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David Bellavia - Oct 31 2013 Hr 1

Nov 1, 2013|

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If the new book out the details. It's alleging that the President Obama wanted to replace Joseph Biden. In 2012. For the reelection campaign. And they want to replace him allegedly. With Hillary Clinton. I only -- that would have mattered. Biden might be the only sense in that. -- -- about. This Hoskins ruling today 52 of these 74 counts of animal cruelty. And she gets probation. For three years. Have to do 500 hours of community service. And I asked him one employee poured her fifteen horses and -- the things I don't understand like if you're guilty animal cruelty why are you allowed. He continued to get animals why should you be trusted in the custody. I mean is is I -- three strikes you're out with the animals. People picker -- seriously Western Europe we're not. You know say like like this this there are people that are more passionate about animals there are about children. I don't I just I guess what entrance if I don't understand how. You know I'm I'm I'm listening to the statements of the as PC executive director Barbara -- and I'm thinking to myself. Everything why would you why would you still allow someone had access. Two animals after -- found. I mean that's I don't even understand that what the 22. That she was found not guilty and are or what that's like the passage that she could be group rebuild David. -- if you're not physically there are to slap a portion physically there to start horse but you neglect. We are your animals are in your animals are treated poorly by someone else or the neglect is what causes the animals to -- you're still can't you know. Of course you want because the split jury does decide to work. I just don't I just don't get why you would then get another shot. And you can go in and you could spend your fortune on a bunch though. Another problem I have with people like collect animals. You know it's like if if you need. You know you might wanna collect cars you might have enough money where it's you you feel -- That's what you wanna do you might like a comic books or baseball cards or something else but -- it wouldn't living creature. And you have to feed. Nothing is more beautiful -- -- horses to run free. You know in your yard or whatever you guys at this beautiful two acres in these horses are just. Running. Like little you know it's a little low little house -- the for your backyard that must be beautiful. But you still have to be culpable for the way they're treated. Well. I just 22000 documents in three years in and you know what's what's the point. I mean you can get caught with so if if you just torturing dogs. And one that's -- able to go out and with Libya and no animal order after that. Do we do we just saying look human mistake. We gonna trust you I mean I guess what there's there's varying degrees if if this were any other situation if you. We were you know they could the court can control what how the close proximity. I mean you would have seen that this person is a danger to society or a danger to children -- a danger -- saint. I'm 52 counts. You're bad but animals. Animals are suffering in your custody. So -- allow you to go and collects more. What happened -- I'd go out there and which added. Give -- access to scanner Rochester WB and -- -- -- The thought about this thing called back project and stand a good friend up in Rochester. At any rate the Hoskins things is a puzzlement -- call 8030930. Start 930 if you want them was about cellphones. And -- 10616. WB and you know WVN. Have a ton of good stuff on the website you can come an insider. Get all the stuff I'll send you alerts information. And I'll also be part of the Bible or -- logo -- the good stuff. All that giveaways. Free cops what their shirts whatever you want. It's all there at WB and -- going be an insider today. There's a story on WP and -- and it talks about the Hamburg New York. Which. We're still a debate with Hamburg Germany who invented paper. -- -- takes those Germans. I don't trust them. With a unified. I still wouldn't trust them. And other tried to steal. The birth -- of our numbers and he -- in Hamburg New York. There was. Teachers were using these Halloween themed collections to try to. You know educate have some fun at Halloween offensive. Well one of these object lessons was. Some clips from radar or movie. Such as child's play and Psycho. And they were in special education. Now here's the deal I don't know what -- were shown you know closer I don't know what which. But I can assume that. The analogy who's the individual Terry -- -- -- a thirteen year old child who has shown clips in the rated. -- on the horror genre. And said that this is her quote. As I understand if if there was the lesson plan for schools. And the plan called for teaching kids that fear can be generated through sights and sounds. Scholastic catalyst -- that included video clips from. And the special education teacher involved in the left in my child's school decided to add onto that and -- the murder scene. Or shower scene from the movie Psycho which is totally corporate. I don't for or Don for -- a man I'm -- -- for it says that his daughter was frightened by movie clips. And that the school district should notify the parents of the kids involved. The just not normal school kids these -- kids have challenges. And at some other kids might not be able to communicate to the parents what they've seen you know what. -- -- Their special education kids drag and you showed -- I thought what this feature was first story. I thought that they were this was part -- And try and think outside. According to carry he's alleging that teacher added to -- and through in the murders in the tub of Psycho which SP. With the -- on Psycho with the black and white there's two different. If it's the modern Psycho. And -- if it's the old Psycho. You know you can especially. Thirteen year old freak out of line. It is. Should we fight or someone over this things. Should suspend its future without pay hysterical. Mistake was made. Should we heard by as many horses she wants absolutely because that's what we do Western New York. Regardless of that of any sort of atrocities committed. Do what you want to do horse horses don't feel they can't speak. But this and look. It. Support discretion with news. What you do about what is the solutions problem an apology. It's huge clubs did the cycle clip of the video. The father says that the scholastic the largest educational materials publisher. And he gleaned. He actually. Lengths off more than he did the school. If they made the original video that showed many other. Scholastic sold them to have been in the program 2004. Well. It's been around for nine years. And excellence -- -- more money. But. It's kind of like I mean do you. If we go up teenagers all the time being stale boring don't care they don't want anything. We look at special needs children especially. When we wouldn't be cute everyone's got negative things about teachers. What especially teachers don't care about the students. They don't care about. You know. They just go through the motions collect their check it Summers are indications that the greatest job in the world teachers' unions evil. Blah blah blah blah that's all we hear about. But here we have a teacher actually trying to add something. With a poor judgment -- -- -- special needs kids even though there's a movement tree you know special education kids like everyone else and integrate them in the classes that are. -- the regulatory level. Portage counties part great. Lawsuit here. When -- at why. This was like white -- You know I mean it's different if you -- clockwork orange. -- Actors that you were upset that they made my children watch you know edited scenes from. The of that movie. Like most disturbing in the world would be huge. It's an off field. I can understand. The lesson plan for nine years with a report idea perhaps it was report. Okay. The point you that you can defend your child when your child and child heard wonderful understand. Was the only parent that. -- Time all we hear about is out these teachers are doing anything to educate -- kids in their. Boehringer kids -- school what do we do because there's a passion teaching. It's traditional pageant mix up and make it relevant if you beat. And what's the response. You know corrupting -- lines. -- like Hitchcock's Psycho. I geared to you can get a video game. I guarantee you that at thirteen -- is rated games that are far more violent and more. Horrifying. In you know black and -- like. These bonds Psycho in 1998. That was gusting it's horrifying because it's not so bad. It was actually more horrified in the original because it was just absolutely battered. Completely destroyed. Literally Hitchcock might just dig them up in your name. Destroyed his legacy. -- Too much for a little over one. Let's go to corporate welcome back where the program -- call 80330. Start -- 310616. WB -- also email me David. At WB ENN dot com will be back after this brief message. -- the end exclusive AccuWeather Halloween forecast it'll be raining and a wind overnight some damaging gusts up to 55 miles per hour low of 56 degrees Friday. It's going to be windy again. During the morning but gusts could reach sixty miles an hours sixty miles an hour -- -- -- That way and will diminish in the afternoon mostly cloudy and a stray -- to -- sixty degrees Friday mostly cloudy with a shower low 45. Saturday mostly cloudy cooler a couple of showers high of 53 degrees. Perfect time or more horses. On Sunday. There is. It is in Pakistan. Witnessed some real problem for. Him. It. Hamburg situations schools by showing the Psycho video. That's on the WB and also be -- verdict. 52 counts. Found guilty before. And yet she gives -- it's just probation. -- in order horses she in him should he or she wants to wonder she can bring in 5000 horses if you had enough people. Take care of them which seemed like that was the problem before. -- Make much sense 8030930. -- number on 310616. WB and the sabres are losers tonight. -- nothing New York Rangers. Shot out can't get a goal. Of Bennett doom for scored. Culture that Larry in north buffalo my good friend or. What's going on how do you feel about this a trial this woman. Would you go would you go -- for jail or would you think that the whole thing has just blown out of proportion. I think that it -- You know when it mark but is it that in India. I'm approval but it. Would be right but I thought it was a non movie while. I don't think they've been there and that -- -- -- that correctly that we not lose well. Hey listen that's that's my -- that I apologize for saying India the verdict came from a judge then it was an injured trial of the troops to split verdict -- Would that mean. Well I I I thought what equipment on them I'm not order anything but you know what is that this the fight -- in that follow who. Mr. Yeah. Right -- agree we will move mr. Ed was the voice of Richard Nixon in the -- of people do that. But I know it's history you don't you know what mr. -- would talk they just put peanut butter. Well what did you look pretty are probably the only. How to figure out what what what did what is the Lawton got involved -- Mr. Ed mr. Edwards you know it's funny when they did that the the verdict with a seven before they have like four columns and they. Actually treated each horse would by its name. And so they would they replicating the horse had found her guilty not guilty of the charges that particular animal and I I just think if you're gonna go a three year trial. You gonna throw all this time all this this ink for the Buffalo News right and all over the story and then at the end of it to mean it's so anti climatic if she could just get more animals. I hope it won't quite know how could that -- -- the years -- -- -- -- part of if it doesn't network -- Now what if I don't comparable but it went on quite an uncomfortable. Sitting over. It'll be interested to see you know where would be interesting to see how many times has the SP CA brought sure you know been involved in investigation. And you know followed that someone has was committing animal cruelty helped out local law enforcement. And the were found not guilty. What oh what is their track record to assume that this that the that the FPC it was completely out of line here. With with what you know what what what did they they had experts they've been taking care of these horses for. What what now three years is how long it would take care of these horses. They know what they're gain an abused animal. They're not just take care of horse because it you know. They would have said at some point you know what -- we've had these horses now for two years I gotta be house with the that a rumor that abuse and -- look like they were okay. You know they're experts in the field. When I've ever made a statement like well why are we questioning them now. For this one trial. You know there's some animosity or there's some conspiracy going on. That they would jump along just to ride the wave against one individual I don't. I don't see -- the track record is there with the SP CA is ever set a dog was abused that please get involved and they say no SP CA don't know which talking about. Dogs -- -- got crooked a year. You know I think like -- any sense to me. Yeah I Oakland. Open to. What out of important to. -- tell me tell you or your opinion because I care tell me about this side you have a kid in school. Forget the special education things I think it's just like little to me that the race here. If you have a thirteen year old can school teacher. Decides to use a lesson plan to use videos from horror movie. And they played a scene from Psycho shower scene with the actors in that famous. In generally. -- -- -- That's right generally that's very true now generally that the famously in the Hitchcock movie. Would you know feel the team that. You felt that would be a -- I mean it's part of the lesson plan. Would you be offended if your kids saw a short clip of how video horror movie. I think and I let it you know they've grown up now but. Not I I think no I would not be. It what he -- the context of how we don't know how we. I'd -- this is all true. Thought that it is time that -- them make that call that. But it doesn't know don't know what was it that one now. I'm trying to think not because it's a special education thing naturally you know your your guard is up a little bit because you know. There might be some learning disabilities that might be some issues that the that the kid has but. You know I mean there's an effort right now out of just kind of bring all these you know all these kids together regardless of what you know what their disability may be. And I guess I'm saying that if this was a scholastic lesson plan for other kids. Why would be different for the special education it. Eight yeah yeah I'd I'd I'd probably. I don't know I don't get that bad Halloween did you have a lot of kids at your house today. I do not want non. And what what on I'm near the -- buckle up in the line. It's -- before you -- -- Because the weather. And anyone fallen out of trees. I really urge you to Jones -- Will be Baghdad and scored break.