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10-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Com it is our area and a good evening good afternoon whatever. And it -- -- -- this story is happened today and hammers the guy falls out of petroleum frank -- -- 7 o'clock this morning. And the question is what was doing a mystery but there's a larger question. Have you had a personal. Close encounter with a pervert I can not only about -- these issues. Other words. About this kind of think about that I mean other than looking in the mirror every day I don't see perverts. I mean you know exhibition is. Whatever it is maybe I'm just not attracted to them and ambulance. And I'm not doing my -- to a ports. Every little bit helps listening audience. Let's go to Paula in Cheektowaga Paula you're WB and talked to me. -- They'll be trying to make -- -- outlook for me that that -- -- that happened that. Frank -- -- you're sharing and I tell her that. I lived there is now adults look on. Can I was therefore it accurately anybody kid. You know what into the actually maybe somebody hit you know -- that the adult group home. And you're excited children and -- out completely and it. It -- look at it you know people get mad about -- -- -- around. -- maybe it was. In some doubt. Eight and -- article per share in the -- -- out while. Aaron and frank our premier Sharon Howell. But -- usually you know that's of interest in theory I would think that by now the up police would have -- mean they would know where the group homes are they would know -- the registered sex offenders are not that there's any correlation between the two. But. I would think that they were -- this case right now. Well let me and it would be grateful her I don't count maybe -- Are you winery or anybody that's saying -- I believe I have to I think under state law they have to report to return some he wonders. And a quiet and I thought they had an automaker in the street and I thought well. Well. And I must tell you my dear too it's a very very valid point and IE -- will tell you also that there's a group all at the end of my mom street and the house is never looked better. -- -- Thank thank you -- much happy to hear from you. All right now -- get close encounter with a pervert. Close encounter with perverts. There's -- assume that this guy was either seriously deranged -- had malicious sexual intentions in mind. War he thinks his at bat. Or he's a vampire I didn't wanna go there but. Bats like trees vampires like trees and when did he disappear. -- -- -- -- right there. There's somebody's at the experiences were perverts here is Katie in the west Seneca on WB and I -- -- Time. Please excuse my voice they have a cold -- for some horrible. But. Are you some beautiful tomorrow. You sound beautiful don't worry about your portions of -- I just wonder conclave that. I can't even count economic times when I was a kid that it happened Negroponte south -- And my mom would just say well stay away from that area you know parents for just like that stands. After my divorce. I had moved into an apartment and the man downstairs which I was friends with his wife and every -- I would go downstairs to do laundry. He -- up on the door and expose themselves. And let them in a couple of years later. My oldest daughter. She was walking her sister up to the bottom step for me which occurred at the corner and she came back screaming. And I could hear her and I ran out there and some of the other neighbors did. And -- is hysterical tell me about the guy on the street the painters. So I ran down there and it was this one guy it was paintings and -- just starting to go back up the stairs. And I yanked him from the back break down those things and I can't -- the. -- a time out you're gonna be a little more specific he was walking up the spears. And you can't. -- yeah yeah he -- Because my daughter says -- expose himself to her. There were his pants still down that's my question. He was going up -- letter. His pants up -- -- against the idea that one of those white. All the girls one all peace camp in netbooks and the ones and one of those ones you for men. You know one -- at. And I pulled them off there and -- -- until the police came. And I mean I just kept hidden from the police took them. And he he admitted that he said. A lot of issues here needing and that the -- that you always urinate on the front lawn for my children on nine. And -- -- Catholics -- right across the street from where he was doing this too well so. Three years later that same daughter. She would come home on a Saturday and she console library with her friend. And I was home and she came flying in the house. Crying so hurt and she just kept saying these numbers over no African on my wife Amanda my issue. Check mom ran him down and I -- county numbers and it was. I'm his tag number and -- -- -- And issue is trying to walk home he kept pulling into the driveway. And with -- buying and she tried to run the other way -- article by huge chasing Randall Adams street. All oh my god please tell the police came they were wonderful. They immediately. Put his it is number and got the address which was the couple blocks away. Went over there and the officer felt as though they told me they felt that -- this car was still warm. And when they opened up that door. He has. Jacking him. But she could tell he -- a little do whatever he was doing. The well I wouldn't wanna do that inspection com. -- we took him to court I did take the court of course he has slap on the wrist and hand them probation for six months. And they had to go for counseling which he never ended up going to. So I let everybody in south buffalo know who he was -- blew up his picture and delivered -- -- picture around. Good for you a question for area that I got to ask you your lawyers don't want this and that is. How your daughter so Smart to get the tag of the car. But mom she's the great kids but after it happened so many times to me. I constantly told my girls and I hit two girls and I constantly told them. Please don't -- you know by yourself anywhere and it's anybody's ever. Trying to get their case number and run you know then she did she is Smart enough even notion was petrified immunity. We hit. Can we headed down the police station and she had to be held him down at the end of the hall. And she idea them from there she said that's him. You know and we have and that. And I was so proud of her that she did. Let Saddam -- a -- that's pretty amazing they chose to have that much wherewithal to work to do it the way she did it is is just incredible. Opposite -- -- per free for a while at least tell me that. You -- now while it's and -- effect the last and then it happens which -- I'm fifty this year. So. -- -- Day in with some friends. Hands and where I was staying and I wasn't far from where we're going this is again of finance panel pervert who's there. -- Well let's face it an ungodly amount of them do. -- and I. -- and -- and I go back home feeling good. And a month ago. Just miserable and I -- walking around Seneca street. And one of the nicer to poll over and I know that apparently it's care. I'll see you know I really needed to play in punitive story if -- -- its -- in response to jump that. Secretly and and I knew Christian Easter has slowed down more towards me and I did. And his territory. Has -- And keeping it here in order and go out to Bradley and four from. -- -- Well. -- their size and hopefully that does happen again. Now in grand to worry about the count them two. Well unfortunately. You are you're never ever ever going to. You're you're just you're never gonna do we with all the perverts in the world. On and again big difference between them -- sexual relations and the non consenting partners weren't utes so I'm glad you called. Our -- thank you very much happy to hear from you on the WB and while what. -- If you watch the TV newscast at 6 o'clock and a resume joked that the station the other -- web -- -- the TV stations if they've been able find out anything more about -- really yeah wacky story. I mean but it's. If pokes -- just joining us. -- there there's different ways to go on this story. It's like there's so many different ways you can go on what I just said. But October 30 at 7 AM Everett police suspicious occurrence and frank -- road resident waiting for school bus -- daughter. White male fell out of a tree in front of the house the white male that walks out on the front -- torture and described as possibly forty to fifty years old medium build wearing a blue sweat shirt and dark colored pants. Gray hair and mustache. Well I guess as far as the group home theory there's a real simple answer to that. At the group Paul whatever it is you guys have a guy matching that description and give his whereabouts at seven and today be established -- now. But it this guy was drunk high -- salts or whether he was pervert -- ago. And that is based on your phone call today I'd rather blow -- what. I'd rather or idea. On concern. About comedy -- borders and exhibition lists. Are -- our our. And you've -- experiences. Note that I mean I don't like a lot they eat but. I just don't understand Joseph or a means you get and be honest with Biggio. Beyond us and look great in your -- director your souls -- Do you -- a pleasure people would get in the shall we say. Pounding the bishop. -- audience you don't know. Yeah I I don't I mean. I don't get it. And the bishop feels about that but is worth masturbation which also say the same thing yeah I don't I don't understand I I honestly you know what. There's enough outlets involving consenting adults that I don't think you need to bring in non consenting adults. Yeah. Yeah. You know I'd probably grab it just try to whacked it I mean I mean like with a night. Let me go -- a little sick. Let's go to. Anybody remember that episode of the shield where this guy went around with mouse traps. Have you had a close encounter with a pervert. Close encounter with a pervert. Now how does one define a purple. -- exposing himself -- me. -- week we'd like to think the every pervert. Every exposing person is in these -- Northern exposure. We think that they all walk around hitting a certain -- That they all worked trench coats with socks and sneakers. And nothing underneath the -- ago. And it does not necessarily true that we've heard -- distraught this and stories today. About the in the grocery store parking lot. Our careers come back. I get. And until such time is there one of his victim's husband beat the snot out of we've heard stories about people walking through parks. And seeing people guys try to expose themselves. You know if -- -- -- park. And you see a consenting adult couple trying to be discrete. And having a little bit of spontaneous fun. I know legally I'm wrong but I don't care. While. All of that changes the dynamic considerably. But that's me just don't really care if their kids are only here but without the kids I couldn't care. But I would be I would be disorder. And think about walking through park. Even whip my arsenal at my hips. And see handsome guy a little bit uncomfortably close to me. A little bit freaked out by the well. First thing I'd say it's -- ski season home. Here it just doesn't mean it's analyst illicit put on the earth as a free -- by ten years. All right it's 25 doctors exploded for WB. For me. And we. We're. -- -- I wanted to -- making birdie birdie at 9:30 AM. By the way the Democrats are in the liberals socialists whatever. This crap that Poland. Public here all extra care of -- for -- you have to support a year. Budgets. Are. Up. Stupid RW. -- -- -- Once. The countries. That. Butler quicker practical -- -- here. -- -- -- Say that. Fraud. You're on top. Of -- presidents. And most of the American people bought it hook. -- -- If these emails I get from the Democrat acts are just ridiculous. You be here you gotta support Obama could except there's one problem there Mr. President -- -- I. And the dumbest men ever occupy the presents -- you or is unaware of what's going on around you say you are. This is a fraud. And call it a fraud for years. Oh my god what's worse. Hillary 2016 no Republican has -- chance you're ready for gonna happen. Here personally and Grand Island a WB EMI's. Eight you know what. Really is. Disturbing and scary there it would happen to a fellow driver mine it was. Discusses the deliveries in the morning industry struck. At the this packet delivery truck in the door open couple Summers ago. And it was down near the that school and come quorum and simple and addictive like -- on -- whatever whatever area. And right in the parking lot this guy I was -- -- and his chances ankles and we'll look and have them. And he's like holy smokes and and on it this is slam the door and drove off but I think he took all the copy song I mean this is that the us. Yeah I mean I totally didn't you know didn't think that people are not -- All of those different -- often in we I want you to be totaled. What the guy I was going book. Well I'm presuming he was way. On like. Like. Public it was shocked people don't know no way. -- to your body is watching this guy in front of a school masturbating. And the proper looks at him like. -- that are up to a fun guy. I mean all you do stared at the driver and I were staring at the driver but he was there a school. Always -- staring at your buddy when he was doing. And lastly don't currently. -- -- should civic I thought I hope that it can be here. I -- at any noticeable among the rocket that was an Animal Planet academic right. I felt OK is that it's -- the -- did you of course give the guy the name queer -- Was at his official nickname from thereon. Blow this -- Every song on I've been made -- but everybody ought but. It's it's you know it's like. I mean maybe I don't duplicate it here and it was a permanently disable. I don't think. You know what I I think that that kind of behavior is probably analogous to addiction like alcoholism or drug addiction. I don't know what I don't think the only way -- gonna stop doing it is. Well the way one would stop using any appendage whether it is no longer -- your body. The or I agree with I agree with and it's it's it's terrible what's going around the world but I go to Hanoi and it was he was offended that he was. It was really angry and you know what I wish you. -- -- Computer about the dynamics he is doing what he's doing in front of he's looking at your Fred what -- -- Linux. Yeah yeah I music the use these behind the -- about -- thirty yards. And I look Spector could get the ball when it was time it was it was a straight up some -- ready for his next -- the -- delivery. And it was right by the school and the the technology school -- and come around. So there's enough room in your friend's truck where he did not have a full load. Yeah yeah it was about that was a couple. Not a not a full load. To think of driving. That was what I was brought up after this is just. Chances -- just an idea just -- -- actually -- the days. That what actually this is interest. Because the other end of the continue the other -- the continual on this whole thing is. What what does that -- in the background. All I know what the garbage can really relate. There -- like 7 o'clock timeout. What's up overtime. What are the other to the continuum I think we've also gone to ridiculous levels in some cases for example. Ever to people like nineteen years old pulling over in a perfectly dark parking lot 3 o'clock in the morning because they -- And lo and behold every minute a cop gets out of the -- match operating at NY state citation. And and and finds the guys peeing and suddenly he's a sex offenders. But again that's that's the police mentality. I mean but my take is that guy's got a he's got -- pretty you know not all of us carry into the snapple bottles were Joe's -- from work that we take over the weekend so. But it is shocking thing you know like these guys because it is called out yeah get them go but he didn't -- to shut the -- And I mean you know a lot of people would go after the guys wanna knock -- -- you know it. -- I would just assume club over the head and bring it into the truck. And then bring them back to the office and whatever happens happens. The yeah I don't know. Happens in my basement stays in my basement. Is that it's that it sometimes it doesn't Obama and the prisoners. You know it's not a. Out here again I used to think that I know I used to think that -- but here's what I've heard from the prison people. You think that the other inmates are go after these guys now they tend to keep separate from the other inmates what happens is the sex criminal inmates get together in little groups. And they help basically they tell stories of their greatest hits so the other guards in the go back to the cells with certain visions in their mind and add to the -- one. It's that's for those shocking. It was very offended and he was I don't believe it you know so it's just. Who have a lot of previous stuff going on the world -- Always has been since cable and -- -- since that Cain and -- You know that it's been that is an issue. Thank you very much. Wow. As Joseph used to be a little bit -- -- At the many different ways I can use euphemism masturbation one and number -- you shouldn't be surprised that there are so many people in the world apparently. Who had this issue of said he. Try to remember we have a popular here. The empire state of Florida this is a little while in fact. I lived there I know this the entire state of Florida. Every male sister every male between 28 and 57 is a registered sex offender. In -- Little known fact let's go to Gary in Boston on WB Ian. Real problem Bob and floppy ears and my wife and I. And much younger children their property around eight. At the time. That that your apartment as well. And I'm curious curious for so here's the our lady run in the short so that the people on the -- now. All of about forty people may be actually from my town so we're going down the like right now. And bird island pier right under the peace bridge. There's follow wait between each -- are. And Mosher. The -- shortly in the you look like to draw so everybody reportedly -- It's a totally turned around. And a guy even underwriting mr. Woodward just happened in fort -- featured in the spot. And all of a sudden everybody accountable or tactical. It. And then -- beyond -- we went further -- The -- -- yes there are some young kids swimming and I told them to figure out insurers won't but or not. Something. OK but again you know what here here's where we get into the gray areas of law and public sin city. For example I mentioned before you know 3 -- Folks you know what I ought to be a registered sex offender in some areas because there have been times I've been in the middle of the country. I did not have my -- snapple bottle or these days might -- my -- my empty milk period gallon container. Well you think it's going to be that but it's just the teaspoon but anyway. Over fifty -- But anyway it -- -- -- but I had to pull over and it was in the middle African nowhere no intentions whatsoever of you know bit titillating anybody I figure even sit but. Because it's so dark. In that technically would make me a sex offender if I was busted if the cop wanted to be a -- and most of them these days seem to wannabe. And many of them. Also -- -- in my younger years only rented cottage. In Canada crystal beach. My body out wrong can now EP part of the magic carpet and he kicked -- country immediately they could come back our search years. Could have been worse it can of computing and Paul Bunyan statue with the babe the blue -- outside number that. You know. But I guess I'm trying to bring up here as far as the it's far is the the guy dropping his drawers. I mean okay morning. Let's just like -- for instance now you -- American graffiti. 197475. The movie whatever lies you know looking back at fondly on the days in the 1950s were. You get a great laugh but of driving by people show that Europe stocks. Good clean American fun. If you did that well. You run the risk of being a registered sex offenders so they weren't the line between fun and laughs. And somebody who represents a danger to himself or others any reasonable person like falling out of a tree or bus stop. People are gathering going to school. All the other guy just getting higher supper hour hour he smokes -- actually. Illinois. Like aren't just like I'm in the trees all. Getting hi all I see what you mean that you mean that elevated but there's. Yeah I mean you're gonna -- just suburban houses. All we -- it may -- as a clerk and you know sometimes you do things in. It just looks like you don't solve the wrong. Okay but it seems to me if this was innocent. The first thing I would be seeing this woman whether kid -- say I know this may look awfully strange. But my cat is in the tree in the viewpoint is the cat how okay it makes total sense we're not even talking about perverts the I mean if it's something innocent he should've said I know how this looks and then pull up his pants up. Anyway. I'm glad you called sir thank you. So so far vampire is the best explanation I had. Like about this folks hide in a tree. When did he leave. It like. Hit anybody else yeah. Well. About their permanent folks. I know it's Baker's night. Tonight before Halloween. But. Caution. Based on the description of his behavior so far. And the James Woods movie vampires 1987. This is going to be -- operative theory. He disappeared as the -- there's diploma. If that doesn't have been prior written all over I don't know what does. That is he's -- man. How the hell that's the morning to you -- Hauser porch garden with a person's. People don't. -- -- Starting to Lugo is remote possible explanation others. It really that anybody else -- this guy. Now I've got correspondents from relatives of the woman and giving her address and not giving your name on the race. I refused to do others might ID Wilma. Because purpose is -- not me yet but they're ticked off at at this guy. Because the heavily I got -- and I've gotten I've got an email enough to have a pretty good field now they are regarding this as. A bad situation. Regarding this as they're pissed off. All I can say is if you guys did it and you live in the area. You're gonna get spotted sooner or later in what you do. It would be probably good idea where to get yourself to the -- just explain the situation. And get yourself on the record declare your own name. You'll feel right at hole and now granted. The policemen in Amber's there are captains. And there are lieutenants but. Privates. I keep public life of about his guys up the tree in Amherst. You know this guy just happened it'll fall out of the trinity. On his all and I were under his own steam. What would happen. Seriously what would happen if we didn't wanna come down how would you get this guy off. -- He fell. Anyway. Ers jokes I didn't make the that I think it all all me a thank you Tom thank you for not going there I got it enough. But there were so many other areas open to me that I simply decided I had to take Ohio wrote. Mom. I only -- shaking my head that because of the mystery right now. Meet the mystery of what's that man's man or this guy pulling out of the tree. In what was he doing there and widely. Interested enough to actually didn't get any other about this today from the area or really anywhere else and -- if this guy. Is a pervert. And if he's a guy who climbed up the tree to pleasure himself. First of all right. But leaves at least hope that the that the species that actually there's a level of not on my tree because I don't have it but I give all the benefits of other people's trees. Like black -- all over the place -- anyway. That I get I don't have any trees but. What would. Anyway that if this had been -- if this guy's a serial way that somebody would have seen before. That they should not be the first time we learn of this guy or that story told the buffalo 25 years ago. Who would actually. He would. Just mentioning this to be gratuitous about it but this is real this stuff happened in our community. These guys used to give himself just to that point. In the -- wait for a chick that we're car he'd hop up on their goods and then if you think it's all as the Mets. All. And they never bottom. Part you know he's still at large or small whatever. But anyway. Folks here's what it that where the program. Check your treason. At the check which rookies. I'm sorry I don't know why that struck me as being funny. We don't know what's your neighborhood. -- -- ever -- time. The time I heard the call. Three weeks now. People at each got a huge shine a beam up into the true this is exactly why didn't. The cops on the coast of my beautiful neighbor. Who always worth the pink -- on Wednesdays at the despite her from my hopes and say. -- on the street it Loria but ever the Powell who I mean it was a it was a it was a -- it was Africa now. And I was gonna look for -- -- decided you know what. If I can't mag light out -- shining a light into a -- from a neighbor's house has -- really know where that well yet. Getting on it would be. That that's a hard one to explain officer I heard and well. Sir it's 4 -- you look like a sleaze and you have a flashlight in your hearing a whole. I would probably up late in them for at least putting me in the back of the car and -- out of dissimilar. Are. Folks thanks for all the calls. I -- again you you should go through life freaked out but on the other hand that you know better alert to these things are happening than not. It was an expected four hours it -- -- Greg Craig good music Jolie's Hollywood don't work. -- yourself.

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