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10-29 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Oct 29, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right well if you cut 800 billion from Medicare what do you think. Ole folks there's no free. I mean look I. Think you may have noticed is I have not gotten into Obama cure a lot. Limbaugh. Known history right here at WB and basically he is your obamacare guy in the afternoon. At night Sean -- seven the tent right here on WB -- he's spending a lot of time on obamacare. And if I were to do too much and we beat the Obama your station. So ought to try to stay away from it as a topic material. For now. For now that -- I don't know that it's critical mass with about most of the up of the public. I don't think I still think there are a lot of people who just don't understand. Problem is one of them Barack Obama but that's another story. Eight minutes after six at WBM. So I have two topics going on right now to topics would you come and introduced collect up. I wanna do two simultaneous topics I don't know why I'm pronouncing it that way I just felt like it. In addition to what is pissing you off. And as well get something it's interesting committee. As long as it is something bad. Would be interesting to our audience that people listening to you including myself. I wanna know what's pissing you off might be something politicians might be something rogers' neighborhood might be just everything. -- think you have your life right now the can make you miserable. That you won't wanna -- line but I would suggest not using that option. Anyway -- 030930 is the phone number all. What's your topic on. Do you know what amazes me. Lots of things. Joseph -- way with women. Amazes me man has a chick magnet it's incredible. But that almost fifty years. After the assassination. Of president John F. Kennedy in Dallas. In that took place folks on November 22 1963. It's to. Generate comments on my FaceBook page. Like you would -- and so. I wanna know in addition to what pisses you off. In that just a few sentences. To write a book or dissertation or anything like that. Where the youth -- what do you believe the truth is about the Kennedy assassination what do you what do you think the troopers. We're talking about JFK not after. That John I've gone. Wrong with what you're theory. -- period of rule. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yen. And let's whose next it would be it games on a cell phone James hello. Down received letter to milk today business. And I'm sure going -- and -- New York State. Unemployment insurance reform all because backed. It's and this state has I'm. A lot of people the ninety niners he whatnot you say -- you billion dollars although I'm -- insurance. In the last election year what he did -- turn around and I'm basically if you injure. Interest as our searcher are -- -- Because. -- -- -- every partners. You know based on me now face a bigger you know -- your employment are with your weight is. A rigorous state -- -- -- what question at what formula it was just like okay. We need money for interest on our money but now. Unemployment insurance reform. -- -- -- -- Politicians talking about reform. You know reform is just another way of saying it up yours without the Astro glide to get that straight. Out in order absolutely and it and it's it's it's governor while almost. Come 2013. Unemployment church were more sort of weekend. Pay it back quicker. What -- -- -- something else I'm so glad you brought this up because your aggravation is partially by aggravation because as you may know why. You know I obviously know a lot of small business people. And one of the things New York State is doing right now. Is sending its agents out into the field to write these bull -- citations and businesses. Few weeks back. -- via the salon police were in town to raise money for the state by -- businesses these he can't citations about. Areas where they were supposedly in violation of some obscure law a bit stupid things like that -- in the right place really. That's kind of business friendly attitude Andrew Cuomo brought to New York State if -- Texas if you are listening in the Carolinas and UC -- talking about New York State has a new attitude on business yeah you know that attitude is we want. Everything you make. Others -- -- by the way just in case you would like to put that together from Matt thank you. You know what doctors they're formed an average orders on file no arm and it tears -- -- -- got a renewed every year and it's eight analysts. What an employer paid -- biweekly what are we -- The rate. And whatnot you gotta have some on file. Not if there's one piece of paper and dynamic is sharper idle cure -- Got that paper without our help it but not if but it's its policy I'll stick. I started like -- -- knowledge. James I am so disgusted. At what really discuss means is living in the county. And I hate to say this where most of the people importance. My audience is not my audience much. We're intelligent people which -- for everything about it but this whole county is it it's it's all Democrat. It is it will commit suicide. Instead of looking at any other alternative other than the same old same old Democrat lies. All -- all that part is that. The states. You know what that would only say we did not paid leave out the state and -- -- the other -- -- Saw me well yeah I mean. This is I'm so glad you called and I really am and thank you James blocked. At one of the things the state loves to do by the way and I don't know if your small business person and you wanna call it about this that this is happening you. But look what this state loves to do with your it department of revenue. They like to go over business tax returns and they like this -- to a letter saying upbeat and rigorous you know you now all of us 25000. Dollars. -- you know what happens. The businesses. Pay up. Because to hire an attorney to fight the state would probably cost 70000. So basically the state is in an extortion racket. It's what they do -- New York State that's our business friendly New York State. And why why do we need more money. Why how about people on Medicaid have better health coverage then you'd do. -- -- I don't argue that as far as some people need Medicaid get -- on the -- But when you have a better plan on Medicaid. And I don't work full time job I'm sorry there's a general. Let's go to Donald in Lewiston. On WB Ian Donald bell. It. It out that. -- -- -- -- medical doctor medical doctor at a chiropractor -- doesn't count. I'm kidding I'm sorry I put -- my buddy Steve loft anyway go ahead you know Steve's -- and you know Steve. Steve -- He's he's like chiropractors. -- anyway -- answer. So as to what happened visit this should be affordable health care act. If I don't get a new fancy Nancy. Electronic medical program more than two years. Turkey trying. And that's a part of that. The program because they want to send the looked collect between -- use that's -- -- be -- some kind of spotted. I don't I don't think -- -- -- here is to bring up to speed electronic. -- -- -- -- exactly what's going with the nation's health care. This is not gonna cost any money whatsoever. It is all going to be paid for by the magic -- -- -- all -- -- in Chicago. After -- -- and Obama's sometimes go ahead. But it appears particulate that'll make you feel better to let that. If I if I get -- -- which I -- I believe my staff we and the webinars from company California with the program. I got the chance -- program the last six weeks. And if I send my meaningfully -- here I will get a check back and I hope it for my program. And my computer and it's all want you to come here -- federal tax dollar market and I only give us. -- What is. Well sir I mean I think you can probably imagine there's no need to even go into I think Obama here I -- honest to god this. I've never lived under a presidential administration. That this represents to me the man is a social -- He is a serial. Liar -- argue people gonna get through your victims' skulls that he's a liar. -- I'm sorry but I don't care how much love the guy because he looks like you. That man is afraid it will -- Facts are facts you can start up backed up racist. Ad with this guy -- routes and. Now my plan is gonna rehearse the spectacle travelers. Premium by about the 500 dollars a year. Editing program to go about the health care keeps a doctor. All week he said he lied. I mean I. What I have to do to communicate to people but unfortunately. It's just. It -- sometimes I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness and that I think of people like the guy called -- from Hamburg and realize there's a lot of it's out there who have been seeing through this fraud since 2008. In Jimmy Carter can be happy because Jimmy Carter now moved to second worst president in my lifetime. But I just wish that we wouldn't -- be different course and -- I want at a program like that I would certainly it. Getting on my own judge. -- up well against her -- I'm sorry that they you're going through this on the other hand would you care to explain Dermot tomes and the impact of these server complexes. Absolutely. Probably not trap it all right -- up by the way real quickly art by the way -- skeptical of middle repeat easiest and -- aliens. What comes first -- what comes go ahead. Are they out haven't found their innovated by the C 56 but I you're -- has -- to -- -- connection on the matter. Now -- actually what I was gonna ask you is is it the muscle that gets sore at the causes the bald eagle out of place or is that -- out of place the causes the muscle to get sore. Bad and bad at the question but usually it. A mechanical problem in the -- first because it's -- the pure muscle problem. So let's say it really chronic muscle problem has the ideology in the -- because among low -- all. At a certain -- I'm all out a job that you know like every -- -- in the same thing but usually it's from -- -- Very very interesting to knows her and I want to know the next -- called in and identify yourself as on the chiropractor. Wanted to make sure to give you little quiz and origins and insertion is in a money and they -- My -- baby got a lot of study of -- Arctic air front battle thanks very much is there anything I don't know. Our quest. It is what pisses you off. That is the topic what is as you walk what is on your mind what makes you and could be something local could be something national. Could be -- neat thing well within reason. Obviously we use some discretion here because clearly I am the king of class -- on the radio in buffalo popular lofty reputation as such to uphold. 8030 and I also -- that by the way about the Joseph Hollywood story in water and update. What a wanted to update on on the family. I really am not able to like get to one. I. Have not been able to reach the family. A would love to get an update but fails it'll be paid in the RC. Soul. -- messages and hopefully I'll get some kind of an update at least act passed along to those -- you care so much to ask. It is 623. Let's get to the calls on WB and -- and the falls what happens. I'm on the hunt for a stand less than the I have a nineteen year old son worked hard all summer long that they have -- money because the domestic violence so he doesn't work during the school year. Go to Dick Gephardt Sunday and they said he had insufficient funds be at 5000 dollars in the bank account. And I'm gonna wipe them clean. -- -- I grants so -- Ryan column -- on the computer. And there were forty transactions. That were all Ali uses loses side debit card doesn't use cash it's not ATM. -- it might hear my dear I need to hold up. I I I need to hold up because. There -- I hope you have insurance coverage against this as part of your homeowners or you -- -- homeowners via. Well -- credit union covered it. Pocket -- apple pulled out because. I wanna get into this because identity that but no news and a one -- more about what happened to your son on WB some other work Russia keeps popping into my head Russia. If the Russian what they do. -- -- I had 633 news radio I'm thirty WBBM. And openings offered a theory on the JFK assassination. That's okay because we're just I'd I think I'm learning a lot about you guys. And your lives by the question what is pissing you off. Why aren't you pissed off tell me why you're pissed off -- is aggravating you. Get back to Shelly in Niagara Falls and -- son uses a debit card and debit card only. And found out over the weekend when he went to fill up his tank with gasoline with. That's allies say much to the derisive delight of my friends who called me on it but. He found that as -- car was cleared out 5000 odd dollars ripped off by hijackers. It is what that the people at the banks say about what happened I'm curious. Did let's start your mammogram ma'am ma'am ma'am ma'am you hear me. That worked well. -- factor. If there are. Cell phones. I want them though -- this stay where you are right now don't move. Cult movement now dull old what did these -- to the people at the banks say about what happened and who did it. He has no clue it was and while I was left Virginia Pennsylvania. Don't let everything -- was target and Wal-Mart basically. So do they think that somebody at either of those stories was in on the scam. No I don't think well he doesn't go down. OK can't get your son through through his activity. Can you were son to pinpoint. By the use -- as Americans our panel I guess the question. Guinea pinpoint. Where it might have been stolen. Now you're no clue it's always been a lot like. Someone told me though that they their daughter worked at -- -- friend but I would expect tired. I do they keep away from my name's Kenneth Thompson and human. Right now -- -- thank you very much -- just. Have them call I'd like to talk to him is gonna get this all secondhand for and I looked at -- pissed me off big time at least the credit union made good about it but the point it was tried ass. News. By the way that's something that just annoys the hell out of me that pisses me up when I'm asking questions and some answers that without even knowing what the question is going to be sorry that's that's made its personality -- I have. You make a bet on the air got to hear me at all real bastard anyway. Here's the thing -- credit card company is gonna try to do the bank will try to do they're gonna Trace or should Trace every one of this young man's transactions. And I assure you that this young man this obvious of just a sophisticated scheme this young man would not be the only one. Two had been ought to pad his bank account cleared out. So what the credit -- police are gonna try to do is they're gonna look at every one of his transactions they're gonna look at every. Other transaction. With a common point okay. There's going to be an -- in the center eight commonality. And in that commonality hopefully they'll find the worker who was in on the scam. I think that this tea but does anybody remember The Sopranos episode. Where they had the credit card -- anybody remember that with Betty and Valentina in RD. Yeah Valentina. We take the credit cards. From customers -- swipe went into that criminal thing. It's got a name I just it is but she would swipe them to get the information from them. And basically what happened was. Are people goes restaurant got banned it from being able except American Express in this problems of fictitious show real situation. Because it proved to be a nexus. The beginning point for a lot of -- so that's -- the credit card please go to try to do. So -- I'm sorry about that in its harsh with you but sometimes when I'm trying to get to back. I just wanna get to defect and I just I wish your -- would call him because that sucks. It really that's just low life stuff. All right let's get technicals here is whose next Carl and Lewiston 8030930. -- you're on hello. Yeah I doubted that he with the people we were actually these were doing this. There -- drove I drove to pick apart from house. What are their checkpoint. That Saturday before -- -- -- this Monday. On the -- -- -- -- -- hold it in power were broken here on the outside. -- From downtown while low. Mary on our block to get them out and equipment ably here right -- such -- Carl. This is outrageous. And equipment -- what are all level level level. I want you to tell me every charge every citation your receipt. The only part visionary he was sort of broken mere. And making my vehicle interoperable. Because of the broken -- It. And the officer on the scene decided. And remember an officer has discretion. The officer decided. That that was worthy of impounding your car. That's right and I was out campaign to beat the lady next to me also gotten out of this year broken inside here. And her car was -- It's a okay this is really amazing do you know which -- Did this. I know about it that celebrity on this I think this city that's probably unit the travel around the outlook through a couple of them in the already. And is that upper roadblock in the middle road -- every car would move the mileage. What you tell me though is they are -- in cars for what ordinarily are even things that you're gonna write -- nobody for doing. As a -- that's baloney. Yet they bit -- -- there almost are probably telling. Intimidate would have been bitter about being -- And then sir how old Karl. Stick to finding your way back to Lewiston. And if this story is true I thought that this is the biggest assault with a -- so far to me. I. Mean it's obvious it's a monogram. Yeah. Yeah. I -- Alan how many other people of this experience I mean I'm for bloggers because. Did you tell officer but did you have appointments that how long have dwindled number -- urban broke. Big if somebody broke just that they were -- up the movie and it was Monday. Oddly you know an opposite that I can get a police report put out and fight that to deter argued that the regular -- the Compaq. But yeah it would work I admit. Yep -- good luck with bat and I wonder how many other people. Look at this happened because if this is true it's outrageous. It's absolutely outrageous I mean these are these are nitpicking equipment violations as far as I'm concerned -- not even a mean dude if you're driving ninety and it's one -- I could -- -- your car for aggravated speeding but. What you're talking about is just such a Picayune thing and it's obvious than what they're trying to -- to try to screw people in the city of buffalo. If your story is true and you're likely to do Karl. I would like you to send me an email you have copies of your paperwork. Yes well and I didn't ask you whether he would find it yesterday -- of copies. -- -- well I hope that because I don't wanna work myself into a corollary. On your behalf. -- I would love to see the paperwork that would love to make the powers that be accountable for speaker if this new policy in the city of buffalo. And this is the full story a -- to be outrageous. It. Ground I've -- -- about herpes but that's another story. But are so my email to see you know you know how to make copies of the documents -- sentiment. -- word -- I hate. For hate media so anyway. Tom at WB and that Tom at that -- that. And Arnett thank you -- likenesses. I think it's open it well there are two sides the story recognize that that's -- -- the paperwork. Because if this isn't policy in the city of buffalo people lead an old. People need to know. Because. It just it strikes me as being outrageous like in you're missing at -- about your -- and I mean actually missing at like one of the lights out. Like and -- is. I got pulled over for that and I don't told the story a million times but in Hamburg maybe 1015 years ago. And the lady officer just looked at as a man -- officers it's about the like against terrorism. I however but it would say this but I -- -- -- to get it fixed today and I drive the same way every day it's about like entity in the LA tomorrow she laughed and gave it currency which I was appreciate it. She asked and we are not all that we get to that point 642. -- and plus cubic. Really giving them to get extra special treatment. It maybe from some guys and teacher the state leagues. Anyway. It is he was at about 643. At WB EM I haven't had any other call wonders. So -- start to wonder if it's the real thing. Or not. Has anybody else been pulled over. For a routine. Frankly and equipment violation a broken inside -- a broken outside -- And you ended up having your car impounded and basically left to walk. -- take a bus back home to Lewiston from the city of buffalo or wherever you live. It it doesn't sound you know what's really weird. I got to -- up and bizarre. It doesn't sound right it doesn't solve like lightning. The police would do but in the environment in which we now find ourselves. It sounds entirely plausible that bizarre. All right no more. Accuracy nobody else is calling and -- Mean on this particular right so it makes me wonder. Because if this was widespread policy -- -- would be jammed right now people going to the same things so I'm gonna put a possible BS by that call. Possible -- Joke about you know I know that if everybody else had -- we'd be bringing up right I mean with those calls and the other ones are right. 8030930. We're talking about what is pissing you off. So you know on. But again you may call 8030930. Start 93180616. WBE. That it is hourly. Have a good time here on Tuesday. And you'll be recourse master control during -- well just working his magic with the buttons and Chelsea or call screener and -- -- that look that I just it's three or four minutes late for break either a good boy all bay. And it's almost time to mail it. So best companies since you on your body. I have had our leaders total knob. -- up by Sean Hannity seven of the ten that. Tonight every weeknight and David -- -- -- -- with live local talk tend to want I want. Everybody who's on my FaceBook page as they like to go to David -- -- -- his make up based state. David -- is very real FaceBook page and like David Peltier as well. Delegate David likes because I am not nine times better than David albeit he's nine times better than my. It so make sure you do get my FaceBook page should be self explanatory if the one that is Tom hourly with big guy in the radio station logo at that -- -- it. Old well played. Are you don't. Folks you know I. -- I've got to put a giant asterisk of possible BS next to that last call because I know the way this works and if this was a widespread policy in the city of buffalo. Where they were starting to impound vehicles were Picayune equipment issues. If this was really policy we be taking calls I mean my lines we have people. Marching here with Portuguese if this was a widespread policies though my instinct tells me there's a lot more to this story that we didn't years. And it was initially. A nose and he and I'll call the -- eyeliner I'm talking about my suspicions. When I asked the for the paperwork. Well I don't know where it is dramatic or about. Serum come from yeah all right here's lawyer in the buffalo on WB Ian Lloyd -- Yeah I got a -- Emporia. Out of that building clean out last year -- probably all of the guys out to collect the money it will -- and I decided that they could drive. -- -- -- And I came out Baltimore avenue I noticed that there are actually like that and it might well without you know. And that I got close. I realized they were stopping cars. And then a tow truck there but that. What about the may. Get -- And that people license registrations by getting right like registration. And it's on the -- -- over the side turn off the engine. And -- welcome back turn -- the engine. And it could come back to sit down. In my that we searched the car. Herbert at the -- it's not there. Apparently what did you say timeout what did you say. It. None of the that was that's different than what you just sent you see you told me that the officer asked if they could search the car is correct. It. Okay. And and what did you say. You official. About you have officially waived your Fourth Amendment right you screwed up the issues that yes I do mind. To have a war. Nobody -- my car about a war unless there -- -- unless following under the yet a specific exclusions. That applied automobiles searches. -- screwed up. I. -- like hold on just that this is important this is really really really important you know don't shoot -- police will try to trick you. They're not gonna say do you wave your Fourth Amendment right they'll say something -- like. You have a take a look at the back. Yes I do -- without a war you're not getting in here and that I'm not under a black. You you waive your right to make it. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They needed step on the current. So I stepped out of the car like you know -- -- -- -- the lions and authority outside out of the car and they asked me at all by the government pocket. I got my pockets and -- -- it to ten point one not. And it is standard products are in the Cuban and a confidant over in the corner. And it took him back any can't nitpick. I grew -- -- recent. Well for a ghost. Because you're an -- seat belt and that's really pulled you over I hit my seat -- I had to take it off in order to get out of the vehicle. The I looked at a nice that you guys are now. And I -- well not before I got to the elite at what daddy and according rules and regulations to -- not anarchy with meaning that. Opulent take we can empower people. I'll -- Chevy pass people like that should not be on the job they've got no business being in police were going to be I don't know Libya would be but and I'm sorry that I hope complaint. Did you complain to anybody. I want to allow her. Basically I want to go downtown and paid a fine in all. And I had done to try to -- finally catch and they try to dissuade me for paying a fine time -- -- you can put on your credit card if the -- about the fourteen basically -- and then -- charge interest. Here's my money. -- -- Here now. And you know -- -- and you know we get that feedback -- I'm all right say something about a second later. And of course. I'm sorry that happened to you and that's that's just it everything you said is true. -- at your seatbelt you had to take it up to get out of the vehicle you complied with everything the officers said what he did I think -- inexcusable and you know. Cops are human beings and they screw up but. It seems to me that I'd rather have people on my side than against maybe this is the week goes magical. -- -- Folks what a police officers there's. You might -- a take a look at your car. You might if I check out your vehicle closer inside. -- I have to. -- -- Sir -- -- my fourth amendment rights -- trying to hide something. I invoke my fourth amendment rights -- -- -- the signs I invoke my fourth amendment rights either rest merely meego. Check out the know your rights series it's on the Internet I strongly advise it. All right folks hey thanks for -- great -- thanks to Joseph -- -- thanks Chelsea gets bale relieved with two words and know yourself.

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