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David Bellavia - Oct 31 2013 Hr 2

Nov 1, 2013|

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Happy Halloween -- For at least one more hour. I hope you know I was trying to think the weather was bad so while there it was countless now lot of people showed up at his house. You -- 2006 the October storm right. Did that and we canceled Halloween because of inclement weather before. Moved Tuesday. It happened. Is there a lot of -- Clarence in Amherst and mailed -- -- branches in 2006 that ice storms horrible. Power lines were down of the canceled. Or they moved back -- did whatever he can't cancel Halloween you can only hope to contain. Let's go to the phone 8030930. Start at thirty. 10616. WB and our good friend Amy Williams. In your house your Halloween night. Did you have a lot of kids. Actually -- live in an area where it's pretty much -- businesses so I don't really. -- that. Now did you prepare anyway case a kid showed up. -- -- I remember one year I was let him walk port in the apartment you'd be and I had no candy and all these kids just aren't sure enough. And adds to the parlance like to a -- silverware like what do I do you know. Ahead of awkward with children at all so I just turned my -- importantly it was. The door to door salesman you know but I felt horrible answer the door and -- look at these cute kids like. I'm 21 I don't know when and so anyway emulated your point you wanna talk while the trial. Amber's only Gilles yeah. What will would you I must say. That I am. Nobody you intimidate. Lines. I don't know Egypt and I don't mean to you. And then you know like a lot of girls and. Women women women we Tom -- doesn't -- you -- him -- That's ridiculous that would look let's just break this down right now. I'm -- my share something with you need me and it's gonna break the battered OK are you want Twitter at all. Okay. There's that phenomenon and twittering where people. Are sent these messages and it's may get you to click a link in the tickle your Twitter. It's like so hijack email. You know from your friends that offering to -- you'd like a brand new shop ABC something. So happens that the signal tweet it'll say. It won't see your name but say they're seeing horrible things about two on the website. And of course world and ours is like who could possibly receive something above and click the link annually all you get busted. This happens all the time there's another one came soon after. And it's -- I can't believe they show this picture of -- on the Internet. And you click the link and you like from horrible picture of me at the click it. And then again hijacked and the liquid you can stop them from hi I'm getting to a point the way you can stop them from hijacking your constant change your path were. And Williams I've got a tweet that said. You're having an affair with my husband and a link. No listen. To what kind of promiscuous thrashed you have to be deployed on that one. I mean it. The demographic that afflicts all out there are dating everyone they have no idea whether their batting down that it could possibly be that the wind. Percentage have to be like point 04%. I don't understand how anyone would buy it. But I did an excellent knowledge in Minnesota remove. No surgical like I know these. He's a little spam bots are getting more and more creative sometimes. Like you know. They try to get you trying to play ego that you play -- they're saying things about you all that other stuff. And I hope that broke down the walls you know longer intimidated. Let's move on let's -- what. IR AM. And especially. Okay. Okay angry that he borders. And he's especially street go. There and being late. Think -- Eight. That was key player. It right -- Matt occasional but he -- repeat everything when it very. Clear that he sees some. -- a movie that's appropriate. Time I'm right. Anything like scare them anything like it can be found -- -- -- something and flashing on TV. And -- I mean and -- currently a commercial currently. Spiritual order for him. No no and I know exactly you forgive. Do you think he'll -- At her about. It. No listen if I heard about that with a four year old I would be right in line with. What I'm what I'm saying is that -- That our candidate and that's what they're older kids this same -- like from my perspective. How ahead. You know like first I eight even people who agreed that it you know all in it preliminary grade class isn't going to be a good idea what -- -- -- garden. But -- that I think that even older. They get -- a lot of aren't more and more literal -- and they think if they see something -- okay. That's appropriate. Right now what to tell recently win win them. When you look at there's not a lot of people that believe that you know we should all all the all stock classroom should be integrated it. You know that there's there comes a time when you actually are are stifling you know growth and progress and people are. You know especially with the bullying people treating people differently if they're all together. And everyone starts to realize you know yeah we can spend extra time. Over on the side of the classroom because someone has special needs but at the same time we want everyone to kind of go to gym together eat lunch together be apart. Of the same community together. Are you saying that that at you know -- kindergarten maybe through first or second grade. You know give him that the special attention that he needs for development but at some point. Would you want that integration or would you still feel that he needs to be. I say I wouldn't have to wait and see how much progress he's made I mean like it Aaron and you aren't special preschool. Last year I mean he's come a long way and we -- I at all. I was bullied. Troops there at your site on its. And I can't imagine. Not going to bet he -- and that's why I I don't agree -- -- -- I know what they're trying to do you know it. -- you can indeed staying. -- difference it's like -- a lot. I gotta be totally honest with one of the things that. It's so crazy when you have children. And you think back to you know your parents sitting you'd owner whoever was. You know an important part of your life saying you know you're just going through a tough time it happens everywhere. But what happens to your kids when it's when you're the parent and -- you wanna protect their -- from everything. You don't want any girl to say you know should. Andy Boyd achieve any girl -- to make -- anything and kids are just absolute. The cruelest and me at that age. You know get a little bit of a passed ball will we start to get -- like 8910. -- system and this is like you know can you know if it's like a jail almost as how -- Isn't. It -- and our they won't back and I mean I'm 35 from back when I was little. It ain't it personally you did that you prank call -- do you have -- dialer rotary phone. You like. Yeah. Up close and personal -- on the Internet and yeah that's not scared me. What -- think about the I I'm kind of a little bit on the fence with a hole because my whole thing is that. The bullying issue is like -- do you we can't even you know obviously bullying. You know there's ways that we can packet there's -- that we and I think a majority would have to do with self esteem but we're also have to do with the fact that if you're witnessing this. You're just -- is guilty of the kid that we should be of the stick up your friend you should be able to do the right thing reward. Reward honorable behavior but the problem is that every would use the word this Hoskins -- -- -- -- am. The the animal cruelty case she saying. Bush should -- cyber bullies. Like all these people putting the story of the Internet or cyber bully parents like you know stop using that word. And you know just use it for every situation that comes to me and it's like beating goalie that's the problem it's like. Keep it flat apartment. Plus she's given the list. You know well you know people stop it at that. I don't think firm. -- -- and it was especially child. -- I. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think should be under fire and well. Just being there should be -- -- you know. Using -- app and stay. Out on the stay. I just love seeing is that that probably could have happened without going to the -- manner of the Buffalo News you know I mean. -- -- -- -- -- That subject as -- probably like. A parent and. Look what do you think though what what would be the one thing if you don't. You know going back to when you were you know at that age where things were tough UN school what would have been the one thing that would have really helped you. Had you know now -- Euro while a mother what would be the thing that you would have appreciated. Parent could have done more that they didn't -- back. Would you would you have been embarrassed if you know mom dad showed up at the school like K. Throttle you know you know that the kid that is teasing you or would you want them basically to just kind of you know get involved in some point with the other parents or the other students here. You know I think. I think you know. That parent caddie about the panic and the bully and candidates that care. It's a way it is yeah just simply. I mean. My parents of you know they would have gotten involved more. But he you know whenever they Bob school -- index it'll be handed. Yeah. Epic meal today. Carol get passed over. And over and over and over again and it. Amy are you still intimidated I think it was a relief to call. -- -- I really appreciate -- and listen. What I like is the fact that you know whether and if we. An -- we disagree on this but if we do disagree. It's like if you -- I think the problem with so much talk radio especially liked the nationals. Far right far left people it's always -- -- you have to talk someone into your point of view where you did wrong and this is why you're wrong that's -- and I think that the more eighties they call him. And say listen you know I'm coming from this from a personal point of view this is my experiences now I feel I just think about it. Because had you not call I would have thought about it. I would've thought about what it's like at all -- it took him to be in the situation that this plan is and and maybe this dad. Even though he went to the news in Nebraska -- Even at. Even if dad is is feels the same way that we do about our kids and he at the candidates want to protect. And that's really appreciated but -- and take a break thank you so what's your call. Thank you. I call back. All right take care of David W into a quick break we come back more of the big program eagle three on 930 starting thirty. 10616. WBM. Being -- BN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast it's rainy and increasingly windy overnight. Will be some local damaging gusts up to 55. Miles per hour -- 56 degrees Friday. You know it could be winning your morning will be some gusts could reach over sixty miles an hour. But then the winds will diminish in the afternoon will be mostly cloudy -- Libya stray shower here -- there higher at sixty Friday night mostly cloudy shower. Low 45 and Saturday. Cloudy cooler a couple of showers -- 53 degrees. All right. Now it's. Halloween. For the next 35 minutes. And look at this outbreak in two out of here and a video games there's brand new. Was an assassin's creed for. It's a black flagged your pirate right here on -- a higher -- it's a Grand Theft Auto on the seas. You know you it makes me think when you think our modern civilization and everything in society now is just decay is horrible and you know. We have video games three could steal cars -- treat women as objects and do drugs and it's horrible. Back to like. 1870. And you think wait -- -- -- available crypts as bad. As just a guy and a horse with a -- they just shoot you at any moment didn't like the look in your face and right away. And there's no. There's no DNA testing is no fingerprints. Anything forensic and we think about how they run. How they run a war. If you have a war if this was 1878. And you got digging in Hamburg for doing something stupid. You should -- Hamburg and 1870. And you go down to like Erie Pennsylvania. That would -- telegraph your name how does that go to how do you know that the guy as a war in in Hamburg. -- work. But my point is obligated this video game which takes place during times of pirates. I'm thinking what is it ever between Grand Theft Auto five and this is that game. You're running around killing people you're stealing things -- But -- pirate so it's like it's historical it's meet your pirate. Albeit a pirate but if -- south central Los Angeles and taken a Camaro. You know this is just destroying our society. Well how -- were pretty horrible people. You know and if you look at where piracy really kind of blew up. It was after a lot of things of the European war is where these guys -- like the war's over do I wanna go home. And and just you know go back to form a panel can and how much harm anybody's election things like being part of the gang. It's a bow and and just do this all the time. You know there wasn't a war to fight these sailors didn't want to do so -- like it. Let's get the band back together. Let's go on back over some notes that that we happen to see you know what would get a black light produced all of that three people everything will be gold. Kids. That society has truly changed that much America. You know what makes America great as opposed to Europe Europe in general. Is that we had the frontier that we can escape -- Europeans didn't have. Europeans did have the ability to say look I'm gonna make my -- what -- get ago. The whole lot of opportunity when you're living in England. You know what they -- England the difference between England and America. 100 years in a hundred miles. A hundred years for us is like another civilization. In England the houses that are 700000. Years old. Well there are houses that are you know 300 years old an American hundred -- house its treasure. In England if you had -- people commute to work a hundred miles an America in England -- to get us out of the country. It's completely different set. We had the for a Q what the reason why America was never socialist countries because all these European countries they live on top of each other. The industrial revolution hit you moved to the city and guess what. You don't have the freedom that you have when you always constantly living next other people you have to be considerate. You have to live with multiple family members you don't have the ability to scream and shout get in fights. Because your in this city in America we went out of the frontier we got -- -- and -- and a gun and said I'll build a house. I don't like outlook and here this in my house to take away for me. That mindset is a part of our part of our DNA is Americans. And -- is just to -- it it it's always funny when people look at 2013 difficult to support violent country. The news come back I'll blow the gates of 8030930. Startling thirty today abilities show. Forgot about the difference between us and the Europeans you know I I've I've thought a lot of Bob you know what -- you -- -- lots of these. These and PR. Type shows and I I I hear them the local talk and local people. You know there's really no there's such a there -- there's such a huge chasm between. These people that are talking and national level about the problems either country as a -- to blue state. A primary example talking about right now. I just got done watching tape of about four hours ago it was -- Chuck Hagel secretary defense. Chuck Hagel is that the anti defamation league in New York City. And talking about that the marriage. The quality. Military. People who essentially want to be married. You know wanna -- same sex marriage wanna be able to be married to a citrix partner. But they live in a base in a red state that doesn't allow same sex marriage. And so. He writes this letter says there are nine states the well -- married the military facilities and then. And if the Pentagon says you can marry -- the same sex. These states should be at the -- look you guys can't get married to each other because we want it. But the military we're gonna have to allow the military. Haven't seen sex marriage in the state the proposals of marriage now. Go Second Amendment on this one because there are laws and rules that we have in the Department of Defense. For let's say possession of your own fire. If you go to Germany and you have a pistol permit. And you are you know have that service weapon or rifle or handgun. You have to to abide by the standard of forces agreement for that country that you live and you can't just. Take your rifle home a few on the economy you can't take it outside the armory and walk around -- any. It doesn't matter what the army says it matters what that nation your -- says that's that's the standard. Now if you live in New York's -- And you have let's say you're Kansas resident. And in Kansas would you -- four -- you could carry. Seven rounds eight rounds ten rounds and -- You daddy conceal and carry permit. You're -- You train. More than any police officer with your handgun you train more than. -- aspect of the government that uses firearms. When -- in the united states military. So you're obviously proficient obviously -- this is what you know how we early. Yet when you go to Fort Drum in New York -- going to say I'm a Kansas State resident I have. These are the laws of my home state. And the DOT. Allows me to do the following things. I can carry as a military policemen might nine millimeter on the economy don't -- Watertown. But if you're living in New York State. Are you able to abide by the reciprocity of your home state. Even don't you're not a citizen. Of New York even though you don't live in New York. What of the DOD say about the Second Amendment of the state you live it. Why isn't any different with gay marriage why did you could say I'm a California resident. And it's gay marriage is legal in California but it's not legal in Kansas. But dammit it's legal right so I wanna marry my boyfriend. It's diminished or not. How DOD -- state. Your right you have no right whatsoever. Because this resident of California resident. Marriage is now legal in California. He's living your statement to California -- to California resident this news. His right -- the DOD has sanction this to be okay. But the DOD sanctions if the states educated. The -- surgical walk around and out on a base with a loaded M sixty machine. Can't do that outside the base. So if you wanna get married on the base. If you want to do things on the base -- but if you're expecting the DOD to enforce gay marriage outside in the economy. I mean this this -- they go in and the president are completely. And they literally walked into the Second Amendment today. They sleep walked into it about -- realize how ridiculous what you're saying is. With a -- for a. Edwards from the government with the loss of his state are. He's not living in his whole record. Can be and are -- it doesn't matter where homer record. He's living in a state on a military facility. If he has his California license. He's still. It's got to bide by the traffic you -- regulations of the state of Kansas if that's where he's living at the moment. You can you can you get pulled over in Florida and the like. He. You know if you if if there's a state that doesn't have a hands free device. And you come to new York and your resident of misery and you can just talking yourself for all you want. And you go to new York and you don't have a hands free device you don't tell -- state trooper anybody from the show me state guess what. I did whatever hello lot. Because I'm from -- It's ridiculous. I was using that argument reciprocity it's ridiculous. Where the art of reciprocity -- -- the Second Amendment give you the right to bear and keep arms keep and bear arms yet. Each state has different rules. That say what you could this state respects this. The State's laws -- state respects that have you Arizona Florida Utah New York. You've got 42 states 38 states whatever it is. One that fifties -- is -- way way it is you're say that this state. What technologists the constitution. -- -- it wisely you can do one thing -- wanted to do the other thing in the other states which in its second. Marriage the state has no right because the government and the DOD can walk in and say we have allowed this to happen. And it doesn't matter what the people of the state say. We are gonna we're gonna force this down your throat it's gonna happen in your backyard it can happen even if you find it repugnant on the matter. It doesn't matter because you voted against it you'll have stood up it it went through the court system Nolan has any issues. Gay marriage is illegal in the state of Kansas. However. If you're in the military. And Euro of a resident of the state that allows gay marriage and the DOD says gay marriage okay in uniform. It doesn't matter what you're states. An -- to me it's just say it's. It's -- it might give them that it's not there's no circular logic to that argument at all. There's a certain logic if if you're in a foreign country you abide by the standard of forces agreement of that of that country. If you're. Living in New York State and it doesn't matter where you're from you cannot bring a gun in New York State. And put in your apartment. -- -- and it's not gonna be able to be legal according to New York's. You Huckabee -- stand up in accordance. Where I'm from this is cool I don't in New York is -- a survey -- -- dropped the next eighteen months. Where I'm from this is okay oh I should walk. But how it works. It works. So what happens if you become a state resident and you're already married. In the state that doesn't allow gay marriage. -- that you're opening the door for a lot of Supreme Court case. You open the door for federal courts get involved and say your vote on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Change. Overall the will the people by -- If the people come out and say this is California. They want gay marriage would of the -- -- will people doesn't matter. Thank you -- we did the elections. If we went back right now instead you know what the following cities. And illegal balloting illegal voting we want the courts to overrule the will of the people vote. If it was a candidate. There would be blood in the streets. We would be a Third World country in a tin horn dictator but when it comes to the will of the people on any other issue that does not. Match up identically due to a progressive point of view or -- liberal point of view. That's with the federal courts are for we just slotted in Texas -- abortion. Circuit judge came in today a federal judge said you know lot. Maintain the regulations disregard. That other judge I got it. The people voted. For the legislators who the people voted for the legislators the legislators voted for the flaw. And a court wants to come in and say you know what it's unconstitutional. Then it goes higher up the chain but what did you vote. When -- and a a referendum. And you don't like the result you just what you lawyer up and you and you throw out. Women don't happen. By Chuck Hagel I think has opened the door for another six months of gun debate. Because he will not. He will do whatever he's told to do. And again the military must be used as a Petri dish for society. We have that. There's no difference whatsoever. We we break these you know this it's an incubator environment. You tell people what to do and they do it. So use that as the Petri dish for the rest of the society. Whether you like it or not do it. And and that's what we're dealing with -- right now he's walked into another gun debate. And it's just absolutely that it makes no sense whatsoever. It's a quick break we come back. More of the David -- shall give me an email drop me an email go to my FaceBook page. Drop me an email David at WB yen and we'll talk. IBM's exclusive accurate forecast that will be increasingly windy overnight with -- damaging gusts up to 55 miles an hour tonight low 56 degrees tomorrow. You know what in the morning it's -- gonna reach up to sixty miles per hour. We will diminish in the afternoon. Look for a mostly cloudy conditions with a stray shower high of sixty degrees Friday night cloudy with a shower low 45 in Saturday. Cloudy cooler couple showers -- -- 53. Degrees it was announced today that the president of the United States Barack Obama President Obama you'll not be attending. The a 150. Anniversary of the Gettysburg address and that's kind of odd because this president has really connected himself. Which is -- -- heat to the inauguration on the Bible that. Lincoln used he. Goes out -- -- -- use -- the Lincoln legacy. It's also odd that you've done it every single year but this year the 150. So this year he's sending -- Sally Jewell who is the secretary of the interior. And she'll be going alone without the president. Gentleman and a writer he's op Ed writer in stop and live dot com. It's a blog for central Pennsylvania's Donald. And now Gillen. Donald -- and writes on -- alive today that. Is the quote is pretty interested for president was so demonstrably associate himself Lincoln. The Arab Lincoln's policies who announced his candidacy candidacy. From the steps of the old capitol in Springfield and use the Lincoln Bible twice at his inauguration. This is nothing less than a profile in cowardice. In the yen Barack Obama simply didn't have the stones. It's sad and -- and history will note. That league and legacy did not live up to its. Actually the people enough Bob Gettysburg slips at it was once the president's issue. But did say that because his poll numbers are so bad that he would. You know essentially doesn't want to public appearances. And it's a 150 anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. I mean this this is like a big deal. November 19 is the anniversary of the Gettysburg address 150 years ago. And then you would think that you know you you would have. Literally gave the president out of shared that he would love that moment to stand up celebrate this. Epic speech what. If not the most famous speech ever delivered by president. It was nothing to do sending his secretary. Of the interior without him. And this water is basically saying. Well he just doesn't wanna face the people he wants this whole obamacare thing to blow or it is going to be booted wannabe. You know you don't see him on the road anymore that's usually the the first sign that that there's blood in the water. When you don't see the image reverend Clinton. Clinton had his Lewinsky scandal he came to buffalo was his first stop and his rehabilitation tour he went to a friendly city. He went to a democratic city he gave his speech she was treated you know like. Like the president showing up to a town. And and that was the beginning of -- He would pick and choose his fight to pick and choose his appearances. But for whatever reason. This president doesn't how to do that in his numbers are the lowest they've ever been. You've got issues wind between the Pope being eavesdropped Don and all these other rumors and and reports that. You can't even you can't confirm anything. More because everything it's it's so outrageous. You could -- the Lindbergh got the Lindbergh baby is having his phone calls you know you can't prove it begins. Everything is so unbelievable. I mean you've you've got Angela Merkel have her phone. The they had a statement in Brazil you've got people Italy and France. Leaders government. Parliamentary members across the everyone but the rural family has been. You know. Has had the NSA surrounded. Banks by the accusations at the embassy has listened to their phone -- monitor emails. It's a dollar -- quick to say they'll listen. The president has absolutely nothing to do with. Eavesdropping on the -- today and it's nothing to do with eavesdropping on the poll. Well prove it. I mean he's all these other stories are they false true. And -- Thursday night football by the way Halloween Miami defeats the Cincinnati Bengals 2220. In overtime. And they gained winning point in sudden death overtime is a safety. I can't remember the last time as a program. The dolphins -- Andy Dalton in the end zone in Miami twenty to twenty of the final score Miami defeats the angles. And it's in overtime with a safety. If my mother is listening safeties when the quarterback is sacked or tackled Indians. His own and anyway. I just I just find that odd that usually leads the they're rehabilitation tour comes out and -- -- Aries you know more friendly get out there you the president. But the 150 anniversary what's the reason for you know depending. It's about the government shutdown. I mean it camping. At any rate we. We're talking a little bit about the other big stories that are on WPI dot com. Apparently it's the third time that an overtime game has been decided by his safety. The third time the third time -- people from happening in 2004 a law on this and then I don't know how. How fresh this is but he grabbed the Waco Wiki cancer and the senate. Last time was 2004 of Chicago Bayer's tackled the less active Tennessee Titans quarterback. -- people. Billy fool he's former Nazi literature. That's crazy so that it's happened three other time before most recently. You know 2004. -- -- I've never seen it personally I just witnessed it just saw. Unlike the Pope being eavesdropped on I can prove this happened. I'm David -- Really here's some news with Tom Connolly. And we will be back shortly after. Into the final hour. Of the development program. CF is quick break.