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David Bellavia - Oct 29 2013 Hr 2

Oct 30, 2013|

hour two

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You know I'm I'm trying to get my head around that. The their their replay of bill Riley here. You know -- got it all right I was I was talking points and he's talking about how. The president didn't knowingly lie about obamacare when he said that people were going to be able to keep their plans and pay less for them. He just didn't seek the truth. And that that is a new life. He's prepared to call the president a liar. I always thought that. I'm one of those guys that believes that. People like to hang out with the -- Have you ever been friends with someone. And found out like. I'm a huge buffalo sports -- Buffalo Bills Buffalo Sabres. And occasionally there's that caliber in Western New York. And that odd bird like likes the bills. But as the maple leaf fan. Or that that usually bills and sabres fans tend to be Yankee fans as well it's a blue jays fans in there. But there's always a reason -- -- like the Red Sox so the cardinals they'll have their different teams some some like the Mets -- does the -- But when you're talking about your team and you think you have something in common with them they flip the script onion and -- like I can't stand bills. Am -- doing your same respect -- love the sabres. The -- bills and acknowledge the dolphins. I would feel a little bit of betrayal in my heart when it almost like I'll never be able to be this I'll I'll never be able to be -- -- wanted. Because we don't have everything in common politics are a lot like that. And so many of these guys whether there in the media I believe it's it's human nature that we want to be around people who agree with. We want to be around people that think like that makes -- comfortable. Makes us feel better we like the you know do one thing about the military. That. It's so enjoyable that you're all in the same position. -- Wear this uniform you at the same haircut. If your cold everyone's cool. And together you bond. In that shared collective sock. You bond it's so miserable were bonding. Some might make my most memorable moments that kid is BO sports team that was getting crushed. Because I would look at the bench in basketball. -- with a little high school we we just -- a very good basketball. And we begin crushed -- that while it looked on the bench and it's human bodies and tabulate. Well we're all this I mean this is life hero. Du bond when you're getting beat by fifty points. That of the way it is. And I think people in the media will flock to their own just like people like like we do. We like to be people agree that we'd like to be around people that that have the -- would have the same common denominator that we. And that is why you have so many liberals. In the media. Because quite frankly there is a there's a desire for progressives to want to enact change. There's a lot of there's a lot of duplicity there's a lot of of of just things that -- knows there's something non sequitur when it comes to life in politics. Think they'll make any sense people make arguments there. They believe in in you know. That science is truth and that truth and science -- one of Hussein and you give them global warming truth inside and they realize there. There's opinion and -- -- troops in science this is this is what truth inside -- we evolution it's riots it's true it's. These are Jesus horses here you're just a Bible thumper you don't believe what I believe -- fool and the like but when -- a fetus child is not -- Show large -- posh church about. As of the fives are referring to. -- salary it's served its ends it's changing the world but you can get those from the -- -- -- -- rush. Charge. Make it a point here stop arguing with me. It always comes down the there's so many things that make those -- and that's what inconsistencies I think we all described to be consistent and something. 8030930. And number 3106 with the BB yet. But I guess the biggest problem here. It's that way you want to change something. And you have the opportunity as a journalist. To change the way you want to win every every artist wants to -- now. Every every actor wants to have his his craft valued and appreciated. Every radio host wants to be hurt. Every one wants to be told at their job you do your job very well and you. We appreciate you we value every human dynamic that everyone needs to have. As a journalist have the exact with a different. They want to be appreciated and they want to feel like they're making a difference. And right now you're seeing a paradigm shift in the mainstream media. Because NBC is realizing. That you still all of the passes that they've given this guy they've been which it. BC news is covering obamacare more negatively now than fox -- There's nowhere else turn they've been that you. Can't go out there and -- the guy didn't -- You're you're you're. -- found that on the lives of the Iraq War. Got your beliefs from you can't turn around now. And -- this nonsense when you know the facts are staring you in the -- And it's really strange to be in this position right now and look and see. NBC news ABC CBS CNN and Fox News are all telling -- seemed -- -- if that's very rare that happens. You also have to go back to. 20012002. You you have to go back to a time of war. When you've seen all. The the the news outlets circle the wagons around one thing. You've seen -- right now. You're seeing right now. Let's go to phones and talk to Debbie in Amherst. Debbie your WB and right. I'm doing well hours of the evening -- yeah. Well you know you're talking about paranoia and trust issues than I am in the middle of -- George Bush's book decision points. And a lot of people didn't trust -- and the decisions he made them and I find it ironic I was talking about the Portland incident where can. And one of my coworkers -- I'm sorry I just didn't trust bush and I you trust the I mean yeah. The -- do you want to trust I think we wanna trust everyone but you know unfortunately there's that whole thing about you know the treat pain in the -- Alum you know you really can't. It is it's so strange to me though that there was. You know win the administration. NBC news this is so rare to see them turn. On the administration like this the way they're doing it and now UC CBS coming out of the big housing story what does that all about. And the minute and then talk about shelf life. -- debt but right well and even. Gosh what's the name Comedy Central he isn't coming out attacking civilians. You know what's up with the web it is. -- I hate to give that got more credit than he deserves and so many young people get their news from account. But you know what Jon Stewart was really the first. Jon Stewart was the first shoe to fall. It really was he was the first guy. His turning on you know secretary Sebelius is really what started all this and you don't. You look at the sixty minutes piece and it's like you know you're supposed to be sixty minutes not sixty weeks you're you're late on this story by. By a tremendous amount but the thing that's so crazy is that. It's all starting -- kind of you know pile up the guy that IE. And I don't really respect and I'm looking at him from a different point of view is Jay Carney right now because you almost think that no one really deserves to be able. You know he's on a really tough spot to defend things you really can't defend. Yeah you know you wonder and I I have thought about this on numerous occasions how can he come out there with a straight face. And I wonder what the backroom conversations. Are. He's got to be saying. Really let me say there. I read like how how how can I possibly. You know lately and it's and it's he start to get short tempered he started to be dismissive. Campbell because there's only so much you can be asked to do as an employee. And at the end of the day you're like listen I mean how can I not say that you were inaccurate news and be impeached the president makes it's almost like. You know when he's off script -- we know the trouble he gets into when he doesn't have anything problem. But the the problem is that -- yes oh absolutely narcissistic in in. In and the way that swagger when he talks. And just -- it's what you're saying you know is not true and you you don't care because. You know you'd know that there's going to be a giant mattress out for you and there's always dubious about landing. That's right and install many people. Her -- Bamboozled by him that he -- believe he says that his popularity. Is gonna win midday. And that people are gonna trusted him even though you know there it's called cognitive dissonance where you know something's not true -- In our. It still wanna believe it. But you know to be totally fair though that it has worked for this long campaign people shaped charm it. People -- the charm alone and so far -- to 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue let's not be mistaken here -- hands. It is a popularity contest and you know we have so much. I guess what it really speaks to is it really speaks to the purity of the American people and we want and expect. You know we all everyone talks about like why we have different rules -- Europeans view is this puritanical. Quaker. DNA that's in our system and we'd look at things differently than Europeans look at him. We really are Pollyanna people when it comes to what we expect our leaders to -- And we're shocked and they. And that game. Same thing you know we want to believe that are doctors there are really they know what passed for a. You know whatever it is all there then. When Marv Albert is biting people just all faith has lost -- like gotten. How can happen whose other government that reality is we have so much trust that you're the president you know. I remember when when Reagan was was -- -- that Reagan never took his jacket off in the White House. And I'm thinking you know well OK you know maybe that's a little too you know but at least you have a tie and shirt. And then you see pictures like Bill Clinton like in that tank top and its shirt or have been. You know. You didn't know that there were the president had a personal life the president would. You know do some of the things that they did and the Lewinsky scandal really kind of just brought out. A tremendous amount of of just pessimism. Just really disappointing. Forget the whole you know that the actual. Ken Starr investigation and the sex and all that stuff. But but it just really was disappointing. That. Even a guy that disagrees or guy that doesn't have seen you know. Platform that you have what would be just dirty and not pure or not what our president should be. Well and and that it happened in the Oval Office you know anyone things that I remember hearing about President Bush says that he honored the office. And a lot of people will leave -- say now where that you respect the man in the opposite you respect the office and and then when it when when you hear things like -- you know they show up in the Oval Office and has bathroom 08 a year really. -- -- in a cup a soup and you know with a with a broken cigarette. He did Reagan take your jacket ask don't -- but you have a sense that he respected. What deposition was all about -- It's it's really devastating there really is it it doesn't help our morale in -- Debbie thank you recall really -- -- wanted to -- real quick major cool colonel Allen west. -- Is really awesome. I would love to write about. -- thank you so much I appreciate that they think so much all right they would -- thanks to stand up. Go to quick break we come back on the development -- They know three on my birdies on I 310616. WB and be back at this. Premiums exclusive vacuum with a forecast mostly cloudy overnight low of 39 degrees Wednesday will be passing morning shower. You have some clouds and some sunshine will be milder high 56 Wednesday night. Expected to be rainy cloudy. And how low 47 Thursday considerable clout is breezy -- couple showers hi 64 degrees. Earlier we had lieutenant colonel Allen west on the program. And he is I'd go to his website Allen -- west dot com -- to follow my Twitter and FaceBook into all that stuff. And he. Really opened up a lot of guys he's a very passionate articulate. A man who's who's served his country with with honor and distinction. And he was in. He was he elected representative for the 22 district in Florida got -- distracted during the census. It became a little bit more difficult for Republicans survive. But it certainly was difficult when you had he was literally public enemy number one. On the laughed and they just went after it tooth and nail you know up losing by you know less than 2000 votes. In a recount. Florida is really good recount an outstanding job of that one as well but it was touch and go for -- they went to court and you know losing. Two. And young man you Democrats. That's where he's at right now but Allen west it was our guest earlier today you can. You catch -- podcast in and you can also watch them as well if you hear that interview. He's a good man and you know I can hear the last of west Georgia the last him. He many people expect him to at least through a tethering and if Republicans elected I think he'd be. In the top five you know for some sort camp should easily. That's a good and he was here talking to us in buffalo. Anyway we were speaking before the break and the the ability for the American people to want to trust earlier we want to trust our government. And we knew all of these stories and scandals mean. What a horrible idea was to stay with scandal was a real scandal you know. That's the equivalent of saying to a woman you know your feelings aren't legitimate you know you can never win -- argument when you're talking to your spouse you can say. You know I feel this way. You're wrong the wrong I feel this way. I am hurt when you say this because. No that is wrong as the wrong thing that you know you you can't respond with when someone does that. Which would there is a scandal. And people are questioning the integrity of government you can't say tough balls game -- I made up scandal. Symptom of scandal proves that it's made up. Tell us right now it's made of scandal. Show us why we're wrong. Show us that you actually. Truly thought that these were a videotaped that they'd cause a random attack have been -- Then explain to us. Why it was a well orchestrated and deliberate attack. -- -- -- Navy SEALs the two former Navy SEALs killed that rooftop. That was one thing that the sixty minute peace brings up Laura Logan -- -- Sunday. And I realized at that at that time I didn't realize it three direct hit hit it rooftop. Three direct mortar hit hit the roof top in the -- Now that's not. Okay. Indirect fire is an art form. Indirect fire is not easy to do during the day let alone at night. If you're dropping three rounds metal on metal. And -- firing for effect which is essentially what they did the fight for a fact. If you're firing for effect on a rooftop in -- hitting three rounds. Of indirect fire. In the same location and he bracket that. You have either a pre existing grid or you've got a steely eyed missile man as a mortar -- One of the two it's not random. More -- -- there was a lot of planning involved and well rehearsed planning at that. Or you just had you know. The -- the luck of a lot with you. One round is lucky. Tour round is unfortunate. Three rounds you know what valued. And that's what happened. You had that information that might happen. You know how those guys died. If you knew that it was indirect fire at night and no no military person with only when. They go to the news with Tom Connolly. Listen this. So after we find out that the price of obamacare is going to be a little bit more than we expected after we find out that people aren't going to be able to actually keep the policies that they like. What's next they won't be able to keep their doctors either right. So then we have to discuss the next thing which is what. What -- from a stage or did you know we believe this immensely. We're supposed to forget this whole last presidential election because Romney loss. Was positively accepted it happened. But. You know. And I really wasn't a huge I mean. In comparison to the president obviously I was a supporter Romney but I you know wasn't a huge Romney guy. I voted for but you know I wasn't. I was running around the bus. My point is. That had we known this in the debate when these things were being sent. And my whole point of of of you know hitting Romney and that was that you know he wasn't Lily white and you know single parent and -- socialized medicine to begin. You can almost argue he was the grandfather of -- But the point remains that. Had -- we know this is. Giving knowingly mislead. Can can we use the L word. Can we say -- high. The the president lied to us. Is that certain outlook saying high crime or misdemeanor here -- it was used in the impeach word. Where Shane did he lie. We have to acknowledge that he lied. Does that help any of the narrative that are going on right now with the surveillance. That are going on with with with our foreign policy. I mean literally the State Department said yesterday. To trust them to come up with a resolution. To make sure that -- and then the bomb trust that. We've got all these different think tank running around saying that you know where this is all about what we need to do to keep Americans. By the way as that story was about to brew. Went when you had Ed Snowden back before we knew him as a household name. When he was talking the guardian. That was Doreen the Boston bomb. Before the story came out the Boston bombers. Were able to have text messages and talk on the phone and share emails. Hell even the Russians reached out to us and said these guys were our country and look after. You can't manage that. But you need to know Angela Merkel saying to her husband what to pick up on the way home. -- -- It it it's not there's no consistency there. And finally NBC. And the rest of of the now we're Newser they're not they're not playing around anymore they look foolish. You know at the -- people who like to look like fools. They know. They don't like to say look this sudden. This guy is a good system is what all Americans should be doing it's a right. It's our right to have health care. The founding -- forgot about it. And put it in the constitution so much. Can you imagine if they did. Feel like you know only the eleventh amendment. And the constitutional convention you have the right to Leach's. -- the right to be led by the but he witch doctor of your choosing. Are you need to do is lose two pies I've got the and a runny nose and sore throat like -- your blood you really need to lose. Just kind of thing and everything will be better -- instantaneous you know would it either bacteria or virus if I believe you you instantly feel better. It's a bacteria. It's it's a virus and have put the -- that's the way it works. Of health care back in the seventeen hundreds. But it's a right. So ever wants to -- did big get behind the fact that health care's a right wonderful. That your ideology that your belief wonderful fantastic. You don't have -- -- lie about the rest of the people that don't agree with you. And say even it's gonna work out for you. Everything's gonna work out everything's gonna be fine. Don't worry about it. That's why people are paranoid. Because I don't trust -- go to the government give me reason to trust them. In any at a story like this in your in your lied to -- your -- you know. What does it I don't listen did 9/11 truth movement that island truth there. And -- I mean you know. I'm not a -- -- I'll never be an analyst and -- and corporately like I kind of offended when I hear and a panel of troopers. And that kind of rubs me the wrong way. We we can agree on 90% of what they've you know. I just I don't I don't do that. I'll listen to him I'm here with at the same respect them but I don't like. It annoys me. Lost a lot of friends because an analyst. Whether you think we have the right to go to Iraq we should've gone to Iraq I still lost friends in Iraq. And we -- about Iraq had we not been in Afghanistan. We wouldn't have had a war on -- had not been for 9/11. All of these things have impacted hundreds of thousands of Americans. You might not know them you might not be related to him but there's a lot of reason there's lot of kids don't have legs and arms. And a lot of parents who buried your children. Because of nine elevenths. But even those people. You have to look at them -- I don't blame you. For questioning. I don't blame you for being. You know I mean you've I think you've maybe got a little hyperbolic here in and taken at the next level but. I don't blame you. For questioning. I think that's what would quit frankly every -- American should do whether you're consumer or a student. Rory everyone should question. Trust but verify. But at some point you have to -- that governs on doing a whole lot of Jamaica's warm and Fuzzy -- They're not doing a whole lot to did to bring up your -- steam. In this great American experiment. When it's not part it's not a partisan issue either. It's not a partisan issue I mean I would hope this wouldn't happen. When one of our guys are my guy was was in office but if it was. I would hope that I would have the intestinal fortitude and courage to stand up to think this is wrong to. Just like -- the other bailouts were wrong. Just like NAFTA was wrong in my opinion. We we hear all this talk about free trade and free trade and we use Reagan Reagan as the great model. And Reagan. Reagan wasn't a free trader Reagan was a fair trader. -- -- Think we've got the motorcycle industry that we have in the United States go back in 1983 and -- President Reagan did Japanese motorcycles. He said if you wanna -- America without a terror make him in America. And it just so happens to be the year that Harley-Davidson became the several -- like the world. President Reagan said if you want to trade without it will be fair. Not free fair. And we don't have free trade today. We have a trade imbalance today. And it's the root of a lot of of people that are out of work in don't have jobs and more an industry. But that doesn't that exists overseas because of that. If you wanna sell your product here and by the way we can set apple. We could save that apple right now you wanna sell apple phones in America. Wonderful pay the tariff or make him here. -- actually -- cellphone made. Even I think the moto acts is the only American cellphone made in in the United States. And a nod to a commercial -- to say it's the only American cellphone it. Samsung is South Korean company. And if you wanna like you know start doing your friends and neighbors friends and allies program I guess South Korea's -- North Korea. But at the same time there's very one phone made in the United States today. Reagan believed in it but the point is. Is that we we have to be consistent as well we expect our leaders to be consistent we've got to be consistent at the water cooler. We've got to be consistent of Thanksgiving dinner -- popular members. Hand are you know it can't ever be a blind partisan issue. Because there's a lot of people from both parties are involved in the IRS scandal. And I would like to be able to say that had good liberal groups and targeted. And treated unfairly. That I would have that I would have been outraged just like I was -- went right wing groups were targeted unfairly. It's overreaching regardless of of what party it hurts. If it's impeding speech if it's impeding your ability to take part in and in liberty. Then yeah it's wrong and it needs to be stopped. But you cannot blame people for being paranoid. 030930. As the number 10616. WB and went -- a quick break we come back more of the David -- program. After this quick message from our sponsors. BBN's exclusive AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy tonight low of 39 degrees Wednesday. We'll be capacity morning shower otherwise you look at it clouds and sunshine. It will be a milder day high of 56 degrees that night on Wednesday. Look for some rain very late in the evening but mostly cloudy low 47 degrees Thursday. -- will be cloudy breezy warm couple showers. High temperature of 64 degrees on Thursday Halloween is coming up. Happy Halloween. You know Halloween is. Is that every Christmas we have to deal with -- toward Christmas. And goes crazy over the tried to take her Christmas. The war on Christmas. I find it really funny that Halloween is starting to these people are. Are starting to ban certain costumes Q where. You know we we heard from it was Texas a and M university was saying he couldn't be cowboy. He could be Indian. And you couldn't be. World that they considered the derogatory that -- You know. A cowboy and Indian -- terrorists. You know and I guess. First of all I'm my kids you know I've got three children. The oldest is a preteen. Actually all of this is a team that's -- -- And my youngest is. Just turned four last Saturday. And my middle of two boys and girls the youngest girl and secure -- As a Halloween. It's really kind of all year round with the younger ones there but dollars always dressing option to princess -- dresses and so we -- costumes all year round. And the kids Wear them. You know Steve Superman and today he's Spiderman tomorrow. These are Halloween costumes that we. We like to shop for were were Halloween costume consumers. You know he is a good quality member of the old days. You've had a plastic mask and had to staples on it. Senator Robert and where those -- have there was like they didn't even attempt you basically we're glad bag. With with you know paint on it. And and you had a plastic mask with two staples on the side. And that was your -- that was your your costumes and then several parade around in school and people like you know it it it was ridiculous. And usually you'd get away with the release he Casablanca. But a couple of people put on weight. Garbage bags and in mr. markedly wrote on the front of -- white trash. And that's the objective that got them in trouble this is in the Detroit area school weight trash and it went -- because there wearing a white trash bag people like. You can't do that everyone's offended by depleted -- crazies in these Halloween stores which we go to all the time. There's this section of women's costumes. Are basically all -- actually. -- you know it doesn't matter what it is. You know you can be like I wanna be that Janet Reno -- well it's a sexy generated. You know -- -- -- a pirate I'm gonna -- as a -- pie you know you go as. You know ambassador you know. It doesn't matter who it is you're going to address. The sexual equivalent of it as the woman which. It's kind of it's kind of sexist that you can't just by normal costume even yelled -- -- Every section of these you know Halloween places always have like. It's basically eighteen and -- should be. You know you walk in there in your life you know. I wanna beef Freddy Krueger grade -- what if your wife wants to be Freddy -- here's a low cut top and -- And -- you know immediately. And is going to be appropriate but the point is. That gave these people are all up in arms over some of these Halloween costumes and I don't remember a time. It's actress. Plays. -- debate that Ryan Seacrest she was in the movie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Half -- and a half to update -- she's pretty she's she's an actress and she was in. A rock of ages is it was a big break. And she used to be right secrets anyway she showed up one of the the good shows Netflix is called -- is the new black. As a character. In it to prison themed an all female prison themed. Series and you know Netflix allows you to -- watch anything you'd -- engine. Sit there and watch all season one -- if you had -- -- damage. But. At any rate -- the character -- called crazy eyes. And it's an African American woman and you know she basically use. -- mental illness but she's funny and it's you know she's crazy. And Julie Julia -- dressed up as crazy -- but she made the mistake of wearing black face. To put make about a -- says she was black. And I -- We -- -- like the post racial. You know era where it -- matter I mean theoretically if I wore an Obama mask it's a black faces. If I wanted to dress up as. You know anyone that wore a mask I can Wear black mask. And I could but I can't color mice -- To be don't get me wrong I mean there there was a reason why you know we've become politically correct we -- insensitive because this stuff -- There were times you -- you know. -- Al Jolson was singing -- That wasn't exactly. You know politically correct. You know he had they built the black face in the big weight lifted it was it was insensitive but it was totally call. A person joy and a half was not being tried to be racist. Just trying to be accurate in her character that she was dressed up and -- report. Crazy -- black as she put on makeup -- and it just seems like that when you well. I just don't under I don't Hollywood. Halloween it was usually the last holiday. That you had to worry about being politically correct. That was like the one day that adults could be silly. And people could just be have fun dress up do their thing and that was huge I mean don't give me there -- always got the crosses the line. There's always -- for no one wants to see you know the the nobody wants political statements made on Halloween. If an eight year old comes up your door and he's you know what are you always on the partial birth abortion I their body. Your parents turn off than than the news. You know no one wants to hear political statement that report I totally understand that. Some people do cross the line. Merrill -- Steve Irwin died the what was on Discovery Channel he was through the crocodile water. When he died there were people that were dressed up as Steve Irwin Hadley. It was too soon it was right yet he had little. Talent and what was the double what are barred that's the terrorists thank -- to the barbs from me a double rate right. -- -- generate whatever it is -- I think it killed him. Was that a double rooms skiing -- and that's what they were playing Ridnour played 25000 obscure it sounds like what is it. They killed Steve Irwin. They rate. That was to show for that. And it was out of you know some people were offended by there's always going to be that guy that gal that shows up in Halloween party as they make a statement and is still you know and not funny and you correct them put them in the place however. Well a little bit over sensitive or tax man you can draft a cowboy and Indian. You can dress up as you that the list is longer than you can be anything you want with the exception of the following. You know I mean someone shows up -- your. You know -- there are are definitely things that you could. You know to offend people in and that's kind of -- that that the community needs to take a step up its listen. Your in my party could -- not dress that's offensive to me. No one needs to draft is Nicole Brown Simpson Halloween. But do you need it to as a collective university. As a school system come out to the Halloween costumes are unacceptable. May I remind you that the black I think was the white power ranger killed a person should we now say that the white power ranger. It isn't sensitive. Makes no sense 8030930. Start on 310616. -- -- -- yen. Top of the hour news with Tom Connolly.