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Buffalo History Museum Halloween Shindig

Oct 30, 2013|

Tara Lyons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The buffalo history museum. Is hosting and all hallows eve celebration tonight. At their facility in the buffalo from six until 8 PM. And joining us on the WB in -- is terror alliance to. -- morning. Current good morning how are great does tell tonight's event. -- be spectacular. At the buffalo history museum that her -- apparent that we collected for a Wall Street here now. It from all PM. -- and we're going to have like music from our artifact -- or again. -- in our auditorium. Which he trained pilot will be called now. I -- -- eight owning content can be looking pretty -- goes to -- of the history museum. And our architect scavenger hunt and some historic car as well. Who will anyone be able to stay. Overnight at the museum. No I'll -- just getting DM. We're open went into 8 o'clock. Not and I don't sleep over it like that's an overcoat and we have to get into double play that. Sarah and you mentioned coast -- you just mentioned goes again. Is there any history at the museum about ghosts. Well a lot of history -- -- -- you know every architect we only have over a 100000 artifacts and art collection and each artifact -- the story and every artifact belonged to someone so it definitely. So much energy that is battling the Indian PM but the object that we take care of them. A lot of people believed that objects are attacking teen energy and -- -- other and he's been you know I've never witnessed anything at the museum art. You know. People who do think that there are some -- what he's talking about. Won't go for the -- 1812. Because of our featured exhibit a by iron or about the -- 1812 that's now on display all Aaron. And our model -- you are not trained to be running to be talking about the railroad industry about in the early nineteen country. And Politico stories that are related to debt as well. We are. After we have a president goes -- PM but we'll be talking about historic event in buffalo. And can go during the people I. Sounds a little chilling that sounds great. -- thanks for joining us. Thank you so much have a drink they -- to -- that you meet -- tonight. Okay that's terror alliance the program director. At the buffalo history museum -- -- six until eight tonight.