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Amherst Development

Oct 30, 2013|

Colleen DiPirro

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB -- -- Colleen to -- president CEO. Of the Amherst chamber of commerce were talking about development in the town of members. The Colleen good morning. Quick question before we talk about development members and really just reply yes or no. Do you endorse candidates in town races or doesn't chamber of commerce have done. Okay at this point Colleen. Isn't it a little late in the game to be asking if there's too much development in the town of members. Going back all these years how that Tom has grown. It's become a commercial destination for shoppers I mean just little little late to be asking of there's too much development in town. Development -- an issue. Where the over thirty years at that with the chamber development becomes an issue. When something's being built -- -- -- we have a comprehensively and peace plan. They're laying out how we should global talent commercially. I think some of the issues while because we're doing in so projects which require more intensity. And people don't understand when they voted for initial projects. That it was going to be required some Orleans -- -- Well how does -- chamber feel about the development thus far in the town. 90% of the development and clean and it's good to -- development. There were some. Currently -- use issues and policies or created enough. In these forward looking ample. And the office building I -- street Lawrenceville with a huge struck back in hindsight shouldn't parents. A couple -- the poignant for the village that would require everything to be up to the street. But were working man. -- giving tax incentives to every commercial. And to deal that comes into the town looking to develop something absolutely necessary or arm because you know people always say boy look how much money they gave this company. The company only created this many jobs I mean are there are a lot of companies we commend that she turned down. Or that are turned down Romania and humorous idea. That we don't give tax abatement and we don't think that our company's coming into our community are growing our community should get tax abatement. I think buck or an abatement until very good criteria to use it toward fort -- -- where they come here. -- aren't what kind of job growth and thinking about what type of spin off quality I think it's a lot that needs to go in Chiu. Identify what companies qualify -- tax -- I think certainly for Urban Renewal -- -- we should put to tax abatement. What is the chamber stance on the fiscal low hotel. Near the lord and -- You know you don't even have to take a position on it. However we can't look at it and it was commercial commercially so much it was always meant for commercial development. It's been in the area pro appropriate for commercial development. Yen. Unfortunately. For those residents I think that. It was -- -- you planning that's when they get some implants and the residential areas of our. Yes -- -- saying -- is that when there is a brand new commercial development it's not the entire town population. And mass -- against it but Lucy's little pockets of neighborhoods that are going to be located near whatever it is to be developed. It's -- maybe not might get Jack. OK I got to collings thanks for joining us. You're welcome -- to perilous presidency over the Amherst chamber of commerce.

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