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10-30 Beach and Company Hour 1

Oct 30, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello it's -- governor race is a -- has been embarrassing questions. I mean I'm also as a prologue time religion are greatly admire Susan which yes Maria personal questions she asked if I'd seen -- -- And I told once by accident it was in the sixties and I got over it pretty much but I guess it. They put a picture of it on on FaceBook that's kind of cool. He has says yes it is Beijing government and I'm sandy -- and a lot while while hey big a sixth game of the World Series tonight. And the cardinals you know teams fly by charter of flights. And even though there are charter of the team. Saint Louis is playing. Was on the tarmac for seven hours. Seven hours while they -- checked for -- mechanical problems or mechanical concerns. And something they shouldn't use that crew from Boston to look over the plane -- just with. And I'm thinking and this is why American manufactured nominee nugget I'm thinking OK sandy. Make that joke about it cardinals being on the plane for seven hours and the little wheels rolling around what would they do. They don't they have to keep themselves and strike the cardinals got on the plane for seven hours on the tarmac. I bet they went to the games -- what they play they played. Angry Birds -- Yeah. You know. While I drive a sports car I know it's seven hours on the plane as a drag the most I've ever been on a plane on a tarmac -- like two hours. And that's seem like seven hours that you guys government stuck on a plane on -- and you can't win. Buffalo airport when the alone that's it's all right to wait while they're DRG alum I'm honored that the hey. -- and the icing the blame. A you'll be down faster than your expected if they don't do that about your. Fresno plane delays but I've had to do it boss delays and I used to play baseball eyes or -- waiting for a long time effort to -- -- -- and we are already at. Where we were supposed to be now we just needed to get home it's not like. While the games canceled just go home the out your car's current period we're in like old or something special it was sports teams because you get. Into a rhythm and groove. Oh you know you have to be a certain time -- at a certain time boom -- moment like to get things done. And when the -- when the equipment is not working. It's not a good thing. Somebody has more money than they really need in Boston. First of all I heard this morning and I heard Chris Lyndon Johnson isn't. That the average price for a -- for tickets tonight at Fenway are between eighteen and 19100 dollars each. And that one person shelled out wants violence 24000. Dollars. -- -- -- -- four apparent that it's a one page one in 1000 budgets and I'm poppies -- I'm just telling -- what I can imagine having the kind of money. William pop out 24 grand for repair tickets and raise -- I'm sure the person applauded and views is chump change all probably thought it was a good deal yeah probably. You're probably right. But I'm thinking now that's gotta I gotta root differently. I'm -- -- now for the Red Sox to win but not tonight -- -- for them to win a seventh game suddenly idiot who who shelled -- 24000 won't be at the the winning games and that's it's -- got to come up with that kind of helped him as. You can get a crazy. -- at the house -- smoking. I mean you've got two games -- -- -- -- -- the seventh game I can understand -- because it's as simple. Any kind of simple error whatever in the swing the game one way or the other but -- games -- kind of evens out -- both at home. Embassy is that that saint Saint Louis is such a good team you never know can happen. And I you know because a lot of Red Sox went so well you know I think I want the Red -- obviously from going and but the I want to win so just -- -- things of the guy who spent on board rather watch -- -- the I get another day audio. Otherwise you're behind the guy to be floating around it was like a helium balloon that doesn't strike on it yet if they went and I it's just being happy -- tomorrow regardless of mostly again. I always like the Red Sox I was never huge baseball fan but I grew up obviously with the Red -- her gallery I mean you know when I was a -- -- -- -- got a call all the Red Sox games and there was something about the Red Sox -- more. If you really felt a bond to fuel from New England because one thing is the only Major League team and New England. So basically all of New England roots for the -- for the Red Sox. I don't know about him is our top gear last night that either obviously top -- -- forgive you forgot. I L server -- agencies at all you know didn't forget. Off I watched it now first -- ball. I I watched job here but I don't watch the American version of English version as the one that -- really around the world -- -- and it's a good one those guys are really good what they do. Eric -- okay but I don't I don't think it's as good as -- but I'll tell you one thing watching job here but I'll look pretty good I'm back down tournament even wrote a column. About to how good -- buffalo looked India in the video. So it really did look those kind of go for either trying to. Mechanized. I kind of bait cars afloat across the water cross through to Ronald whatever. That kind of -- all right it's fun but. Didn't do much for me but I did like seeing Mr. President and god nice yeah so that that was a positive language remember they had to close that. This guy away for four hours right and of the helicopter shots they had were excellent. They really work why is -- things always look better from above the middle ground level. Because the trees kind of softened things out I mean it's a nice day you'll see a lot of little things that would you know. Plus any of you thought that they -- in any kind of danger going across. Lake Ontario may I remind you that they have a camera crew and another vote. He knew him -- and if the camera crew I didn't 'cause the technical side doesn't always like the talent side. Ever you know that Gore's. As I can imagine talent side of top -- the ball starts to sink in the tech guys go lunch break -- Rome where union yeah. And this is overtime is not -- -- contract we just looked it up a couple of but. Congratulations to city of buffalo looking -- very good in top gear. Do you have up of friends that live out of town they sought I'm sure that they. They will tell you via the same thing. -- went down to -- -- state park yesterday I go about doing this year you can do some things ago life. They went down there and had lunch at at the restaurant down at a Glen iris. Very nice I think they're gonna close of the -- -- part by the end of the week so wanna get in one final launched on there. -- so beautiful. It's for everything except Albany. I mean it really is the Adirondacks -- beautiful and and that's the southern tier is beautiful just the nice drive down there. And let's where the -- open all year it's great place to go in the winter to it's kind of fun. And so I would take a brick will be back with more -- beach company on news radio 930. Again Kathleen Sebelius testifying. You -- congressional committee. That's like the most unhappy person in the world I mean she's always look -- pretty much was governor. She never smiles he's got to add to our look I said yes cereal prices a tree branch or something. And that today at the beginning she had some notes and so she was adamant she did what I hate. I hate when people lose they take the glasses implement the end of their nose right here at the temper their nose. And they have to look down over the glasses to look at you know. Or they look through the glasses to look at their knows that that's I I don't like that at all the opposite is what I do like. I -- like when is that when women put their glasses in their hair. You know I have a lift the blesses them out of their sunglasses regular glasses does not -- magnifying glasses I don't care. That looks cool I think that that's always a cool women put glasses and their hair but when it up in the red nose that looks -- -- should do better real estate women and librarians I'm just saying economy and Kathleen Sebelius. She looks so severe she looks like the kind of woman -- -- you as an egg timer during sex you are talking about. A -- it would turn upside down and when you're three minutes are up it's up. That's it okay and forget about the Turkey baster is just not gonna happen -- -- kitchen appliances and so that's what I'm saying she does not look like a very. Happy woman and she isn't today because it's the -- she's on the hot seat. Okay -- not seen any more than anybody in the Obama administration is 'cause none of them know. Bang. Nobody knows anything in the administration and that's basically. Little bit later on what we're gonna talk about I don't want to remind you that tomorrow on channel true. Our friends at channel two in the 6 AM hour during daybreak. There will be running a piece on the anniversary of the war of the worlds broadcast the Halloween broadcast put on by big WK BW. And the deal is that broadcasts. Started on my show. That's when the news first broke that the aliens were landing in Grand Island. And I was -- on the first year then obviously when I got moved to. And an afternoon shift. Then they had changed the opening and Jack Armstrong and but I was in the original one and they interviewed Irv Weinstein I -- -- was in town this summer to get interviewed extensively. Danny never and myself and others that were. Associated with the and worked on the broadcasted JFK's baby. And urgent care super. Creative guy just the ultimate pro who rarely was admired by the whole staff. You know I'm not saying there were never any rocks but what I'm saying is you always admire a guy who was of that creative and that good no question about it. A but that'll be at 6 AM in the 6 AMR tomorrow on daybreak on channel two and then. I'm my understanding is that it will run and later newscast during the day but I do know for shore there will be in that in that first hour. Well if you drive cars for a living. That's pretty dangerous browser open wheel cars and it is a tough way to make a living but apparently JR -- the brand found out that. The only danger you're faced during the day he was walking his dogs strangely enough name Indy. And it was at night Nero -- near Butler university in Indianapolis. And suddenly a guy came up behind a boring a -- woody. And as we know what these mean crime -- a solid mugger robbed anybody about that I know of. But the guy came up behind him and and according to a Hillenbrand said either drop it. Or give it to me or something like that he said I turned around and he was like ten feet away from me. I didn't understand what he was saying it took me awhile to register that he wanted my phone. He realized the man was holding something in pointing at like a pistol. Away when the guy eight that's gonna rob made a clicking sound Hillenbrand. Determined it was not a real weapon. Because you can tell anybody who's done anything around guns. There's no mistaking the sound of a gun okay. And he said I don't get the hell out of here and the guy. Uttered an expletive and ran away. He's very lucky that -- it was a real gun and Gillibrand called 90 911 the Indianapolis police arrived. They want to know about the dangers of using a phone after dark. And he says there's a lesson in this. Like I said there's a huge market of people trying to steal these phones. And I shouldn't have been using it then but he also said he did not contemplate the situation properly see that's my fear. I'm some telling the truth my fear of some punk tried to rob me. I do a stupid thing I just what I would not hand it over a contender right now even if I had to was in my wallet when handled. And I'd probably end up paying the price but I think it's it's a natural thing of Gardner and your own money is -- And maybe Bentley a few times that might gets a fresh air and was body. Although would you would you please -- the Smart thing to owning a -- of dumb thing I'm not detected the sports. No I'm not there about you Chris I like to think I would do the Smart thing -- and -- -- and that situation now that's hear anybody really knows how to react you don't now you just don't know you'd wanted to put the Smart thing over the -- The Smart thing hand over the phone. You can get your license replace you can earn more money. If it's your phone can certainly get another phone. But there's something about it I think there's something their clicks in and switched it says what the hell are you doing you know lot of earth. Atomic probably would just in there -- -- -- I can already if you are aware of your your wife or your kids or whatever. Absolutely I can understand that and that will be the right thing it would be the right thing to do under any circumstances. They tell the dollars and over the money's not worth dying for. But so brand didn't. I didn't scope out -- he's out what he thought was a big number if you is wrong it would have been a big time problem. Sure but it wasn't -- -- uttered an expletive. About that and ran away. Idea -- Ecstasy Merle Haggard the biggest helmeted sound. At 8 o'clock -- hands of this Friday it's a hundred dollar value 6449875. General content rules apply. Merle Haggard is a true original just. A great country singer. And Ryder tickets and so it finance box office -- Klein and buffalo dot org. A reminder if you would like to drive when that thousand dollars. See I c'mon right after they announced the the word of the day in the cash code word there. And today it was GR -- V wide gravy and and if you would like to enter code to a WB and dot com slash cash to enter to win the thousand. And if you want asked them to look kind of alert you that the words coming up. We won't you know Tug on your shoulder -- we will give you yeah. Electronic announcement you can text cash CA SH 230930. And that's that's that. All right so your daughter who isn't a -- here at her Lucia reaction to a year as she did for a little girls that's the last night. After we put in a bad blood we were warned that that was on radio but it's it's better that. The day it was given and not have -- yes absolutely. I remember when I was a kid. Because you're so young with a good shots or not and I don't have it is better at giving shots because you don't feel much pain anymore. I don't look at it if I if I have to get a shot or something. I don't watch the needle going in my arm it. Is almost no pain nick handled this like a champ yesterday a little bit files for that but after an instinct is well that was a bad you know now and they're getting really good and so like go I have in my blood test them on a regular basis. Because I'm diabetic and -- regular regiment of having blood says that. And I always -- on a quest Quest Diagnostics. Are so good even though they -- Yeah if you eyes were closed which mine are amused. My eyes close amendment kneeling praying position no. I said that but they're gonna find the vein to. I said if you go to finding the -- should be here between those three instead of not that hard to find them and we -- Other comedy -- -- -- the -- are today on beach in company hang in there. Buffalo which our friend Sean Hannity atlas shows seven hands on the east of buffalo WBE. And way back where the beads and governor doesn't talk about now this is. A cumulative. -- subject we've been accumulating over the last several years and has come to a head and I think today and and will be talking about it. Doing during my time programming radio stations various companies I worked for cap cities and BC or whatever with -- to take business course. And where am I took the business courses I think I absorbed a lot and among the things that I was taught. Wasn't good CEO and that's what the president would be is that Chief Executive Officer of the country and CEO. Knows how to pick good people. How to delegate responsibility. Not to be a micro manager. But put too much to remember you're in charge and you have the oversight and and it's up to you to keep the ship afloat. I'm having said that. We we -- -- our presidents we've had all kinds of presidents. We've been -- presidents that very very much did you pay attention to the minutia of the job we've had presidents it didn't appear that they were involved with every decision. But I don't think that in my lifetime which goes back to policy minister. Lincoln. That I've ever seen a president. That didn't admit to being a part of any thing. They didn't admit to knowing anything about any subject. Time. I just it's it's in new phenomenon for me but that seems to be what we're getting with President Obama. And I'm not the only one that thinks this because I have an article here. By a ia writer named Peter Baker and Peter writes for. The New York Times. Not exactly a conservative vote bastion if you get what I mean he writes of a New York Times. And they headlines says I didn't know. Isn't working. And it isn't working anymore. Big before we get into the nuts and bolts of this subject I -- -- About. The president today as long as he has been in office president Barack Obama okay. Have you ever one time -- heard him say. Well it didn't work out so like -- plant in India I was fully aware of or it was my decision. And it was a regrettable decision if I had it to do again maybe it wouldn't do it I'm nothing like that. He won't take the blame for any anything. And Harry Truman famously had to sign and is this as the buck stops here. I don't see I bet -- -- through that sign out of it was still in the Oval Office when he got there. Because he doesn't know how to take any kind of responsibility. For anything he's quick to take. We -- also something that works out well. But you never hear him say you out it didn't work out. And it was my idea my decision. That one time. I learned a long time ago if you're screwed up just say it. Yeah I screwed up idea OK beyond their trial lie your way out of it. Try to weasel your way out of it because eventually got to run out of ways to aways do let's say that it wasn't my fault when indeed it was your fault. You have no credibility at all and I think that's where the president is now. -- cars and other scenarios. Before I get into the article this and neither of these scenarios is good for the president. EU the president does. -- Anything that's going on in the country. In which case he's not a very good president is. All he does know is lying through his feet. In which case. Not a very good present. Either choice is not a good choice with the American people. We want a person who. What's good people and or nominates good people for office we want somebody who gives them some autonomy. But we also -- a governments around the way it's supposed to run the president is supposed to oversee a lot of the things that he claims have no knowledge about at all. I insult his answer to anything is get on Air Force One. Get to a friendly crowds that come up and stadium seating behind you and go on to the next subject so hopefully you'll forget the last one and that's exactly what he does he doesn't all the time the format is real easy. He got to play poker against. Because you can clean them out you would just clean among so many tells -- incredible there were really. And that's the way -- format that's what he does so if he's not involved and doesn't know. He's neglect full if he does know and he's lying he's the says he's deceptive either one not a very good not a very good report card for the president. As I said when the -- New York Times gets involved saying the same thing -- I just got through saying that's not good forum. OK I here's some up from the article by Peter Baker President Obama finds himself under fire on two disparate fronts these days. Both for the botched rollout of the signature health care program and for the secret spying on -- heads of state. In both instances his explanation. Roughly boils down to of this. Quote I didn't know. You're telling me the president of the United States does not know who were spying on you gotta be kidding. You could go down to the bus terminal today. Talk to a guy who's eating beans out of a camp and he could tell you. That we spy on everybody and everybody spies on us we know that to say does -- mean c'mon really. As a practical matter no president can it be aware of everything is going on in the sprawling government we understand that. He theoretically manages. But as a matter plot of politics Obama's plea of ignorance may do less to deflect blame then to prompt new questions about just now in charge you really as. Now here's the deal if -- set I didn't know. And he ended up letting somebody go. Then is that well there might be some great so that because this person is supposed to touch base within superior. And and -- her superior and didn't -- -- president and -- that the president has got to be informed so they're out. Can you recall anybody he's fired. I mean yes I would like to know because I really can't. Anybody. I mean this is like -- -- anybody. Anybody. Know he doesn't so if he doesn't fire anybody for not are not keeping him in the loop where should have been kept in the loop that means he was kept in the low. But it also means the age old thing of if you've got good -- let the president announces if you go bad -- blame it on somebody else. But in this case it just keeps rolling downhill you know what. What rolls downhill obviously we've told them before but this he's lost all credibility. Because it's almost funny now when he says he didn't know why you in Washington. Why are you in the Oval Office if you don't know anything about what's going on in the government why you low light hopping on Air Force One every time you get a chance to. Getting back to the article recent days the president's health and human services secretary said that despite internal concerns and a failed test run Obama was not told. About a serious problems with a new programs website until it was launched. This is a signature piece the government should die alone because of it. And he didn't know that it was desperately fought. Until it actually was up and not run. Gotta be kidding me. Not believable at any level this is his. His signature -- the one that he bludgeon people into voting for the one that he -- people into voting for the one that via the congress either congress or shut down -- -- contrary over. And he didn't know. They didn't how. Well maybe there were afraid. The Taliban and decide about a dozen -- Burleson who. The radio hour or watch TV so we're okay as long as nobody in the golf course tells them. Other officials -- the president was not aware that the National Security Agency was tapping the phone of our Chancellor Angela Merkel. Of Germany and other friendly -- until the summer. Although intelligence official said Tuesday that others in the White House that -- so there there again you're telling me that underlings know all this stuff. And he doesn't know anything. -- he knows less than sergeant Schultz. And Hogan's Heroes who knew nothing he knows less than nothing now maybe he's the kind of guy. And you had bosses like this I've had bosses like this who don't want and now. You know you're about to say somebody -- and I don't know. Which means you're on your home in case anybody catches you doing it I don't want it now maybe he's that kind of boss. I don't know 'cause I'm sure we don't know. Take a break we'll be back with the Obama. The president mr. I don't know is he clueless or Pinocchio will be back after this. It's just not believable that the president doesn't know anything. It's it's not realistic come asking is this the most clueless president we've ever had a resume Pinocchio. Because a couple of examples of expectations. Aren't. If you if you are a manager in a business okay you have people working under you. And say there's some some sexual harassment. Going on. And there are charges brought may be a lawsuit on sexual harassment. And your brought in and you say idea and I didn't know. Had I -- I did something but I just didn't know what's going on because it doesn't usually happen all the bosses standing there guess what. That excuse is not usable. Because a boss is supposed to know even if you don't. It seems a little -- times what goes on May go on long after you've left for the day -- maybe nobody's ever told you never had a clue but you are responsible because you're the boss that's one example. The second is some closure judge. You don't have to do anything wrong all you have to do is give the appearance. Of an impropriety. If you give the appearance of an impropriety in your sitting judge you are going to either have your hands slapped. Be censored or something even worse so those two cases. Where our bosses supervisor is supposed to know and saying you don't know is not an excuse. Where you're judging you didn't do anything wrong but there's the appearance that you may have done something wrong and and it did does not a benefit you. If judges and bosses are held to that level why would we hold the president of the United States to a lesser level. Now we don't expect him to know everything it be impossible. Buddy you're telling me in all the years that Barack Obama has been president now he doesn't know anything about anything. That nobody's told them anything and if you believe that how come he's not fired anybody. If somebody was withholding information and it became embarrassing to the president -- is not fired anybody -- nobody that I can recall of its album I had. So it's it's clear to me. That either he is the most clueless president we've ever had and just goes and shows up and gets the use the plane. Or he's Pinocchio is lying through history. One of the through and I'm not really sure which one and let's go to frank and no -- frank here on WB yen. Boy she -- right you know. If you know I think he played their role that he clueless but -- -- all or eight. You know for its position being the president or United States hire people and indeed -- To do their dirty work they -- out through the -- themselves from. From what's go around black. You know for him to be or bloggers. It. For all this year -- that the NCAA has no idea -- -- When. They WT -- that it filters that there's -- sucker born every minute like he must be a big sucker born. Now can you imagine his big signature piece is obamacare. And according to those those around who have spoken publicly they didn't even tell him. That there was anything wrong with the website or gore or the roll out whether there was any problems are perceived problems. Until they actually rolled it out that's just not realistic. War. Nurture now. Now and suppose they're telling the truth how come nobody's been fired. -- The trappings like -- like the trappings of the president's. Out of the presidency getting out of playing traveling around the world everybody kissing your state -- out what you gonna light. And when the work that goes along with being the president of the United States. You know like he had these are merely. Are supposedly dropped all -- -- all of these jobs these cities that there. Respect and it's obamacare. And what Pelosi says what we don't know what said -- -- -- we -- the ball. What are the most ludicrous statements set. What can only follow this chronology. He wanted this he didn't write that he had nothing to do writing and he gave it to below -- -- -- ride at. A policy says we have two of -- to see what's in it. The thing is all kinds of loopholes and problems limit they got three years to get the web this just the web site doesn't the actual walk it's just the website it's totally screwed up and he didn't know anything about that until they actually tried to roll it out that's not -- that insults your intelligence. Sure it doesn't results might tortured there are are among our predicament Michael Steele -- she says that the apps so. Hit the capsule look the Apogee search for doctor. -- and the actors try to go one at a web site. He put acorn even. Think it's -- water. And you can even get that stop war -- I'm -- argues post to get. -- -- an acute inflammation or what it once you get your information can be ordered that information call. Well I can tell you where they wanted to eventually go to Washington they wanna centralize all medical records that was part of obamacare. If can you imagine -- what we're going through now to have all of our medical records in Washington talk about a cluster. -- -- -- -- -- Oh. Well I don't think it's in the off the ground. Here are. Absolutely. -- Or not. Hello Ellen Helen Keller knew more about what was going on around her than he knows what's going on around him thank you. We'll be back Lamar. I don't know no I didn't know. Now we got -- -- those in a -- Russia probably will one of these days. Man didn't know anything is totally unaware it's a wondering can find the Oval Office. We'll be back after this.

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