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10-30 Beach and Company Hour 2

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think Chris is learning what kind of a morning team he's working connect. Legendary. Leaves -- the top hours and there was begins because -- urinary tract is on a digital timer. It's the top of the hour in the bottom of the hour is says I must walk in and take care of business. But this time. Different. While Chris was screening calls and I was pouring over my my information getting ready for another fabulous hour Tony left but he came back. With the plate with food on. And I'm thinking minute don't have food in the room he was going to. What's going on here and then I realized a bubble and off over my -- and I realized that is employee appreciation day. And there's food there's food is available. So what would think if you or sarcastic like I am that Tony. Only cared about himself and winning the food and brought it back and say Chris you've been here since. 5 o'clock this morning and I bring is some food or sandy come on you need food to fuel those comedy -- as -- instead now. Came in with one plate. And one wrapped it looked like a wrap up with a wraparound you're being completely misleading Emma oh where -- where does that come from Chris -- please show them. -- Chris you show me because I Iowa. You brought Chris food actually I didn't bring this. Where did it kind of brought it in oh he brought it and I budget Kerry did in the Kevin harboring me any vote no casinos you know he -- -- -- -- All right you got me on this one but it was -- your -- do that you know you would have done had him for a while actually sent him an email to help -- -- no I still went to my usual did you do we took care of that yet you can say -- I'm telling you just eliminate the middleman -- you feel like drinking just pour down the drain because your body is like a drain basically it would it would no stops it just comes in hearing comes out there I assume -- but that the deal so what are you -- one of those wraps breakfast burritos. Are gone better than I've been burritos are they're not there's not any sausage. And peppers press and Monterey Jack cheese I like burritos but I'm going to not breakfast for the very. What can you explain to me. I mighty -- single place and have fun fun commercials. But it was like the second coming of Christ today because there isn't a new mighty taco opening. What's the big deal I mean it's nice people like it but the people go crazy over. Well it's very popular what I don't understand the all the commotion I just I love. It's simple when they said that there was a restaurant of people orient lines before I was even open. I'm thinking it's that barbecue place out of Rochester dinosaur bones on something whatever it is. Or it's not you know something from the West Coast that we didn't have any around we got a gazillion I am now so OK I just don't. I like because can be really convenient for me on my -- all I think it's fine nothing that I'm just curious is a wise it's a bit ago it was a member on Krispy -- started yeah I mean there were traffic code -- yeah -- it was our newscast. -- channel seven didn't send their. News team their because it -- by any time remember that that's it was a magical moment on channel seven's news history. The guy who made bad decisions now retired by the that is working Christmas Graeme Sanyo would you like another dozen. Let's I'm I'm asking basically this because it just defies. Logic that the president wouldn't know anything about anything. Is this president the most clueless. Or is he Pinocchio. Because here's the deal. Either he didn't know anything about anything and he's not much of -- president than. We don't expect him to know everything about everything but we expect to know something about something. Okay either he didn't know it would make him totally clueless or he's Pinocchio and he's lying -- -- state I don't know what -- this may -- its combination of both. But -- what reinforces my argument is best. Who's been fired for any of these missing a missteps. Wouldn't you like to know that the president has some kind of an idea. And look at the latest -- which is going on right now and that is the Obama obamacare rollout. What what the the White House is claiming. Is that they didn't even tell the president. That there were any kind of a problem. And not enough. A testing time before they roll this out this is the biggest deal. In the history of the country regarding medical care it's a huge part of the economy it's his signature piece it's the one that they. Government shut down over just a short time ago and they didn't tell. Come line. Amman rarely. I think hook up all of the -- probably people who make these public statements the lie detectors. Because it's just not rational. That that would happen some asking you is Z video most clueless president or Pinocchio and you're getting style. From. People you would not expect and and areas you would not expect. To be critical of the president we've mentioned earlier that this article I'm working. On. By Peter Baker is in the New York Times. This is the New York Times this doesn't mean these are his cheerleaders. The next thing I'm gonna tell you is by MSNBC. Eight. Can they be more pro Obama -- MSNBC. Short of his children they couldn't be a more loyal to to this man. And then here's here's what we have say about that. Opposition lawmakers and continents have seized on the White House explanations. To accuse Obama of being a bystander president. As the Republican National Committee put -- even some Democrats are scratching their heads at the seeming detachment from significant matters. MSNBC's. Morning show. A ran a montage of clips showing Obama. Or his aides this claiming presidential knowledge of various issues as well as a graphic titled. Implausible. Denial. It seems to me there's a pattern here with any bad news coming out of the administration in the -- it was the president gives is I didn't know about it. Those words of Adam can singer. -- Republican from Illinois there's a point at which the I don't know excuse really violates the idea. Of the -- stop Syria added we want to have a a feeling president. -- ultimately takes responsibility. The American people wanna know we have a president who's in control and in charge and that's that's what it's about. Because you know who's who does me I didn't know about it. Children. Children -- why should -- they had children -- almost never take the blame. Johnny did you -- bill that no no no I didn't to a I didn't do it as the is the baby version I didn't know about it is the presidential version when it comes to Obama. Instead it's an escrow -- or are screwed up or we didn't anticipate this but we're gonna get past that he doesn't know nothing like that. If they thought that John Gotti was the Teflon Don this guy is the Teflon president nothing sticks to him. And he would have more credibility. If somebody sometime. At least once got fired. Because that we might believe them. A bully him for a minute. A minute. Because it's impossible to believe that the man who's in charge of this country the CEO of this country the most powerful the most powerful nation on earth doesn't know anything you tell me he was clueless didn't know that we spied on on friends and foes alike. Everybody knows that including the friends and foes alike. But they know that here's a chance to a nail Obama. Well aware of it because they might scores almost some points and might need him down the road and Obama falls right -- good -- -- -- about it now and then -- it comes out. We're going to do ahead it's a review of all of our calls it. And stuff that you know an eighth grade civics class would know he doesn't know and he's the president it's amazing just amazing. I'd like to hear from you the president's I don't know. Is he the most clueless president we've ever had or Pinocchio give us a call 80309301806. On 692 -- six. Star and I'm thirty. -- It's just amazing remember when the president said if you like your health care plan now you can keep it an. You can't be elected doctor knife and gave him an. It can't. Because remember some of the things they've put end of his build -- we've learned when have been when it became law. Among the things are that if they are existing health care plan something you have. -- makes any changes. It doesn't qualify anymore. Any changes. And that's and that's where the loophole is -- telling me. That the president was ago was so unaware of this stuff that ought to you know it was just the chain of bad lock. We're all learning it together -- load. If you buy a bat man I've got some swamp -- I'd love this you must go to Diane in buffalo -- your on WB yen. Any -- -- Well I believe that Obama was elected to be kidding. Don't you know you've got out of people looking for is people are tested you know banquet right now I'm really don't think he's really don't want. Pinkie. I don't think he -- And I think. We've been sold like clunker. Like you can't tell them what -- Obama can. With the cash for clunkers is shouldn't have been about cars -- should have been about this administration because we're paying a lot of casual we're getting clunkers we if you know he'd have a little Matt -- believability. If people who are responsible for failures were fired he said he doesn't fire anybody so that means that that he does not really hold them accountable. And I also like -- I that this -- gonna help everybody he put so many people aren't like Medicaid. And on an and then they keep -- a great medicated medicated now grade. And dominate cable you know there. Their -- is that gonna cost and twice as much for the Obama care is if you look at Ali -- you know a few people. I've you do the math. Bigger of putting a lot of people on Medicaid so that I'm gonna get our game much revenue from that their goal was to get revenue from young healthy people. Who would pay into the system to offset older people who have more problems. That isn't happening so if that doesn't happen there's no way he can be balanced the financially. I don't I don't even understand. There's. Oh how this -- Obama care -- With the type of hatred or is it going to be I elected to. A big web site to attempt to help people find any on the entire -- We're going to end up paying for and I can tell you in one way shape or form either the private companies are not going to be able to compete at the same financial level gonna have to raise the price. -- now hundreds of thousands of cancellations have gone out because as I mentioned just before I took your call. That in the original bill it said that if any of the private policies were changed at all they wouldn't qualify. And if they don't qualified then -- forced to go over. To either find another private company which will be very hard to do or go on the government plan which I think was the plan all along from the government. Well the local taxpayers. Paid for Medicaid a lot of bit -- I guess when you pay here property taxes. Maybe you yourself have. It would be being cut Medicaid now about a cap that would maybe be -- federal -- Well in Gaza is some of these plans are federal and state partnerships. Where are the federal gives so much is they give so much in some of them are stayed in some of them were federal. But the bottom line is I can tell you is Diane you're gonna pay more in some way shape or form he even took a government. Or you're gonna pay more for the insurance policy you -- Or the one you're getting so you're you're you're on the same page as I -- Yeah exactly right good point Dan thank you thank you very much. I'd -- and gets it right there. Compartment. And that's what it's about. Because remember what they said is dead in the original because this is -- sticking points. And we stress that because it seems so important if they wanted to go to single -- which I think they wanna do. Then they have to get you out of where you are now. But you are very comfortable with the doctors you have now he's very comfortable with the plan you have now would they do it. Well here's how they do it it's say if there's any changes in that and why would a company change. Because they might have to change in order to compete. With the federal plan okay insurance companies are still. A privately run as far as we know. And they have to they have to be able to it's taken enough write ago in order to do that they might have to make a change in the plan and if they make a change in the plan. Then they may not qualify. If they don't qualify than you can't. -- new with a plan. So there I mean -- as it's like a catch 220 you're damned if you -- damned if you don't. And that's what this president is he is either the most clueless guy we have ever had in that office or he's Pinocchio is lying through Wednesday. Let's go to a fill in town of one of failure on WB AM. -- -- -- stones in the road for Obama and others boulders and the air and the and -- say. And in fact it briefing every morning security briefings at -- school. Health care in people who've been without reading it. I mean you know and important become a couple and like say. And the -- and. New York Times up times. -- you know he called on the senate president and wind up like George Bush. Well Democrats are going to be looking for endorsements. You know bikinis -- there will be looking toward the presidency. The associated with the guys out. You know I would say yeah I'm glad you -- Hillary up this interest and because if Hillary does -- and we expect her to. She have to walk a very fine line because she's not gonna wanna cross the president and yet she won't be at a position -- -- endorse the president so. She's got to figure out her her battle plan and and a and and go from -- because I don't think either of those work. Yeah eggs at 60. And they're going to -- my. Lot of guys are Tony what do you think about this if you are Hillary Clinton now say they -- running today it's early but it's running today. If you embrace Obama. You embrace the baggage that comes with -- Obama would something like this health care thing which could be huge can be the biggest thing we faced. And so if you embrace that you get that too. If you distance yourself you're not going to get the help you're gonna need from people who lob Obama there are there's a group of people that they don't care what he does. And they don't care what it costs because they're not paying it so go far right either way it's a losing him for Hillary Clinton. I disagree I think as long as bills involved. She would be all right. So -- -- she -- what's he got to -- OSHA issue got to distance herself from just -- policy has to do is keep quiet not comment on it and just keep dot -- And remember she's going to be attacked more for bank -- that she's going to shoot -- well Ben Ghazi is a given for sure absolutely. But. I think it will be relentless -- of wanna know how she feels about the outgoing president but then again if she comes out war. She's got all the people who are love the entitlements and want the free stop if she's got them in the except remember we don't know the implications of how much of an implosion this is going to be this is just the beginning. This is the very slight rumble on the earth this thing's going to be an earthquake. Because if this is what -- web site is like to do sign up for it you can imagine what the plan as light. And then the implementation. Of that. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WD EN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star and -- journey or toll free line is 18061619. -- -- Macrovision governor and cavs though in Sebelius is testifying today but of course the president doesn't know any thing. About they roll out of the problems they said they didn't even tell them that there were any kind of potential problems with the -- with the roll out. Here it is his signature -- one of the biggest things in American history takes over like what about a six our economy. And they don't tell him so he doesn't know. Now if you're buying that. Then then you should go by that swampland I'm just telling you either this -- the most clueless president we've ever had. Or he's Pinocchio on line through a street. Who's coming down on the opposite side not just the usual suspects that would be our next of their name now MSNBC. Is. -- write or call Peter Baker who writes more than New York Times is. Nobody's buying this anymore. If -- as clueless he shouldn't be president. And if he is lying. He shouldn't be trusted as a bottom line. And that is just too many things to believe that he didn't we didn't know anything about Ben -- does knowing about the spying didn't know anything about anything. When was the last time he's either fired somebody I can't remember. Our complete this idea that that was my call it didn't work out but where were aiming for better days ahead of the grown up don't kid don't be a child. Saying no I didn't eat the cookie when you've got chocolate or chips all of your ma -- Difficulty of course should know. The bottom line. But grownups take responsibility. That's not what this president is. And it's got nothing to do with the individual program assessed to do with credibility at all. Is how come nobody's been fired for any thing that he didn't know that he should've known come. I mean -- that's code to run a Pete in Ontario. WB yen. They each want at this point there's so you really look at it like it's not hear a lot about all American you view. And that's. Your journalistic malpractice it's now come to the -- People like MSNBC. Chris now we got we could go on and people at this point. No other choice but to come -- Or it will never any credibility again and they will go -- Carolina public side but they're at least got a -- -- -- you know. We're seeing a lot here you know everything about this system not supply one activists are being conducted by conservatives. Strong conservative or any Republican. I'm it would it would be a it would be the front page everyday at all. But I find -- think now people that think they're left wing third watch soccer liberalism. I don't know yet. Well you know the whole point is they sold themselves out they got those special interviews. And they got a special access and things like that. And they're willing to sellout for an idea. And when they saw. That indeed we're not getting the whole story it was up to them to stand up and say no we need the whole truth. Now it's probably late to the party but we're beginning to see it with MSNBC where the New York Times and with the others. And you know what I'm just hoping at this point mr. -- it's -- It will be there I think per minute against them. And then once they hope it dies down a bit they'll come back in -- -- but you don't like what he is at what Russian and Sean Hannity made a good point yesterday. Now heeding the call in man. Where it would tax increase they would slow it come up their job but this is something they're being paid days not immoral. Good point very well said though we thank you for your import appreciate the call -- that's excellent golf. Yeah what's gonna happen and it's happening now remember and NB a Press Secretary. Opponent he has. Any time you ask him a question and doesn't want to answer you know he acts like he's insulted. And that they've already covered it in what are your moron you didn't hear the answer last time. But the bottom line is the the things the president. Says set in the past they really believe first of all that. Their words are not recorded. That there interviews are not are not written down. That there's not access to every sound -- they they everything every breath they've taken since they took office. Because what happens is they say things definitively. And then they either ignore that or deny it. The president said how many 08 or nine zillion times if you like your plan you can keep it not quite true was it. Feel like your doctor you can keep the couldn't keep your doctor. Quite true is that when -- biggest selling us that there was selling it to try and sell obamacare. And they needed all the help they could get they had to bribe some lawmakers into their vote they have the bludgeoned some lawmakers into their vote and they had to commit shoe. That what they -- offering was going to be better or at least equal to what you have and now what we're finding out is in any work that isn't. Out of the fifty states and an article lawyer courses Tuesday at changing platform. But an article I read two days ago anyway of the fifty states 45. Of them it's gonna cost you more money. For your health insurance so there's only five but you'll hear Jay Carney mention the five. On -- but this is the game that they play. It's more than embarrassing it's insulting. It really is Chris Matthews doesn't have a tangled around his leg anymore the New York Times every. Word about the president as a positive anymore even MSNBC you know what I'll know it's over. Rachel madcow. Puts up the white flag. Who should be the last one should be the last survivor. Of in the last believer of hope and change. Yeah I changed. It change in the way we hoped it wouldn't. We'll be back after this would be each and company. Yeah. No -- it expects the president to know everything that's going on in the federal government that will be impossible. But you do get regular briefings on the important -- and you do find out through osmosis -- nothing else various things that are happening under your watch. That's what a good good CEO -- you -- you you hire good people. You delegate. And you'll oversee and it and you give them direction and that's what you do not this president you'll notice on anything positive he's all over. When we managed to finally get Osama bin Laden you would have believed that the president carried the ammo in -- sealed things mean as is the way it is. But anything that's not working out and knowing about it. Not thing. And as I said. A several of his usual. Allies are kind of falling away they're peeling away. From this president of the article amusing here is a New York Times writer Peter Baker. There's also a quote from MSNBC's morning Joseph in here so MSNBC -- vary. Very pro Obama also individuals. Like senator Dianne Feinstein. She's a a staunch Obama supporter and Democrat. Who has she leads the Senate Intelligence Committee. In this articles as reported sharply in a statement she released earlier this week quote. It is my understanding the President Obama was not aware chancellor Merkel is communications were being collected since -- since 2000 and through. That is a big problem. Now I read that it's a big problem but he didn't Null. I think is her interpretation more than it's a big problem though that we did it. Because I think he's generally well accepted that everybody spies on everybody. And that's the point and we all know that that all grownups understand that no it. But her statement very bold. I think the way I interpreted it's a big problem it's a big problem he did know. If he didn't know it's a big problem through and so these things together. It's like a perfect storm. I didn't know Robin guys he didn't know about this he didn't know about that that I didn't know about. The fact that the Tea Party people are being singled out by the IRS. And get their books audited and things like that as you know much about anything. So what kind of a president if he doesn't know he's close he shouldn't be president if he does not he's lying. He's not believable. So either way it's a losing hand for this president. You can only kill Obama you can only I kill Osama bin Laden wants. You know essentially annoying is if you gain new debate was somebody who supports Barack Obama and you point to -- filed. Rather than sticking up for him or or trying to counter your argument while George Bush did this not what Georgia did the absolute -- in. You know fifty years ago the Republicans now that's what I argue is it. What is he dotted and to bring up with -- That's what happens all the time and one would say if you use logic. Don't embarrass yourself. Usual logic. Indeed he was kept out of the loop where he should've been envelope. Do you not think he should've fired the the of people that kept him out of a little. Because their job is to do is to make sure that this is they smooth running government and I don't know about you how many things happen in New York company. And that's just the company level our country the size of ours. That are done behind the back of the CEO. I mean not much. Like here in America. The only thing we do behind Gregory's back is the broadcast that MB yeah and so I think there's no chance is an area. And that's unfair. But sometimes our audio might -- to 55. And anybody so we gotta be careful that it stays on 930 if it stays on 930 were pretty well safe so that they're in a net and that. OK let's go back there more calls this would be regularly in Niagara Falls -- earlier on WB yeah. -- what it got for us today. -- before a bit George the illusionist guys. Looking chargers cinemas because he's got as many as protecting them but also he's got an ego that makes Grand Canyon look like a roadside ditch you know. -- it doesn't take criticism very well as my understanding. Oh -- it and intolerable. But. Don't -- or you're aware of that are now I don't listening to rush yesterday. In any match I wanted to take that but I didn't get Jordan champ. In 2003. In that in this page and this is. This isn't. Like every exact word because I couldn't do but this is the context of it or close second to. -- It is my goal. -- implement a single Payer before. And that my first term. He did mention single parent of prior speech yes I recall that because -- mentioned that before. Two dollars and entry in 2007. It was dropping to a group of you only had more problems. Any of that he wanted -- implement government health care. And it would be for or but he now I understand he was struck -- union people you -- you know. Tell them the truth. -- but. It's hard -- employer health. That would be charged but that was a wise because design by design. You put that weight. The small business. -- also a new rule abiding by what was in the belly even though he didn't write it before begin mock. That if any private plans. Were changed at all they would have they would not fit. I would not be accepted by obamacare and therefore you'd have to you'd have to leave them where he said if you like the policy you've got now you can keep it. No you can't if there's any changes at all and then he had to know that was in there that's a key element of what we're talking about. Well he knew what was -- can -- the thing is he says you know you can keep that. But how can you keep that weren't the employer drops you. Well that's stroke if the employer when they figure out it's cheaper to pay the fine than it is to offer the health insurance they're gonna do the math and they're gonna dump it and then you have to eat it much you can find another private company which is very tough and got a photo of the government plan. -- What was really saying I mean he's he's a word wizard what was really saying -- -- -- if they definitely can -- Just like the Medicaid or Medicare. When he took out the 716. Bail him to -- is -- old Barry care. He said that -- so out of that Medicare people. Well it doesn't affect. The Medicare people it effects the tempers and the doctors are dropping Medicare people the reimbursement rates and plus. You know the bowl site in assistance center -- on the side he never gets doubles but that's what he's saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We just have a site. That urgent -- came in he said we are bleeding through in fact -- what more -- region company.

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