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Amherst Development

Oct 30, 2013|

Amherst IDA Exec. Dir. James Allen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB -- line James Allen executive director of the Amherst industrial development agency mr. Ellen thanks for the time. Thank you regarding development in the town of Amherst is taking center stage in the town supervisors race. Namely because of two hotels on main street in some other development in the town. First what is the status of is hello developments six story hotel near the -- Amherst. Well I'm really not sure exactly with the status is but you know as you know it in court I know they are allowed to. To continue to develop to a certain extent that the beyond that they can go to the court. Until the decision of course final. You know Amherst is as we go to town. Of the Tom has over the years become a destination people from everywhere had to shop and Amherst to live in the town of members. There's no Trader Joe's that was just over its packing them in. Now when folks some from other areas come to a place like Amherst. I mean they spend money because they stop at locations other than their original destination now there's another good thing for the time mr. Allen. Well yeah I think it's only good thing for the town more importantly it's good thing for the entire region. You know that kind of emperor's. For good or bad has a lot of shopping destinations. Within it. Along Niagara Falls boulevard in transit road and you're right you know people from all over the country as well it is. And as well as candidates come into kind of -- daily to -- shopping. In liberty does help the entire regional down. Isn't Amherst one of the largest population centers in the states it's not a city. Yeah I mean interestingly. North of Westchester County in the town of cameras is the fourth largest municipality in the state. You know in buffalo right disturbance or so and then -- the next largest populations that are. Yeah I you know shall be looking better understand it. I'm had mentioned yesterday and we are thinking about the talking about this issue this morning Amherst has. A little over 122000. Of people in this town -- one is the city and it has just over 181000. Residents. Well and you -- we had to be honest too in Genesee county and adjoining county. It's 60000 people so. The town of emotions like that a lot of counties in upstate new. Well when people say that they think Amherst is over developed what do you say. Well you know and again it's it's a matter of one's perspective but if you look at the land use map of the economy averaged about 7% of the -- went man -- It is develop commercially. -- 93% of the town isn't up to merge. -- a lot of people would have a hard time believing that only 7% this is developed commercially. No I've of people have a real tough time believing it but it is actually twenty. Is giving a tax incentive to a commercial development. Absolutely necessary in almost all cases to get them to build. But and never in all cases now I know there's certain and certainly those companies Vick could be anywhere else. That they chose to be that generally than it becomes important to offer incentives. Because in the reason for that is other communities erupting it's an excellent one at the other two minute I don't mean locally. And -- gone anywhere in the country. Mr. challenge of the status of the former gun club site and maple. I the only thing you know about it and -- -- -- the idea is not well but the -- and Aventis and sold it to. Apartment developers. This student housing developers. I don't know what their plans there and when they plan on doing anything but. But right now I know the intention is developing this who -- And you know. You can fight development I guess the issue I'm trying to remember run correct mr. Allen. Years ago and -- -- I was a -- for not doing or one really is a town news big development. A project a Wal-Mart. Wanted to build I think. Much dirt on Sheridan drive yeah and that was rejected. Well I don't know if you spend a lot of long talking about a talking about several years ago when Wal-Mart wanted to build it up near the -- point two they're the cross point project. Oh yes yes yes you're right out -- -- right and that way you're not you're actually trying to it was a giant and that is that all of it in there has become open land. And it will not -- about so it's it's really kind of interesting that the the residents fought that development in the and certainly no one indicates. Mr. -- we're glad you could join us thanks. My pleasure James Dillon is executive director of the Amherst -- eight.

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