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Buffalo A Horror Hotspot For Filmmakers

Oct 31, 2013|

Tim Clark

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome Tim Clark to the WP in live line is executive director. Of the buffalo Niagara film commission hey Tim good morning happy Halloween. Well happy Halloween to you. We wanna talk about buffalo as a as a horror house that it's kind of like. That's funny. Halloween movie but in ghostbusters but buffalo does have a lot on free offer movie producers doesn't. It does it really does and and tech we've been seeing pretty good segment of -- -- shot here is of this sort of horror genre. And you know that's slasher stuff. You go back to leave in when Harvey Weinstein was here. Sort of -- in. Quirky days. His first movie. Hit who was a thing called the burning. Which was a slasher films -- out here in suburban buffalo. You know what if somebody has a piece of property that they think is really creepy. And might make for a good movie second I called you had a. Little League call our office -- 845 point 200 cause we want an all product and out. Yeah there's a -- of these crazy. Request we get I mean it. -- -- we got one last night for something that. I can talk but I guess it's that's what tunnel sequence so they're looking for this kind of long long tunnel. But yeah we've we're getting these requests like all the time and yeah this carrier. Stop -- is really something that sells very well. Is there a movie currently being shot here right now all of a horror type movie slasher film. While it back to movies that are in production right now that I am aware of in the region. Known either of them are of -- -- variety. But -- you know got a couple that just finished. In a couple that are coming up there's this. Big thing -- next weekend that this week but following -- called that buffalo dreams fantastic film festival and all these like horror movie. Aficionados. And actual filmmakers are heading to buffalo to Guam. You know to kind of share their experience and stuff so white and we're gonna go out of business that it actually. Emulation you receive this inquiry about a tunnel -- you replied we had anything like that. Oh sure we go all kinds of stuff like port -- for his -- really you know something has my opponent going out here. My black port -- -- great there's some. You know wonderful. Two homes that are. They're really most people would even be aware of the stuff that's under our city but. You know buffalo is has a lot of that kind of -- and sodas Niagara Falls actually. It -- -- curious about these tunnels and we're what are what are you thinking about. While there -- there's a really need to humble mom that exists over time that the sewer plant you know and I -- in. All what is the name of that island you know what over by -- -- -- S -- yet exactly so commissioner carper has been very. Open to us filming. Movie sequences over there effect. At a movie battle talks which is seen on the scifi channel these days. Good chuckle that was shot over there has tunnel. So there's yeah there's a variety these things and there's tunnel that goes believe it or not from the old prison. You're county prison. Underneath Broadway I guess that is over to the Erie county home infirmary. So I mean there's just all of these crazy -- out there that most people again just probably drive over and don't even give the second -- Hey yeah thanks to and we appreciate it have. Let me just say that now I really enjoy the the thing too so you've got to see that Susan -- absolutely right it's it'll. Yeah I don't know. I don't know what they -- -- things that's Tim Clark executive director of the buffalo Niagara film commission.