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10-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Curiously. It you know what I hope you are guys and ladies on the job. Every time one of your colleagues makes -- -- back -- rest I hope you ride his ass. I do. Ride his ass at local writers -- in the locker room a little difficult for. If you feels like oh that doesn't happen in a -- you -- -- Folks in law enforcement got understands that this law is bogus you took an oath to uphold the constitution. The cut your constitutional. Your constitutional rights. And that was -- throwing everything that was actually -- trying to get where he needs to get because they hit our computers and such a way that replant them becomes a major operation. And if you do well off we had to reboot these damn things and understand why I'm so frustrated and enough is enough hope I mean really. That's supposed to -- taker took the afternoon -- Anyway forgive me for bitching spokesman I guess everybody hit their limit and this is kind of mind today. And then I you know it's just like if you can't give me the equipment I need to do my job then I really need. This is below. Cut you know employee appreciation day what forget the talk -- equipment. It is up 514 at WB -- At all I think FaceBook I was gonna do. Anyway here's the police report. On human just like you. Recurring problems and when it's a recurring issue it becomes very irritating and they -- is just moment. On Wednesday that's today are that's not your fault -- please thank you thank you for listening thank you for being late year currently -- you guys listen. -- now Wednesday. Today about 7 AMI Joseph just you know I don't see any activity you can -- afterward rigor and surgery you don't like five jobs and I'm trying to ball politeness get in the year here. And I told you folks that major crises are fine you're joking even right now -- his arm dangling by one thread fiber of tissue to be totally cool. And it shows like you're gonna be totally go. This the joke this one isn't working -- on the right that would seem to be doing anything else. Are right at 7 AM. Amherst police investigated a suspicious occurrence and -- -- at the time resident was waiting for the school bus with -- daughter when a white male pull out of a tree in front of her house. The white male then walked. Southbound and frank house or tortured the white male described as possibly forty to fifty. Which is up a little -- past the normal age were people climb trees. Sand. Medium build wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark colored pants gray hair may be a mustache and a check of the area for the white male with negative. If you have any information now those of you -- live in that area right now you're driving home from work in your thinking Tom I don't really care about your computer problems. Yes but my computer problems influenced my mood. So. If we have a special relationship we're talking about earlier you should be feeling my pain to buy if you are -- -- appeal -- otherwise I think we should break up. But anyway then Everett police would like your help and those of you who live in that area. Did anybody see that anybody else see this guy. Did anybody else see this -- doesn't. Anybody else this this individual falling out of a tree. On Africa mr. This morning seven it could see this guy walking down the street. Pictures. Sport. -- working in. Areas it is all month. -- Because there is the question was this guy. Was this guy out for corporate purposes. Now also by the way I've. Also. One don't know if you pretty close encounter with -- I realize how many and forgive my naivete. -- realize how many exhibition -- there were older. In the public funny story. In let me go to FaceBook to retrieve -- coal that. Of a funny story. Many years ago my aunt Mildred. Mildred. Was awesome. Mildred was a no nonsense woman. Yet Mildred she like one of those beat it noses beat. And was not afraid -- to speaker mine. Am mine as she would agree. At that place on Lynnwood by. At that older. So anyway. All of my grandmother walking down. It was Franklin Streeter Lynnwood. And this guy walks up to them. And in classic. -- form opens up his trench coat and shows them what he's got. My -- without. Flash. That the guys and said you know what. If I was at small I'd keep it to myself. No. -- how seriously traumatize -- but that event -- should have been so -- if you close encounter with a proper. I told about -- buffalo many years ago. It would call him the prime the guy and that was real it -- at the top of I told a market having said that now I don't even have to go back to establish what the story ones about the guy that yeah. So there are a lot of sick of evil people up. We're gonna happen when that happened. I mean not the story about the guy pulling into victory today because we've established when this morning at seven. But in your situation. One. And folks I'm on -- is there is a certain small. Cadre. A small group of people generally men. In any community. Who are borders or exhibitionist. And Terry butcher knife in my car for just that very here is us. In alma on WB Ian I Stacy. And you don't wanna know. Believe me you don't want it though. Because of the -- company property and to destroy it. Now anyway when. I know. And then and part in the white. Like himself watching people counted. Wegmans -- in the tops. I. But it -- practical thing I stored in active stir it up this market that you on the note said he. I was going out to. I don't. Up for the dumpster what I -- going out there and they are the guys trying to deal. The fishing -- by the actor that I know. So. Anyways I certainly aren't. That's why he come -- on the inside my trapped people and now he goes I got Iraq for you know. And how long opposed us. Right. And years -- eight years. And may I ask you were response Stacy to rob -- Around because they're from the very bad actually found. Somebody. Kathleen behind I don't historically dumped somebody I mean that sort of -- that. Always targeted the difference between somebody dying -- dumpster instantly dumping the body behind the dumpster one would all possible the other would evolve commonality that's all together. Somebody dumped the body behind a dumpster okay. Built the year before that make a -- on the track and then you validate somebody got. It got shot what I -- -- I am I am not the -- I could turn around and dynamic you'll like her -- rant I called -- So I anyways a week later I can't. Because I don't break and I come back. And he brings that her. On the -- in that picture arts. And and now. And any breaks. And after my. You ran around the ball and I -- now. And and my boyfriend not bottle out of that he and grabbed it had packed the time I'm -- a couple. And they end up arresting and then instead of. Way to that it went that way what time they all about a minute that you guys are killing me today this this call is amazing amounts are sure I'm following it correctly this is -- all. -- all on 12 because. -- -- they -- at an issue with this guy -- -- or pickup truck and trying to steal a fishing poles out of the pickup truck and then. The guy with -- about saying I've got a blank for you. Which actually conducted taking the time but I make the mistake of coming. And the your husband -- boyfriend. My partner at the time and we -- great to -- outside -- break come back. And he and I both but I bet the guy. -- that you are not here because people and that he had fire -- in the back and in the decade that shocked. But -- final thought he did -- Gone a high Nikita was struck by that type in -- got a lot. Well. A day later comes with. That. That's right we'll meet that go into the tire and we need to nurture your truck. -- They have a war. Well column to perform physically impossible act I'm -- to your husband has the wherewithal to tell the cops if you don't have a war up yours. For him more Americans aren't doing it. The bailout. Will become background -- kick back and around the store. In London that the -- And tire. Wear in the sport start promptly what I. Began to bottle up the street break. -- -- -- -- I've been -- that it can grab them and you know -- had a couple times. And he ends up your husband ends up arrested he was confronted with a man with a broken bottle and he ends up arrested that doesn't sound. -- gonna have to hold on you need to Jerry got to get a break here I've got to take a break. Such a great show see this is what happens. -- element in the house and look in the camera and don't be surprised the target picked. Five point five WB. You know life. Like the whole thing that there is -- a touch a lot of music you know I -- -- -- -- got back -- -- -- is. -- -- Eight I can talk now I have a computer so way -- comes down here and -- they got beat -- by the commitment. They used to say he oppressed his nose against the glass like it's because people don't do that I don't see them because of the reflection from the window behind. And I am now looking at Carl Paladino nose print and I am thinking of cutting it from the glass and selling it. Our -- you know note for now. Opt out. Karl's interview -- straight. Down the hall. And he must know me too well because we're actually gonna go down during his will he was talking on the radio talking during the recorded interview. -- gonna take my shirt off and pressed my knuckles against the glass. Is if like you get a rise out of him and I know I wouldn't. Because all. I always the ones that there -- The prostitutes and my job and it all three on my thirty close encounters with perverts. Frank wrote you this morning seven balls out of the tree stopped -- woman was walking her -- -- -- -- -- And -- is sixteenth -- -- people wonder. According to an email receipt. So -- If you know more about this like you only you call the talk here we only. That it happened but. The phone number you gave us goes to them plays that definitely would not be you. Melanie quickly Stacey and alma. Who basically went through a series of encounters with the same pervert and this guy has stalker written all over him because he kept coming back coming back and coming back finally. -- Knox a broken bottle out of the guy's hand. And robbers this scum bag per well. And that hobby ends up getting charged. I don't know how because an article 35 he had every right to use physical force in fact I would use deadly physical force depending on how close US. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They when he came into the store are obviously coming in the struck -- nine or one. That altercation. And it up out of the store. Because he was going to ask -- and money -- about -- he blacked out any cracked a patent the pavement a couple of times while. I had blood that attack. -- -- I agree they're the right thing but the big topic that showed up way I'm also all Puerto Rican. That I would order again all you're not if you want and it had. Whenever and the two girls watch the world bank and they're screaming no no you've got a guy you know. Don't take -- big Telecom lack got a bag of golf. And so I'd bend and up some. But their previous reports on this guy having been a pervert in your -- -- I while with the sweat I don't I got to know they could act or what they check. -- the big game a court -- he went to -- her like a quarter. TRE. Warren Alpert Iraq. The pervert. I didn't quite a pronoun Stacy. Because they see you're the queen of pronoun TEG I mean and it -- I have a scorecard your self dubbed bad guy as a complainant whether the court -- -- -- the court. And the judge. He then thought he would vote distraught today. You know that the -- day Heatley got everything. That guy and he laughed and cracked cataract that my husband and counteract that and when Chris showed up in court that I did not show. The judge looked at the -- means like at -- -- help further back you'll. Right now how about the races Puerto Rican cup -- happening in the guy who didn't want to arrest of Philip -- Rican apparently but instead he went after your husband. Nobody -- we didn't say anything that a guy I mean obviously it seems like that's what way it happened. Well it's like one of those cultural things. Because for some people. Like to maybe have a word. For some people. It seems that that race trumps everything and ethnicity trumps everything -- that's like the stupidest way to go through. All right I -- brokers -- raising. Currently under it all -- -- thirty start at 3180616. WB EN. Let's just give me that look. He knows that he knows that the bears aren't they never used to happen like it like it is now. Back in the old days of land lines. Now with cell phones you know -- the -- gonna keep things moving keep things forward keep things. Unfortunately. With the gap between use today and the other person on the other and receiving. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now yup -- -- actually too easily because. As I've said before interest that the problem came back to America just the time our troops were occupying Afghanistan. And try to get the Taliban out. And try to get the farmers to cooperate. I know there's no connection between the two but it certainly is an interesting coincidence. Partly like allowing them to grow there opium poppies and make the big money. In exchange for info about the Taliban. Would never happen when. I want to know where they Porter well -- know what the ladies that sir and I'll get you in just -- moment. 541. And the focus only supposed to say it's like white. Guys -- like Puerto Rican. I mean that is that it is game here racial politics in America. Say where but he is you know striving for possible pervert -- -- Every description he's been. He's been whites. If they caught -- an officer. Of a lot of those and Amber's idea. -- I actually have no idea funny. You know I'm I'm sure that. Other. I got talked this Porter can go after the break. A WB here. Yeah. At least there was this morning at eight man. 7 o'clock and frank counter in Amherst a woman says she is walking her daughter to the bus stop actually it was your daughter. But that's what the police Hussein's oldest daughter. -- another relative. And elect. Police. Say that this guy apparently was in a tree according to the woman whose others. I was in the tree. It falls out as this woman is walking these seventeen year old to the -- that. Or do you think he was ill intent ill intentioned. A -- I mean are we talking about somebody here was on the bath salts are we talking about. Somebody who is of Boyer we talk about somebody who don't anchor I mean what are we talking about a year where you can't you see -- likable baloney gotta say it wonk -- Now. That he could. Linger all I would ever suspect folks -- where our suspect. That is a joke not to be taken serious. Of the let's get back to the calls on WB -- Here's a closed with a pervert you haven't checked luggage yet. HM. I had that the close encounter involving a crowd response. That -- true story will be of leaders I would wish to attend college -- true. Erratic I'd totally. Okay critical. -- -- -- got to work downtown it is cool you know who feel hard replaced. And I took the bus downtown what people did it did you know a lot of woman went downtown and about what to do department stores and offices as such. Well on this particular day. We're on point street but stopped because it was pretty busy route traffic ahead of the bus effectively stopped. So. Into the left side of the when I saw it equitably as the wind. And they -- -- placed on it why don't I mean and Annika you know and I guess he drifted over toward -- element that's Wednesday. We want in on the street flies open. -- and he's got a huge. Projection you know project really yeah I would agree. With you it was like really like. Enormous. Yeah it's a pretty how pastor Larry walk and real slow OK I would be to him what he does -- mind weighted down. On January was wrong obviously brought in writing credit on -- twelve minute but definitely currently closed as well but -- -- There's a crowded but are these women mostly woman tests and they are looked in the opposite direction what are the commitment to him. We won't talk about them. Yeah it can go and and finally upon us move and I got off and it went in my place of business pirates -- -- -- was there -- the first one here actually and I -- my -- -- -- my. You say it'll open. I would be crying but that's just my own security. And well. I would be I would be focused ultimately insecurities. Anyway yeah that's an interesting story. I wanted to wanting to make it account was locked in -- He would lead and I would deal would. Now I'm sorry -- you know all of this say about that is you'd be surprised the impact a retractable the pond and haven't genitalia -- at 6 AM midnight thank you very much President -- Jeff Beck I may not have been trying to re funny but it actually was in the contemporary way. All right it is at 552 I said that while -- -- -- -- -- that there -- -- reporter -- -- awfully good to have it at 1 o'clock reporter. It's just that. If you listen to the entire call. And the woman was telling the truth it should have been pretty obvious that there was a likelihood. That a quarter officer was looking for fellow Puerto Rican. By resting Caucasian guy despite what witnesses were saying you got the wrong guy. And by the -- -- -- to tell you it reminds me of the Adam a rodeo story. I really don't like Puerto Ricans of course out of -- Is the guy who's apartment was broken into. By the buffalo people the buffalo police and the neighbors outsiders say it apartment the apartment but the option here. -- -- And I -- and of course they murdered his dog and still be here now from like George the disposition of the police report in to the murder of the dog him in the killing of the dog. Unfortunately folks at this is the first I've heard this and take it to the bank. There are some awful look option -- elsewhere who take a sadistic delight in killing pit bulls I don't know what it is. But. These were not the guys I quicker to associate. -- -- baker was negotiate with me. -- anyway. So. Those dog apparently after doing a Warren commission like investigation on this if you see the Georgia the streak just asked him. -- And development now. Cause pops in my opinion unless you're -- screw up an open animal right it was Susan and went back. I don't like -- returns. Let's go to little. Also ironic sarcastic humor there. You. Go Kathy -- close encounter with a pervert. Many Italians flipped burgers I happened to -- can -- to halt given. And the pervert -- Incidents that get arrested. For doing something in her version of light touch shelling their private parts to people. They come and compliance food bank -- -- negatively -- -- -- -- now they're there unless they give us permission to. So you're saying it's a place to hide out. It's a great quiet out and they get away with that. They hide out our firm up so violent dictators suicidal. And they continued their behavior -- not it's done. Well governor -- mean in a throwing her own waste against the wall can keep you occupied only for a few days. After that what do you do to -- crazier. Or walk around I don't unit list you don't shelling their credit card. We shipping -- and that's. But. It's hard for them to keep that in their opinion. Or perhaps not an interesting word choice thank you were about -- -- unhappy yet to hear from you. Com perverts close and I cannot believe what they perverts are among Soviet -- have a very healthy -- Take group are used to have a very healthy libido and well -- made the typical man. And I'm sure that's actually -- I kind of draw the line -- win the person with whom you are engaged is not a willing partner. And not an adult. At where the line. Cannot be crossed. Here that's all right and it -- seriously. Well series and -- is. 8030930. Oh we got info about the guy and a tree. Now what does what does this lady know and how does she know I can't just take this call what -- -- know how to you know. Got a bigger break on WBN news coming up at six.

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