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David Bellavia - Oct 29 2013 Hr 3

Oct 30, 2013|

hour three

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Tomorrow on the program on the big -- -- we've got Tom Tran he's a stand up comedian easy veteran. He served in the Iraq War he's also an actor. And some commercials. And is villainy a gig. For the kids -- -- called -- gig. It's gonna do it on Saturday. November 2 at buffalo state. Twenty dollar ticket and I believe that just brought about a five bucks. If Twitter is true. But then again can we trust anyone these days. Tom trend will be in studio tomorrow make you laugh. Making you think. Making you feel -- That's what time -- media and you know I imagine dubbed the big budget here at the -- bill via program and one of things that we've been able to do is. We tracked down. These civil war letters. It took extensive amount of research. And perhaps you've read this on the wire but -- turns out that there is a relative. -- know street Thomas. In the American civil war he was a company commander. And he wrote civil war letters and it turns out he has the same ability. That he is. That his. His -- If it's a DNA thing when those two ounces so here is another excerpt. Of the civil war letters from captain Nostradamus. The eleventh of June 18 63. -- Frederick Douglas -- BS start by acknowledging that I might Stanley in the north are proud abolitionist. And I believe you could be a courageous and honorable man. Sir the reason why take time to write Q. If it has become aware to meet in a vision from what I truly believed to be god himself that a young black men is in great danger. His name is big big east -- Which must be nickname or perhaps his owner was a sarcastic -- He is a large man who seem to have created a situation out west. He associates with -- notorious fellows and as part of a posse called naughty or bad boys. I feel strongly that he is in grave danger. And although I feel that his passion for breeding canines is the reason for this troubled. As I can hear his voice in my thoughts tell me -- -- knowledge of pitches and his stable of bitches. He goes by the name will be toppled. And actually loves being called it by his mates. I think he can greatly contribute to the war effort if you say from his faith also there is a doctor in the New York area. Being -- -- talks to bull. That wishes his son in law to continue with law education and not create -- local general store that focuses on outdoor. Design and fighting to free -- from oppression and bring back together this great nation I cannot do anything myself. Please mr. -- if by chance traveling to the great city of New York. See if you could look this family up and try to bring peace to law. These difficult situations. With sincerest respect -- and Douglas are Nostradamus. 113. Company commander. Absolutely riveting. Absolutely riveting. Exclusive. Able to -- to see the future. Prognosticate. True event. It's not as unbelievable. An area -- -- Halloween. Costumes and and the ones that people are offended by -- used and how we used to be a a time where you can just let your hair down to be you know have fun. And and violently politically correct and really upset by these these costumes and trying to think. I can understand native Americans. You know. With the redskin debate and -- all the different Indian logos and people are upset about that. That's a popular what's the federal cobble. -- who is who have seen that a cowboys' offensive. Cows cows are offended. By cowboys. I mean you could argue that you know. I don't I just I don't find it to be. Nearly as. As as as insulting but the thing that was interesting I was watching a film Netflix over the weekend. And in this film that he. They did. It was a joke it was public movie 43. And it's like differently Brothers film and it won it one of the scenes this guy gets plastic surgery -- becomes Asian. And he's got every stereotypical. You know hair cut that thick glasses everything that you saw when people are racially insensitive about Asians now. Why is it that it's acceptable. To pretend to dress up as an Asian. But it's not politically. Correct to put on. To put on makeup and impersonator character who happens people. It's like the inconsistencies are like EU should be able to -- You shouldn't be able to to put on you know buck teeth and thick glasses and run around and grew and stereo types of one ethnicity. And yet a person who is play you know dressing up -- Halloween. You know I don't know Julia Huff I don't I don't know what are her situation is by no she's not a bigot and if she is a big hit. Why would you choose crazy guys from. You know orange is the new black to show that your big and it just makes those it's. -- -- I mean it I don't I don't get it. Win win Brack Obama became president you know we were told that some of these and obviously racism still exists of course it does. Of course it could hide and run away from the and it's repugnant and it's unacceptable but I would like to believe that in my America your America. That our country 98% of people won't tolerate that. Mean it's just it's going to be tolerated. There was a time where you couldn't even you know talk in public with with an African American they couldn't use restrooms or drink -- drinking fountain. We record run away from that past that need to be taught in schools people need to know what was what Americans like. You know with with the ignorant. You know social. Standards in these Jim Crow laws in and the racism that's an important part of our history. You know just you know just ignored that. Like in Germany you can ignore the Holocaust. You have to discuss that. There's a message there there's a point there there's there's there's when hatred. We -- -- hatred in your heart. You know David knows there's milk there's no reason there's no excuse. But the same time to be reflexively sensitive. Just to -- shows that there is a bigger problem then. Then. Maybe the here so insecure. That were this close. To becoming. Selma Alabama in 1952. I just don't see that ever happening. I never see it time we go back. To the fifties in the south ever. Or the fifties in New York ever. I just don't she's going back in time and I don't think America is. Is is that close to the abyss that -- about it. You know -- you know what you're right but let -- go back to -- treating people with this respect let's go back to -- people property. Let's go back to. You know I mean when you look at Western New York in particular and Harriet Tubman Frederick -- -- Western New York. The underground railroad -- Western New York. Lincoln once in Western New York. Allegedly. I grew up and Orleans county there was always this -- house Abraham Lincoln visited. In -- in New York. I go back in and but I always remember this this was an important part of to -- the abolition movement you know. And many people whether you -- argue that slavery was over actually read that civil war was over slavery. Civil war was over state rights civil war. Was over you know the federal government -- the state -- mechanic and I do many many western New Yorkers joined to fight the civil war. Specifically because of slippery. Whether you wanna go back didn't say history this is why we fought -- wonderful. I'm gonna show you posters. Abolitionist posters. -- people that were being recruited. To fight against slavery. And many New Yorkers many northerners join the union. To to. Make sure that it all people were free. I mean this was part of the gestation of America and we don't we don't run away from it we don't pretend it didn't happen. We talked about it we educate our kids that we tell them what America was like. The story Doctor King is is extremely important Medgar Evers. A short -- that many people don't even know his. Medgar Evers was one of the first. Martyrs of of the civil rights movement. And and it -- to -- but deep reflection of sensitivity towards things like dressing up for Halloween. To me it shows that underbelly that were really insecure we're still insert here. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that. Take that post racial. Nonsense. And -- knowledge of the fact that we elected. A man the best man for the job to be president. Because it was truly about his skin color that we are. Not past race in America. And if you're gonna say that that people voted for Obama just because he was black. That alone to me as a racist statement. And I'm sure many African Americans voted for Barack Obama because. They felt closer to you know him as a person that he understands. You know did he understands the background to understand what it's like to be black men in America and and and that's why they felt comfortable comfortable -- that may very well be true. I cannot believe. That we voted for a man because he was black or you voted against Romney because he was Mormon. Because if that is the case. Then we really are as far away from the fifties and I thought because that just brings us back to the point where everything is. Everything is about race is about collar. You know and you remember that the times when when you would you know almost if you saw an interracial -- You know they would please rescue and there there's there's movies out documentaries. Spike Lee had a movie documentary cult like six girls I think. The talked about. For the girls that I add two girls. How many little girls it's like it was about these girls who were killed and went to Birmingham Alabama church -- And they werder there were killed and fire. Four little girls and politics I -- The sequel to six -- Now the good for the girls is that documentary and you know again these are not story. To me I don't understand. How we came. You know have these discussions on race as we're talking about things like sensitivity. And even -- the Washington Redskins -- I mean I'm kind of bored of that whole thing as well I mean the whole thing is that we're we're supposed to be. And I don't -- culture Chia and you biblical and throw the ball but it if you -- truly live your life. And you believe in god and you and you. If you wanna treat people -- -- -- -- you want them treat you if you're gonna live by the golden rule. That you have to acknowledge that when people are offended by something. That they have the right to be offended and and make vocal that this offensive. It shouldn't matter if the -- -- logo has been around for 77 years -- 150 years. And it and it shouldn't matter if you know. If you were using the N word and the Edward is a part of your culture in a part of your background is something you grow up sane. You can't you don't have the right it's the people that are offended by it. You can expect to be treated as a social pariah if you continue to use a word -- you continued use a term that is offensive to some people. If what America's about. Does -- give you the license to say the -- logo. Is is is what people are offended by great. Let's have a dialogue about what we're gonna do to change. But what I'm saying is that this debate is not a healthy debate. Because it's an insensitive debate. It's a debate about feelings. And and not a debate about progress and that's our problem. You back up this quick break in the game abilities show. -- BN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast. Mostly cloudy overnight -- 39 degrees tomorrow. Wednesday's gonna be a passing morning shower otherwise you're looking at intervals of clouds sunshine milder -- 56 Wednesday night. Cloudy with a rain very late -- 47 Thursday. Considerable cloudiness and breezy warmer couple showers high of 64 degrees. We're talking now before the break up about the you know we can't Halloween costumes and people are offended. And -- got off you know talking about the the Redskins logo. And I -- -- -- my whole take it because honestly and truly it's not you know there's so much been said it's over the top on both sides but. Here's at look at if your argument is you should keep the reds can -- the way it is because of how long you've had it as your team logo. That's not an argument. I mean it's you know we've had it for a long time well here's the deal if you wanna find out if the word is offensive. Go to a reservation and -- -- as the -- games. I'm reluctant it's it's not if there's you wanna say it's it's a bit to badge of honor now brave warrior. Those are our our terms in in our modern culture that are look at you know everyone calls warriors something that you read. You know. Were all warriors were spartans were. You know how brave you were to do that that's that's a great thing it's it's something we we hold and hide in high esteem reds game. Is not exactly a term that you would feel comfortable using in front of a native American is an -- I'm not at all I'm not getting a liberal line you want them tell you the truth. It's not a if you went up if you went to the -- casino. And web tornado American and and said hey redskin -- favor. Kind of draped around here. You would get punched in the face. It just that's the way it is. If your argument of using the -- you're gonna make the argument that it means something view. And that it's not a derogatory term make that argument. I can't make that argument but if you wanna make that argument make the argument that the debate. But the -- the problem I have is that the debate is being used right now as we've had this term for so long. Therefore we have to keep it. Because our tradition is to keep it as the -- You know I just. Maybe maybe they'll be less offended. I mean look the job saint Johns were the Redmond for years they changed the red storm. You had the Washington bullets. They changed that to the Washington shell casings. Because the bullet is. They changed that to the Washington Wizards. Which made no sense by the idea of a bullet through wizard. But they did that. A lot of people changed their their names because there insensitive. I don't understandable thing -- still look at that and obviously there's a lot of violence and DC. To me that than ever made a lot of sense but anyway. People are offended and at times. Sometimes -- when our benchmark and what are litmus test becomes is the person who screams the lot of -- into the matter how many people -- with them. It's who screams allowed it. But at the same time. We can't use to me we can't use shallow arguments to defend it. We've we've used for years. We'll be back after this break. Every job I hear this music coming back I -- break in the song. Alice in Chains. Top forty. -- Columbus, Georgia. Is the home of the infantry it's where for many -- -- that is nothing and just give you that on discovery background. There's nothing to do with the story about here. -- -- Columbus, Georgia it's it's right outside of Atlanta on this date. Sixty miles of them. And it is the homo for -- which is the -- Many of your children if they join the the military join the army but they'll go to basic training for -- Georgia. Home of the third of -- vision and basic training for treatment. Now hat being said there was a news story in Columbus, Georgia. And discipline. What would it for anyway. The story is the man it's on my FaceBook page -- -- news clip. It's my FaceBook page a guy -- a housewife. And a guy. Goes into his house. To retrieve his beer. His his beer. He goes into his home now I gotta be -- within. I have a lot of friends obviously still the military. But there are a lot some infantryman are the most physically fit alcoholics in the world okay. And my for when they should Columbus, Georgia. And they said he went in it was housed -- treated beer my first thought was. This has got to be someone in the army it has to be. So you know I mean like who else Columbus -- of all places in the world while this habit but it's really. It's disturbing. But yet it's what what's refreshing about this this gentleman. Is that it is so absolutely enlightening. How transparent honesty is you know we live in a world where everyone tries to hide. From why they did something in what was your reason for running you know a guy walks into -- You know. Any situation that goes down. There's always someone that runs away or so -- that's on the wrong and there's a million excuses as to why that happened here is a man with a microphone in his face. And it just is completely gone and you can't beat on some story. They pulled it from the spot -- the -- link that you had now. Metallica and assesses video was unavailable the -- on the scene -- we try to find you know one. There's got to be somewhere on the net somewhere somewhere it's got to be it was from fourteen news WFIE. Ian Evansville man hands. Today they pulled it from the link that you -- there was a new story. From UPI. -- and three put it up on the -- You moved on to these fine people go look for. How bad is the funny thing about it though is that you know he he makes the reference the first thing he says he save the children children were out of the house. So that children -- out of your house. There's a fire in your home the children are out. And then you're digging yourself. -- open being here you know like I think Cole. Called warm and the fire might make it warmer you know you don't want. I need I I'm really stressed and -- would be better I mean if if any other situation occurred and and there was a reason why he went back of your house on fire. And we photos you get the videotape of your child being born you're wedding album. You're gonna go back to your documents. Be on your fire insurance I don't know you might want to get something of route money. Anything you can think of to go back in the house to retrieve an animal I don't know that's kind of important. But the kids or other house there's no human life at risk. Let's say your animals are out your humans are out all your your family out of the house what is gonna make you go back in the house. Some people the PlayStation hey you put. 37 hours a Grand Theft Auto you don't want to lose that hard drive is a lot of stuff but a lot of hours went by. Your iPad got my craft on you got a whole village setup on my crap you don't wanna lose that go back get your cellphone. This guy goes back to get a beer in the beer is Matty ice that is what's so outrageous to me. The beer is natural ice -- listen there's a lot of bad beer out there. There's a lot of bad year. There's a lot of good -- natural ice is not a beer I'm going to risk my life for in a house fire. -- came out to rescuing only the best year. Would you have the bottle of Jack Daniels to go for the naturalized just because it was open. So many questions I have. But what I appreciate about this guy. Is just as transparency is -- Is it not ready traffic OK button apps particular. TV station is. I believe strongly is old it completely from the website. It's is if a lawyer for this guy says it has whatever. Because some veterans category you know because somebody but he said he had been interviewed and he says you know I'm an alcoholic. And -- importantly hot and I was like well the lawyers on the phone right yeah yeah yeah I have to believe because you know if you -- that website for a TV station. Which is ridiculous stories this. -- -- look under most watched videos that's not in the top five ride you know since it obviously be number one with a bullet. But you know. Debt means that you know the lawyer causes excuse me. -- to remove them from your website or there will be court papers on the way to have that has. He sort of need what's the word for the statements that -- predatory. Gadget you know for a -- get a. Our accident nearly as I don't even have a license to be driving. Six adults -- all -- story because if I was have been pulled for whatever reason. 06 adults including that the gentleman named Walter circuit. And two children were reliving an -- in a room of their right Columbus, Georgia home. And that last Thursday afternoon smoke pours and the eight people get out safely serpent. With eight of his -- Girls back in. For his beer. And this is the quote that on the story I told them is a quote I told them to get the kids out and everything and be myself being an alcoholic. I was trying to get my beer out you feel me. You're in a world where everyone is trying to hide. You know the truth in a world where an -- is spying on your phone calls the president can't acknowledge. What is true intentions were with a obamacare. Here's Walters circuit. Living in the same world. And he says I told them to get the kids out and everything. I -- myself being an alcoholic. I was trying to get my beer out you feel me. He was able to save several cans of beer. And avoid getting burned I went back of the house like a dummy and the door shot on me because his back travelers about the film. So not only did he get his open -- but he also got the an extra several -- that he hadn't enjoyed yet you know. That that -- honesty you can't buy that it's just the guys say -- -- went back -- the kids were state judge me Dr. Phil. Charging me. I had in there and I'm an alcoholic you know yeah -- felony. I have what doctors call a drinking problem. I went -- to get my beer my first reaction when I heard this story over rated. My first reaction was. Don't let that be collected folders that were. I couldn't. Please we need to but we need better ambassadors. So anyway yeah he goes he gets his beer. He gets his beer -- Matty ice -- but it will go to break we come back more on the program will -- with a final segment. Will round out this special special edition. Of the -- program. If you wanna get -- got one last chance it'll realized early -- -- 3106 point six WB and we will be back. After a brief -- BBN's extra. Share your weather forecast that will be cloudy overnight low 39 degrees Wednesday are looking at a half shower in the morning otherwise you know what clouds sunshine mild. -- of 56 degrees Wednesday night will be cloudy with a rain very late evening low 47. And Thursday. Cloudy and it's breezy and warmer a couple of showers -- 64 degrees. Just had a couple of emails come in at David at WB dot com what of them said. It's a matter actually a full color said that it was a matter -- They killed steeper and not the Devil Rays -- thank you for calling in making that clear. That we just came in. Saying that the beer footage on YouTube. And instantly so we can find YouTube it's. At the moment. That the moment. That -- Wondering it's about really quick. We -- Al west got earlier in the program. And we wanted to Guam. It just read some of the comments about the interview with colonel west. And let get to those. He says. Awesome. Matt says can't wait. Which is obviously put him before he was on the program. Gail says -- now here's a man that should be. The first black president. He says I'm becoming a bigger fan of -- west each day passes. Tom Thad Allen -- respect Michael says wow wow wow awesome. Lewis loves this guy on the -- me. And Matt says that he thought the now emails Brittany. Says. Wants to correct me if a double right not a matter rate will bring -- -- the caller okay college of men array he got a first. It's a moderate. Not a double -- pitcher rays the rays are in salt water and double race. Are in salt water as well. I don't know that I'll look it up and find out for I've no idea what killed Steve and it was a bar. I know it was finished. It resembles. The logo of the Tampa Bay baseball club that's all right now. I know it's insensitive to a Halloween party oh a month after the guy died with a double -- your back OK for a man -- Or any sort of -- It's just not appropriate. And it birdies as. That -- pretty flipped emails. Allen west was fantastic great game at a coup for -- and that was what he said -- -- -- -- -- -- about a coup but it it it was certainly. It was certainly nice for him to reach out Al west is a great American. And you know forget one of the things it's always funny when people always talk about the Republican Party being a racist party his race never comes and anything. His -- skin means nothing it was the color was uniform that that meant something than the flight that he -- shoulder. His his side desert that Campbell fatigues when he was in battle. He's a wonderful a patriot and loves his country and he's frightened to to bring it back where it should be so. Race really has nothing to do with the with who Allen west is as a person -- Nancy as as a leader. There was one more word Darryl on -- the dot com I'm David WBA and come. Says. Two record that goes with house for a beer at least he got the kids out. What's most important is daddy ice is not the worst beer ever made rolling rock is the worst beer ever made. I don't know. I don't know I've had any ice it's really bad. If it was bad impressively bad it's really bad ice house is is a bad beer but many life. Is for what it is horrible. You could into some serious arguments with people while the worst fears of -- hand I think it's got to be. It's pretty awful it's pretty up with with the way it's it's obviously it's. Early iron city light. Was like you know you could taste the -- does seem like there was some metal somewhere for a growing process for the you just live like the birdies and if the biggest of like you know spies steel pipe taste medal. The that Ortiz you're shooting for winning the beer privileges detained the -- Jobs. Nickel. By Cody and I've Blanco. And getting some nickel pleading -- -- ratings than this city has this little hints of zinc. Guys was the beer that you get you know you it's funny because the more Beers that you buy web -- these cheaper it is. It defies logic. If I get a six packet data for nine. Let me get a twelve pack 39. -- 78 -- idea it's just take it for -- how. How is that possible. How proud of them for being here I'm I'm buying the less money it costs big nose at all. And you and you go like price for -- and it literally works out to be like less money than they refund the Q&A beer itself. Is more expensive than with inside -- All slow turns out -- says here's -- rooms Cuba sting right. A stiff about what you know while there -- radio product. Is something you run over by any specific domain it was a Mandarin is a guy is like -- -- now he was run over by sports car yes what we're hearing it's actually really amazing it's a conspiracy Arnold classic Corvette there was some missile and there was some missile and that we as a captured on video. What do we really know about Steve Irwin when we think about it and I know that his. Did the V Matty ice beard though getting because this is really that this should have been the question of the day the worst -- you've had. And of course the -- segment and and so there's that but when you go back to like shall it's Pabst Blue Ribbon. Old Milwaukee cheaper. She her -- shape and Jenny. Actually G I. So no poison -- calling -- image you'll exactly because you know we were. We're mark you were cost them to him because usually people it was like the first beer was like you know Jenny -- cream -- -- -- I remember my dad. Would go out in the sun. -- -- creamy Abbas a little small ones like that Mickey's but they're really they're really tiny and you have a -- cream now. And he never he was that a big -- triggered -- When it was hot and and now we're come over they drink Cheney cream -- -- -- myself someday. I'm and my brother over the house we take our shirts off and rib injury -- cream now I don't know why the shirts had to come off. Dad when he had to do that all the time in the summertime. But that knowledge if you like that's what men did they walked outside it was hot. They were doing yard work they take your shirt off mobile on Andrew -- Jenny cream now and that was the American dream and they won their war. And so -- and but -- you don't put it when you're thinking about. Natural ice the game because that's when that it's like the scientific term for Matty ice like the natural if you know build the Latin the Latin name for many -- It is they have any idea ice house beer was really bad beer. Just a really bad beer and you were drinking and you think yourself like you know the Germans have -- -- -- -- him and their -- are like you know they're there they're proud of them in like here in the states it's like if I brought aid. Person from overseas over like what are your -- -- -- That accident down microbreweries there's never going to be a Matty I Matty ice -- light anything. At the same thing you know with the German I'm sure we're not giving of their like you know -- the equivalent of their -- beer you know -- let's look at how. I think over you know here at eagle and they need to and coffee beer. That they think they think Huggins will. They hate it. They're like on I don't know we drew Honeycutt were with the greatest thing in the world because they think it's water you know -- point you know let's note -- -- -- color without. Questioning whether there's water I mean -- -- the water come from the -- little island and I conceived through this beer this can't be good heart. We should have -- here eager. -- use water and make a week ago that will be -- way you would be illegal extra Mercury rules you know I was blissfully into it you know what you be safe on Halloween. -- -- -- And that's what it's all about. It's all about bringing everything back to safety. Try to go down to prepare hub dot org today -- impact America that -- great. Also look for the November 23 free gun class. You do that by going to prepare hub and registering. The Saturday Florida Arizona and New York pistol -- always fun. It's all free. Repair -- dot org. And keep it a lot -- job -- Susan in the morning followed by sandy beach nine to twelve Rush Limbaugh and then it. -- three to seven we will see you save time tomorrow and they've elevated tonight.