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10-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know I'd have to confess something it to even to -- your immediate supervisor has no. I have microphones in his office you guys wanted to keep my job easy to about intelligence I believe the and that it was a Bryant as her house be a rising news star in buffalo I love this young man. He has been hired full time for -- he's that's a great job no matter what story. We assign him no matter how late he works or how much to do every day. This young column young man not David pepper to anyway. You know I'm kind of envious actually in a way and a author of Viagra -- later but anyway the the -- microphones this morning picked up Bryant as -- asking one of our rising news starts here at WB -- he's like Thomas -- -- by the time he gets good he's gonna get picked up somewhere else for big money contract but. Call anyway -- roll back the tape. And this is what prime minister announced he said to Tim Wagner just a little while ago in his office. Tim if a man falls not a rich Korean hammers and then news. And at that point I guess I'll stop the tape. It also is basically it depends on the circumstances. Like if I go to the black walnut tree behind my whole. That's my neighbors it's actually behind my garage. And I start to saw the hell out of it because I hate that streak. Because all it does is drop black warm up to my driveway that one of these days into the trip upon and break month for connect. Com. So if Michael on the -- to start -- it and trying to drill that to put poison that the kill the damn thing. On -- air rifle out of a tree that is readily. -- spirit. With their produce bit. Our -- that's a readily understandable thing to explain to the police Heidi. I was vandalizing my neighbor's property and I fell from history when I was trying to kill it because I -- and every spring it drops a million twigs and I spent two days pick him up. At least somewhat understandable. But if I was on for counter this morning and I fell out of a tree I've gotten up. I mean I've got buckets basically. Mean that's kind of hard to explain to the -- if you don't have a good reason for having -- right so this guy. All right and I like let's say one life already to. Maybe. And I was set to save my brother built like when he started choking on food and -- Mother's Day get together but there. Sadly he was able get about himself and I was unable to show the family in mind for stated the sophistication. And by the way folks if you don't know the Heimlich maneuver my -- for many -- this is just old news and I apologize. But I'm gonna tell you something. That I have specialized training really do that allows me to keep my head during major crises. Major crises. I'm I'm like ice seriously stole in a major crisis cell. You should be the one a stone in your family go to the Internet. And just learned Heimlich maneuver practiced behind -- maneuvered. Because you may never use it in your entire life but when you do it's gonna stabilized by the use of myself once. When the top of my idea allergy medication the plastic effort was there in old. And went all the way while pretty much down my windpipe and I had to get the the thing up myself using -- So I say my own life with the Heimlich. On a rough life. It but anyway as seriously and that's spelled HE IAM -- LI CH and they'll probably got to my FaceBook page Joey. I don't you don't have a spare moment but if you could could you. Kind of scour the Internet for the best link on the Heimlich maneuver and sent it to at least I don't have to mess around with -- during the -- hours yes -- almost -- Richard. WB -- By the way if you're new listener to the show and it seems like I like to do this every day because -- -- establishing parameters of what the show first of all. I would just ask you to not believe. The many lives that are out there about myself and my politics. And all that stuff -- -- what you want. That's fine but. All we asked him for is that you -- this year for thirty years. And I just wanted to say that this is -- show. There is a magic -- They're used a present intimacy to it. Here's a club like feeling about it if that makes sense and I am very very grateful. That we have that kind of large dysfunctional. Radio family. Because many of you listening you were only one or two people away. From the people you know and I have only 1142 people away from the people you know which is that one of the things that is what about the talk radio in my home -- And I know yes I could go elsewhere and make a zillion dollars whatever but -- that it ceased to. I'm fine you know I'd rather work right know and and know people -- sources and stuff and you guys are blast through. And it's not just a one way thing you guys make new apple. Sometimes for the wrong reasons. But anyway we're trying to communicate to you here's. I happen to think this is the most unique talk show in America I -- to leave on the most unique auction almost in America. Because I don't try to be a rush -- on cloned -- it's not me not what I do. Eager to put politics every now but when I do boy why get on. I can do almost any subject with. I think -- reasonable amount of intelligence and understanding. I try to make you laugh. I'm Robert mostly -- myself. In Kentucky Derby like the guy who called in the first now Derek. Who wanted to get on the here to tell me what my topics. Well. -- -- And not many people who don't understand the show would think oh my gosh I can't believe he said that that's what you say to your friends isn't it. I mean it's what I say to my friends at Joseph says something that he's aware of breaking my dad's house GO -- That's not a friendly but it gets the point across so anyway trying to communicate clear that at least insofar as I am concerned. I have a very special relationship. With my audience it is at the -- -- this just actually keep the mind and I just wanna share this with. And this is why this is why the relationship is special. Some time ago I don't even remember what I put something up on my FaceBook and long time black listeners sent me a private emails that you can't believe that you did that. I used the fake -- real guy that be happy to have my house with my son. And I don't think I can say that anymore. And that just it sent me into such a -- a state of sadness so I communicated within. And now all -- long and the short of it is he understands exactly from where it was coming I understand exactly from where he was coming. And the bottom line is he's got my personal cellphone number and I've given carte Blanche dude -- -- say something. And I considered to be a very reasonable man these are hard working guys got a family. Anytime I -- is something that hits you in a weird way if it hits you know where they care that hits the liberal left that weird way economic supplement them. But if it's people like me the wrong way. A problem with communication. So he's got my cellphone number and my friend Desmond has myself a number that. Media generally only calls me when he's got something -- this. It is up for seven team which is. Of the itself for seventeen and so anywhere that is the that's that's the fundamental operating principle a bishop it's it's it's unique. And there is a chemistry and there is a magic and you know what the should be after so long to in this in one's home -- One in I'm just I'm grateful I I truly am grateful that's -- I can -- that we have this kind of deal. And and I am I mentioned by the way I mention my black listener of practiced. For for any reason. For any reason because. There are people out there. Who have it worse than you politically. When you think to yourself I saw him politically. It may folks. If your black conservative. If your black homosexual or lesbian. Or -- -- if your homosexual or lesbian if -- black. You are the most least you are the most least popular person in the -- Because the -- leadership. Flame mainly liberal. -- And for much as they talk about the rainbow. In accepting people. Today if you're gay. And a conservative. You're gonna be about as welcome. In the gay community. And it's politics. As sick with me corporate herpes at a swingers party. Okay sent homosexuals. Blacks you're not allowed to be conservative. Because your own group so to speak will say. You're not what the caucus. Well you know what there's nothing to be said for being your own person. Of always under my own tune of always rode my own canoe. With one or something going in circles its industry. Anyway it's -- to welcome the club basically about the club and it's really your club -- -- be the temporary executive officer. To ability -- okay 8030930. Is the phone number just say that that's important to me. Because people -- What -- they can say yep upon centuries ago. Rush does this sometimes he he hits the reset button to explain to his audience what he's all about just for the new listeners so if you detect a difference on the show. There is a difference on the show it's it weird chemistry that I don't understand and I thank you. Because it's two way. Yes I -- three -- always better but in this case it's a two way anyway high. I ever official ever police report. It's just company courtesy of Tom pocket. One of the hardest working men in this business is mr. market. On Wednesday at approximately 7 AM Amherst police investigated a suspicious occurrence and Franco's -- wrote. At that time resident was waiting for the school bus with her daughter. When a white male a lot of tree in front of house the white male then walks up on -- -- -- -- tortured. Described as possibly forty to fifty medium build wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark colored pants gray hair may be a mustache check. Of the area for the white -- was negative and if you have any information. Please call the cameras police non emergency number. Which is 68913. Eleven and -- -- to try to clear that we call into the chief arbiter. All right -- chief ASCII and that's what they call us back I'll say mean things to the next time -- see you on the bike path. And you'd all be our city. Chief ASCII my men get it detective plays quickly. A lot of talk about the story because the daughter aspect. Is different and that has me freaked out because if this woman goes out to wait for the bus with her daughter depending on the age of the water then. Was this guy. In weights. But he could this have been a situation I -- one of the things as. Did that he lived in the area and that's why the cops were unable to see him. Where did he parked somewhere a little bit away maybe with a confederate. So he was picked up and all these things go through my mind. And I'm sure the embers that detectives the first thing they did is go through the list the -- sex offenders registered sex offenders in in the air that's of course. Makes cents. So what are your very on this guy. -- I can make this a four -- topic. That. And really really curious about is now a previous caller who lives are on the front counter area told me that. It is not a usual. To have people in that area at night who hang out in the woods forever maybe some of the homeless. Maybe some of them leave the grounds to be halted from the old synagogue targeted to a few minutes. But basically they're trespass -- that's also something important to note. I've -- great feeling of sympathy for people who were homeless and most of homeless are mentally ill. And that just might be where they're most comfortable but they ought to be there are other places like missions were going to be a lot warmer in reform is a lot better than the -- in his left for you by squirrels. Soul. And I guess that would be a place where people would -- mentally ill person who hasn't been seen in awhile. Look I'm not trying to make some eleven not this year but. If you're -- mom and you walk your daughter to wait for the bus and some guy pulls out of maturity. IE. Why didn't they run after him and catch him. First of ball you have know authority -- beat duke could make -- citizens arrest I suppose but on what charge and that you're ready for the lawsuit. It is -- citizen's arrests are not worth it. You could. But don't. All you're gonna do is expose yourself to legal liability you don't. You're gonna think you're Joseph Friday -- -- gonna think eight. All right it is up for 24 at WBE and and -- at least if you catch and shoot so they can't tell the story that's. Now. That's not good idea -- this regard the former -- latter and are -- it's up for 24. 8030930. Is the -- number we're trying desperately to reach this woman who made the complaint that's what my whole show him that's what people part of the -- is going to be based on that it was given the wrong moment. 8030930. Start at 38 and 180616. WB EM. C'mon I've got to have guys listening on the average PD who your body Hoosier -- come on come on -- pay up. Accident investigator guys are now. On have one of the detectives call it -- I. What do you guys want to help a brother out here that it acted to talk about this frank answers. Your your -- come up. Please accept -- notes for your personnel files. Your for a 803 and thirty start time 3180616. WB Ian if I have to beg for detect about opera out. Let the ball we're digging any hole. -- -- -- I'm very good. Thinking okay. -- -- -- Good. Little minor -- thrown. That's nice presented minor seventh Chelsea the musician and staff nine aren't. It is hourly and you're hearing news radio 9:30 AMW. PRC. And -- and ultimately more theories I mean basically folks -- submarine a year. In summary first off I was given a wrongful lever for the lady gonna talk to that was mistake number one. Number 20 I can't even get the cameras detectives to. So I'm pretty much following it. Unless you've got a theory about why this guy was hang around in a tree. -- -- -- And then dropped out of the tree at about 7 o'clock this morning as this woman and her daughter I don't know how old were waiting for the boss and then proceeded south on Sheridan. We're tortured and that nobody has seen him since. -- -- folks if you over the counter area if you have a home security system. That has a camera aimed at the street you might review your video to see you got them on video in the call the cops and I'll come over and duper copy. So to keep that mind. All right. Anybody with a -- You know at this point Joseph -- -- the vampire theory. Is a workable idea because the sun is not raging at its full glory at 7 o'clock in the morning. And unless this guy is a master vampire with the secret coat. He would be unable to walk successfully in the daylight without bursting into the flight. I learned that from the James Woods and vampires you know that. And that by the way there's another great vampire movie that I really think you need to check out they showed it a couple of weeks ago one on that BTV which for some weird reason I find myself addicted to on a daily basis and they should be eligible for six figures but. Anyway. Well -- Anyway. There's that -- Curse of the under. Curse of the -- -- anybody with. 1915. It's it's so. Analysts say it is it's no patents. It is so. Predictable. It's awesome. As am curse of the un dead I lobbed it. One of those Saturday night movies. That I just oh my god I have to DVR there's this is just funny and and good. OK let's go to the tunnel Wanda on WB and they tell me that. You you are retired copper in fact a detective retired -- you've got a theory forest. Yet I don't. I don't get this Diet Coke or you're. Our child the child Scottish. It is -- you're fighting that tree worker got bought out for children that crack. Well I don't know off the bus stop is exclusively for children. I'm not sure if it's a sheltered bus stop even or a place where they would go I mean there would have to be ensured that it wouldn't be up front -- That you're right you're -- particularly on it is just unbelievable how well -- should actually some people can get eight. And right there you would beat out there are terms are all out just looking at other people. That -- com -- that it might now you're probably aware that. Well for you say that is if I do this commonly. All these delicate creek park gave only get delicate creek park and -- quite another when I go to delicate creek park I always make sure to go the company of a judge. They say justice is blind and we know why -- A sorry David good 'cause there was that. One that it is a Davis gonna say justice is blind. I'm sorry I -- -- into one bag where our young man. Blues are. -- -- to me how certain people being. Are they will look out there when I don't -- children and our hopes are shorter played it straight. -- never I never yeah. They are the -- I would thought -- -- don't watch go out and get excited and they're pretty am Ali are. Yeah I mean that stuff and it's just I I don't get it personally that. You may be right that was my first thought I have to be honest with you but OK if you're -- -- And how much that you personally are border but. If if your boy here isn't. Being in -- tree a rather dangerous place to be because it would seem that you kind of reduced the number of escape options that's what so many banks get held up when they're by an entrance to -- Right but it picabo origins come in fact. When that blood has called spin their brains -- another area and they even -- outlets like properly. -- gave to Dave. Dave do you do you remember when the blood used to go to that certain area. Because our armor when it used to have. I guess I get to know what happens to -- but I'm not thinking more clearly but in any event Dave it looked as they -- working to. Theory but other theory is mental illness and or intoxication. -- -- -- element and get out of order. Ordered him or her job. And yet the theater -- I'm pretty. Good joke. Actual. It you know what is it could be but I mean the guy was not hurt which are find interesting. Is is it time to say he must have been wearing a light -- suit. You know use that line last week commissioner held until this week. All right -- I'm glad you called -- -- life out of retirement. -- -- -- long you've been off the job. And you're still alive good for you good for you can't stand here and guys who did the twenty and out in the two weeks later there -- Our brother. All right Dave and aren't meant -- there's a detective -- retired from. I don't know which department I think an open QB on Tuesday without personal direct knowledge. Number any number fifteen degrees at news radio 9:30 AMW. Be the end. Ladies and gentlemen. Getting a lot of call will let it all up I've got a call from Tracy here who's got a similar story Tracy on WB -- and. How. Am I would that work -- -- but I don't know what started -- and -- -- and jumping out of a street that. I -- a story from -- -- My girlfriend and I were walking without I'm like you know Lancaster area and -- that dot com and hiding in a Cadillac. -- -- -- -- down and it is. Try it expo it. Of course you know we thought or younger and we sort of like grant -- And then about eight. -- -- like walking trail like -- guiding and we thought we thought something in the bush is and we were really sure but Alberta. Two girls along blocking your partner a little cockpit. It got a little bit closer we realize it with the aim right here down -- standing hiding in the bush is. Again with his hand out and -- and Al -- I can't agree with your -- Holler at acting you know hiding in a car lot in Albany area outlet in -- can do that to what you are trying to do about black people. But he was and -- -- clear -- call market trail. Op in the bush is I industry is black people locking running through. Is OK -- let let's just pick up the chase year this man was play injuring himself. At the park. OK couple things number one well I don't know if this was during the era of cellphones beforehand but I presume you're called the police. It might in right rally alcohol and they're becoming more popular Kirk or young not young -- four year old Atlanta I would I TE LE ethnic got our alcohol -- the act. -- -- -- And they that anywhere else. Try to find out what area we were indeed going right. What he thought that we got him I'm sure -- probably shocked by. It was rather disturbing about kind of like at that agree with your left collar that I got. They area where it that they are not being 1880. Like that I'm doing is now. In a tree. I mean that's that's what gets me in a tree and. Maybe and I -- -- -- out maybe it's not -- Earl of an area -- extremely delicate you know I could think of. Yeah that's it's pretty I mean it's right whatever right. They need to keeping track meet in an entry in somebody else you know. Yeah that's serious come up a few other times thank you very much -- I'm very glad you called. You know there was a guy in buffalo again folks 25 years ago the police. Think the cops who were caught the this guy was one of these public. Masterson. And what he used to do he'd look for woman alone in the car. And he would tie that in such away is that when he got up to her front windshield. He would. You know. All over the place. And needless to say aid to women worked very appreciative. And I don't think they ever caught him edit your buffalo -- you know that I'm not making this up -- 25 years ago trust me. Yeah there's a better person freaks and I'm not sexually inhibited that relate. Be kind of nice to have consenting adult partners instead of not -- -- all at all and by the way you know there are a lot of perverts that hang out and parks. Now I gotta tell. I don't think you should let your teenage daughters walk alone through any public park. Because there are a lot of scum bags that worked there. And there are web sites I am poll where people will say. I will be at such and such location at at twelve noon and if you stop by you wanna play look me up. So. You gotta be careful. You're rarely -- I mean look. You know if you do that lifestyle is behind closed doors. -- -- world. And I'm talking about consenting adults get a world. You know go to a place where that stuff is is is the -- and I'm talking about adults don't do a public park that's -- American. All right it's 445. Well. Because there's only so much room in the cue creek area park restroom guys -- his -- for 45. Joke like. Why do people send me stuff the minute I can't do anything on line to check it up it's unbelievable happens and by the ten minute break nobody semi squat the minute I'm tied up like it looks up and really wanna sleep. AccuWeather. Look out the window tomorrow it's going to be windy it's 58 at WBN. All of a partner in buffalo with a theory about this guy who fell out of a tree. In -- this morning break hazard. Andre and to give this one more time when we're second before I just lose patience is one more time yes OK Europe. OK okay I'd say I want to do the guys. The benefit of the doubt since we don't know what happy day or might have been up there I'm given that there have been edited out. I would just they are watching and wanted to do a close up view. I guess it depends on your definition of bird. -- which is the which is by the way the word -- Up you know what I thought of that. But I don't know precisely where this happened they're not released in the -- not releasing the name of of the person involved of course I know it but I vehement and release it. But. At the climate treated bird watch -- bird watch a lot and my feet never left the ground. -- -- But you know the birds gotta fly with a bit of shock and and the feeling that maybe your little more aware of this that. No no no no different to -- after -- -- how thanks very much and budget called all right it's great he's a calendars all I guess that empire. Bird watching now. -- -- Well and if you're just joining us I'll read the police report is that people might just be -- -- and is currently talking about in this league and its own. -- that first the police report. This morning 7 AM. Amherst police investigated a suspicious occurrence on -- -- at that time resident was waiting for the school bus with -- daughter. When a white male file out of a tree in front of her house the white male that walked southbound on front -- tortured and drive. Described as possibly forty to fifty years old medium build. Wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark colored pants he had gray hair possibly had a mustache. A check of the area was negative. And if you have any information call 68913. Eleven and that we have our friends were either I wanna point out something that. That the police are describing this guy as a white male a white male. You got some time cannot be. Sure they have some of that -- -- What is called -- a -- without corporate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool whip cool whip who quit. Cool -- couldn't quit you say that weird way of putting so much emphasis on the H about this thing it couldn't quit it would cool whip on -- -- -- -- it -- who -- to whip whip. -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool whip cool cool whip to equip your -- -- creek. You gotta get it down. Dad anyway police and -- describing it as a white male. So I would question for you now because a lot of ill -- a lot of calls from people saying it would. I've had a close encounter with a proper. Now that's the guy who fell out of the train -- bus stop at 7 in the morning and that -- off into the into the ball on. Was. -- But it's certainly is aberrant behavior. Everett not necessarily meaning -- the -- work act but it certainly is out of the ordinary. So. Close encounter with a per -- I can't believe the number of people calling -- saying I was at a park and I Saul. And it's usually alone may well. Although like I remember the case of Batavia a few years back where in full view of -- favorably. This married lady was engaged in the most intimate activities with her boyfriend and it turned -- their husbands -- Gender computers. You don't trust -- -- don't just make these things. Things and by the way everywhere everywhere I've ever written to -- absolutely. 100%. True.

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