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Matt Moulson A Positive For Sabres

Oct 30, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Were brought to this point body Nancy's busy New York's artisan cheese. Our big cheese -- here microbes in the big gore conclude that wherever you see. A gore can only ten minutes when. It. It is it's about a hundred pounds. That's been done and it's all of that's his retirement Johns asking -- to advocate of the I could erupt if you want the -- -- you. But I -- it -- think this is the first time we've talked since the vanity. -- this week that fact is it dealings that have in the locker room. What's things ever pretty good effect but a lot of times that things are going. Well. Sometimes you're just almost begging for a trade in -- to trust him something chain is something. Needs to be changed just for the sake coats I change sometimes try not to make deals on of those circumstances but. It's amazing you know on new -- -- to all of a sudden things change your thinking changes you. Fueled more sharper and brighter and your confidence level goes up a little bit simply because just have a little different mix different blood in the -- The that I grew as a captain -- -- enough -- -- that Molson became an electable fire and you fill that leadership void. While the two totally different. -- -- -- You certainly can fill the void of Thomas manic when it comes goal scoring -- either there both the same. I I think probably something that Matt can give this hockey club. It's also -- bill Libya he's -- playing just about every game and he doesn't miss games very often. He's competitive he's Smart and he brings a little bit of maturity. To a team might think that needs it you just can't go. You know all in with just used to be you need some ballots and there. But even beyond that it has to be good balance balance that you know veterans that could really do something and really solidified -- team. In my the sabres give up a ton of shots on goal they have all season long is there anything they can do improve that. Well. There's lot of things they can do certainly I'm not one thing is just being a lot more mindful of their jobs defensively. If you concentrate on that instead of just playing wide open tight hockey and leaving your -- Before you should do and which happens a lot with this team I think the forwards need to stable deeper -- bit longer taking our elderly. And leaving -- having the time between the goaltenders in the defense from -- That's one thing make -- possibly do. And -- -- just take that step of just being mindful of your defense of play that in itself and cut the goals will cut the shots down. Maybe six or seven shots a game. And -- might be good enough that the people shot to -- 3230. Game so -- but at 4950. 47. You know that's a dangerous dangerous way to play I mean -- just -- for troubled them so much pressure on your goaltenders. They can they can hang in there for couple games a short while under that -- pressure but sooner or later there there there just mr. -- goaltenders apart. Buffalo on the road tomorrow at the Rangers what are your thoughts on this game. Well. The Rangers. Our body is desperate team and as soon you're going to run into -- start hasn't been that good. They're coming off a win slowness -- -- confidence up a little bit. And I think they're going to run into a buzz sawed down there is simply because it's. You know all the Rangers are a lot of good things are expected from the Rangers this year. And it hasn't happened so they have a gun -- there yet. Buffalo. On the other hand well you know -- -- youth movement it's a change we're going a different direction. But New York they have no excuses so they have to show up and there's no back up position for them. A warmer question about the Tom has been -- we're hearing reports now. That the sabres might be paying for part of Thomas of them accelerate our thing which should common thing -- -- It it's done it's not common but it happens I think you're allowed two or three. Type of moves like that a given season. And he is not highly unusual I mean that sometimes it's just part of the structure. Of making a deal. And that's what you have to do to get things done I mean. Acute and New York they seem to be in little more difficulty financially certainly other amber off wrote the first round draft choice that we were supposed to get altered from the Oregon. That is sort of opening your weather and look at having yet could be depending upon where the islanders finish up more than wanna take -- -- this year -- others. You know that Beckham worth it work both ways I mean. Might event buffalo maybe that I asked about not necessarily islanders so. It's it's a very very ticklish tricky situation here that's going to eventually come down. Two how are these draft choices going to turn itself. You don't lose the difference between the two players in the movement the act the players are traded. There is pretty close to both going to do a great job openings are playing time but -- draft choices that could make. Switch the balance here hey Mike good stuff will talk to next week I'll look forward to go to -- economic that's -- -- sabres analyst for industry.