talked about the Hoskins. Sentencing people thought that she should've gone to jail that was the majority opinion. People can't understand the agree with the barber car the FP CA. That she shouldn't be allowed they have horse again we talked about the Hamburg teacher and mother -- Indian village -- You know look at the other side through. So -- -- the day that it was Halloween is over All Saints Day is today -- hold a month. Say goodbye to Breast Cancer Awareness Month it's November. And I'm David Bell via I'll see you tomorrow at 10 PM.