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Amherst Supervisor's Race

Oct 30, 2013|

Incumbent Dr. Barry Weinstein

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's continue our focus on development in the town of -- our next guest on the live line is Amherst town supervisor. Doctor Barry Weinstein doctor Weinstein good morning business -- -- joining us good morning John. Do you think. Amherst is over develop doctor Weinstein. No -- all I think gamers in this center prairie county development for quite some time. Deputy C -- city of buffalo catching up and would be happy to ceded to them. You know development is via central. Issue in the campaign for supervisor and you don't listening to both you and mark manna. Mark is trying to make it sound like there -- a lot of differences between the two. What do you think. Susan -- I respectfully disagree -- development in major -- I think the major issue is. Text is in budgeting and qualifications to run a government I think both of -- have very similar views on developments. And I agree with him when he says he's not anti development that is true he is not anti development. Well he claims that when it comes to zoning boards and other boards that make decisions on development in Amherst. They lose because you put political hacks close friends of -- on these boards can you respond to that. -- We zoning board of appeals overturned the building commission's decision which allowed the Hyatt hotel to move forward. -- chaired by a retired member of the building department. He predated us. There was an individual on that board and eventually became the chairman of the Republican Party and then resigned. Is another individual he keeps claiming he took place chairman of the Republican Party but he's not. Mean and it's mostly political rhetoric. Can you give us an update doctor Weinstein non this is global development project certainly the one right there by the lord in -- in my opponent. What are you doing limited to Rath and organized people which is a political organized I'm a lawyer we've been to court. I believe the court system has stopped development. I believe they have stopped construction. OK -- the still in the courts and there -- four separate cases in court to okay because it's not it's not moving on to Miley if is involved in civil -- how did you vote on it. The the Hyatt hotel I voted against three times to Oakland came up through the -- ideas board. Where I go to -- -- divisions -- Amherst and voted against deception to divide it also came before the town board. And how might we zoning spiked -- -- -- Where we all voted for the rejoining which is what the resident wanted to. So I have voted against the -- -- development times. Okay now. Mr. mamet says that he would like to cut taxes for in the town of members but haven't you cut taxes and several over the years -- -- -- supervisors so far. I -- quick actions for years and borrowers reduce spending by over twenty million dollars. My opponent doesn't have a clue and duplicating -- cut taxes. He's proposing to give give back. Money that we've received in this state insurance fund settlement. And the one shot revenue item you can't cut taxes with one shot revenue items could you build a -- for -- next budget. Can you keep cutting taxes doctor Weinstein without affecting town services. I can keep cutting taxes -- given another four year majority. With Stephen C Anderson how -- -- we will keep reducing expenses and cutting taxes has the right way you should do. If you -- for voters what does this campaign come down to. Compelled to qualifications. Two run account. This is the third largest government you're counting. Fifty you're counting in the city of buffalo this is the largest town in upstate new -- It's very complex budget is a lot of legal and medical issues involved. And I'm very well qualified to do -- -- by education. And experience and track record. Doctor Weinstein. Good luck in the election and thank you very much for joining us this morning my pleasure thank you haven't due to -- that's Amherst town supervisor doctor Barry Weinstein.