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David Bellavia - Oct 29 2013 Hr 1

Oct 30, 2013|

hour one

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Tiger stayed up with -- you know we have been talking about this guy four over a week now and my FaceBook page. It is literally like a kitten YouTube video that's how many comments and how many hits we've had about our next guest. Lieutenant colonel Allen west -- -- -- Legislate the way you don't days. -- -- go you know something I did you ever find your way out of Buffalo, New York according to my FaceBook page at least you're never gonna have to buy chicken wings. You are out. I think that I need to come up here -- a southerner and I can definitely go with some chicken wings that. I'll probably wait till it warms up a little. -- it's perfect. Perfect weather out here I know you've been this abouts in cold areas in your your time in the military. You. The outlook for the coming out there and have to make a trip to upstate New York which is the folks of buffalo. Well what you are always welcome here your -- much beloved out here mentioned there was an article in the count Jihad report today. That talked about -- it was yesterday but is talking about the military courage in this administration. And you know the statistics from Arnold -- nine senior commanding generals have been fired. By this administration and some of these things are. You know you're looking at that your time and service in you know the -- just kind of losing this experience what are the things those balls to come out the war on terror was that we have. You know these company -- one day going to be outstanding battalion commanders. And one to either take over brigades and divisions. And and were hemorrhaging this talent and all this experience that we. We bled for what you take on this. Well there is no -- that we have to have some concern -- -- about you know General McChrystal. Matters. Allan. Stay -- redo. I have. They'll there there are some general that you know may have a little slippery issue but still. There's some very thin excuses for you don't believe a lot of these children. Indicated the general Mattis who was so relieved -- out of his duties as a compliment. Everyone knew that it was because of his disagreement which is military policy about -- it was a civilian position. Now there -- the problem of course you know he's really he's a marine's marine he's a comment at the world general so. I think that we do have a concern and what I'm looking over the pace of that happening. And the military right now we have some very all of generals in uniform that allow things to happen this forest. What I he has a progressive social reengineering of our military you know. General Odierno -- -- Last week that we have not. At Indy training in the army for the past six months that we -- have to combat ready brigades. Of the Marine Corps is going down below 174000. Small recourse that. World War I and but yet we all of these pays about Don't Ask Don't Tell about women in combat village. You know now we're changing the honor code that the air force academy so they can't -- under god. So yeah there's so what the quality and in announced its military right now. My guest is -- lieutenant colonel Allen west. -- it was former congressman of the 22 district in Florida his website Allen B west dot com you can also follow my Twitter and joined the there's got to be. Thirty million people that follow you all over the Internet and it's it's well deserved. It'll let me ask you -- the sir if you were young lieutenant today. Would you consider making a career out out of the military is this the scene and how much has changed since he you left. Well it's it's changed immensely for one out of commission back in 1982. You know it is is zero defects army has gone completely off the military is not completely up to charge. When you look at the fact that young combat leaders such as lieutenant Clint quote Little Rock for the army. Michael -- of the army. Sitting at Fort Leavenworth because of the rules of engagement in combat zone in. -- -- -- -- untenable situations. And they get charged with you know quote unquote murder in a combat elements like giving speeding ticket NASCAR race. A little concerned about the and I think the problem is when you look at the house and the senate. We don't you know men and women who have been on this corner -- a Little -- against them. That sort of thing. Legislators will -- a particular two combat veterans over. And the in the senate and you know -- again. I think it's less -- all the wrong about 50%. This over and I'll. And the big change and -- and of course you know you know the president and the vice president who have that was served in the military but unfortunately the Republicans put. Candidates for president -- vice I was in the military -- now -- -- seven years that. So I'm not saying that we need to have a constitutional amendment which says people need to serve in the military would be and cheap but it does -- And attack. Figure without lieutenant colonel Allen west the website -- Allen B west. And certain you know when you look at the Gaza we just have the sixty minute piece on Sunday that was really eye opening not only because he came from the mainstream media. But because you know we actually eyewitnesses talk about the fact that you know. Every single -- every opportunity this White House had. To be transparent and at least tells what went down. They took the opportunity to blame this thing out of videotape but what's more disturbing is that we have general Dempsey and -- secretary Panetta. That basically we're talking about time distance in the and the different problems there were to get to these guys were finding out that that's natural. What kind of accountability. Does congress have right now. For oversight to get the -- Bisping got. Well for so long you have an administration that fails to admit that they've gotten an issue admire that the president and called the politics Campbell. The second thing is you have -- expect the interstate -- you know your State of New York attentions of the run for president. She's culpable in this as well. One there are no -- just maybe we get past that attempt about it and -- -- Before about being godly and and we were told that they -- what hot. Significant resource. They that you're not been involved there we both in a combat. If Americans are under attack or sit around and we don't have top. Because I don't think they were under maybe they were. They were under the knowledge of how long do you attack were laughs in it there's word that is even -- -- the question that you need to have an answer. So I I believe that one of the big change I hope it listeners who. Pick up their phone and call the represented. All the speaker of the house John Boehner. And tell them that hundred and and so the -- House of Representatives. Outside want to have this special select committee on they've gotten here. And that means a excellent committee with subpoena powers that's what the American people overwhelmingly want to see happen. Because -- he should step up to the plate and -- -- -- what is resolution. That will allow peninsula community. Because the six minutes to show that we have been lied to. There's American people that have nothing to do video shoot the -- get promoted matches and national security about it. The president got reelected how it has not been decimated Merck and Libya is now a sanctuary for al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. So you know. On top of the Obama cares you know to -- Big obvious security. Is very disturbing because those. We have an American president has American blood on -- and we cannot allow him to stay actually on the. Even without lieutenant Carolyn at lieutenant colonel Allen west you know when you -- in your last race congress. There you were public enemy number one for the -- CD put. Literally. Allen west report represented mountain west was the number one target of the tired democratic. Congressional campaign committee. Well suited our Democrat party has just civil. Servants that's. Million dollars. Outside groups the system but you know they've where -- as a bad. But you don't want -- -- the thing that's so important though is that IE I had some mutual friends that that reached out to me and have a chance to meet some soldiers. And none of these guys did this from a camera but I spoke to him to a man. And four of them they said that they would go through killed with a bucket of gasoline for colonel west. Because every single time. You know men were in danger men were under fire you were there are few boys and you know you talk about Hillary Clinton. And you talked about her ambition in and you know what looks like coronation for her for president I know one person on the phone right now. That could I give her run for the money and I'll tell you want I don't know what your future. No no announcer. I don't know what your future plans but I wouldn't. I think you're the other real state of Pennsylvania Avenue might look pretty good I mean we need leadership right now. And one thing you know is what it takes to to give that leadership and now we're obviously big fans but at the same time. You know you've bled for this country needs and so much force Washington and that in of that many people can be against you my god you must've done something right. Well you know these do consider the measure of the impact. Almost tired you know local progressive socialist movement one that should be gone but. Unfortunately. They don't understand the nature of the soldier you know have a -- title. Or being -- on Capitol Hill does not being stopped fighting for our country and that's why. I tell you that that our ball very proud that we took it and its web site and get around the country speaking. And the thing is that it is which is need to be. You know back appear Washington DC media and at a higher level. He'll deal. He'll make sure that that -- about this have to be repeated it is I'll always sort of this great nation because it is done so much from me and always eat together. Give more back. I wanna make sure that you know my two daughters were twenty and and -- They have an even greater America what -- -- talks were due to happen as well you're sure and I played Davis. I don't know how many people know your story. What you it's come from any man who was awarded yet shall start means a lot you know thank you. Hey Sarah well you mean a lot to a lot of people and a god bless you and I'll tell you what Allen B west is the website. You gotta follow my Twitter and FaceBook. He is that you rock star you've got to go to YouTube and check out the colonel -- speech at C pac that was just absolutely brings Herron back connect it was me sir thank you for do what you do. Appreciate your support you can also see -- colonel west on Fox News contributor there so sir thank you so much for staying up with -- us. Thank you David thanks you know usually doing a great -- well. I thank you god bless you so there are real quickly break. And more of the de Bellevue show after this quick break and Israeli and -- thirty WB and -- back to the -- ability shown an ability and that was it decorate. Really appreciate colonel west take the time did. Apple little bit later I'm sure he's up at 5 in the morning he would run his PT test. But it you were motivated. By Kyrie and his his words and -- you need it's subjective polls because he needed. You need you -- Check yourself. This is a man who who certainly. His future is I think the brightest in the entire conservative movement but the thing about colonel west is that he's backed everything up. Everything up -- blood sweat and tears. And all you have to do is talk to people served with them talk to people -- -- during the campaign that guy is a rock star and -- be more proud. Am on the program. We've got a lot to talk about today there's. Some news going around down. Dealing with a -- you know everyone's talking about. That the fact that we have these. The people that -- designed though the health care site -- well we're right. Just yeah. The Arabs and as the hangover from around -- -- I can't I can't structure sentences together and you did have a diagram. They were given testimony today in front of the House of Representatives and we saw a million and five excuse this. What the problems are with a website in. And you know we're now hearing those NBC's story came out yesterday that was seen that the president's actually broke his word. When he said the people keep their health care numbers and see the stock pile up when the mainstream media pals now we major problems here. Our number 8030930. Start at 9310616. WB and one of the things we're talking about Farrar. Question today -- would like talking about. Is -- one. Seems to think that there's eight paranoia go round the Tea Party movement conservatives and Republicans. There's this paranoia that we can't trust the president that we can't. Trust our government. It seems to -- that apparently just might be on the side. I mean how is it that you could be eavesdropping in check it out emails and all these other things. Who is who paranoid. If it isn't -- the right wing that paranoid. Or is that the actual government that paranoid work. Eaves dropping and heads of states in the cell phones and emails we're finding out that you know almost every phone calls we can believe Snowden. Not a very honorable person but so far what he said turns out to be correct. If we can believe that it's -- knee he says in almost every call made in the United States go through some sort of filter. Through the NSA. These are troubling times very troubling times were also following up and now some of the -- the updates on Ted cruises. Is going on off the rails again and and Obama and and claims of abuse of power we've got some big -- out the updates as well. And this the other interesting thing there's eight. There's a bracelet that has just been. -- that created that automatically moderate monitors your nutrition stress an exercise. And where start defeated the apple. People people apple gonna call. A watch Samsung has won it does your cell phone emails. Apple's gonna have one that does similar things and also can can give you some in the blood pressure and things like that would be something though it. If all those things were immediately sent to the health and human services like you know. I don't know how is not the time that I need bracelets to find out what my cholesterol issues. Now is not that. In the midst of all the obamacare nonsense now is not the time. To have Wi-Fi interacting -- it would update on myself because I at its. Only a matter of time before that. Blows up and all of our faces Dan in my hometown of Batavia. -- -- WB and I don't. They are going good. It just one saying -- you know I appreciate you getting enough. Cost and -- not so good here. Here and speaking. Sort of say I think it now and it is too many politicians in Washington on a -- He actually write you know I mean you know colonel west -- A guy who who really was. He catalog slings and -- his way. It started when he was in the military they came from them. And then of course when he was in congress a lot of people just started. You know but that's what happened to become a -- you draw that attention but every single time he goes through adversity he gets stronger he gets better. And he's just you know he's he's -- your -- of men and at the end of the day. You know the veterans had a creed had a code that they followed your one. You understand that. And you know you follow that that code and you know it's like you don't have to give the talk about you know -- -- line. There's there's punitive there's a punishment for that. That is not a punishment for the an everyday walk of life. Well you know not the united picked up you know -- Punishment may not be you know monetary -- There's certain don't know punishment you know being dishonest after. The united church is you know it's it's they had again that your honor and it's. And also might be a pillowcase full assault as well but. That's I think that's important and -- Now don't you know -- clear that -- into being an amateur and they did. Thank you so much your call thank you for your service to body got to take in his break we come back more of the show. News radio 930 read -- news 9:30 AM WB and. Appreciate your stay in. It's a David building a show I'm David -- of illusion that we this is a little. Outside the box here you know people are always expect -- like what's next we're gonna do next on the -- when -- due next. The crazy budget here at the game ability program. And one of things we've been able to do you follow this in the news that this was it was kind of buried. You know and often decide sometimes gonna dig deep you know let's. That's when get a show he's got to dig deep and find the story and bring you. The general listener. It's you know the famous prognosticators Nostradamus right. Nostradamus. He he can predict the future sometimes right sometimes. It turns out. That goes for dominance had relatives. In America. During the civil war. No it's it's if it's very true and and what we were able to do is recently. Correspondent of ours went and found these letters. Letters from this captain -- for Thomas and American civil war army captain. Who is like his -- had the ability. To predict the future and so while we would like to run one segment right now and these are called civil war letters. And the David don't show. November the thirteenth. -- keeps keeps him. My dearest look Julie my heart. War has created the distance that separates Tuesday. But I if you visit our hearts remain on father's long range. Oh his -- it's news I trust and paraded through drove by this time -- In the big go to boat as refreshes land with Rainwater and so this. I also pray they were fevers fast. I will continue to press as many professionals and my pet crews. My voice is telling me that you need to stop drinking from the horses standing water on the fifteenth to the eighteenth of December. And it would be best to keep a respectful distance from gunfire on the dates of the thirteenth and twentieth. And the 22 through the thirtieth of December. January. And -- I determined to see you when there's horrible conflict is ended and I continue to pray. -- your luck to all the movement by that time. Also tell your mother that I foresee her being kicked to serious injury but to -- occurred during a largesse and shoulder. He will tell work that PS swallowed her brother -- slow down. This may or may not be true. Remind her that the man will pick her. Always. Douglas. X 113 company commander. That is absolutely news breaking Conan -- The people. Share that gift won in the civil war of course one. In not in the civil war it's funny how these 313. Commander but there's no number next to the company to 313. Maybe it was different this war. Entails. But anyway getting back to our topic of the day we're talking about the paranoia in America today you know when your government. If caught with its hand in the cookie jar of integrity. It's kind of hard to trust. Government after something like that you've got the state leaks. You've got all this garb I mean when you look at. -- -- -- There's a sort of Drudge Report today was it was actually done. Excuse me it was me. It was put out through the San Francisco. I want to say it was the the Bay Area newspaper. That put this thing out and it it has -- Google. It is currently flotilla is if you Google glasses that is going to be the next big thing if this. These basically there's one being made by Microsoft that the shield Google has a pair of glasses -- camera on it. You're able to walk around -- interact with the environment -- searches send photos and emails. All -- glasses of -- seem like forward you know heads up display unit. On your glasses. Well in order to make these things because they're like the big thing. Google. Evidently is his you know doubled down and -- -- they're doing their best Obama. Two to create as much supplies as they possibly can. And it and it turns out that they are these giant I mean if it almost. It almost looks like -- science fiction movie but off right off the coast in the -- Disco Bay Area. I wanna see the Bay Bridge is one done. Is what this is right outside yet so it's the if you look at right now the Bay Bridge the one they got hit during the maybe the earthquake -- -- in the World Series with the needs and the giants. -- KP IX channel five is reporting that there's a mysterious project on a barge off Treasure Island. And reports of service that the giant tech Google is building similar floating structures outside the Bay Area. And there's a report in Portland Maine in the press herald that there are shipping containers stacked on a barge in Maine. And the structure appears to be virtually identical to the very very apart. These things. They're they're building. These shipping containers purges. It's like the attack site CNET eagle there sometimes deceived if you like -- products CNET compares all technology and they tell you. Usually two pretty good job with -- You know down the middle as far as the good stuff in the bad stuff there that's a pretty upside. But they first disclosed that the Bard a barge was being built and speculated that Google. Might be actually create a floating data standard house server bags in the water. And cue PIX. Reported on Friday that Google was actually building the floating structures to market Google -- And soul. They have no idea what they know the ones going in Maine and one's going in in. Services. But. The thing that's so crazy. Is that you know that it does it mean to be on a barge in need before I mean is that the future of our data centers are there floating on a bar just out of our. Major mesh well that there is. It's freaky as -- your view you have these people. You know you've got info -- out there you've got people who go out and they're gonna say you know I'm paranoid because of what's happening in the world. Is that really the paranoia. -- of the American population. Or is -- the paranoia of the government. That needs to have more and more control more -- more data more more information at no time. During any revolution that we are in the midst of this technological revolution in America in the world today quite frankly. I mean think about it when you look at your phones. The phones you know you can watch a movie. And if you see it I go to a pay phone in a movie it's almost like it's alien to ones who use the people on Tuesday. And if you see a movie in like 2002. And if you guys cellphone. -- -- you can totally tell exactly what year that movie was out of watching Arrested Development. And the Jason Bateman character had a Blackberry. That had the scroll. Germany old Blackberry had the had a little wheel on the side you could scroll up and down I'm like that's -- 2001. You know and the black period like ethnic or upon trail it we have like the thick. Really just bulky and big. And now you look at the folder and got the Smartphone ever and got. You know the Droid -- the iPhone you -- we were literally just every single year moving farther and farther apart. And at technology's growing and it's a beautiful time to be alive right now to see how far the human mind can take it however. Did you ever think that the sacrifice for that it was going to be a privacy. I mean during the industrial revolution. When we started to you know have more jobs in people moved the city's. You start to see you know the assembly line in all these different technological advances and no time did that the government become more powerful. I mean government got more money because of the fact that they they had you know a middle class and they were able to move products out they could build a true military. But they were involved intimately in the lives of its citizens now more than ever. This technology has created the fact that every time he sent an email -- -- -- he -- someone else. So are we apparently wants to talk about it. Are we the tin foil hat unwashed masses. Or is it that the government is the one that's worried what are you why do you need to do this if it's under the guise of of terrorism then. We know that it's been going on for quite some time and you drop the ball multiple times so. You know maybe needed tells a little bit more of the wins. So that we can. Juxtapose those -- With the fact that we there's a daily intrusion in all of our lives. Give us call it 030930. Start I thirty. 10616. WB and I'm David -- and will be back at this quick break. -- news radio 930 WB and -- n.'s exclusive AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy overnight low of 39 degrees Wednesday. A patchy morning shower otherwise intervals of clouds and some sunshine milder high of 56 Wednesday night it'll become cloudy with some rain very light low of 47. Thursday considerable cloudiness and breezy but warm and a couple of showers high of 64. Degrees. He -- call 8030930. Started 930. 10616. WB and you can also email me David act WB dot com and also go to our FaceBook page. Leave a message be your friend like a page do what you gotta do it's all about you. Do we re not talking earlier. About just the parent that the general state of paranoia you know the things that you can look at. Where were approaching the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. And I'm sure it'll. You know. Absolutely muddy the waters all over talk radio across the country books coming out and the history channel's got the the assassination all over it -- conspiracy theories everywhere. One of the things though. Caused. A lot of you know people would would people's but the question. You know a story. The government has an -- has an obligation to be completely transparent. And to come out and say. -- We get acknowledged that there's a discrepancy. We had a commission. And -- -- you know we're gonna defend the commission this is what review with what the government shouldn't do what they did during the Kennedy you know. Hearings and the Warren commission essentially locked files up. You know -- autopsy photos anything can be looked at where the United States America the rule of law. In the fact that the average guy can get a fair shake. And can approach is government through the Freedom of Information Act. That is that an average you know Jolie is in Buffalo, New York can get to the bottom of what is happening in his government that's what separates us from the rest of the world. And when you look at something like being -- -- Euro bought these this surveillance and in the guise of keeping us safe you have to ask yourself. What really easily that you're afraid of what you don't you don't trust me you don't trust the people. And when the people start to feel insecure. I mean you know we we remember our our founding fathers said that you know a free people. You know when the government fears the people. Is when you truly have liberty. And the people are afraid of the government. That's what we have in the Middle East that's what we have within -- dictators and communism all throughout the world. The government always have to look over and say hey you know don't rock the ball. Don't Rock the Vote. The the problem we have now is that you know -- role of these stories coming now with the surveillance in -- And you've got -- is over here in barges over there you're feeding into. A narrative. That isn't productive. -- a productive -- people. Do people profit off it due date plate parlor games these conspiracies of course the of course -- But down to -- or what is it about it's about how. Someone -- you don't need to know yet you don't need to have the facts you don't need to be apart. This is is too much for you handle. And that's what creates just the mistrust that we have today that we quite frankly -- and dallas' 63. Is just that constant wall being put up some people can't get too. You know what they deserve to get to us citizen. But when it comes to having the sitting president. Looking you would say look this plan and you've got to trust us on this. Don't read the big obamacare bill don't -- the Affordable Care Act. Just vote on trust me you when you betrayed that trust matter of fact I don't even know what time you heard it. You have a they've earned the trust. You keep coming it's expecting method gonna get better tomorrow we go to the fridge. We open up the -- we drink the eggnog we're like oh my god this is horrible sour. But you know what maybe tomorrow it'll -- her and maybe tomorrow will be god every single time we get burned on these things and for why. We're supposed to trust the president on -- he's gonna handle the Iranian situation. How can -- -- handled a -- and getting a missile. How would you can how can how can you handled. The situation that we find ourselves today with our foreign policy. And yet we're supposed to trust. Were supposed to shut up and comply. You know just just let's turn off your brain and lock in step and everything's going to be okay. I think people have enough. There's a poll that just came out that shows that 42%. Of Americans consider themselves lock in step with the present state politically. And 42% of Americans consider themselves we lock in step with the Tea Party politically. I mean -- we are divided country. There's a lot of similarities. To what what happened in in reconstruction and what's happening right now. It is a divided country and and everything and when we have politicians do nothing but create wages and separate people. It adds to the chasm if you were literally making things more and more difficult. And and quite frankly. You'd have radicals on the left have radicals on the right there entrench themselves. And they just bring in more and more reserves. And before you know it is its -- warfare that's the way it works. But I have to question. How the how this administration in particular about how the government took it can look EU antitrust office. How well. The explanation. For all of these. MI -- first of all I'm not Snowden is not here roll call -- But I just don't understand how there can't be rational explanation for why this is happening. All you have to do give me an example you would think if you were -- to do -- if you're at your job your accused of doing something wrong. And you know you were doing something for the best benefit of that of your your boss of your department or for your organization your company. And you're being accused of doing something. You know that's against the law are doing some of you have an obligation to defend yourself but the department of your company defendant what else to -- well. -- got this wrong and go out the facts for you. When the American people found out what was going on the NSA. We demanded to know what was going. And what is it what does that -- the administration they tighten up. When we find out what's going with a obamacare what the administration to tighten up when we find out what's going on with the. This administration is afraid to throw people under the bus -- all the time. But the fact nine general in this administration. Nine generals over to stars have been fired from their positions. In this Obama administration. He's not afraid to fire people afraid to say you're guilty of this and and you should should be held accountable. So why isn't that when we find out something that's what everyone gets tight -- says no no no no no this is you got to play the game. This is a part of the game. You don't you can't find yourself that you can't handle it. You can't handle what you're on which -- about to find there's a reason why we have to do that we have to keep you safe. Don't you understand you need us to keep -- -- Show only example. Out of when that happened because what we found out about enhanced interrogation techniques in Guantanamo. And and then we -- the Bush Administration. They started going through a laundry list of situations where these enhanced interrogation techniques actually work. And what where people say. Oh come on just because or four times let's talk all the times it didn't work. We. Give an example of where these senate think things have worked. And -- telling me you're not gonna profile people -- -- gonna the the logic here is to -- every call every email. In the hopes how tourists are all there. You're telling me OK I didn't death rests there about retreated to drop off the things. If there's that many threats out there why we have the -- every call what what do Angela Merkel done. To me I wanna know I never trust that Angela Merkel. I would've gotten away with a to a philosophy that Angela Merkel and her damned dog. I'm David -- via. We're gonna get a break and hear news with Tom -- topping our -- One down the drain. He's ready to -- them.