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Amherst Supervisor's Race

Oct 30, 2013|

Challenger Mark Manna

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mark man and a candidate for and her supervisor is on the WBM lifeline is a member of the Amherst town board former deputy supervisor. Mark good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning Joshua and it's a pleasure to be here. Mark you and your opponent supervisor doctor Barry Weinstein are exchanging claims about. Amherst development you claim doctor Weinstein gave billions of dollars away in tax breaks to commercial interests doctor Weinstein responded by saying you know some this might be true. But he also said he was supposed to many of these commercial projects to begin with. Is sort of confusing because you guys sort of sound like your clothes on a lot of this stuff do you thing Amherst voters understand all of this back and forth. Well anybody who was spent before the -- board or from the ID EA which of course my point is that an example. Has has seen the true story has seen his true colors. When it's a large scale development -- the wishes -- they neighborhood my opponents always on the side of the large scale developments. So it's not confusing at all to anybody who's witnessed it firsthand. Give us some examples of adds some of the biggest differences and the actual development that you're talking about. Like start back several years ago for with a gun club issue which my opponent was very much in favor of that these two hotels there on main street the first one to one means -- force which you welcomed with open arms. And voted for it one point nine million dollar tax break and that kind of opened the door for the next hotel a mile down the street to say hey meet to. I think what you're talking about development and Tom McCain -- Residents want leadership they want someone with a strong definition of Smart wrote to guide what to count when it looked like from a development. Perspective for decades to come. Quality of life is very important. If there's improper development in your neighborhood it negatively in picture quality of life. So those are so that's one of the differences. Point it is a developer. Comes from a developer background. I come from -- residential neighborhood. People should have a say in what their neighborhood looks like that's like back. Mark doesn't commercial development -- property taxes down for home and small property owners. Amber is the commercial center Western Europe and it always will be. And I've never been in the classified as anti development and all we need get strong commercial component. However I think the pendulum has swung too far. We start building out of context developments so close to residential neighborhoods. It's a domino effect then the next parcel next an at large scale development. Start to have a 45 story building next to what and then don't want someone and you wind up with -- and straighter or Williams bill or any other place course. That you had these large scale out of context developments commercial growth is vitally important. That's why I have always focused on and as supervisor will focus on redevelopment. We should be hearing some of these projects towards our older commercial parts of town. So that we continue our commercial world stop cutting trees and historic green space and stop encroaching on residential people. Mark do you think zoning issues. Need to be addressed need to be reviewed. It's not the zoning issues is that people on the zoning board of appeals. And developers are always gonna do an end around the -- board when it comes to -- -- project they can go to the zoning board of appeals. As prepared as it's called in and around. The question is who was pointed Greek -- When they do this and my opponent has put on members of the Amherst Republican Party chairman of the party vice chairman of the party. And long time committee people of the Republican Party to welcome the developer and special interest when they do this and around. I'm gonna put people out there that our political hacks they have some. Do agree or training or interest. And the long term viability. Growth of the town. So this zoning issues are fine art -- codes are strong. It's that people that enforce those codes that we need to change. Mark good to have you as a guest this morning thank you for joining us. Have a good thank you to -- let's Mark -- candidate for supervisor of the town of --