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10-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty WB EN or. Hope -- like what we've seen so far and I know we were gonna enjoy the rest and after it's over we say you and I -- -- back and have a game -- Talk about the trouble even happened at school and white girls are so interesting all of -- It's okay and I -- the real -- guys just job. He must be the other guy he's lines millions of good. Your -- from this local hey listen to this there are so -- old tired girl. I'm not only because I'm not afraid of a challenge news radio 930 we -- now we can get home and catch the Emmy for best documentary. I hear there's one on -- you can be obedient. Looks like the good lord Tennyson the compass I'm sure. Do -- develop the analog right now expect him for the night paid. I want betray your FaceBook you can like you would treat driving down the road in Fallujah. OK I understand I -- the IED. You never know what I'm going to do when I'm going to do it and you may not even know that I'm working you may forget but even there in the background but it views for -- of -- split second mr. ability. I just want it and I'll bet I -- just happened to. I. It's. That you had the ability to the one on WB Ian. David you know David also the attacks regular elements that avenue department that. Anyway I got to put this in the terms David can understand that David now. David I -- last night out of it. What do -- tell us he was given a little was done with that we know office. -- -- all of that and he's. Well my guess is -- the last. Wait a minute. David if I didn't -- that people because I agree I can't Doug had them. Not that there's nothing wrong with that but and it okay. I'll try to be gave myself enough to anything bad -- bill obvious FaceBook account of like taking it off line so he can never catch up to me in the number of likes -- that we're jealous of anything here at radio station. But that by the way -- is actually just say if you are. Somebody who as liked my page and I haven't and you you can Upton. In you certainly a can you tell them begging for time here because I just cannot seem to type and talk at the same time today and eczema. -- corpus -- laws and issues between the right and the left brain and that little. Mental strain and the mediate between the two. Just got to get my password in the world so I should've done this ten minutes ago I just. On the last I'll talk crap. I got the FaceBook think surgery. The email you entered does not belong to an account. Even possible. It belongs to and as I type it wrong again Joseph my parents work but. Just like I would do with -- -- I don't trust Joseph with my FaceBook password because. -- there's -- -- joke about the ways mr. control and -- is your call screener just before -- -- vote story. With which I do wish. It was kind of contingent upon having the person was actually involved calling. And I tried the person before I came here. And I just got it from. And I don't think we got the right I think worker and reminded them equipment FaceBook. I'm trying to find the lady who. Call the newsroom this morning and the Everett police to investigate the suspicious man who fell out of a tree. By hole. The what was first. I know her first. At all ever give -- an interview. Only use your first police ordinarily would humane under these circumstances not knowing what this Feller was up. But I know your name and you can call me in 030930. Enough of your phone number -- whether -- real deal because somebody took your number. The phone number is 80330. Start at thirty on the cellphone and 10616. W. Be the -- up the way I'm not a doctor although you admit drill. I can take it pretty well I that I could do that catch me if you -- -- really want to us. To severed limb with one doing this. But I went on so many things to get interconnect but I do wanna talk to the woman who is the lady vertical -- -- this morning to say that a guy -- -- -- -- the treatment original story. I'm basing an entire show upon somebody getting wrongful. But -- before one year that's right that's that's great that's your thoughts. So I'm here it is -- New York dateline. This in the jail to -- altered edited WB and calmer should Everett police. Everett police are looking into our report of these suspicious man that fell out of a tree. The tree in front of residential. Opened this morning around seven. It happened on Houser wrote an equity or injuries. It's one of those got for second street between maple and -- where if you know you're going you're probably gonna get lost in the year intervening. Even know what that meant anyway in an outbreak as a road so accurately us right break -- anybody. Break -- got a huge listening audience. -- Because every time I drive all. Now you're listening to show. Mysteriously appear out of listeners and break right. If you for counter what are -- about it. I can't imagine what that would be. Talking about a resident for Iran. With the Boston. When a man. A tree. In front of the house. The resident who's the guy all. The guys that walked out. Answer to capture and the suspect. Is described. -- -- -- And today partly colored body check out lately -- police. Now the individual involved. To the music via the rest of the suspect is described as a white dude. Which automatically by the wind -- the emperor's cup races that is one point about. About forty to fifty years old medium build. Crap that is being he was wearing a blue sweat shirt and dark colored pants he has great year and possibly a mustache. And I'm starting to wonder if maybe it windowless van with free puppies. So are -- outbreak closer is as a common occurrence of counter. You gotta seriously thought about -- for one of those in that it's a lot of confusing it with house. All -- the streets and -- German names he says with some degree of pride. Does that -- the demand and neighborhood. The highly in demand. Neighborhood. -- -- browser is great street with -- people so I'm about not having fun at your expense net I drop mystery called -- and -- Now Calvin empire probably as far away to people -- Just say it. But in any event operate as a road. Ideal. The ball I take you behind the scenes here at the radio station because I'm sorry I've just. Absorbing information myself. If that makes any sense. -- you just let your fingers. That's the entire building smells like gas submarine oil today. We like submarine is in you know the nautilus submarine as in the submarine sandwiches. My shirt reads like -- working pizzeria. Maybe I don't know. Maybe -- that are open up with a job that opens on main street and if they're right it -- smell what we. -- I can't read lips I'm sorry I'd tell me something and anyway. Everett police this guy falls out of a tree. -- -- Hauser after 7 o'clock this morning. Wanna take in the scenes as to what happened here as I'm sitting in the meeting with Tim Wagner the name was person with whom we speak show us we realizes that. Really knock on the radio station license today. This humble attempt to ask you auction or don't know I heard the story second. As he walks into -- -- office at his house he's a news people he walks in the head on Joe's office and says to. It's them out of a tree and -- news were. And the answer to that would be it would depend on the circumstances. How high I. What kind of tree. Was he a resident of the whole -- -- -- of the -- -- so many questions one can ask about this story. But based on this report. Mean there are so many possibilities at work it doesn't sound like the guy belong there. So why would a guy could be in a tree. Now believes are down. This is exactly what -- call the prime. Camouflage location right now. I did however have a thought. I did have a thought and once again ladies and gentlemen I must return to the 1987 James Woods will be vampires. And there's underwent serious training. I think before they can become real vampire killers in this movie. If you watch it closely you'll notice that James warts and every member of his very short dive team. You looked up before they -- or world. Because they do a vampire. Could like into the ceiling. Like that kids but if -- Robert your genes. And maybe. What's tomorrow. -- -- we talking about a vampire. Could it be say it could be a vampire. -- Some coming up 7 AM start to get like vampire walks at all. Talk to cemeteries around William short -- one main street. This looms as a possibility. Folks I'm trying to wrap my arms around this story you gotta help me if you live on frank -- Anywhere near their -- you guys have got to be talking about this right now unless I'm on crack. 8030930. Start at thirty. And 180616. WB yet now if I fall under a tree at 7 o'clock in the morning. There's only -- first -- all there are few reasons -- to get up at 7 o'clock in the morning -- any legal -- Anyway. Tragically lately that's been true but anyway. Can't sleep well and it's just like here. Joking about it. Yeah I just I don't. And then of course just what about rhythm settle at one fall back weekend this weekend so that'll that'll be eager to. There's only a couple reasons why I've ever gonna climate treatable wanna say the kid number two would try to rescue cat. Laboratory is to get something that was lost in the tree which seems highly unlikely because the last I checked guys don't -- they're not in trees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just like this guy was. It was this guy up to no good if you think that perhaps he was maybe a bath salts. Yup that's all my first thought was mental illness. But there's a lot of them for a counter to that were called a very young Jewish neighborhood nice place to raise a family. And the -- you actually your system creek. Fell out of a trip this morning that -- Now there are businesses in the area Obama at least -- Sheridan -- maybe some residences. If you have all the security opera browser and you go to camp reporting -- -- street as I do you might -- sheer. The footage with the average cost just to get a description of this guy so they can at least ascertain -- he was at what the hell the issue it's well if he is mentally ill. I assure you the number of police are very well trade in that made -- great job with the mentally -- I'd probably seen it department. It has been more professional in dealing with the mentally -- at the -- -- police department Toledo the review gonna call this dial the -- actually going to be helping. -- this guy is described as being white. Forty to fifty years old medium build blue sweatshirt dark colored pants gray hair and may be a mustache. Now I wanna point out the people mustaches cannot be trusted. People with DOT's may be trusted people with mustaches may not be the mustache error in the 1979. Soon to be followed by the -- by via. By that hairstyle everybody hates yet. All this you know it. I don't it regular Joseph the -- all business at the front all part of the back followed by the early ninety's rat tail. We're -- at what -- -- -- -- followed by majors not giving a damn anymore agreement your law. -- 321 -- get some calls a lot of W. UB and I do that -- this would Pique your interest because and a few guys who fell out of the tree out front counter. Could you please call and let us know -- the underdog. Because right now if -- a cop in Amherst when I'm doing is I'm looking for anybody that area who's white forty to fifty years old male. And has gray hair and a mustache. I might say that I would tristate bird a cat a squirrel. But that's the only reason I can think of a here's got in Amherst on WB Ian Scott what do you have for us. There. I don't ever offered a little. It and I can't -- -- that they awarded back in there. Problems with good -- are. Led to report. But immoral. What about it -- that they were walking on the street and it was actually that abortion is that it was spectator so there -- people who -- -- correct -- -- -- Our synagogue that that's what you did that you always get a lot of quote let you know a lot of people. Walking through. And through the yeah. So do you think that maybe we're talking about somebody who is -- -- that fell asleep on the trading. I don't know but -- If that's what you're trying to understand. At what explanation there might be for this because that but that's a long time. And this is the first time that a story like this. Yeah I think at eleven just wanted to -- -- it could -- without a all of -- It would I don't Obama got -- you know as well -- don't think you know. If you know the refrigerator or oral. And obviously been a tree African. Network talking about. I mean it is Halloween tomorrow as your browser -- a -- I beg your pardon. Are neck. And outside of the military. May -- get a Tristan. OK so what you're saying though is again I'm trying to make light of this but I don't know what to make. To be brutally honest -- -- so what you're saying is there are people who hang out in those ways that are there homeless people who live in the woods. Yes but don't just say I'd I'd I'd I'd come across look I doubt that there. So long history. Wouldn't it wouldn't let you know what women don't look back there there are. They drive through correlate. What polls. Yet -- people like guitar vocals and I have. There there are. The crowd dressed like you got to drive under vote but they're there on the outside is to get an award. Well hopefully it will get. A bigger part answer. And when -- All right. Well. -- IE not the ideal situation for your neighborhood -- And you -- It if you want that and there are ways to get that end which -- -- comfortable sharing with you on the radio because our missions in shelters available for people. Anyway look I'm I'm glad you called you view you've added -- wrinkle to this I'd never heard about it haunt -- you're talking about that bomb what used to be at the amateur and drive. Roll. The world ace in the guys aren't synagogue. Bomb. If you want to go out and only got global it end four. Yeah and get a lot people that they're. You know traffic goes to Germany DPP's all of the Marlins and the tracks. That they're not Obama. Well I mean there was no -- out what is going back there. 3 o'clock what we're walker on the went back there but by. At our area I gotcha -- that it is now we're just going over old ground but thank you very much I would never do that of course and repeat myself. 325 at WB in art what's the deal on -- house -- guys were talking about -- York but -- -- happen anywhere can happen at Orchard Park -- bird or. Fall over the trees and tiger all the chemicals kill them all I'm sorry I could have been anywhere. In in the well. Until George easier to wave his magic one. And everything went away eczema is so anyway. What do you think we're talking about your peeping Tom drunk guy Paul let's. He evidently did not pose any immediate threat to the -- I get a break and WB at 803 elementary. -- got could you -- that description of the suspect you gave you could you repeat -- please. Am enamored we got a lot of history. Where it will not. Like he was why he was -- -- -- It was. Sure. -- that -- quick. Comment upon without group. -- I am -- and I can't think pocket reflection -- a pocket here your I beg your pardon the -- made -- Anyway if that 332 and it's it's like oh that was actually. We don't know if he -- cool or -- -- -- product does monitor it with. Home. -- -- -- Redeeming feature of this Bellamy Brothers -- circa 1977. Is the fact that it brings back pleasant memories. Of my brother. And I playing tennis at the -- more east tennis courts and as one of those ninety degree days and he drove to dairy queen for what was then called -- mr. missed the until they figured out that there people always out of homosexual ordering one. So they change name to Arctic mr. blast or whatever. Anyway. Well -- guess it's true I used to walk into the very clean and bright road and say can I have a large share in the third think Blair. And the -- look at the opening get out of here with a minimum -- and months and calling the police. 334. At that there's anything wrong with that little on and I'm grateful. By the way and I really -- this because sometimes people don't understand conservative areas for most all of that from Rachel well ultimately contributors but. Conservative yes but I also. Libertarian in many ways and -- team possibly in many worries -- It's very difficult to pigeon hole. But I'm very grateful for the support of gay people who are homosexual. There's nothing worse than being a black homosexual it's being a gay -- -- there's one thing worse than a black. A a black conservative. It's being a homosexual conservative. The worst would be black homosexual conservative leak guys you seriously my friend or gay or all conservative. We've heard of people behind the scenes to if you put something bad about me on FaceBook or the Internet about how I hate gay people Doby the first it was a -- Dodd. It is and get the jokes which I'm fortunate really really grateful I felt like a feminist or crime here in a minute I received an email. I'm not that long ago from somebody. And I got to face up an idea. I don't often get worked up about what I do I don't think I make a difference because -- is one huge bag behind a microphone in a radio station buffalo. But. Before being gay was acceptable to American society and I'm sorry if you listened to the station you might not agree with me but you -- believe me the younger generation it's not a big deal thank goodness. But. I received a very poignant email from somebody -- doing this. You know ages start my first -- in 1983. To talk -- September 5 if you're wondering. But. This was at a time and for as much as I love and still continue to lob John Otto. John Otto was one of the most vehemently. Hostile I'll talk show hosts to homosexuals I've ever hurt he could not work today. He he could not express the opinions he expresses. He expressed back then today without having to deal with a whole bunch of BS. Seriously that's how much things have changed but I was different in the in the in the 1980s I've been been -- IE. Just didn't think it was such a big deal. And received a note from somebody who is now middle -- And what I fuel. Somebody whose Middle Ages that Tom. Growing up listening to you as a young game and I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your on air support. During the 1980s. And nineties a time when many of us felt isolated and were treated with hostility. Even though I was bullied at that time your on air support made a difference. Heidi possibly respond to something like. I'm grateful I really I mean thank you for letting me -- usually people just called a bitch you know. Out at a topic at it yet about it I've got to try election. Haven't done enough New -- it shows. -- -- -- -- but he works it. Our gang let's. Figure out here. What the guy in the tree in -- was doing pick by the way if you live on -- or in the neighborhood. Do you have a theory does this guys -- familiar he is to adequately care for newsreader. This guys described the worst as well as described his his race first because I always do. If you're black or criminal to say you're black if you are quite sure -- that who quit. What is called upon without group. If you are quite. Or a suspect. If -- mail your suspect between forty to fifty years old it could be you. And also a medium build. Which is unusual for buffalo for forty to fifty year old -- usually your forty prepare your ol' ball polonium and would not be able even that is like I've got the tree. Sorry I can documents all buffalo I was born and raised here and yeah. -- I can tell the airport joke inactive screwed over -- He was wearing a blue sweatshirt and dark colored pants gray hair and maybe a mustache. First of all if you -- the guy might be perfectly legitimate reason why you did it. -- just ask you out of the goodness of my heart just say the first attack that some work. Just call me and I will personally make sure you know hit ball and look if you got want to war it's I can't help you but I can at least. Talk to that that detectives and say. I have the guy's name -- number is gonna be charged with anything you know I would be happy to be an intermediary for -- and not an expert. If -- if you're worried it's stupidly drunk climbed in -- three and -- up this morning. Called. -- -- -- -- -- Better yet make -- Everest cops and say man or woman power. Just not every day the guy -- out of the tree on -- -- wrote on Amber's. Anymore that would history counters an expert in history as the 1920s. Diligently. On like I'm relieved that ever. Honest -- -- I just it's like so -- -- anyway let's find out he actually tried to do Sergio is boost the price of my house whether excel two weeks. You know -- I think 130000 dollar output at its on the market for -- -- all right let's. I'm. My house is not a -- she's beautiful mind delicately. All right so this morning 7 AM frank Houser wrote in -- but it could happen anywhere in Western New York. Dude man forty to fifty years old. Wiped -- falls out of a tree. How is it go to the tree. The witness gave a pretty good description now I was supposed to have the witnesses phone number I tried calling that number I think it was the wrong number. Seoul. Anyway I know this person's first name with a name she gave us. And I I have enough I think of -- phone number that we can establish whether or not it was the real witness. So I'd love to hear from this person 8030930. Adultery -- 930 start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen or Joseph if you call -- PD. At that 68913. 11613. Eleven asked were the special victims unit or maybe just the detective and maybe that policy and okay. Here is -- me -- war. -- are -- on -- I've got to yet yes another break but it's a quick. -- has to do it up a tree -- you think. That's how I planned love yourself -- I only think idea of only two explanations. And one of them would be you know. Hoping that I would hope that he was strong and he had a real good night last night that being number one -- number kill. There's the only other reason I can think of a grown man being up and -- tree in Amherst. At 7 o'clock in the morning what would be creepy -- that. Mean yes. Well yeah. My first thought I heard about this was I wonder if this guy was waiting in you know lying in wait to help. Ambush somebody and then my very second thought was it was a -- vampire. At scrape the I had when I called and I mentioning that. YouTube knapsack what I mean a lot of people are doing some crazy -- things -- though it boat captain -- but. It did it. To get attention and I even beat a fifty year old man and -- what -- -- in -- things to post those videos so. Yeah but think about what's this guy was weren't one of those cameras and take over about what 500 bucks that you can put pretty much -- -- they'll stick anything on your body any any material whatsoever. There was only one guy spotted there's not a witness so if a man falls out of the tree. In the woods does anybody here and if he doesn't have a camera. -- -- -- -- Via London and it is their only one Britain. Well this is the only 1 of which I am aware that the police have have mention now you think that maybe the ladies free. I was just -- -- what if she's crazy want. Big. -- I would assume and this is what this is a presumption on my part. I have nothing but the highest regard for the -- count and has nothing to do with the fact that I have to drive through -- everyday and live and Amherst you know it it has nothing to do with that to -- it's an excellent department has by the way is the top title on the male boys over there and I was what -- -- for a month or two. Anyway. They have a great department and I have to think that if this woman was -- if this was a chronic. Individual. They would note to discount what was said. You know be kind of like somebody calling -- if they've got a history call in the cops saying. Radio waves are going to -- my brain and -- being controlled by the CIA I don't think the camera police would have released this story they must find the witness credible. Now I -- agree with you are at a percent I have complete respect for their department well. But you have to take a look at how. People honor. Do you -- a pretty good that these days that. People I mean look President Obama can't. -- Alex and hard these days. Millions millions. Not not high however not Rush Limbaugh not Sean Hannity not sandy beach I stand skull -- of having had anything to do with -- Obama's election. The fraud in -- elections in the office of president this man is absolutely over his head. -- competent and no it's not because he's black I just think the white part of it is incompetent if he'd been all black would have been much better off. We -- now advocates say that not only is -- the -- That black president in history is also the worst of white president in history -- But let's talk about racial lines if I'm Jimmy Carter are really happy. I mentioned yesterday although I must confess President Carter. Was kind enough at one point the -- believe it or not this is many years ago -- personally autographed photograph of himself. And a lot of presidents don't do that I tried -- George Herbert Walker Bush because. You know he's basically the aluminum body wanting to take over the country and I wanted to have you know at least a record but he wrote to me wants people have been that way with our am glad to call thank you. All right that this guy was trying to go viral. You think he's an attention hound was he drunk. So I mean seriously if he's not creep. There's got to be an explanation progress you're just joining us Tom -- has more on the story coming up at four man falls out of a tree. In Amherst and no he is walking away he did not say leave me alone.

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