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10-30 Beach and Company Hour 3

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He says though he seems uninvolved that's significant junctures. He said he learned from new news reports about fast and furious from those reports are okay. The botched federal investigation and a gun smuggling that allowed weapons to fall under criminal's hands this is a big deal Eric Holder never mention till we didn't. Note that. He also didn't know that the IRS was targeting conservative groups he didn't know. Also like you -- -- blame him it's it's it's just an amazing litany of things he didn't know. And of course the things he didn't know that word positive to lump. He no -- long he was envelope on all of that. Now he gave the okay for us to kill Osama bin Laden we've been looking for over ten years and he got okay we wanna make sure but it it seriously. If you if you heard him at that time it was like he was it was seal -- seven. He was a seventh member of the -- -- wanted to kill them. So he's quick to take up any kind of accolade for anything he's done. But he is not quick to take any kind of blame any kind of responsibility. Of -- things that haven't turned out well on his watch. And the key is if you believe that he didn't know. Then you'd have to ask the question. If he really didn't know why has no one been fired for any of this Eric Holder still on the job Brian. Hillary Clinton was still on the job after after bin Ghazi Eric Holder after fast and furious. How about -- about the implementation of this Sebelius still on the job. Nobody loses their job in the Obama administration you know why because it's their job. To be -- cannon fodder for him. They will absorb all of these critiques all of the outrage then it will be directed at them not him. Got it. So I don't know I learned a long time ago if you screw up admit it and move on the I screwed up here's what happened now it's not gonna happen again and you're going. Who says I didn't do it. Children. Say I didn't know I didn't do it those -- kids this guy's supposed to be present the United States he should man up. And woman up it's a problem with gender identification on Tony the term man up means something. Of course some women -- not true but that's another story and there's nothing wrong with -- that's columns. Let's go to who we try to be equal opportunity on the show when when at all possible. Let's go to Penn avenue west Seneca Pam thanks for holding her on WB yen. Yes good morning and hold them. -- Obama does now and he's now all of that all law. And infect our Canadian province scattered. Why don't the American people when they vote. That's a good question. You know why he knows that because these are significant departures from -- norm and he would have to know. That's right okay Rush Limbaugh's spelled it out last week. That is that giant fiasco what Obama care. And that being -- once again and purpose. So waited till the clamps a private medical insurance company is an opening that door -- one page he socialistic. Health. Care system. Which has and that worked in Europe and other country. It will be a total disaster here thus so she got another pick up towards the united nations world order plot. Oh Batman needs to be impeached. And every one and has stay up welcome because all of those men and has sold their souls of the double. Well I'm telling you know there's a lot of things you said I was raising my hand saying right on right on because the bottom line is he said. Right away right at the beginning of the first term this is the beginning of a transformation of the country now most people thought oh well things are gonna get better lower taxes this that not -- his idea of a transformation. Would I would not necessarily be your ideal or my idea he said it and now he's beginning to. Follow that up I mean look what he did after the big go to bugaboo regarding obamacare he started talking about immigration. Because we get our attention off of obamacare. Immigration will be the next thing -- try and push through. A big guy does not seem like as somebody who is very pleased with the state he found his country and when he took office and is destined and determined to change that there. Everything MVP as the pop. Those who George Soros are rooted in -- -- Or -- third. Defense. He's from Germany. Somebody from Germany I'm not really sure who we are we trying to and I. And and Henry Kissinger. And well bill I -- -- -- you -- vote we not you know it's funny because when -- hot -- with known terrorists which Bill Ayers is and was. I mean is he didn't -- there are times when he didn't really hide much oh and nobody wanted to hear about he is. Things he learned in church. In the would be god bless America god damn America. Not that he didn't hear anybody in there again he went to the search for twenty years and he never heard that and yet we heard it within five minutes of him running for president. That's right and anyone he'd let I heard him. Here is the -- once he whereas this beeper that the Democratic Convention. And when news. Bush was running for president. And he was -- junior amateur at that time from Illinois Obama. Yeah that was his first signatures region I. I mean it anyway I mean you could buy and sort it was a breath of fresh air. But one and the next time around and he throws kept the ram to run for president. And he was still juniors summit are nice that the myself that threw up red flags slate. Voting record now you most of the time he voted he voted presents. And nobody is ever read what he's written in college and apparently I think this whole thing I don't know anything start it would Reverend Wright. I consider anybody's church for twenty years and not ever hear what this man was selling and have none of its thinking and so there there there was the first credibility problem we have right there before we even elected -- but people just turned turned and said -- he's good he's gonna bring some other things and we're finding out what the other things are now thank you. Will be back and not too good as far as I'm concerned. You know if you if you're in charge being in charge. Stand and fall on your decisions. That's what it's about. The the American people -- agree with everything of course not to be expected and know everything of course not. They expect you to have your hands in every pie of course not but the expected to do some. Some things. Besides getting on air force wanna -- speech in front of a adoring people and in stadium sitting behind you. There's more to the presidency than that but I don't think he does heavy lifting. I don't think so will be back with more after this. Yeah. Yeah I'm watching Captain America plains of civilians. Telling them that -- it's going to be fine by the end of next month by the end of November. Keep in mind the government spent three quarters of a billion dollars. On the software for the web -- this has nothing to do with the program this is just the software -- -- the software is being an app. OK it's just a portal to get two of the program. And this is totally screwed up with three quarters of billion dollars sold. Spent -- we -- we are really to believe that the president didn't know at all. Any thing about this until it actually was unveiled. That's not realistic you think intellectual curiosity. If Gordon no other reason. Have you ever had a pet project maybe you're involved would -- school or church or maybe even a family project that you you gave somebody else the responsibility of doing it. What's the natural human thing to do. -- -- And we run into any problems yet are we gonna get that's all night you'll do that about projects around your house. We do about projects around your school and it your workplace. You're telling me the president of the United States with the biggest deal we've ever seen and healthcare. Who we've managed to get past that the government shut down over. Wouldn't wanna judge asks somebody -- house that -- Now. I guess not no no intellectual curiosity their at all. So I find that totally unbelievable as the same thing. Oh when no way we went through the young fast and furious debacle. He's telling me that he was not informed. By Eric Holder. What kind of a botched the job this was he didn't know. And he certainly didn't know the IRS was singling out people who politically might be on the homicide offense. And and and not that treating them properly and fairly know about that that's amazing. In the odds of him not knowing about any of that I think about the same as sitting in the pew over church for twenty years and not hearing anything the minister said. It's. Let's go to our John and Grand Island John you're on WB yen. A candy well on hold your anger the other call -- ready double bullet point. I don't know where to begin but for column I'm a public after I have tested our health care applications back in the ninety's. And a few years ago and I worked all types of web based application. This thing in the complete and utter disaster from a testing perspective. And I'm enjoy that -- you wouldn't believe because I didn't work on. You know we're hearing from a lot of people. The event are techies like yourself know how this stuff works who are all saying the same basic story that. That is had to be tested much more than it was -- and is designed not to do well. Yeah and any time like it like that like -- look like to take back and I can't believe the twelve years ago I chaired part of the testing midi. Or -- Y two K. Are for the company I work for the health care company by the way. And the CEO. Of the company -- on a call in at least once a month for the last six months back in 1999. Find out where it's going what's happening -- that's a natural thing you'd wanna know what even if you didn't immerse yourself and that you wanna know about the progress. Get an important step like this happen and and somebody shrug patrol isn't so I didn't know they got fired. I thought I remember he medical problems. And also always -- -- finding even big names and in not in the Internet saying that this thing is is liable to be hacked. And if attacked -- all of the information that would be on there that can be catastrophic. I didn't even think about that I don't wanna think about that but does the public you know what happened in my coverage are we changed they'll health care plans are partially because of cause we went from eight Hokies are -- hope hey you know you pay a couple bought everything -- -- -- doctor to -- -- the -- where. You have the page you know -- deductible I think to order book. A year before they even start paying. So it can go to get one free doctor visited the year but after that it eagle every month you -- you know he got into deductible well and if there's an emergency room visit. Is that if you pay like -- -- boxer at the elect who would have Graham. Here's all the problems too is that in order to make this work financially they have to get people who are young who don't have a lot of health problems yet they have to get on the buy insurance. And so far a lot of the young people being -- a sliding into a Medicaid. Which is going to burden that and and not produced the cash flow they need on obamacare it's a double edged sword on that one. Yep yep but I mean I'd been lucky I've been hearing from people that they lost a coverage or. The company they worked for -- -- she's married and they're going from -- and we plan to an individual plan. And what are they gonna do for the bulk of specially deployed having a baby. -- -- That this quote this -- people at a grassroots level they're used to what they had and any variance from that they're gonna take notice to this we'll have more of an effect than any kind of bug campaign because becomes an issue in the wallet and hit your home -- thanks for your call John I always appreciate it thank you very much. You know we should find out more information Tony we should get fed them that woman on the independent health commercial. With. The lower the red shirt. For some reason yeah. Find her -- attractive. And there we tried to get her on the show but she doesn't -- on here known to close not even close so we can't do that. But if she's ever in town you know a lot of publicity tourism -- -- have never in here because I knee high demand the facts. I have an intellectual curiosity about. The health care plan not the girl with the red the health care plan health care I'm all work all the time where there's no play makes me a bellboy who's telling. Will be backward more she is kind of -- the event. She's attractive Christie Vicario and familiar red -- him in about how your responses on number two thumbs up a good that she's got experience or I'll tell you that. While. I would be back tomorrow Beijing company hang in there we wanna hear from you the president I don't know campaigns I didn't know. Is the most clueless president we've ever -- -- I know. PL lying through his team. Of America. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star -- -- ever told free -- -- 1806169236. Now -- backward vision dominate this subject is the gift that keeps on giving I don't know if you heard the last newscasts about eight minutes ago. On WBM but apparently. The AP has a discovered a memo that was sent in September. Just before. The roll out of obamacare. And the memo said there is a because of the lack of testing there is a high risk of security problems. With a web site. Now I want you to think about the implications that would have. And this is something. -- I'm sure that the press. Didn't know I think about this this memo comes out less than a month before the roll out. Of obamacare that there's a high risk of security problems because all what could happen if you get hacked. You know your Social Security numbers probably -- so hot. History is probably in there how would that affect you I don't know maybe in future employment. A may be an in various things where help is generally. You always have a -- laws here the privacy laws. It where where it is very confidential information for a lot of reasons. And if this government Watson they've always said they want as part of obamacare. To centralize. The records to have everybody's health care records in Washington. You know what that's like. That's like in the old west they've left the safe open while Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were in town I mean it's crazy. It's knots. -- bits of proprietary information. The bad guys would woods kill to get -- their hands on. And we're gonna hand it over to them if indeed this memo is correct so the AP found that there there is a memo. That says because of lack of testing of the obamacare website there is a high risk of security problems. And remember McAfee I can't think of his first name for McAfee yeah India piracy and whatever software. But he said. Last week. Because it was related to me that he figured he feels it's a very easy and tempting target to. Exudes common hacked in this. Web site. So I don't know how comfortable I would be John McAfee I don't know how comfortable I would be. Giving all my information including my health history. A problem I'm sure there's some information on salaries they're because they have to decide if you qualify for something. And all of your medical. All of your medical -- information all in one place. And in this case ready to be hacked. Man. This is this is beyond it's a real. First of all let's go to Chris we haven't used any yet there were posted to give me a couple and an album before. This is from -- she says you can never make me believe that it doesn't know what's happening in his own administration if he really doesn't he should be impeached well I agree if you're that much asleep at the switch. Let me tell you something. You know what happens over captain of the ex -- Exxon Valdez he was prosecuted. And I'm thinking that if the president is this clueless. This is a dereliction of duty now that that may be a military term. But isn't -- the guys commander in chief so maybe it's applicable. Dereliction of duty not knowing obviously not caring are having any intellectual curiosity about it. I cannot believe that any kind of a huge project you wouldn't have a curiosity. It took three years how's it going in how we don't want this do we see any weaknesses and I have more intellectual curiosity when I was programming KB your radio. Regarding liability concerns about any promotions we did things like that yet to be hands on this guy. The job now is job as the fly around I don't know on the airplane and surround himself with smiling people and stadium seating behind them. And and also be the center of attention why the -- -- thank you big Boston today. The sixth game of the World Series right could be the -- once it was going to Boston today. Like they don't have enough problems with traffic and people on whatever. Because of the you know the World Series and that's where he's gonna go what did he want to go to after. The storm in New York he wanted to go into the city but Bloomberg's -- -- and -- how. Chris Christie said yeah Bloomberg kept them out because he knew that that would divert. People that they needed to help people and and and stress situations. So at least Bloomberg was right on that one. Policy. Let's go to Rick Rick you're on WB again. I'm -- I'm finally trolling -- what got. All right well me being. Watched -- it's called agenda. You better it's now. We only saw it and it might explain a lot of things that are going on. It's. -- pretty -- Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's called did you write a better. OK I will check you know I'm running it down as history. You rule. 00 yeah. -- you know I always thought that. I always thought that this the way this country was set up with checks and balances and three branches of government and a different political parties. That even if we got a bad apple it would be offset by others who would see the what was wrong. And I was wrong about that he's managed to change a lot of what we've held the year. In a very short amount of time and it's it's kind of -- I will check that out agenda grinding America down and where did you see it. I get -- equally. At actually -- Kirk. Okay I'll have to look. I'll have to look at doubted it wasn't scary video -- written. I I I I think I've never about her being. And yet the it area where area. I mean a word that let you watch it you buy it may be and make. Future show -- -- all right. Brilliant. I will check in and banks or give me the head's up remember that movie that was out Tony just before the idea of the election. We want to see it the right here across the street it was a wonderful movie about Obama's childhood in whatever and growing up. And it was scary deceit. That's you could see the future of what was growing to be the president of the United States and what direction that that person was heading. A with a break we'll be back tomorrow -- company under is rated 930 Libya. Yeah. Congratulations by the way. To a -- let's -- up I was I was leafing through my business first and they had via a special issue. In which they have paid tribute to outstanding. Players. And see him and I know long hours I thought I'll see -- by no any or honors outstanding less than theirs. -- -- all of being voted the best white collar lawyer. In buffalo and happens that your father in law that's correct I think that that's good congratulations to him congratulations -- a job well done. I mean if we get -- embezzling. We could get a discount. -- will be. Doug congratulations that's terrific. We got a good lawyers as though rarely do we were seriously though. Oh -- were asking about Barack Obama I don't have you heard the news that at 1130. It may have broken just before that but I heard at 1130 and that there were a memo has. It's fallen into the hands of the Associated Press. Saying that because of lack of testing of Obama care of the website. -- that there is a high risk of security. Problems. A high risk and this is a governmental. Memo that AP got a hold of now I want you to think of what that would entail. If you're signed up for obamacare. Here are some things I did -- sign up because I have it here so I don't own either. Here's some of the things that probably would be in your file your Social Security number. Your salary. Your ailments. They think of how those things could be used if somebody had it and they say there's a high risk of security problems. Your your -- medical history. For future employers if if that ever got out and don't think that somebody hacking that wouldn't offered -- of course they would that's the reason -- Hackett. So there'd be a problem with future employment depending on what your medical history of like your Social Security number we're always told that is the thing you do not wanna -- about your date of birth would be on there and your Social Security number. Just way too much information. To put at risk and for them to roll out. Knowing because this came out in them in September just before they rolled it out. For the role without knowing. What this memo says. I mean it's inexcusable. Because I know they wanted to get it out now because we said we're gonna get it out now even if it's not ready. And McAfee from by the security expert that's online you may have but some of his software on that -- is John. McAfee also said a couple of weeks ago that this is this site is a right to be hacked. So this would make me tiger right now. If I had signed up for obamacare. And I were in -- -- I was lucky enough to get through I'd be very nervous now. Very. Messing it shouldn't sign out by you do what you gonna do and you do what you think you should do when I'm -- and I'm glad I've I've about him. Because that's the last thing and boy this -- if your cyber crook. This is like. Yes all peaches and cream for years I mean look at that. The if you gonna hack this site not only a -- site the government recruiting people for you to act. -- like that. Not to mention I've been able -- excellent how many people will be able to put fake sites. Up there to be able to gain better access in this one of the things that John McAfee. Now worried about exactly right because you know what I know. That we gets up every day that has amassed head on -- that looks very familiar all of this must be Amazon and it's not. Okay this must be you know whatever because we're used to seeing -- and they put up fake -- ads on it and then they get information they gather information. For our government. Memo I don't know -- was an email letter was but it was and in in September just before they rolled it out. Said that it's at a high risk of security problem so there is but don't worry about because Obama didn't know. He didn't get the memo. Are you may have gotten the memo AP may have gotten the memo. Your paper boy probably knows about it but. Obama didn't our Chris couple -- and I'll get another call before. This is from -- says Obama is certainly -- good news is solid lies concerning health scare me Ghazi as well as his -- in the block and every single issue will be the downfall of the Democrats are 2014 and 2016 let's hope so let's also accountability we should all have accountability for what we do or what we failed to do. It's a sin of commission as a sin of omission. And I think -- both of those apply here one more this is for marsh is he says Obama is no way to he has agenda driven and that was exactly what he's doing he elected twice in spite of everything. And even beat the Clinton machine is not to be trusted. OK let's go to Iran and -- bill runner on WB yen. Here are sure a few brief points for me here. Sure thirty million more people. Working people more money I don't think. -- -- voters -- -- horrible because. Of special it is never -- -- in the -- sector. Refute the op care. On the boat. People. I he hid out when the people want to Washington and he hit out in his office. Exactly does which rumor count in the duel and that's it okay now he should be held accountable. And thirdly Obama -- -- -- -- already -- ocean water -- if I don't. -- I bet that ever but yeah I remember when the people want to Washington he hit out see if they really wanted to gain access. Two Higgins office always have who has disguise themselves as a part of the waterfront. And put a little podium there. And he would naturally be gravitating right toward he's at all. I have another announcement about the water from -- -- over there sure and then you say how we got Joseph what about Abbas obamacare. I don't know method I don't know what Obama knows and he knows nothing believe -- -- doctoral. That would be cool but we didn't do it let's go to a -- and cam -- your on WB -- They could go out there and it quoted the president is not a it would exit -- Bo McCalebb outside the obamacare debacle. Is the logical consequence the logical result of the reelection amendment have no no executive experience. Overall disdain edit content for that the that this -- weatherman and I mean this is that this is clearly show by the fact that he pushed this politically he wants the politically. Couldn't get big trouble with the workings of the without actually gonna be implemented without actually going to be taking place. -- it's like a guy who wants to win the Super Bowl but doesn't want to practice. You gonna do any of the heavy lifting he doesn't wanna have to explain himself and just once I'd like to see him take the blame for some things that he it would happen on my watch and I approved it. Never gonna happen thank you Matt thank you very much. Yeah I he has certainly token of accolades one we've managed to kill Osama bin Laden his hands were all over about one. But the rest of midnight and whining about fast and furious what I -- you the IRS is is going after Tea Party members I don't know anything about that. The Obama rolled up doesn't have enough protesting and it may be just the delight of for a high risk a hacking. And I bet that he doesn't know much about everything at. I was I was in the church for twenty Ayers and Reverend Wright was talking but I wasn't paying attention I didn't hear anything. Wallace's fault as George Bush endorsed George Bush and whether. About wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow at 9 o'clock on those radio nine. -- little much they never had to leave it be used.

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